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"ISLANDS - According to Wikipedia, Greece has some 1400 islands, 169 of which are inhabited, though only 78 have more than 100 inhabitants. The map I borrowed from shows some of the most important of them. As we may see, lunch in Santorini, dinner in Heraklion is not a difficult task!"



"RED BEACH, located near the archaeological site of Akrotiri, is one of the most beautiful beaches of Santorini. It attracts lots of people because of the blocks of red and black volcanic rocks one may find there. This view, taken from the top end of the rocky route that brings you from the car parking, before starting walking down the rocks to the hot sand, is one of my favourites. If you look along the rock you'll see that it turns white, thus explaining the name of the next beach"

"HOW TO GET THERE - There are only two ways of getting to the Red Beach: either by car (and then by walking from the parking lot through the rocky route) or by the sea with these small fishing boats (used in summer for tourism purposes) that depart from the ports of Akrotiri and Fira"

"BLACK SAND - The sand is reddish black and may get quite hot, thus making it difficult to sit straight onto. Actually, with this kind of sand, the sun seems to beat down particularly strong..."

"BLUE SEA - The water is clear and warm enough..."

"THE DOLPHINS is a nice restaurant quite close to the parking lot of Red Beach, near the ruins of Akrotiri, in a wonderful location right at the water's edge. It's used by locals, namely for the Sunday lunch, and has a good combination of Greek salad and freshly caught fish..."



The FlyingCat departs around 5:30 p.m. and takes one hour and forty five minutes to bring you from Santorini to Heraklion, so that you may have dinner at a decent (not Greek) hour...

"AGIOS TITUS - The beautiful church of Saint Titus, patron of the island, was first built by the Byzantines around 962 A.D. The Venetians used it as a Catholic Cathedral, and the Turks converted it into a mosque. The church was destroyed by an earthquake in 1856, rebuild as a mosque and, after the liberation, converted into a Greek Orthodox church in 1923. The holy relics of Saint Titus, returned from Venice in 1966, may be seen inside (the Venetians had taken the golden skull with them when the city fell to the Turks in 1669). The photo is blurred, as always, but I couldn't resist"

"OUTDOOR CAFES - The cafe outdoor lounges in Heraklion are amazing!"

"LOUKOULOS is considered as one of the fanciest restaurants in Heraklion, with a wonderful terrace garden and an antique interior. The fish was superb, and I don't show the excellent lobster pasta"

"LAST QUARTER - Night view from an Executive suite at the Lato Boutique Hotel"


Anonymous said...

Hi everybody! Back to Crete and with a 18 month delay in posting. I'll try not to increase it...
Enjoy and have a great week!

Shionge said...

I'm amazed yet again about the number of islands make up Greece and hey, did you manage the language or do they speak English too :D

S-V-H said...

Hi Gil,

If I close my eyes I can here the typical Greek music playing, I can taste the fine food and hear the people laughing around me...

Thanks for sharing this wonderful pictures and the stories behind!

CaBaCuRl said...

Yes, I am there also, feeling the warm summer evening air and eating yummy Greek pasties! Hope you were able to locate a good bakery.It was oh-s-long ago that I was in Greece, but thank you for bringing back those distant memories.

Daniel Chérouvrier said...

Florilège de bleus.
De quoi avoir le 'blues" dans nos contrées un peu plus pluvieuses..

Lara said...

the sun in these pictures make me feel better!

Nihal said...

Bonjour Gil,
Let me revise your statement a bit;)
A lunch in Santorini, dinner in Heraklion, and late-night drink and dance in Bodrum, or say formerly Halicarnassus, is not a difficult task, Sir:)

FYI, Bodrum is just opposite of Kos.

Have a great week.

Anonymous said...

Over 1000 islands? Wow! Have a great week!


Peter said...

Just fantastic! Lucky man, lucky couple!! ... and how many of the islands have you visitied - so far?

You, great traveler, trotter; once again impressed by your comments on my blog. You know more about Paris than most Parisians, with a special devotion to nice eating and drinking places, but of course not only! The thing is also that you have the same knowledge about so many places! ... and one can always feel how you love and enjoy it; seeing the good side of all places! Wonderful attitude!

Marguerite-marie said...

photos superbes qui donnent le moral quand on est encore en hiver... et merci pour le magnifique sourire de votre femme.

Dan said...

Wonderful pics today. This looks to be a fantastic place for an extended visit.

virtual nexus said...

Lovely shots - especially the night effect and the red cliffs. Painting heaven....

Raghu Ram Prasad said...

sorry for the late reply....I am out of station....SANTORINI and red sea and blue sea really wonderful

leo said...

one word for this and the post before - ENVY! lucky you! :-)

MedaM said...

This is another wonderful tour you shared with us. I really enjoyed, in the blue sea the most and the impressive rocks as well. I have to mention wonderful smile of your nicer half; when ever I see her she makes me smile too. :-)

Thistlemoon said...

Beautiful! On my list!

Isabel said...

