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“THE MAJORELLE GARDEN - Jacques Majorelle was born in 1886 in Nancy but settled in Marrakech in 1924 to continue his career of painter. He then created a botanical garden that displays plants from the five continents: cactus, yucas, water lilies, jasmines, bougainvilleas… and hosts more than 15 bird species, which can be found only in the area of North Africa. Since 1947 the garden's doors were open to the public. In 1980 Pierre Bergé and Yves Saint Laurent purchased the garden and restored it”

“ISLAMIC MUSEUM – In 1931 Paul Sinoir created a workshop for Jacques Majorelle, painted in the special shade of bold cobalt blue which is named after him, «Majorelle bleu». It now houses the Islamic Art Museum, displaying the personal collection of Pierre Bergé and Yves Saint Lauren, including North African textiles and carpets, as well as ceramics and potteries, weapons, jewellery, woodworks, and paintings by Majorelle”

“MAJORELLE BLUE - Majorelle was one of the more important collectors of plants of his era. The originality of the garden lies in the combination of a luxurious plant life and architectural elements allying sobriety and traditional aesthetic Moroccan, and always showing the magnificent Majorelle Blue”

“BAMBOO – Since the main residence, created in the image of Marrakech palaces and currently private property of Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé, was not available, we had to satisfy ourselves with the bamboo forest for the picture…”

"MINARETS - Basically consisting of three parts: a base, shaft, and a gallery, the Moroccan minarets are usually square. Their main function was to provide a vantage point from which the muezzin can call out the faithful to prayer. The first one pictured may be found close to the Saadian Tombs, the second in the Medina"

"SOUK - A rather quiet part of the Marrakech souk"

"DYEING - Fantastic colours"

"HERBORISTE DU PARADIS - Care for some spices, cosmetics or white magic against evil eye?"

"BEN YOUSSEF MEDRASSA - The Koranic School, founded by the Merinid sultan Abu al-Hassan, was named after the Almoravid sultan Ali ibn Yusuf who reigned between 1106 and 1142. The current building dates from the 16th century, as it was re-constructed by the Saadian Sultan Abdallah al-Ghalib in 1565. The School having been closed in 1960, the building was refurbished and reopened to the public as an historical site in 1982"

"THE INNER COURTYARD with columnade, windows and the water tank. The largest Medrassa in Morocco and one of the largest in North Africa may have housed as many as 900 students"

"COURTYARD - Richly carved in cedar, marble and stucco, the carvings contain no representation of humans or animals, and consist entirely of inscriptions and geometric patterns"

"CELL - Its 130 student dormitory cells cluster around the courtyard"



Anonymous said...

Hi everybody! This weekend I decided to post something new on Blogtrotter Revival 70s & 80s (actually a last post on Ireland 1985), as the last one dated already from January… And I also posted Prague, Part Two on Blogtrotter Revival 90s. So, including also this one, it was a very busy weekend!
This is the reason why the replies to the comments on the last post here and the visits to some of your blogs are a bit delayed and why this post took some time to take off. Anyhow, Marrakesh is a wonderful surprise and I hope you enjoy these pictures!
Have a great week ahead!

Anonymous said...

Good Sunday morning to you, Gil!
I think, we all are grateful about your photos and waiting makes only good for us ;)
Marrakesh seems really beautiful through your photos. They open my mind and that is always a best thing, thanks!

Anonymous said...

OLà Gil
Ja a trabalhar. As fotos sao lindas !
Obrigada de partilhares tanta beleza

Joy said...

Wow, Gil! These are fantastic photos. Soon I shall have a passport that will allow me to travel wherever I want to go - and Marrakesh seems like an excellent place to visit!

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comments. It's been a while but I hope to visit your blog more regularly. A lot of things have happened in my so called life, which prevented me from being more active online. Enjoy the week ahead!

A Pinay In England
Your Love Coach
I, Woman

alicesg said...

Beautiful photos. The cactus are so lovely. I spotted you at one of the window, at first I thought you are one of the decorations too. lol.

Shionge said...

I was awe-struck by the colours Gil and indeed this place is full of surprises, so glad you are sharing this with us coz I am sure I will not be able to visit this place by myself.

Cheers to you!!

 gmirage said...

This reminds me much of Indiana Jones! =D Wonderful art!

Miss Kim said...

I LOVE that blue and who knew it has a special name! You always teach us something new with everypost! Keep traveling Gil!

Lakshmi said...

Colour seems to be the theme of this post , it the garden, the architecture or the marketplace..fantastic as usual ..have a great week

Andrea Gerák said...

Hi Gil, Thanks for your recent visits and comments! This place what you are showing here is so rich: the details, the colors...

CaBaCuRl said...

Colour, colour, more colour,just amazing GMG! I am just LOVING your Marrakesh posts...such a visual feast.

Anonymous said...

what a stunning place.... I am fascinated by Islam and all its permutations.... lucky you! Show me more.

Anonymous said...

