Thursday, July 26, 2007



After Roussillon, we continued travelling in the Luberon. We saw Apt (the capital of the region), Saignon (with a fabulous view of the plains and the Luberon mountain range, as well as a beautiful 12th century roman church), and Lourmarin (where L'Etranger Nobel Prize Winner Albert Camus, who died in a car crash while en route from Lourmarin to Paris on January 4, 1960, at the age of 46, is buried). We visited Bonnieux (and its Boulangerie Museum), Lacoste (with the famous château belonging to the Marquis de Sade, and now owned by Pierre Cardin), Ménerbes (one of the finest villages in France), Oppède le Vieux, and many other villages. A few pictures remain!


"LACOSTE - The site offers an exceptional panorama of Mount Ventoux, Luberon, the Mounts of Vaucluse and the perched villages"


"OPPÈDE LE VIEUX - Preparing to go up the hill, after leaving the car in the lower parking"

"VIEWS - Anywhere you go, terrific views!

"TOP OF THE HILL - A 12th century church which dominates the village"


Annie said...

I imagine these villages perched up high on hills were there exactly so the residents would have good long views of what was coming toward them. Now as the villagers look out they probably just see the hordes of tourists.

Cuckoo said...

Hi, I wasn't here for last 2-3 posts for the same reason as yours. But now I have read all your posts.

Glad to see all those beautiful places with nice narration and you are always very lucky to have such beautiful company. Oh la la, she's gorgeous!

And how much I agree with Annie. LOl

These places always remind us of our wonderful pasts. Don't they?

Peter said...

You can understand why this region has become so extremely popular - and expensive!!

Did you "climb" the Mont Ventoux?

Best regards to your wife!!

Chica, Cienna, and Cali said...

the view from the top of the hill must have been splendid .....and loved the 12th century church pic....i am only beginning to imagine the beauty of places i am getting to travel with you. :)

Shionge said...

This is so peaceful and no one around to disturb you it looks as if you have the whole place yourself...wonderful :)

Where are you planning to visit now GMG?

Neva said...

The views here are amazing.. Thanks for sharing (and thanks for all your nice comments...I love your visits!)Hello to the wife as well.!

Nikon said...

Thanks for popping over to Hemingway's for a visit.
I love your shots - how can I get adopted :)

Anonymous said...

Very nice photography and some interesting places to explore.

Steve Buser said...

Great tour your taking us on. I wish I had the energy and the time that you had in your 70's and 80's blogs to go back and scan my pre-digitals.

--steve buser
New Orleans Daily Photo
Counting down to my 100th photo posted this week.

lv2scpbk said...

It does look like wonderful views there. Your wife looks like she's enjoying the sunshine and a rest sitting on the rock photo.

Sally said...

Quite a trip!

I wouldn't put Chateau Tanunda high on my list - it is sometimes referred to as Chateau Chunder. Nowadays it is like one of those Disneyland type wineries for coach tours....

Ash said...

Blue skies and lush greenery. That church looks awesome!

Adamantine said...

Fin Septembre-début Octobre est l'idéal, je pense. Couleurs magnifiques (je pense notamment aux Calanques de Piana), et plus de touristes...

Kalyan Panja said...

Terrific views indeed...Once again some beautifully captured shots!

Marie said...

Oh la la I have not been there yet. I need to find a friend to come with me to visit those beautiful places.

Anonymous said...

wow i like Albert Camus! died at the age of 46 there? oh sooo sad!!
the buildings and trees are interesting.

Dsole said...

This is a beautiful place indeed!! i guess if Lacoste is the city of the famous brand too! ;)
Unas vistas preciosas, y el post anterior imopresionante también!
Espero que lo disfrutes la playita, me diste un poco de envidia, pero mi semana por Galicia fue increíble (con lluvia y todo, no como en Madrid que es un horno!).. pero mañana a trabajar...
un saludo!

Kunterbunt said...

A wonderful landscape, pretty photos of your wife and sunshine :-))

Anonymous said...

What gorgeous views, and gorgeous weather, too! I am enjoying your travels and photos.

Thanks so much for visiting Olympia Daily Photo and for your kind comments. They are much appreciated.


Aditi said...

u're right the view is fantastic no matter where u take it frm

Anonymous said...

Sorry! I was on the beach for the weekend (this year I won’t be able to go on holiday more than a week/10 days, so have to profit from the weekends...). Had no chance to answer or visit your blogs for a while, but I’ll try to catch up tomorrow (today is already too late to continue...

You’re right. Those few who still live there (it’s said that roughly 70% of the houses in Provence are only open in August, but this may be a little – just a little exaggeration) just hordes of tourists; in particular in summer...

Thanks. Guida (it’s the short name for Margarida) also thanks for the compliment. Provence is as full of history as of tourists; but its beauty is unbeatable.

It was too windy to get up there to Mont Ventoux; but we circled around and had a nice view of it. Guida thanks your kind regards.

Oppède le Vieux is another fantastic village; actually all the Luberon villages are absolutely gorgeous!

That’s the advantage of visiting Provence in late May; you’re almost alone yet!
Don’t know where to go, because can only be out for one week/ten days… maybe Greece, Turkey, Sardinia or Corsica. Unless, I decided to head to Iceland, but September might be too late...

Thanks also for your comments; they’re much appreciated. Guida says hello to you also.

We’re getting too old for adoptions, but love your visits and comments! And adore your Papa’s blog!

Abe, thanks for your comment. Provence is a whole world to get lost!

That was a huge task to scan all those pictures for the 70s, 80s and 90s blogs... But was also rewarding to remember and re-live all those days; the New Orleans experience, for example, was unbeatable.

Thanks. You’re right; walking up the hill was not an easy task!

Ok; noted the Tanunda/Chunder; we’ll stay with Chateauneuf du Pape for a while, and then the other Cotes I named... Your treat!

The churches are quite nice, but difficult to compare with your Goan pictures!

Merci pour l’information. Je pensais plutôt au début septembre, mais je vais essayer plus tard...

Thanks. Glad to see you back!

Hope you find that friend soon to get you to the Luberon; it’s astonishingly beautiful and you’re so close...

So you like Albert Camus. Good taste! The Stranger, the Plague or the Fall, which do you prefer?

Nice to have you back! No, Lacoste the village is related to the Marquis de Sade, who owned a castle there; now it is in the hands of Pierre Cardin. The village has nothing to do with the Lacoste shirts, a brand started in 1933 with the then retired tennis champion René Lacoste...
Me costó saber que la lluvia te atrapó; pero te decía para venir al sur; l’Algarve estuvo magnifico, con calor no exagerado y una luna llena espléndida...
Saludos. Voy a visitar tu blog logo que tenga un poquito de tiempo; mañana, que ahora es tiempo de dormir!

Thanks. Superb place, beautiful girl, and the sun shining; I couldn’t ask for more...

Thanks for your visit and comment; also loved to see your blog!

It’s true for the Luberon in particular, but also for Provence in general...

Peter said...

Seeing your banner, I checked Chile on your list and got it confirmed that you - of course - had been there also!! I'm soon heading for Peru / Bolivia, but could not find them on your list (surprise!), so you have no good advice to give?

Anonymous said...

I left an answer to your query at your blog!