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This post pays tribute to Peter Mayle, an enthusiast for Provence, whose books – A Year in Provence, Encore Provence and Toujours Provence - I read after coming back home, and recommend to anyone intending to visit the region. You’ll find there many good reasons to make the trip! Here you'll find pictures of two beautiful villages in Provence: Les Baux and Fontaine de Vaucluse.


LES BAUX DE PROVENCE is surely one of the most beautiful places in Provence; I would say in the world. These pictures don't show such beauty, but you may have a look at the official site of Les Baux and make the virtual visit! Les Baux is famous in different ways: Dante visited France between 1308 and 1310 and gives details of the Alyscamps cemetery in Arles (see last post), as well as of Les Baux; Van Gogh painted at Les Baux; Bauxite derives its name from Les Baux, as it was from samples from Les Baux de Provence that double aluminium chloride was made...

"VIEW from the La Calade Street"

"ON THE WAY TO THE CASTLE. A castle at Les Baux is mentioned in documents from the second half of the 10th century. When we got to its entrance, the ticket office of the castle was already closed: we were taking these pictures and were three minutes late! Nice pretext for a next visit!"

"ARTS AND CRAFTS. Shopping is also possible at Les Baux"


FONTAINE DE VAUCLUSE (The Fountain of Vaucluse), located at the foot of an abrupt cliff of 230 meters, is the largest source in France. It is also classified fifth in the world, with an annual water flow of 630 million cubic meters. At Fontaine we were on the way to the Luberon, one of the most beautiful areas in Provence!

"The emerald green calm summer waters become spectacular in the wet seasons: 90 cubic metres of water per second spill into the bed of the River Sorgue"


Neva said...

Your pictures show me how beautiful this region is...I love finding out things thru the CDPB!

Aditi said...

beautiful and quite informative too

Kalyan Panja said...

Nice to be back again here with some of these stunning shots...It indeed looks a very beautiful place...Well captured!

lv2scpbk said...

You have some wonderful views in this set and the weather looks great.

Please stop by my site tomorrow, it will be my 100th post.

Ash said...

Ah...More wonderful images!!!

Anonymous said...

very nice, I will have to come back and really soak in all these images! Thank you for visiting my chicago blog, and for the kafka quote (I loved that!)

Chica, Cienna, and Cali said...

beautiful places...loved the pics from Les Baux ....aww!! about the castle being closed.....but then as u said, good reason to pay a visit later! :)

Annie said...

I have a bookshelf full of Peter Mayle's works. It is the perfect read before, during and after a visit to Provence, I agree.

Lovely images of this beautiful part of the world.

Zannnie said...

looks like a great place...i want to go there one day ! :)

alice said...

Beautiful place! I wish you a good weekend.

Lori said...

How spectacular! It must be wonderful to visit a place with such beauty and history. Thanks for sharing your travels with us. We learn so much from your site!

Dsole said...

you're right, this place is awesome!! thank you for letting me know!

I'm going out for a week to Galicia...hmmm pulpo gallego!!
I wish the weather will be fine, even I've heard it's going to rain... well, I'll make a lot of photos!
Have a nice time!

CaBaCuRl said...

I have always enjoyed Peter Mayle's many copy-cats these days in bookshops.

isa said...

Ah, yes, Peter Mayle and his introduction to the suppositories ;-)

So you are finally in my favorite part of Provence! Will you be stopping by L'Isle sur la Sorgue? That was our base for a 2 week visit around the area.
The natural beauty, the rich history, the pastis...good times!

Anonymous said...

woow this place will be good for honeymoon!!
looks like your every post is honeymoon travel :P
have a lovely weekend gil-chan!!

Ele ^_^ said...

Beautiful placecs! Expecially Fontainee de Vaucluse there's a lot of green seems.. I love it! ^^

inspired said...

Thanx :o]

Marie said...

What a great homage to my region. I love les Baux de Provence (all Provence, actually). Southern France is wonderful, isn't it?

Kunterbunt said...

Thanks for reminding me of those books. I always had the intention to read them; I must put them on my list (but now it's Harry Potter first).

And, too, I intend to visit southern France again, le Midi. You must have had a wonderful time there. You and your wife lokk very happy and relaxed.

Irina said...

Amazing photographs of magnificent land. I never been to Provence but I definetely would love to.

Thanks a million for your visits to my blog! I hope I will be able to return them on time :)

Z said...

I should make a trip one day... Interesting to read about Les Baux, and the origin of the word bauxite.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comments.

I’m happy I didn’t miss the 100th! The weather in Provence is usual great (though a bit too hot in summer…).

You’re gladly welcome. I adored your post, and K’s quote seemed quite appropriate!

You’re right: what a reason to get back to Les Baux…

I liked Peter Mayle books, notwithstanding the fact that the title of his most famous book was somehow misappropriated by Stephen Clarke in “A Year in the Merde”…

With forty something degrees Celsius in Budapest, you’ll not feel that Provence weather is hot in summer; and it is actually a fabulous place to visit!

Thanks. With such a warm weather in Central and South-eastern Europe, Brittany must be great!

Thanks. It’s also a pleasure for me to re-visit Provence for these posts…

Lucky girl: pulpo gallego and all the rest! Well, if you catch some rain, make a drive south; it may be better…

You’re right about copy-cats and alike.

My next post will have a special reverence for you; not suppositories, I promise… ;)

Any place is good for honeymoon!
Enjoy the rest of the weekend, or should I say the week…

Thanks. Fontaine is beautiful, but Les Baux is gorgeous…

It’s reciprocal.

You’re not alone in the love for Les Baux and Provence.

OK, take Potter, but there is much more to read, and in particular to see – Provence is a must!

Thanks. I adore visiting your blog; it gives me an image of Moscow that I didn’t find when there…

It’s a must!

Peter said...

I was convinced that I had commented on this post, but obviously not. Sorry! You have again been around in my particular favourite region and I'm happy to see that you appreciate it in full!

GMG said...

Thanks Peter. You obviously have good taste, no wonder Provence is a favourite!