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Sorry, no Red-light District photos…

"THE AMERICAN HOTEL, in Leidseplein and at walking distance from the Rijksmuseum, the van Gogh Museum and the Vondel Park, is listed since 1977 as an Art Nouveau monument. The hotel seems to have been first designed by Steinigeweg, a Dutch architect who lived in the United States and returned to the Netherlands with plans for his hotel in the «American style». Built around 1880, was demolished in 1900, rebuilt in 1902, extended in 1927-1929 and re-extended in 1954"


"THE CAFÉ AMERICAIN has been part of the American Hotel since 1902. In 1993, it was decided to restore the Café. It re-opened on September 1st, 1993, displaying «the most beautiful reading table in the Netherlands», dating from 1929. On the walls we could see original 1930 oil paintings from Shakespeare’s play «A Midsummer Night’s Dream». In August 2005 the Café was again renovated and completely brought back to its original Art-Deco Style"

"CASINO – Gaming machines, Roulette, Blackjack, Poker…"

"THE DAM, 200 meters from west to east and about 100 meters from north to south, is the main square in Amsterdam. On the south side of the Dam stands the phallic National Memorial, erected in memory of Dutch soldiers and members of the resistance who died in WW2. The 1956 monument stores soil from all of Holland’s provinces as well as from the Dutch East Indies"

"THE WAAG (the Weigh House), located in the part of Amsterdam that never sleeps – Nieuwmarkt – was originally built in 1488 as a city gate (Sint Antoniespoort) and as such it formed part of the medieval defences. It is the oldest secular public building in Amsterdam. It now houses the Restaurant-Café In de Waag"

"ST. NICHOLAS CHURCH - On a Sunday in November (in 2007 it was on the 18th), St. Nicholas, known as Sinterklaas in the Netherlands, arrives in Amsterdam. The steamboat from Spain docks by the Central Station across from the Church. Bells ring, as the mayor welcomes the Saint before he mounts his white horse. A big parade starts at noon, and thousands of sacks with sweets are thrown to the crowds. The parade goes along the Damrak to the Rembrandtplein coming to an end at the Leidesplein. Here, from the balcony of the city theatre, Sinterklaas addresses crowds and «Sinterklaas Season» officially begins"

"REMBRANTSPLEIN is a beautiful little park named in honour of Rembrandt van Rijn. A statue of the painter is the focal point. In February 2006, there was a huge sculpture of the famous Night Watch painting in the park"

"INDRAPURA is a nice Indonesian Restaurant in Rembrantsplein. Its motto is: «No Cheese...No Klomps...No Windmills...Just the Best Rijsttafel you can get». A good dinner choice in Amsterdam"

"RIJSTAFEL - The origin of the concept is difficult to trace. According to a legend it goes back to the actual table used by the Dutch settlers in Indonesia. A traditional Indonesian meal is always based on white rice (with calming effect in combination with spicy dishes) and one fish or meat dish. In colonial days a meal like this seemed not to satisfy the appetite of the Dutch planters, so a greater variety of dishes was added. It is this large amount of tasty dishes that as a whole forms today’s rijsttafel"


Anonymous said...

Hi everybody! You may have noticed that the Easter Island's Moai disappeared from the header of the blog. It's not my fault, and I don't know the reason why it happened. I re-introduced it in the layout, but didn't work. Any help in restoring it will be much appreciated! Thanks!

julia said...

don't ask about headers! I wondered if a bridge was posted (CDP)- no. As well, Indonesian food can be so new and different. Would like to find out more about the Indonesian presence in Netherlands nowdays.

lv2scpbk said...

The Waag house reminds me of a Cinderella type house.

Chris said...

Today I am not so jealous as I have been to Amsterdam and some of these places. . . I didn't even get run over by a bicyclist!!

Lara said...

I was just wondering where the next stop would be. nice surprise!

S-V-H said...

Hi Gil,

I can see the header!!!!!

Wonderful pictures and intersting descriptions. I'm traveling again...yeah! :-)

Thanks for sharing all this, Gil.

isa said...

Mighty tasty photos...especially the last one ;-)

I could easily exist on rijsttafel, and broojies (raw meat ones)!

Anonymous said...

It would be great to spend a week in Amsterdam right now. Thanks for the pics!

Cuckoo said...

Haven't been to Amsterdam in night. Looks like a amazing.

Couldn't go to REMBRANTSPLEIN park also. :(

Anonymous said...

Ah - Amsterdam, museums, bicycles, canals . . .. thanks for those memories! And your stories with photos.
Good Sunday to you!

Kunterbunt said...

It's nice to see Amsterdam again, it's a long time that I have been there. there is a special warm atmosphere in your photos. Have a nice Sunday, Gil.

Raghu Ram Prasad said...

really wonderful photographs...keep in touch

Dick said...

How funny to see this pictures, I was in Amsterdam at Qeensday and drink something in the "CAFÉ AMERICAIN". Beautiful it is but not the cheapest.

Dsole said...

Gil, the header is now in its place again ;)
Beautiful and funny Amsterdam! I was there just a couples of days and I had a really nice time! I stayed in a camping (it was cheap and close to midtown, amazing) which was plenty of young people.
I'm thinking of flying there for a weekened, but maybe next year, beause there's always a lot of things to see!
Ten una boa semana! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Gil, I am always delighted that you visit my humble blog. And it's especially delightful to visit yours with all your glorious photos. I have never been to Amsterdam but my son has and he loved it. It seems lately a lot of bloggers are having trouble with their headers. I am sure the problem will work it self out ~ Lynn

Annie said...

I'm sad to say that I've seen few American hotels that look like that American hotel.

I'm taken with The Weight House - love the looks of it especially.

Peter said...

