Wednesday, March 14, 2007



Bora Bora is actually magical, and the memories are even more striking than the myth. The colours of the lagoon are simply fantastic, and the water is terrific...

"WAKE UP - Early morning view at the cabin balcony of the Tahitian Princess"

"PEARL BEACH RESORT - Bora Bora has probably one of the highest concentrations of luxury resorts in the world..."

"MOTU - There are many motu in the lagoon, and some of them are quite beautiful"


"BLUES - Enjoying life"


"MATIRA BEACH - I love this one..."

"PATROL & YACHT - P689 «La Railleuse» is an offshore patrol boat designed to accomplish police operations in the French Exclusive Economic Zone. Yachts are always sailing the lagoon..."

"MOUNT OTEMANU was finally uncovered"


"SAILING - Enjoying the sunshine before sunset..."



Cuckoo said...

Hi, Thanks for dropping by.

And yes, I too believe pictures convey more efficiently than the words.

What you are doing is good because the readers would definitely want to know something about the picture.. the place and some other details.

What I am doing in my blog is recounting of my experiences of the places I went. It is like my diary. You'll see more of it for other places as well. :))

Kalyan Panja said...

Really inspiring work...Wondefully captured shots & the commentary too!

GMG said...

Thanks cuckoo.
Actually this blog is also somehow a recounting of experiences, started when my travelling was substantially reduced...

GMG said...

Thanks kalyan. The quality of the comments on the pictures depends on the time and patience, so I feel it's sometimes unequal... I'll try to improve!

Dsole said...

Wow... this is like a little trip that you give to me as a present for my eyes!
I love that colour! it's really cooool!
Great captured!
Saludos :)

Oya said...

All yhis pictures are like postcards. Bora Bora is a "must see" in my list.
BYW, thanks for dropping by at Istanbul Daily Photo.

Anonymous said...

Gracias Dsole.
Esto (recordar viajes pasados) es lo que esta destinado a un trotamundos que está ahora un poquito retirado... :(

Thks Oya
Bora is actually mythical, but the whole French Polynesia is a «must»...

Anonymous said...

wow i am so insanely jealous... that water is fantastically beautiful!

angela said...

Aha! I found the main Blogtrotter...I've been posting on the 90's which is, of course, equally good.

What an amazing experience and the photos...Am I envious? Just a little.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Thks. No need to be jealous; I'll post some more... :))