Friday, July 18, 2008



On our way back from Ann Arbor we made a 36-hour stopover in New York. Not much time, but always a memorable experience!

"INTERCONTINENTAL HOTEL - This time we stayed again at The Barclay on 48th Street; a nice room, as always!"


"PARADE - National Day of Turkey, I believe"

"TWO RECTOR STREET - According to the real estate publicity, this 26-story building «is a 410,000 square-foot Class A office building occupying the full blockfront on Rector Street between Greenwich Street and Trinity Place, above the land marked Trinity Church and offering tenants tremendous views, light and air. The Two Rector Street building in 2007 was home to Studio Daniel Libeskind, LLC; Barry McTiernan & Moore; Morris, Duffy, Alonso & Faley LLP; Popkin Software; and Faust, Goetz, Schenker & Blee»"

"TRINITY CHURCH - There have been three Trinity Church buildings at its present location. The current church was consecrated on Ascension Day in 1846, and at that time its Neo-Gothic spire dominated the skyline of lower Manhattan..."







"STROLLING - The Promenade at Battery Park City"




Anonymous said...

This was my 58th time in New York. A very short stopover just to matar saudades (lit. to kill the saudades)! But I’ve to get back for a longer stay… ;))

S-V-H said...

Very nice post and wonderful photos, Gil.

NYC always worth a visit even it's just for 36 hours. I love this city!

Anonymous said...

been a long time since I was in NYC.... would love to go. So busy lately - it's good to see someone else's travel pics when mine are in such short supply...

Anonymous said...

Oh just lovely....some real wonderful shots & lovely viewing the place through your lens...simply love all the architecture here...beautiful...have a wonderful weekend!

alicesg said...

Wow 58th time in New York and I had never been there...hehehe. So much to describe in all your lovely photos. The hotel room looked so cozy and comfortable in the 1st photo. Love the view of the yellow cabs from the window view. The parade looked great and the architectural design of the church is so lovely. And Ground Zero brought back very sad memories. Love the last photo of the Statue of Liberty. Will be back to see more of your posting. Have a nice weekend.

raccoonlover1963/Lisa Myers said...

Great pictures, Gil. I especially love the Trinity Church. The architecture (sp) in those old buildings is amazing! The pic of ground zero kind of gives me chills, even after 7 years. I have never visited New York, and in all honesty, I really don't want to. I had my fill of big cities from living in Orlando, and New York is far larger than Orlando.

Tawnya Shields said...

Though I am from the neighboring Pennsylania, I have never visited New York. Can you believe that?! :o)

One of my dear friends moved up to make her start as an inspiring actress. I am the one who encouraged to shine her light and move forward. I told her she better remember me when she becomes famous! She has been in a reality series whilst living in New York. I was so proud of her. She totally loves New York!

A question about the sphere.... is it suppose to be cracked at the top ?:o)

Nice post. I always enjoy stopping in.

julia said...

New York must be a whole world of adventure in itself. wow

• Eliane • said...

This looks srtangely familiar. ;)
Yes, it's a little hot and humid here right now. I bet Lisbon is more enjoyable this time of year, with a little breeze.

Oman said...

tall buildings and skycrapers are really the big apples's trademarks and you captured them magnificently gmg. thanks for the nice tour.

PeterParis said...

You never get tired of NYC, do you (even after 58 visits!)? The Sphere was supposed to be a symbol of peace! Wonderful that it has been saved!

Mariposa said...

wow gorgeous. Love the pics!
I've did a post on Redang Island =) Do have a look at it!

Have a great weekend!

Ron said...

Very impressive! I've been there a few times and there is so much more to see.

I am only 5.5 hours away from NYC and I haven't been there 58 times:) Way to go!!!

Catherine said...

Great post!
New York is really photogenic, Isn't it?
I lmke this funny sphere. A perfection in its imperfection.

Anonymous said...

I love NY, its charming all over. Nice places to photograph, visit, eat, party and phew! I miss NY :)

lyliane six said...

NYC a bien changé depuis 26 ans, sur mes anciennes photos, les 2 tours y figurent en bonne place.Il faudrait que j'y retourne , c'est le moment avec la valeur de l'euro.Bon WEEKEND.

