Tuesday, December 12, 2006



"FÊTES DE GENÈVE (Geneva Summer Festival) - We arrived to Geneva on the closing day of the Fêtes de Genève, «when the earth, air, water and fire create a festival…». The temperature at night was 35 degrees Celsius, but the filets de perche were superb!"

"HOTEL ANGLETERRE AND RESIDENCE - Next morning we moved to Ouchy-Lausanne, where we were going to stay for the next days. The views of the Lake and mountains were fantastic"



"RESTAURANT - View to the Leman Lake and the Alps"








"NEXT DAY - Late lunch, Sugnens, Switzerland..."


Anonymous said...

The pictures are excellent. Who got married? You show wedding but not who.
John Mc

Anonymous said...

Look, there are three photos of bride and groom together: «Oui»; the first of «Show», and «Gifts"...

Anonymous said...

That was Rita's and Vincent's mariage
Rita is my doughter and it was a wonderfull day! All the family was there to celebrate this day. The wether was fantastic , hot and sunny
Thanks to Gil for all

Rita said...

Hi Gil, thanks for the nice pictures and your nice blog ;o), beijinhos
Rita, Vincent & Justine

Anonymous said...

Hi everybody. Thanks for the comments.
Now John, you have the full details of who was involved. Lol...

Jewel said...

It's amazing for your journey.
I have found the pic of your Beijing journey.
yap, travel around the world could be so popular cause ppl's curisosity.
And i have give a link to my blog.
Best wishes to you^^

Anonymous said...

Hi Jewel,

Thanks. I've a plan for my next China trip: Beijing, Xian, Shangai, Guilin, Macau, Hong-Kong. Let's see if and when can I make it...
All the best