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This is the last post dedicated to the 2007 visit to Santiago de Compostela. Further to the Cathedral and the churches, Santiago has a public University founded in the early 16th century. With more than 2,000 teachers, over 40,000 students, and more than 1,000 people working in administration and services, it's an important institution in town and contributes to a highly developed cultural life in Santiago. To trust the Galician writer Camilo José Cela, «In Spain there are two cities: Santiago and Salamanca. The rest are but camps»...

"COLEXIO DE FONSECA - We have already seen on the last post the incredible Alonso III de Fonseca, archbishop of Santiago from 1507 through 1523, posing as if he was already talking at a mobile phone in the early sixteenth century; on this picture we see the altarpiece-like façade of the first building belonging to the University of Santiago"

"SCHOOL OF MEDICINE - Walking with the wall of the Hostal de Los Reyes Católicos on your left hand side one reaches the huge building of the School of Medicine"

"GEOGRAPHY AND HISTORY - The building of the school of Geography and History was built in the 18th century and is the most impressive building of the University of Compostela"


"COMEDOR - The canteen of the South Campus"

"CASA DE EUROPA - The House of Europe is a university residence to lodge teachers from other universities, as they come to Santiago, in order to join the teaching and research activities"

"WEIRD - Near the Casa da Europa, I wonder what this could be..."

"GALICIAN CENTRE OF CONTEMPORARY ART - Designed by the Portuguese architect Álvaro Siza Vieira, it means a breath of fresh air in a city focused on the old and the ancient. Works by contemporary Galician artists and splendid views of the city's old town from the balconies are to be seen at this impressive building"


"TUNA at the south campus of the University!



"LUIS SEOANE - A Galician born artist that lived some time in Argentina. Having returned to Galicia in 1960, he was an important member of the movement to revive Galician culture"

"LAS DOS IN PUNTO (The two o'clock ladies) - These two a bit crazy sisters - Maruxa and Coralia - allegedly orphans of the Civil war, always went out for a walk at 2:00 p.m. Dressed in very bright colours and with heavy make-up, they used to flirt with students passing by after their morning classes. The statues, created after their death, pay homage to two typical characters of Santiago"

"VALLE-INCLAN - Ramón María del Valle-Inclán y de la Peña, a member of the Spanish Generation of 98(1898), was a dramatist and novelist with an important place in Spanish literature"


GMG said...

This is my last post on Santiago and the delay in posting is now reduced to roughly 15 months. It’s true that the not much visited Blogtotter 70s & 80s is still in Ireland and the Blogtrotter Revival 90s didn’t leave Prague yet, but Blogtrotter itself has kept a regular pace and I’ve also managed to enjoy your blogs! The next problem will arise when I’ll have to decide how to handle the almost 900 hundred pictures taken in the Greek Isles in September 2007! Meanwhile, enjoy!

Indrani said...

This was a fascinating virtual tour through Santiago. Beautiful pictures, especially of the strange sisters.

lyliane six said...

Bon courage pour les 900 photos!
Je n'en avais pris que 800 aux USA
Encore une belle leçon d'histoire à travers ces belles photos de monuments, aussi curieux les uns que les autres.
Madame GMG, malgré les habits moins colorés que celles de ces dames est quand même et de loin plus jolie.
Belle ressemblance avec monsieur de la Pena, mais il faut encore laisser pousser la barbe un petit peu.

Lara said...

I was sure there is something new around! glad to discover it today! great post!

Mariposa said...

oh wow..I'm so going to Galicia next!(when I save enough money, that is).TUNA's rock! We had the TUNAs from Universidad de Salamanca serenade and entertain us in Plaza Mayor at nights..ahh good times =)

Nihal said...

Hi Gil,

Just wanted to pay a quick visit to let ya know that I'm about taking a tech-break and time to touch the base as an annual tradition:)

THANKS A MILLION to you stopping by in Istanbul, and for taking the time to read my ramblings about life, me and things in and around of myself, for cheering me up with your lovely precious comments and thinkings in return.

Now. It's time to go for a rest, refresh and explore new things. Hope you too have a sweet ''turquoise blue'' summer, and see you again in August.

Warm greetings & All the Best as always,


Tawnya Shields said...