Hi gmg, thanks for your comment on my blog. I'm glad you're enjoying the book.

There sure is a lot of traffic here with lots of active comments! How do you manage that?

I was in Crete and Santorini in June 2006. I also loved the outdoor lounges in Heraklion! And I also travelled with the FlyingCat to Santorini which is one of the most beautiful places I've been too.

About my name - I'm not Portuguese though I would have liked to be. It's just a name my mother liked. It's not very common in English-speaking countries and in England they often spell it with an 'O'!

Klearchos said...

Santorini is the paradise on earth... I like that we have the same style of blogs... :)

SusuPetal said...

I've been to mainland, never on Greek Islands, Crete is a place I'd love to travel to.

b.c. said...

these are wonderful--makes me wish we could trade places just for a little while...!

alice said...

Today, it's Monday, the sky is grey, the weather is cold, you're cruel, Gmg...

Anonymous said...

Santorini may be a paradise, where I have never been, but Crete is near it and I have been two times there.But I think, if Finn leaves Finland during winter time in the end of February, every island of Greece is just heaven :) I have been cruising during my long life about on twenty different Greek island and only minus was in Skiathos, where mosquitoes ate my legs and it was only my fault, because I did not believe, that Greek mosquitoes can be some kind different than Finnish ones :)), but they were.
Have a good week! And special greetings to your lovely, smiling wife!

Tinsie said...

You make me sooooo homesick (although I've only been to Crete once in my life, but still)!

lyliane six said...

Vraiment ce sont ces îles là que je dois visiter, ont voit que ce sont des îles volcaniques, les roches et le sable sont noirs, comme à Porto Moniz.Le contenu de vos assiettes me plait beaucoup, on dirait des filets de rougets, à la grecque bien entendu!
Vous ne pouvez pas non plus renier vos origines, vous un îlien vous aimez toutes les îles et vous êtes un grand voyageur et découvreur comme vos ancêtres.

Indrani said...

I have never heard of red beach, beautiful pics. But I am sure you have never seen a crater.

I Have.

Do visit my blog to see the lonar crater.

Kunterbunt said...

Phantastic, all those places I've never seen.

Anonymous said...

WoW...some very beautifully captured shots...simply love the entire atmosphere here!

Indrani said...

ok I reframe my statement to have u seen a meteoritic impact crater.
I like your spirits and thanks for sharing those episodes at volcanic craters. Had u not mentioned i would have never got to see them. Thanks again.

Azer Mantessa said...

the nightly pic with the orange-like lighting is nice captured.

good photography there

Seda said...

Hi Gil,
Thanks for your love;y comments on my blog Istanbul Photo! About your warning about kagan's comment thank you. I didn't understand what was it but I think it did something to my blog! My template looks different. I am trying to fix it.

As it comes to your picture. Every one of them are great but I especially loved the contrast between the blue of the sea and the red of the rocks!

Peter said...

I already commented here, but I wished to say thanks for your (again) kind comments on my blog! If you REALLY plan to come to Paris this week, I would much appreciate if you give a sign!

JaamZIN said...

Great series! I like those blue-white restaurants in Greece:)

Budapest Daily Photo

noushy syah said...

The black sand is something unique,while the blue sea definitely inviting.

The nite captious of the church and open air cafe are just perfect.

p/s Luckily you didn't show the lobster pasta..saying it make saliva drooling!! tehehhehe...

MumbaiiteAnu said...

Thanks for sharing about the red beach and the wonderful photos. It's my beach day today. Have been seeing beach pics for the last few minutes.
Great pics.

Ash said...

Wonderful images. The blue sea is amazing.

Beefybob7 said...

Hi Gil,

I can see why you like blue from your Greek Island pictures. Liked your wife's smiley face. Just found out what :) & :-) mean.


Lori said...

Lovely! Those Greek islands seem idyllic. We can definitely see how appropriate the colors of blue and white are on the Greek flag!

Nikon said...

Great photos, Gil. I like your night shots with the warm lighting.
So the beach sand gets hot, huh - you poor thing :-)

Unknown said...

Beautiful pictures...I am jealous!!!

Anonymous said...

You’re right: 1400 is a lot of islands…
Some older people speak French, others speak German, younger people speak English and when they speak only Greek, a few basic words in Greek and universal body language do the rest…

OK, sirtaki, Korba, I can understand. Actually, reading your comment just decided to look for one of my old Mikis Theodorakis vinyl records; couldn’t find it… ;((

Glad to revive your good memories. As far as pasties, I prefer Cornish… ;))

C’est vrai qu’il nous faut un peu de bleu, même ici à Lisbonne où aujourd’hui c’est trop gris…

Thanks. Sun always has some healing effects…

OK, Bodrum… But did you see my reply to Seda’s comment on the post «In the heart of the Greek Islands»? I quote myself: « I’ve seen Bodrum from across the sea at Kos Island, but didn’t get there. It took too much time to get through immigration and customs in and out... ;( ». Sorry! ;((
Anyhow, one day, I’ll visit Turkey from West to East… ;)

Thanks for commenting here!