Looks very much Indian.... colourful & vibrant. Also the art work in walls, furniture etc.

Have a great week ahead, Gil.


Lara said...

from the plants to the architecture - another wonderful experience!

lv2scpbk said...

I love the photos and the blue on the building is wonderful. The colors of some of these photos are wonderful. Love the details you took. I also like the photo where you are looking out that window. That building looks huge in that one.

Oman said...

Hello again sir. Your photos and stories are really inspiring. It is like I am walking the place with you. Marrakesh looks so diverse and exotic. I like the cacti and the patterns of the place. Great job Sir.

Anonymous said...

gorgeous site! wish there were more references to the culture and history of the places you've visited. If you do get to the Philippines, try to visit Cebu or just check out my blog and look for Travel posts ;)

indicaspecies said...

Interesting pictures. Thank you for sharing. I like the intricate artwork of the Ben Youssef Madrassa, especially that of the patio and halls. :)

PeterParis said...

This is just « too » beautiful!
I miss your wife on these photos, but I presume you have been there later with her (or plan to…) !

This architecture is just fabulous with all the gardens, courtyards, water… al so fresh!

The majorelle blue is so nice! I guess Majorelle is today more known for his blue than for his paintings! (His dad was a well known art nouveau creator.)

hpy said...

I missed the Majorelle Garden quand je suis allée à Marrakesh but I guess it wasn't open yet.

Cergie said...

Tes photos de palmiers m'ont tout à fait l'air de ma version du Golden Gate Park de San Francisco

Des paradis, il y en a partout !
Beau travail des matières, bois, stuc, pierre.
Ce qui me manque du Maroc, ce sont les odeurs et de voir tes photos on les a presque dans le nez : ah le thé à l'absinthe, ou à la fleur d'oranger. Et la verveine fraiche !

Indrani said...

These are soooo beautiful and the cactus collection... I just can't believe the white tall one is a real one.

The last shot obviously leaves one WORDLESS and so the 'No Comment'?? :)

MedaM said...

It has taken me quite of time to see everything that I have missed on your blog. It simply there is no other way but to take extra time in order to enjoy in your beautiful reportages full of interesting information and stunning photos. I am really impressed with the beauty of Marrakesh, with the architecture of the city itself, with the gardens, with the beauty of the decoration of the walls, portals, magnificent ceilings, etc… It really is another very attractive, interesting and beautiful city that you shared with us.

Margaret said...

I'm in love with the architecture in this post! Thanks for sharing these photos!

Dalicia said...

nice bright blue and dyes!

Noushy Syah said...

Oooops...wonder where's my comment gone..anyhow,the pics are lovely, love the beautiful gardens of cactus and the bamboos, just gr8!

The cactus, is huge!! I have a lil cute cactus in my house as indoor plants but it's been awhile..stunted I guess:)

BTW,nice city with interesting different atmosphere..thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Fascinating and beautiful-looking place! Thanks for sharing it with us.


Olivier said...

La "Majorelle bleu" est vraiment très belle, surprenante cette couleur. et puis tous ces minarets, j'adore.
J'aime beaucoup la ballade dans le souk, ce que j'aime dans les souks, c'est les marchands d'épices, cela sent merveilleusement bon.

lyliane six said...

J'ai beaucoup aimé le jardin Majorelle il est petit mais bien coloré de poteries jaunes et bleues.Par contre, je ne suis pas allée à l'école coranique.

Wendy said...

Stunning! Glad to revisit Marrakesh Via your eyes Gil.

Anonymous said...

Hello there!

Oh thank you thank you thank you for your beautiful photos! I found you through Titania's website and had to say the photos are beautiful!

I love it! I'll be here again to be sure!


Tinsie said...

That cobalt blue museum's abit scary, but the gardens look interesting :-)

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful blue and golden town. Funny, you, looking out of one of those windows.

RuneE said...

Your own last caption is "No comment". I am tempted to use your own words, only it would looks as if I did not want to comment.

On the contrary, I am deeply impressed by the colours, patterns and architecture you have shown us here. Especially the "Majorelle Blue". Somehow the picture of that garden reminds me of Grenada (not the colour of course), but that is maybe not so strange.

Tawnya Shields said...

Wow! That is the bluest building I have ever seen.
The artwork in the architecture is just phenomenal.

Nihal said...

Hallo Gil,
So how are you doing?
Season changed quickly to be summer here, and with it come gloriously endless days steeped in champagne, strawberries and sunshine:)
However I see you're decided not to take any manoeuvre but still in and around Marrkesh;(
Well, just kidding you know;)) I'm ever pretty ready to take journey w/you where you go here*smile*

Btw, only 9days-9hrs-45mins-18secs for Euro2008! Rest of the country is anxiously waiting for it, how about Portugal?

I shall give you my thanks for your kind comments left on CrossRoads, and wish you a deliciously sunny warm weekend from now on.



Ash said...

Hi Gil,
Breath-takingly beautiful images...i SOOO love them!