I really enjoyed my virtual trip to Santiago. That last pic was nice. I think if your beard were a bit longer that would be your twin. :o)~

Ash said...

Surreal Santiago indeed. Brilliant architecture, artwork, statues and sculptures!

di.di said...

>>"WEIRD - Near the Casa da Europa, I wonder what this could be..."

yeah, me too

indicaspecies said...

Your photography is excellent. Street art is fascinating.
- celine

Wendy said...

Love the modern sculptures. Hope you had a less frantic week and have a great weekend.

julia said...

Just made it, there is something for everyone here! Fetching outdoor figures, so creative. Must look up the word tuna.blunt comments are my stock in trade -
Are you into tourism/accommodation? is that one reason for the globetrotting?

S-V-H said...

Very nice long post with great photos again, Gil. Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

Coucou Gil,

Je n'ai pas pu faire ma tournee des blogs ni publier mon post pendant quelque temps car nous n'avions plus d'internet. Notre chat Romeo avait deconnecte un cable! Bref!

Je vois que lors de votre voyage a St Jacques de Compostelle, vous vous vous etes fait de nouevaux amis avec Maruxa, Coralia et Ramón María del Valle-Inclán, un barbu comme toi ;-)

Sally said...

Lot of photos!

Thanks for visiting me while I was away. I’m back now after a lot of adventures, 1000+ photos and the dreaded feeling of “back to real life” . Time to get back out ‘n’ about in Sydney now….

I'll let you know when they're blogged and posted somewhere!

lyliane six said...

Bonne fin de semaine à tous deux, je vais rencontrer quelques bloggeurs, a quand Votre venue en France?

raccoonlover1963/Lisa Myers said...

Beautiful pictures of beautiful architecture(spelling?)

Azer Mantessa said...

i nearly forgot what to say after staring at Lisa (raccoonlover1963).

yeah ... this one is very unique capturing with lotsa sculptures and abstracts all over he place.

santiago then I must say in the right direction in balancing both hemispheres of the brain ... one is technical and one is creative.

i admire the facilities provided with the long history back in the 16th century. what a determinaton.

PeterParis said...

I was away for a week, so I'm a bit late in commenting, sorry!

I loved to to see the alternative Paris-Dakar, where I would more easily participate than in the real one (now going to S.America!!)!

Nice to see that also modern art has a significant place at Santiago!

... and I appreciate the reference to the beautiful town of Salamanca (which I know better and which you also let us visit some time ago)!

lv2scpbk said...

The 2nd photo of the sky almost has a purplish look to it.

I love all the interesting buildings you seem to come across.

I think the apple in the face statue just looks weird.

I really like the musical guys statue.

And, two wonderful photos of your wife with the lady statues, and the one with you and the guy sitting on the bench statue. I love looking at statues with all the details and how real some of them can look.

Hope you and your wife have a wonderful 4th of July.

sandy said...

Oh wow, lots of photos to look at here. I'll bookmark and be back!!

thanks for your visit.


chanpheng said...

You're a great tour guide. I always enjoy your pictures and commentary, though it makes me want to get up and visit these places.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Isadora said...

I do so enjoy seeing the world through your lens. Sometimes you do make me wonder, however, when you have time to do 'lawyering' :)

RuneE said...

Both a modern and a traditional city. I liked that. My favourite must be the Casa de Europa - I liked that idea.

Jo's-D-Eyes said...

Fantastic Gil!!!
I always like it also to see 1 pic of YOU, haha this time beside a novelist, I enjoy your blog and do you know ( no you don't!) that we have been to Santiago the compostela too! Its a while ago but I clearly remebre the buildings . Very welldone, I am proud of you and so glad that I know your blog!

Happy weekend and I look forewards to more pic's and TRaVeL-stories

Good weekend wishes JoAnn

NormanTheDoxie said...

I love the old world architecture of the University. Most schools in the US are contemporary to modern, though there still a few of the "older" buildings still standing, mostly in New England.

The statues of the two sisters are hysterical!

Thanks for the journey :-)

Pietro Brosio said...

When I visit your site I always enjoy your splendid posts! Thanks for sharing your very interesting journeys.
I am glad to read your comments on my blog: they are always greatly appreciated.

Lilli & Nevada said...

