Tuesday, March 20, 2007



After the stop at the Sofitel Ia Ora Hotel, we continued our tour of the Island passing through Teavaro, next to Vaiare and by Afareaitu. Then we got near to the Hotel Linareva, and Le Bateau restaurant, where we had a fabulous lunch during our first time in Tahiti in 1992. One day I'll complete the post on the Blogtrotter 90s with some videos, since there are almost no photos at all!


"LE BATEAU (the Floating Boat) – Located in front of the Linareva Hotel in Haapiti, it was owned by a Swiss, and had a very nice ambiance and very good food!

"INTERCONTINENTAL BEACHCOMBER HOTEL - Almost at the end of our tour we stopped at the Intercontinental to take another swim and grab some food. The parking at the entrance is nested in a quite interesting garden..."

"WATER - Many beautiful white sand beaches can be found in the northern coast around Papetoai. The beach at the Intercontinental is quite nice, and had already been visited in 1992. No wonder that Don the Beachcomber lived in Moorea for some time until his houseboat was destroyed by a succession of hurricanes"

"BAR - Nice place to sip a piña colada, a chichi or a daiquiri..."

"TENDER - At the end of the island tour the rented car was returned and the tender was waiting to take us back to the Tahitian Princess"





Lalalalala said...

Your blog has beautiful pictures from all over the world. I never cease to be amazed by all the beauty there is out there. By the way I spotted a Finnish flag in one of them =)

Hope you're doing fine :)

Kalyan Panja said...

Nice dose of blues & greens...some wonderfully captured shots!

Anonymous said...

Hi Clarence, nice to see you around :))
The Finnish flag was at Le Bateau restaurant, a floating boat owned by a Swiss serving delightful Polynesian food in Moorea, French Polynesia. But there were plenty of flags around the platform leading to the resto, including a Portuguese...
Take care

Anonymous said...

Kalyan, thanks.
Blues are my favourites, including Chelsea F.C.... :))

Sigma said...

Hello Gil,

Thanks for dropping by my blog, and your kind words.

You have so amazingly wonderful pictures here. And you have travlled so far and wide, that I am simply over-awed :-) - and I have just seen the first page so far :-)
Perhaps if and when I get a chance to travel over different destinations over the world, I'll use your blogs as reference :-D

GMG said...

Thanks Sigma, I'll try to keep showing some views from other places; hope you'll find interesting!

Dsole said...

oh my gosh!
I really like your latest photos but these are JUST AMAZING!
What a beautiful place... I would love to dissapear for a cuple of weeks in that paradise!

Anonymous said...

Dsole, you're right; Tahiti is one of the best vacation spots in the world, and Moorea a great place to get lost...