Anonymous said...

What beautiful photos. You just injected some much needed colour into my life! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Such incredible beauty, in the plants, the buildings. I just love the bamboo forest, and all those cacti!

lyliane six said...

Ces belles photos ont données à Peter l'envie d'aller au Maroc et à moi celle de revoir mes photos et d'y retourner.

Noushy Syah said...

Dropping by to wish you a relaxing and gr8 weekend.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

Loved visiting the gardens (even though I am not a cactus fan). The colors are just gorgeous. Thank you Gil for allowing me to use my passport through you. :)

JO said...

WOW Gil! Now I want to go to Morocco... I love the forst three pics... there are some great ones of you in there as well. Hey, next time your traveling feel free to pick me up a fine bag like the ones in your pics and ship it to me... HA HA HA J/K!

The last pic is some amazing work!

Beautiful post!

Unknown said...

Tes photos sont superbes Gil et le texte qui les accompagne tres instructif sur cette ville magique. Un vrai régal des yeux et de l’esprit. Cela réveille en moi aussi de bons vieux souvenirs. J’avais un ami qui faisait sa coopération au Maroc, ce qui m’a permis de découvrir Marrakesh il y a... 30 ans (hélas, une visite de très courte durée).
Merci de nous emmener aussi visiter l’école coranique de Medrassa, qui à l’époque où j’y étais n’était pas ouverte au public. La richesse des mosaïques est d’une beauté extraordinaire.
Bon week-end.

Eyerex said...

Marrakesh sure does look like a beautiful country

just wondered have you ever clocked up how many miles you have traveled over the years

Anonymous said...

Hi everybody! Thanks for your comments! Just some short replies, as time is not that much…

It’s true that the main advantage of travelling is to open one’s mind…

Olá! Cada vez durmo menos, por isso ando a deitar tarde e a erguer cedo; não sei se dá saúde… ;)

So, what happened? New passport? New life? ;)) Marrakesh deserves a visist, anyhow…

Alice SG,
One of the decorations? Come on… ;))

Why wouldn’t you be able to visit it? Easy: Singapore-Frankfurt-Lisbon-Casablanca-Marrakesh… ;)

Indy in Marrakesh? That’s great!!

The «Majorelle bleu» is incredible…

Colours of Morocco are impressive; just think of Delacroix…

Too rich, indeed…

Amazing colours, that’s true!

There is a new post awaiting you…

Some places could be in India, actually…

Thanks. I felt exactly the same: a wonderful experience!

The colours are incredible and the Medrassa is huge indeed!

Thanks! It’s Marrakesh’s value, not mine… ;))

Glad to see you here for the first time, I believe. Thanks for your comment! I’ll check your blog!

You definitely have a very good taste…

Plan to… She’s always complaining to have missed this one, but I was partly working and she was too busy here in Portugal… ;((
I’m sure the blue is better known than the paintings… ;)

The garden opened in 1947. In 1980 was bought by Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé and work of restoration starts then, leading in January 2001 to the creation of the Majorelle garden association…

Pour les odeurs je t’ai dédié une photo dans le nouveau post…

Wordless, that’s the word…

Thanks. Truly appreciate your kindness!

Glad to see you commenting here for the first time! And happy to see that you liked the post… ;)

Great blue!

Noushy Syah,
A wonderful garden, that Majorelle!


Pour les épices il faut aller chez «L’Herboriste du Paradis»… Incroyable…

Si tu n’as pas vue la Medrassa, il faut préparer excursion; de retour pour toi et moi, première fois pour Peter … ;))


Thanks for your first comment here! Feel free to come as often as you wish. Loved it…

Not as scary as the Eurovision contest… lol…

Thanks! The work of the ceiling on the last picture is truly stunning; and you’re quite right to put it together with Granada!

The bluest blue = Majorelle bleu…

Happy to see you back! Thanks! Still around Marrakesh with only 18 months delay… ;)
As far as the Euro is concerned, it’s starting to get a bit crazy; for the time being I just wish Portugal starts wining… ;)))


Beautiful indeed…

Noushy Syah,

Great idea, that one of using the passport through… ;) Thanks!

OK! Taking the mail orders now… ;))

Marrakech il y a trente ans devrait être encore plus intéressant… La Médersa est vraiment fabuleuse…

Thanks for your first comment here! Glad to read it.
Now to your query: more than 4000 hours inside airplanes and almost two millions of miles flown…

Ming the Merciless said...

The Majorelle Garden and Islamic Museum are gorgeous. I didn't realize Marrakesh is so beautiful.

I love the dyeing photos. The colors really pop out on the screen.

Anonymous said...

It's truly beautiful, and it's getting «in»... So, I think your best way is NYC-Lisbon-Casablanca and Marrakesh by car... ;))
Look forward to seeing you in Lisbon!

Anonymous said...

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Trotter said...

My pleasure! Thanks for your visit and comment!! Google is a great machine... ;)