Thank you for sharing all of this with us, i always enjoy coming here and i do appreciate your visits on my site.
Somewhere in Prague i have a distant relative. I visited Prague in 1991.
Looking forward to your next set.

Noushy Syah said...

Gr8 photos Gil.The buildings architecture, artwork, statues and sculptures are just amazing!

Appreciate the way you presented it to us with simple words but compact.Well done Gil...hope you have a gr8 weekend too.

Thanks for your visit to my blog too.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

That's an amazing and gorgeous campus Gil. And I loved the 2:00 sisters. What a hoot! You know you should join us for Sky Watch Fridays with all the beautiful skies in the background of your photos you would be a hit. ~ LW

Anonymous said...

Lovely, lovely tour. Thanks for taking us with you. My favorite photos are of you and your wife with the sculptures.


Joy said...

Hello Gil,

First, forgive my absence.

These are absolutely beautiful photos - my favourites are those of the college. I'm a nerd, so I always visit universities of cities/countries I visit.

Many thanks for your visits to Norwich Daily Photo. Today is very important to me because I'm celebrating my first year anniversary and I hope you'll take a peek!

A Pinay in England
Your Love Coach

Lynette said...

More beautiful photos in this series, which I do not find surprising. Y'all photograph very will with your sculpted friends! Thanks so much for your posts and your visits. Have a grand week!

Nikon said...

Hi Gil! Thanks for your holiday wishes & I see that you have found a friend there :)
I like the older buildings to tell you the truth! Here in RI, we have the Rhode Island School of Design, and there are lots of street sculptures all over the city.
Have fun!

Emery Roth said...

I guess you have your work cut out for you in posting your trot. I'll take it as it comes. In this last series I'm especially curious about that dog or fox shaped bagpipe. My wife is a piper, and we've gotten the insiders view on piping in Scotland at the bagpipe museum, but I've never seen anything quite like that. As bagpipes or traditionally made from the bladders of animals, I wonder if this creature gave his for the pipe or if there might be some myth in which the fox uses his kill to become a piper.

See what trouble your travels can get you into when people post weird questions.

Thanks for your continuing tour to places I may never reach.

Anonymous said...

This trot was decorated with wonderful pictures. I liked the picture "weird".. haha! and ofcourse the sculptures :)

Frioleiras said...

Yes, indeed...

For me Santiago is perhaps one of the nicest pearls in Europe.
I love small cities and Santiago keeps the magic allure d'antan.........

I don´t know why, perhaps on account my catholic origins... but I´m allways fond of european historic cities...

Do you know Moissac?

If you are so interested in the Ways of Santiago, please see it


I spent there 10 days and I became fascinated by its Abbey .

Just close to it , yet in the ways of Santiago....

Corde sur Ciel, Albi,

the peple Chatars (you can see in .............

remarkable also for people who love "St Jacques-de-Compostelle" ...............

Irina said...

Hi Gil,

finally I reached your great blog! I loved visiting Santiago through your photos and the modern spots in that old city. Cathederal, of course, is magnificent!

And thanks a million for the good words you left on my site! It was a great pleasure to read you comments.

Will come back for your new stories!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I was on vacation for less than a week but now I'm back.

hahaha... I have to agree with Titania Starlight, if your beard were a bit longer, you would most closely resemble with the statue.

Great post & beautiful photos as always.

Beefybob7 said...

Liked your new outfit Gil? Where can I get one of those green things?

Impressive buildings.


Olivier said...

les sculptures de rue sont vraiment superbes et êtres surprenante. Avec une préférence pour "LAS DOS IN PUNTO".

Anonymous said...

wow! 41 comments! I'm impressed!

thanks for dropping by my site! Love the photos!

Will subscribe so I can see more of these wonderful places.

Anonymous said...

Great to read you all here, now that most visitors are just enjoying the sunny beaches and refreshing waves… ;) For me, on the contrary, these last weeks are amazingly hectic… ;))

Those sisters were a bit crazy, just to say the least… ;))

Attends, tu ne veux pas me voir avec une si longue barbe… ;)) Guida remercie les compliments!!
Alors tu as rencontré les bloggeurs; j’essaierai d’y aller une prochaine fois!!

Thanks. Always happy to read you here!!

