Monday, September 10, 2007



After a short break, I'm back to continue the Bali saga; it has only a two year delay...


"Kedaton, also known as «Holy Forest», is a small forest, located in Sangeh Village, with hundreds of monkeys living freely, around the temple of Pura Bukit Sari. They are quite acquainted to receive the visit of tourists, and thus have many expertise in snatching cameras, jewellery, wristwatches or glasses to trade for food"



"RESTAURANT with the perfect location: a perfect view to go with your meal"



"PILGRIMS - Danu Bratan is inside the caldera of the extinct volcano Gunung Catur, and is one of the main sources of irrigation in the Balinese highlands. The temple is dedicated to Dewi Danu, the lake goddess, and pilgrims come to pray and to ensure generous harvests"

"RESTAURANT - Another one with a beautiful view"

"SNAKES - Amazingly, tourists don't seem to pay much attention..."

"TEMPLE - Pura Ulun Danu Bratan is located on the western bank of Lake Bratan in at 1239m, and according to an ancient manuscript, was built by I Gusti Agung Putu, King of Mengwi, in 1633"

"LINGGA PETAK - The small shrine, with a three-tier meru, is dedicated to Shiva. In 1968, during its renovation, three long round stones - red, white and black - were discovered. The white stone was believed to be a "lingga", a phallic symbol of Shiva, associated with the worship of fertility"

"THE ELEVEN-TIERED MERU is the home of the god of Gunung Mangu, said to be the residence of Wisnu, thus the meru is dedicated to Wisnu. The volcano is hidden, and the sun is gone astray"


Aditi said...

my eyes nearly popped out of their head at spotting those huge snakes...i hope there was someone nearby to control them and they were captive..but great shots and as usual the description makes me want to go visit there too

Peter said...

Happy to see you back! I thought we should now see some pics from Greece, but Bali is also fine for me!

How was Greece now? The fires were more or less over when you arrived? Maybe you were on the islands, which I believe have not bee touched?

Marie said...

Welcome back on the daily photo blogs :-))

I would love to visit Bali. Your photos are a great incentive.

Lori said...

I was thinking Bali must be an amazing place to visit, but then I saw the snake! Well, it still looks fascinating despite the snakes. I love the shots with the monkeys.

Glad you returned safe and sound from Greece. That must have been beautiful and I can't wait to see photos from that trip!

Sigma said...

"only a two year delay" ... LOL!!

Beautiful pics .... the last two are amazing!

Fénix - Bostonscapes said...
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Nikon said...

Thanks for the visit - I'm running on empty on Hem's site as you have probably guessed :)
The problem is finding vintage pictures or a poster that is printed in a 1920's style.
Have fun!

indicaspecies said...

Welcome back and good to hear from you.

I am sure you've had a good holiday in Kos, Crete and Mykonos. Shall be looking forward to those pictures from you.

Till then, I'll enjoy your beautiful pictures you've put up on your blog including these lovely pictures of Bali. Have you been to Irian Jaya? I'd love to be there someday.

Tanya Ruka said...

Hello GMG... beautiful shots makes me long for a sunny holiday :)

Chica, Cienna, and Cali said...

those snakes are can you be oblivious to them????
love the last pic.......thanx for the tour of Bali...and am glad u had a safe vacation n Greece

inspired said...

And welcome back ;o]

Anonymous said...

really enjoyable photos, feels like a complete tour! i really like this last photo too...and the monkeys...but of course what's not to like about monkeys??!

glad to know your vacation in greece was fine. welcome back!

Seda said...

Wow, Bali should be a great place to visit. I loved all the pictures but especially the last one is the greatest!

CaBaCuRl said...

Welcome back from your time in Greece, and relieved to know you weren't affected by the terrible fires.Hope to see those photos on your blog soon. Having said that, I AM enjoying Bali in the meantime!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you've got some fantastic photos here--they really capture the feel of the places you've been! I love the monkeys--hard not to, really, they look like this cranky guy I know at work. lol! The snakes, the temples, the beautiful scenery--I wish my vacation was going to be this gorgeous, but I'm only going to West Virginia. :(

isa said...

Welcome back from Greece, safe and sound (we assume ;-))!
Will we have to wait 2 years for the travelogue?

Bali looks very exotic and hot...but the snake leaves me cold!

leo said...

Thanks for visiting me and the geographical lesson on the islands of Greece ;-).Looking forward to more inspiring holiday pics from u. Peace.

Steve Buser said...

Looks like a fascinating trip. With photos like that I would think you get several offers to give presentations

--steve buser
New Orleans Daily Photo

Annie said...

GMG, it's nice that you have returned and brought back all these wonderful memories to share with us.

Dina said...

glad to see you back, will be waiting to see some Greece photos

Dick said...