Ash said...

Interesting and impressive images. Nicely done!

leo said...

58th time!! oh wow. my only xperience of NY was in 2000 when the WTC was still there. glad i was able to capture it on camera whilst on the boat to see Mdm Liberty. I alwiz love to see the yellow cabs. stark contrast. u capture it very well.

MedaM said...

It always takes me extra time to enjoy your fantastic posts. There is no way I can visit your blog briefly because there is always so many interesting things to be read and so many great photos to be seen. Your Ann Arbor tour is excellent. Thanks for provided us such a wonderful virtual tour. In Michigan Law post of yours you showed wonderful photos followed by interesting information again. I am impressed with the old architecture styles and the greenery. The Michigan Union is a beautiful building, indeed. The whole institution looks breathtaking and the Law Library is just amazing; very impressive. Each of your post is just like that.
This post of yours is just stunning. I love the view of the yellow cabs from the window. The architectural design of the church is great as well. I also like your Ground zero and West Street photos very much and the Statue of Liberty is unusual and just because of that very nice and interesting. Thank you for sharing these wonderful posts.

Neva said...

What great pictures.....I have never been here....hopefully someday!

Nikon said...

Beautiful! Great, crip shots all nicely composed & colorful.
I Haven't been to NYC as many times as you - and not recently - but I always loved the intensity of the place.

Azer Mantessa said...


today after so many years finally i get to wikipedia on why new york is known as 'The Big Apple'.

an interesting history of the term.

i lost all my money in my wallet when i was there back in 1983. i was very young then. i thought i can easily win with that street gambling ... well it looked too easy ... all you had to do was to follow that small ball rolled into that small cup. there were three cups.

well ... it looked easy but i lost all the money in my wallet ... hahaha ... it was not funny then but it is now ... hahaha

Shionge said...

I can never get enough of the Big Apple and I love the shots you took Gil :D

Noushy Syah said...

hohoho...your 58th time in NYC? You must be kidding? But I guess wonderful places pictured as the above won't make anyone tired to keep coming back!

Happy weekend and have a gr8 weekdays.Take care.

p/s That Trinity Church is just beautiful!

Dsole said...

Gil,. what do I have to say? I love NY even I don't know it!
Thank you for this pics... I feel so happy for youto visit all these cities... man, you're so lucky!
I'm in Madrid, back from Galicia, it's very hot here now! but next Friday i have a flight to Canary islands! holidays!! ;) TAKE CARE AND HAVE A NICE WEEK!!

Indrani said...

Beautiful pictures Gil. Your wife looks beautiful, do convey my regards to her.
Why is the sphere looking crushed or may be it is made that way.

Lakshmi said...

The last picture is truly framed..what a visual always, I like travelling the world through your lens..thank you

lyliane six said...

Encore un petit tour dans New York pour bien commencer ma semaine. Le défilé ne serait il pas celui de la Suède, les habits des majorettes sont aux couleurs de leur drapeau? Michel a séjourné à l'Inter Continental de Tokio, il m'a dit que c'était un hôtel formidable.

apples said...

When you hear of New York it's always the skyscrapers, shops and busy streets you hear of. Apparently there are quite a few beautiful spots too (which is good for me since I don't usually like the touristy places).

But in New York I'd have to live, not just visit. It's just one of those places :)

Pietro Brosio said...

Really a splendid post. The pictures are charming and very interesting. Thanks for sharing!

JO said...

I love NY... it is a place where you really need some time there to see the sights.... I was able to take my hubby there for his first time this past Oct...I managed to get us to Central park for about an hour so that was nice... he enjoyed it and Time Square but he wished we had at least three days to spend (we too, were only stopping for a day) Next time I will draw up a plan and drag him all over....

Wendy said...

Hi Gil,
nice photos of my home town. Come back soon the city awaits!

Anonymous said...

I miss NY. :(
It's a lively place to eat, roam and so much to see around.


Lara said...

no matter how short, I guess each stay in NY is fantastic!

Joy said...

I love New York City! I don't think I'll ever tire of it. Your photos show places I didn't get to visit when I was there, so worth bearing in mind.