Nice choice Galicia; better choice: the south of it… ;))
Salamanca Tunas are everywhere!

It always a great pleasure to read you here or at Crossroads! Hope you have a great vacation and enjoy it a lot! I wonder if I manage to get one of those turquoise waters this year…

Come on, that bear from Valle-Inclan must be at least 80 years old… ;))

I like that surreal Santiago!!

Quite weird, truly…

Love those sculptures; actually, I think that cities with street sculptures have great advantage to the others…

Thanks. Unfortunately things tend to become ever more frenzied while everybody else seems to get a vacation… ;))

Want to learn more on tunas? Look here!


Il faut toujours faire attention aux Roméo qui errent dans les maisons… ;))
Ramón est quand même un peu plus barbu… ;))

Wow! Finally back home! How envious I am of the times I could make a full month vacation… ;)) Hope to see the at least some of the new 1000+ pictures asap… ;))

Correct: architecture!

Azer Mantessa,
Naughty boy, Behave!!
Balance those two hemispheres… ;))

Since we won’t probably be attending the new Paris-Dakar in South America, maybe the best solution will be to head to Santiago, but Compostela… or Salamanca; actually, maybe we should make a tour of the bars either in Lisbon or Paris… ;))

The surreal side of Santiago was amazing! Also love the two pictures with the street sculptures!!

Great to read you here; hope to read you many more times…

You’re welcome to come along… ;)

Wow, so glad to see you back at blogosphere!
As far as your query, my wonder is how I still manage to travel… ;))

The Casa da Europa looks a great place and an interesting concept!

Glad to see that you seem to be feeling better! So you have also been in Santiago? Actually, you have been everywhere; who is the Trotter then? ;))

Sometimes old buildings lack some modern facilities, but the old Uni buildings in Santiago seem to be ok! There are also some modern buildings, for instance the Law School, Economics School, etc.

Thanks! That’s very kind of you!

Lilli & Nevada,
Prague is a wonderful place. Did you manage to get there?

Noushy Syah,
My pleasure to visit your blog! Thanks for your comments here!

The 2 o’clock sisters are amazing!!
I would love to join the SWF or even the DP. The problem is that I can’t commit myself to post everyday or even on a certain day of the week. Never know what’s going to come…I’ll try to do it when I’ll have some more time left!

Everybody I know loves to sit by the street sculptures… ;))

So glad to see you back here! Congratulations on your anniversary!


It’s an old pall actually, Ramón… ;)) I love cities with street sculptures…

Posts sort out as times goes by… ;)
I wonder what was Luis Seoane’s idea to paint that fox shaped bagpipe… And now, I’m afraid it’s too late to ask him! No questions are weird; weird are the answers… ;))

Weird that is… ;)

Thanks for the comments! I agree that Santiago is a pearl, not hidden, but a pearl, anyhow! I’ve never been to Moissac, but it seems a rather interesting place! And the virtual tour of the cloister on their site is amazing! Amazing is also how the Way of Santiago gets so close to the «Pays Cathare». What a story!!

WOW! Great to see you back! The «modern spots» as you name them are an interesting feature of the wonderful city of Santiago!

The Asian Traveller,
Lucky you to have been on vacation… ;)) Hey, but what have you been drinking? Ramón’s beard is unbeatable… lol!

You have to find a nice sculptor and a great model… ;))

Je les aime beaucoup aussi, les sculptures de rue; et «las dos en punto» est superbe… ;))

It’s not the figure; it’s the quality that matters… ;))

Lakshmi said...

The sculptures are stunning and the entire trail was wonderful.. wow !

Anonymous said...

I also enjoyed a lot making this tour of a somehow surreal Santiago!! ;)

Lalalalala said...

hi gmg, it's always a good breather to visit yr blog once in a while... the pics always brighten the screen up ;)

anyways, don't think u'll be too concerned with the rising cost of petrol eh? are airfares getting more expensive? or maybe a non-issue for u?


Anonymous said...

Great to see you here again!
Not too concerned? Are you paying 1.60 Euro a litre?...
Air travel, unfortunately, is not much of an issue, but just because I'm not travelling that much... :))

Ron said...

Fabulous pictures. The 2 ladies is the best pic and the story was interesting.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Those two were actually some characters... so interesting that they got the sculpture... ;)