Of the 169 inhabited islands, we’ve have been to only 12! See, it’s not such a small world… ;)
Thanks for comment. Truly touched!
I considered the possibility of taking a Paris break, since this week happened to be quite calm up to now; but then Guida had no chance of leaving before Thursday, we had to be back on Sunday, and the weather forecast for Paris was rain… So, rain for rain, we stay… ;(

Merci; aussi de Maria Margarida… ;)

Should you have the chance to visit Greek Islands, take your time. Extend it…

Painting paradise, for sure!

So great to see you back here! Thanks for dropping by, even when out of station!

Come on, you’re only 36, how can you envy… ;))

Thanks! From both of us!


Just finished the book «Les Fous de l’Inde»; a bit disquieting, must confess… Trying to find out whether my trip was pathological or pathogenic… ;))
About the traffic; it’s reciprocal; I also try to catch up my visitor’s blogs and comment on their posts, whenever I manage to have time (usually on weekends)…
Amazing that you were in the Islands just three months before us; could have met there!
Isabel is a very common name in Portugal (for girls – I said girls… ;) - aged 30 or more). I like it very much! Your mother surely has a very good taste…

Thanks. Your Santorini pictures are stunning! Did you manage to see my Bulgarian stuff?

We should make a bloggers’ meeting somewhere in the islands…

Chicago won’t be difficult to trade (depending on the season: not during cold winter, or hot summer… ;))…

Attends, ce n’est pas si mauvais. Pâques arrive et tu auras tes amandes…

Twenty Greek islands, that’s much more than me… Now, if you’re running away from freezing Joensuu in February, you should come to Algarve. Just compare the temperatures; in February it snows in Crete... And no mosquitoes in February/March, guaranteed! ;))

Homesick? Catch that plane… ;))

Je ne suis pas sûr si c’est du rouget, mais le poisson était très bien. Pas fantastique, comme le poisson grillé à l’Algarve, mais quand même acceptable… ;)
C’est vrai qu’être an îlien doit jouer un rôle dans cette passion pour les îles. Pour les visiter, je corrige, parce que je ne crois pas être capable d’y vivre. Sauf dans une villa à coté de l’aéroport et avec un jet privé toujours disponible… ;)). On joue Euromillions?
Dis-moi, tout le monde connait les piscines naturelles de Porto Moniz, mais toi, tu as trouvé la plage de Jamaica au sable noir… Vraiment, tu as tout vu. Incroyable!

OK! Reframed, I accept. But, I think I’ve seen a small meteorite crater; I simply can’t remember where, after all these volcanic craters…

You’ve surely seen many other places that we had never thought of… ;)


Azer Mantessa,
Thanks. Usually my night pictures go blurred…

That kind of comment that means nothing and is full of links is not safe…
The red beach is superb; I also love it!

Thanks. Blue and white is everywhere in Greece!

Noushy Syah,
Thanks. I thought lobster was too much, after all… ;))

Thanks. So glad to see you back here!
Beach day? It happens!


Thanks! These ;), :-), :-(, XX, sometimes are a bit confusing… ;))

You’re right. That flag makes full sense when you travel there…

Come on! You’re burning your feet on that sand. Try it… ;)


JO said...

SO SO Beautiful! I want to be on one of those beaches right now! I love all the bright hues of blue in these pics! Nice the water is warm there - I love warm waters - we have chilly water on our beaches out here.

Ming the Merciless said...

I've heard how beautiful Santorini is from many friends who have visited Greece. And your photos did it great justice.

The photo of your wife and the grilled fish she's having looks wonderful. I will have to visit Astoria (Greek community in NYC) for some grilled fish this weekend.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't mind to be on the beach now, but for the time being Algarve would be better than the Greek Isles... Anyhow, in March, better head for the Caribbean...
Mediterranean Sea temperature in summer: 23º/26º Celsius...

Santorini is fantastic!
Grilled fish is one of my favourites, but I think I would prefer it grilled here in Portugal, at the Algarve I would say... Anyhow, try Astoria... ;)

lv2scpbk said...

I love that blue dinning area.

Anonymous said...

It's a quite nice and enjoyable place!

Klearchos said...

The crane at the picture from tavern "the Dolphins" is from the construction of the shelter of the prehistoric city of Akrotiri

(At first I hadn't seen that you wrote the name of the tavern)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. I was wondering what was that crane doing at the archaelogical site...

miyuki sato said...

Thank you for your visiting and leaving comments.
I have never been to Greece.
Everywhen I see pictures of Greece,I dream of going on a trip to there.
Beautiful blue sky!!

Anonymous said...

Hi! It's definitely a great holiday destination. And the blues are unbeatable... ;)

Sigma said...

The beaches look fabulous ... and the restaurant looks very tempting (though sadly, I am a pure vegetarian)

Anonymous said...

Red beach is gorgeous! You can always have a Greek salad anywhere in the islands!