Many thanks for your visits to Norwich Daily Photo. I hope that you enjoy the colours of summer on my blog.


Thistlemoon said...

Those are some beautiful photos of NYC - so crisp and clear! Sorry its been a while -- things have been quite hectic these days and I am not getting "out and about" as much as I would like!

Unknown said...

You both definitely had a good time!! Beautiful sights as usual. How do you get to make your pictures so large..if you dont mind me asking. Happy week ahead :)

Anonymous said...

Interesting to see you, your wife and all those famous places (Ground Zero ...). Strange that church between the skyscrapers.

indicaspecies said...

Lovely photographs of New York. Thank you. :)

Brought back good memories, including those of celebrating the dawn of New Year on Times Square with a charged crowd in the freezing cold!

Tinsie said...

Great photos, as always! I've never been to NYC and would like to visit one day.

lyliane six said...

C'est bientôt le temps des vacances? Bien que par les photos et les voyages on te croit toujours en vacances!!!

Lilli & Nevada said...

Very nice photos Gil, it is nice to see these kind of photos specially of Ground Zero i have not seen any before. I would die to have my motel rooms look like that but then we are just a meager old motel. OH HUM.

hpy said...

You had all that to look at and you still put on the television!

alice said...

I've been to NYC for a week ten years ago and it was a great experience! I dream to go to another time...Waiting, it's a pleasure to watch your pics.
You never forget to visit ArradonDP, dear Gil, thank you so much!

lv2scpbk said...

Wonderful photos and I love the church photo. Love those details. Hope you had a good time in NY.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy seeing NYC through your eyes.


Dina said...

Thanks for the tour. How did you do all that in 36 hours?!
I see things new to me.
Shalom from far away.

Jen Laceda | Milk Guides said...

being an avid traveller myself, i am very happy to have found your site! i have done a lot of travelling with my parents, in the 70', 80's and 90's. unfortunately, they weren't as organized as you are. i basically have no photos of my pre-digital travels. hmm!i am definitely putting you on my blogroll. i envy your travels and can only hope to travel that much and that far in my life...oh please, please, tell me how you do it... :)

Marie said...

We could have met in NYC where I often go for the moment.....

chanpheng said...

Nice pictures of the City. I lived there in the 70's, in lower Manhattan so great to see your pictures.

Ming the Merciless said...

Oh wow! You did A LOT in 36 hours.

It would have taken me months to see all those. And I live here. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi everybody! It’s becoming a routine to excuse myself for the delay in replying to your kind comments; but actually it was not due to any much needed vacation… The problem is that when everybody goes out, someone has to stay… and work! ;)))

I wouldn’t mind going to NYC even if it’s just for having dinner… Now, without the Concorde, it’s more difficult… ;))

How I understand your lack of travel pictures… ;(


Alice SG,
But you’ve been so many times in Singapore, and I was there probably around ten times only… ;)))
Yellow cabs, parades, statue of Liberty, jazz, Broadway, ballet, good restaurants… how I miss it!!

Come on, New York is not similar to any other large city, Orlando included… ;))

No, I don’t believe you have never been in New York! Furthermore, being at a driving distance… ;)
But, of course I understand your friend: after living there (and I never lived there, though I spent many time in NYC) you’ll love it forever!
The Sphere, a sculpture by Fritz Koenig, was in the middle of the Plaza between the World Trade Center towers. It remained structurally intact but was visibly damaged by debris from the collapsing buildings. It’s now in Battery Park as a memorial to the victims of 9/11, since it survived the attacks with only dents and holes.

NYC is unique in every aspect!

It’s true that we have a nice breeze here, at least at sunset… That’s one of the reasons (among many others) why I never moved from Lisbon… ;))

Thanks! Skyscrapers are everywhere (Manila included), but NYC is exceptional…

You’re right; never tired and always dreaming of returning… ;)
You’re right about the Sphere; amazing how it survived!

I’ll visit your Redang island post as soon as I’ve some time to enjoy!

Well, to tell the truth, I’m only at 7h00 distance, and Lisbon is almost at the same latitude as New York… ;)

The imperfection of the Sphere wasn’t original, as I mentioned in the reply to Titania!