Your photos are great, I'll come back to see more. Thanks for your visit and nice comment.


Pijush said...

Welcome back. Nice to know that you enjoyed Greek Islands, waiting for your posts on Greece.
These are quite interesting pictures, Bali is really nice.

miyuki sato said...

Hi,thank you for dropping by my blog.
I have not been to Bali,yet,so I am very interested in this country.
I have read in this book that there are a lot of mystic things in Bali.
Did you think so?

Jo's-D-Eyes said...

* Hi GMG:)
You can never be too late on my blog, I like your comments and I will visit your blog now (as you can see), I'm curious about the photo's, Nice you liked greece! You visited so many islands...:)

Wow thanks for the BALI photo's on my request, I don't mind that they might be from 2005, Its the impression that counts,

Come back anytime, are you done travelling for the moment? Or not? Whats your next country you want to visit??? Just curious! :)

JoAnn from The Netherlands, :) See you!!!

( BTW, I have also travelling pic's on my bloag not only Holland)

Lakshmi said...

Hi ...this is serious monkey business here :) great post . Bali is very similar to India though lot more colourful and tourist friendly ..I went there almost 10 years ago...but was very close to the beaches...when the tsunami hit a few years ago.(it hit my city, Madras aka Chennai too)..I heard most of the hotels and restaurants were destroyed ...anyways am looking forward to your posts on Greece

dodong flores 도동 플로오리스 said...

Hi, I like this Bali posts! Interesting photos, out there...
Great experience!!!

Cuckoo said...

Same monkey business here in India.

Those huge snakes I saw in Australia, they are trained I guess & harmless. I had one around my neck also !!

And the last 2 pics are awesome.

Sorry I am late in commenting here, that doesn't mean I haven't read your post before. :-)

Anonymous said...

woow love that photo of pilgrim!!
and a great shot of monkey scratching his neck :D
it makes me smile.
thanks for sharing. happy weekend!!

Ming the Merciless said...

I love the last two photos, with the volcano in the background. It looks like a movie set - so beautiful.

What is that thing that is near your wife's hand at the restaurant? It looks like a big hair wig on a lamp.

Anonymous said...

The snakes were a bit of a tourist trap. People were supposed to pay the guys next to them to take a picture either holding or with around their necks� Not for me!

I�ll try to accelerate to get to Greece as soon as possible!
I was in the Islands, where there were no fires; but when I departed Athens, early morning on August 27th, there was a burnt smell in the air.

Thanks. Bali is a nice option for a holiday. Think it over.

Thanks. We may avoid the snakes, a tourist trap� The monkeys are just a little bit different.
Bali is a great place for a holiday, and the pictures from Greece will arrive, with a bit delay�

Yes! Just a two year delay; I�ll try to accelerate!

It�s true that it is not an easy task to find Papa�s vintage pictures to show!

Thanks. I�ve never been to New Guinea. One day!


Those snakes were just there to get money from tourists�

Agree with you: last picture is also one of my favourites!

Thanks. So glad to see you back here!

Thanks. Glad that you�re enjoying Bali, as Greece will take some time to see the light!

West Virginia is not that bad�

Thanks. I�ll try to accelerate the Greek pictures, but I�ve 862 photos to deal with�


Greece and its islands are becoming a favourite holiday destination for us� Before 2007, still have 2006 in Crete and Santorini�

Thanks. You�re right about the mystic ambiance of Bali!

Thanks. I�ll keep visiting your blog; just need to find some time in this terrible schedule I�m back to...

Thanks. Agree with you on the tourist friendly Bali. However, Bali was spared to the 2004 tsunami!


You�re quite right about the snakes�

There were thousands of monkeys around! ;)

Agree with you with regard to the last photo. The other one also seems to me to be a hair wig!

GMG said...

This comment was posted by F�nix (Bostonscapes DP) and deleted some time later. I wonder whether it was deleted because some information was wrong.

�Hi Gil,

The answer to the question you left on my blog: First you have to change the width of your template then, every time you compose a post, you must switch to the html composition window and change the value "s400" to "s720" (look for something similar to "src=" code/s400/Xxxxx.jpg" - there will be two values, one is "s1600", leave that alone, that's what Blogger uses for the enlarged version of your photos; the "s400" value is Blogger's default value for "large" photos). Finally, for all this to work properly, the photos you upload should be 1200 pixels in width. Hope this helps.

BTW, a while back I referenced a link on my blog you'll probably find worth reading.

Have a lovely weekend.�

[G@ttoGiallo] said...

I've been visiting Bali in far 1999, it's still in my mind.
It was the pre-digital age, so I just have slides...
You've very rich photo blogs !
Keep going for our pleasure...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your first time comment on my blog! It's my pleasure to read you here or in any of the other blogs...
Take care!