Amsterdam is a fantastic city (possibly neglecting the red district and the coffee shops?). You show me some places I have obviously missed, but I know that you are a very good and qualified visitor!

Steve Buser said...

Guess I am going to have to bookmark your posts in case I ever get a chance to go to these places.
--steve buser
New Orleans Daily Photo

Azer Mantessa said...

from Paris to Amsterdam :-)

a place to visit, a hotel to stay and a place to dine ... that's good visiting ... info on INDRAPURA is enlighting :-)

Lynette said...

I’ve enjoyed browsing through your recent posts, too. Thanks for visiting my blog.

leo said...

indonesian meal aka rijsttafel in amsterdam hmm...interesting! any windmill & tulips photos for us?

alice said...

Amsterdam is a wonderful city! We've been there twice and I could go again whenever...The first time, when I saw in the afernoon these little houses with an armchair in the window, I thought it was antiques shops...My husband still laughs about that today!

indicaspecies said...

These lovely and warm pictures of the night have got enough red colour in them, so there's no need for red light district photos. ;)

NormanTheDoxie said...

Never been to Amsterdam, but I would love to stay at the American Hotel and dine in that fabulous looking cafe!

Poly said...

Very good description. I love it.

Me agradan mucho tus descripciones, son muy completas. Saludos.

Olivier said...

tres belle visite d'amsterdam. "REMBRANTSPLEIN" est vraiment magnifique. Le passage sur votre tour du monde est un toujours un plaisir.

A very nice visit amsterdam. "REMBRANTSPLEIN" is really wonderful. The passage on your world tour is always a pleasure.

Lakshmi said...

Amsterdam looks very beautiful..your pics are awesome as usual ...

lyliane six said...

Je suis allée plusieurs fois à Amsterdam, la première fois il y a au moins 35 ans et la dernière fois l'année de la canicule.C'était très agréable les promenades sur les canaux avec ce temps superbe, mais le parking pour la voiture est hors de prix!.Nous n'avons pas trouvé de Moules de Zeeland à cause de la chaleur, mais avons mangé de bons poissons quand même et du cake au canabis. J'ai acheté aussi des bonbons au canabis, on peut même en acheter des graines pour faire pousser dans un pot chez soi!!
Avez vous visité les vitres dans le quartier chaud?, ça vaut le détour.

lyliane six said...

J'ai voulu dire les vitrines dans le quartier chaud, il y en pour tous les goûts derrière les vitres.

Anonymous said...

I give up. It seems that some people see the header; I simply don’t! There was a quite interesting exhibition on Indonesia at the New Church when I was in Amsterdam...

The Waag is an amazing building!

Didn’t take pictures of the bikes...

Glad that you liked the surprise. There are some other surprises in the Revival blogs, should you be interested!

Thanks for the visit and comment.

You have a sweet tooth...

One full week? Come on, It was just a long weekend!

Where have you been in Amsterdam?

Thanks. Museums are in the next post...

Special warm atmosphere? Thanks!


You’re right about the Café Americain; not the cheapest...

I was also in a camping once in Amsterdam: in 1969! You can’t imagine how Amsterdam was on those days...
It’s a great city and a great choice for a weekend break!

Thanks. No wonder your son loved Amsterdam; it’s a great city!

American was the first version of the Hotel; demolished in 1900! This is a top art nouveau building... ;)

Thanks. Paris is so close, there is no problem getting to Amsterdam!

Thanks. You’re welcome. You know, some friends, when they are preparing to travel, come to the travel agency – that’s my home...

Azer Mantessa,

Neither windmills, nor cheese; Dutch paintings and water channels... ;))

Come on, those houses don’t even look old fashioned... ;)

I agree with you; it’s warm enough!

You have very good taste!




Moules de Zelande, c’est drôle que la saison commence en juillet… Au Portugal en dit toujours qu’on ne mange pas des moules les mois sans «r»...
Bon, du cake au canabis, tu as bien fréquenté les cafés… ;))
Le quartier rouge je l’ai visité la première fois en 1969; après, j’y fais normalement un détour, mais je dois avouer que le niveau me semble en baisse...

alice said...

Hahem...I feel stupid, of course, but you know, it was a long long time ago, I was very young...And maybe they have been renovated???

Jo's-D-Eyes said...

Hi Gil,
'What the heck' AMSTERDAM!!!! < you should have told me that you publiced this! (kidding!) OK so I am here now and YES! This is AMSTREDAM< wonderfully seen through you camera, Not a whole lot has been changed, exept for the RIJKSMUSEUM, now its 'for a short time' not possible to go inside because they are doing a little renovation, so lucky YOU , that you could go inside:)

And YES! There are in AMSTERDAM many international kitchens/restaurants, a good choice to eat indonesian , BON APETIT.

'For the change' I posted today and yesterday something DUTCH; The Sinterklaas celebration, and today some portraits of my dog, I will continue wit more Paris photo's in the weekend.

Have a good day :)


Anonymous said...

was kidding, of course... I was also impressed during my first time there in 1969, just having families' lives shown on a window...

I told you there was a surprise...
Still more to come!

Pijush said...

Nice shots Gil.. The night life in Amsterdam is enchanting, the coffee shop and red-light area add a different flavor to it.

Anonymous said...

You're right; the red-light and the coffee shops actually give Amsterdam's nightlife a quite different smell, I would say...

Sigma said...

The photos are very nice, but the one of Holland Casino by the lake is spectacular.

Have you been able to solve the problem of the missing label? You can try creating a new label, modifying the name slightly, from the blogger template, and then adding the label to the post(s).

Anonymous said...

Thanks. Well, some visitors see the header, others don't. Now I can see a line of the header, but not the whole picture... I tried to change, uploaded a new picture, but no result! Blogger mistery! ;))