You miss it, I miss it, and probably everyone who has been there once and is not there misses it… ;))

C’est vrai que New York a beaucoup changé en 26 ans! Et maintenant l’euro a un cours sympa… ;) C’est drôle mais c’était le jour national de Turquie. Peut-être une association turque qu’aimait le jaune et bleu… ;)
L’Intercontinental de Tokyo est superbe et le bar a une magnifique vue sur la baie!!
Vacances? C’est quoi ça? ;))


Better once than never… ;)) Lucky girl to have captured it on the camera!!

Truly thanks! I always appreciate the way you make me discover details that were in my posts and that I had not paid the deserved attention to! Ann Arbor was an amazing experience, as I had never spent so much time in a university town in the US; but New York is New York!!

Never been there? I will start believing one of my American friends who uses to tell me that I’ve been to places most Americans have never been to… Not NYC, of course… ;))

Intense is quite appropriate!

Great invention, that Wikipedia! ;))
I wouldn’t be surprised to read that you lost everything on the «vermelhinha» (queen of hearts or diamonds, since the name: «little red»…). I used to see guys playing it in some fairs or Luna Parks when I was young and the police wasn’t around! At the end, the cards’ owner always won… ;))

Neither can I…

Noushy Syah,
58th and it’s not the street; no kidding!!! ;)

Galicia, Canary Islands, (Ibiza…); so, when are you coming to Lisbon? ;))

Thanks! Guida (that’s the nickname for Margarida) also thanks!
The story of the Sphere is told on the above answer to Titania: it survived the crash of the WTC!

I truly like that last one! Thanks for mentioning it!

I wouldn’t make a sacrifice to live in NYC. Actually, there was a funny story about my love with the city. My first time there was in 1979, and the city budget was low, the deficit huge, security none and the image quite bad; so, my first impression, was a bit of a risky place… In 1982 I met a New York lawyer on vacation on a marvellous tour through the National Parks and I asked him: how can you manage to live in NYC. Tha answer was: «Provided you have money, you’re within ten minutes of everything you can get in the world»! Provided that you have money… ;))


It seems we have many Americans here who had never been to NYC or who have visited it only recently; a bit surprising for a European… ;))

Would love to; and now it’s time for the Lincoln Center Out Of The Doors!

Everybody misses it!

You’re absolutely right!

It takes some time to get to know NYC. During my first time there in 1979 I spent eight days, and only in Manhattan; left a lot to see in the island… ;))

Thanks! Hectic is also appropriate for NYC! ;))

M. Kate,
We always have a good time in NYC!!
About the large pictures: when you upload images, if you upload in the Blogger «large» size, you’ll find somewhere, when you edit html: /s400/
If you change it for /s640/ you’ll get a larger picture! Hope it also works with you!

Trinity Church is one of my favourite photo spots!!

Last Time in Time Square at New Year’s Eve was on 31st December 1996; thirteen degrees centigrade below zero… ;)))

Profit the next chance you have!!

It must be an interesting motel, being run by you!!

The idea was to catch the TV to see how it would appear in the pictures… ;))

How I understand your wish to get back to NYC!!

I had a good time, short, but already fifteen months ago… ;))

Love to read that a New Yorker enjoys seeing my pictures!

I’ve made much more in those thirty six hours… ;))

I’m sure you’ll travel a lot in your life!
With regard to the best way of doing it, I had a recipe that I used to answer Clarence’s query some months ago; unfortunately I couldn’t find it to reproduce it here… ;))

Going often to New York? I’m envious… ;))

Glad to read that you, a former New York resident, enjoyed the post!

It would take you months because you LIVE there! ;))

di.di said...

never been there... :( glad that you had a great time eventhough it was only for one and a half day... I can't wait for my US trip (dunno whe) perhap I'll see you there... who knows?

Anonymous said...

I'm always ready to get back; the problem is to get some free time to travel... even if it doesn't look like that from my blogs...
But those were past times... ;))

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

I love the shot of all the taxi's in a row... take care

Anonymous said...

Fliss & Mike,
Yellows cabs are a NYC trademark!! ;)