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This is my post number Two Hundred on this blog, and the last one dedicated to Crete 2007. It is mostly directed to the less known Southern side of the Island. Next time (there will be a next time, hopefully), I'll finally get to the beaches at the extreme West (Gramvousa Islet, Balos Lagoon and Elafonisi) and at the extreme East (Vai Palm and Kato Zakros). Meanwhile enjoy!

"LIBYAN SEA - This blue portion of the Mediterranean Sea, located north of Libya and south of Crete is the Libyan Sea"

"PLAKIAS is a small village spread alongside a single street, which runs by the beach. It is located on a beautiful bay, 40 km south from Rethymnon, with some lovely beaches around and nice restaurants"

"PREVELI MONASTERY - The Holy Stavropegiac and Patriarchal Preveli Monastery of Saint John the Theologian (Evangelist), known as the Monastery of Preveli, is located by the Libyan Sea at the Prefecture of Rethymno. It consists of two main building complexes, the Lower Monastery of Saint John the Baptist and the Rear Monastery of Saint John the Theologian"

"HISTORY - The Monastery has an important history of participation in the centuries long fight of the Cretan people for freedom. In May 1941, after the Battle of Crete, Monks of the Monastery provided shelter for a large number of English, New Zealand and Australian soldiers. One of them was the Australian Geoff Edwards, who was evacuated from Crete in an August night in 1941. In 1978, he started the construction of the St. John the Theologian chapel in Preveli, Western Australia. In 1984, he established a fund to help Cretans in the province of Rethymno. In 1989, Edwards published his book «The Road to Preveli», and in 1991 he gave this fountain to the Monastery"

"THE PAXIMADIA ISLANDS are two small uninhabited islands, south of Rethymno prefecture and visible from the Preveli Monastery"

"PREVELI BEACH - Finikas (Phoenix) as it is officially known - is located some 40km far from Rethymno, and is one of the most beautiful beaches in Crete. There are two ways to get there: the comfortable one (by boat from Plakias) and the hard one (driving from Preveli Monastery to the parking lot and then hiking down the path). Descending isn't that tough, and the views are awesome..."

"THE RIVER KOURTALIOTIS has its mouth on this exotic sandy beach, with a forest of palm trees. The river has water even in summer, and forms a small lagoon just before getting into the sea, which makes possible to bathe both in salted and fresh water! Up the river is fascinating; sometimes it makes you think that you are in an oasis"

"GETTING BACK - The only problem is that if you walked down, then you have to climb up... Better do it late in the afternoon to avoid the heat, but anyhow, it's an experience!"

"SPILI - Situated some 30km south of Rethymno, and approximately in the middle of the island, Spili is a top destination for those looking for natural Crete"

"VENETIAN FOUNTAIN - In the centre of the village there is a fountain with a row of more than twenty stone lions' heads splashing cool water"


Anonymous said...

Welcome to my post # 200 on Blogtrotter. With the 145 posts on The 70s & 80s (now at the English Riviera) and 71 posts on Revival 90s (still in Rome, waiting for your comments), it makes a nice number of posts, and more than 5000 pictures posted… ;)) Enjoy!

Ming the Merciless said...

Wow, the beach front view is amazing.

But what's more amazing is the white sandy beach on River Kourtaliotis. I honestly haven't seen anything like this before.

Anonymous said...

The water is so blue!! Okay...I want to know where you were standing to take the second and third photos. ~ Lynn

Lilli & Nevada said...

Oh my that water is so blue, makes me want to be there, specially now that it is getting so cold here
Fantastic shots

eye in the sky said...

gosh! i am in awe of the bluest of waters. and i like the prevelli beaches and monastery too. very inviting.

SusuPetal said...

200! Great!

Beautiful photos, once again, make me yearn for summer!

S-V-H said...

Blue, blue, blue....I loved that special one with the two islands in the water. I could look at the whole day - and blue is my favorite color, that's why....

Great post Gil and congrat to your 200...

Oman said...

wow congrat on your 200th post. i just posted my 3ooth.

these are some amazing beach shots. i love the sand and the blue sea plus the mountains as backdrops. great job.

raccoonlover1963/Lisa Myers said...

Hello Gil. Thank you for taking us all on this wonderful trip. I cannot get over how beautifully blue the water is. It looks very inviting.

Beefybob7 said...

Hi Gil,

Great photos of the Libyan Sea.
We seem to have similar river mouths where there are lagoons That flow to the sea at high tide.

Happy 200th and may you have many more.


hpy said...

One more beautiful place on the earth. The river Kurtaliotis especially looks so beautiful. ANd I could also say that I would prefer to climb upwards firts, and down after. At least the I would be sure to get back from where I started...

Cutie said...

The beaches are gorgeous. The sandy white beach and blue sea really tempts me to visit such a beautiful place. You are great as you always show us beautiful photos.

Oh ya, Happy 200th posts!

Ron said...

Very beautiful pictures. I love the mountain range in the background. I would be willing to give the steps a try.

leo said...

Hi, Im back from my 1 week holiday. Thank u ever so much for dropping by while I was away. The beach is awesome!! and the river too! Pardon by ignorance, but sometimes I have no idea where are all these places you've been to and compelled to take out the atlas to check out these places lol. Your compilation is better than Travel Planet :) Hv a good week.

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Many Congrats on your 200th post. It is simply marvelous.

Your blog is my window to the world!



My Unfinished Life said...

the beach pics are amazing!!!!.....would love to visit crete.....

Rhonda Hartis Smith said...

Hi Trotter,
I don't see any yellow beaches here, they're a gorgeous pinkish beige. What an area rich in history!
Enjoyable as usual!

Mariposa said...

congrats on your #200 post! It's a fabulous one might I add. it's AMAZING!!!

Dick said...

Congratulations on your #200, Crete is a fantastic place and a better climate then on

Tawnya Shields said...

Congrats on your 200th marker. I learn so much on your blog that I otherwise would not.
I have a fascination with the sea and your photos are just so vibrant. I can just imagine how breathtaking it would be to be actually there.


Azer Mantessa said...


congratulations on the 200th posts

keep em coming :-)

Sally said...

What a posted on my Queensland pics saying you'd like to go back to the barrier reef. And here I am on yours saying this part of Crete - all those towns - was one of our favourite parts of Greece. I swear we ate at that evry restaurant in Plakias!

Our visit was in 1989!

here’s some of my scanned, pre-dig pics You can move backwards and forwards to see some of the other towns too!

RuneE said...

I seem to have missed a bit while I have been away - but not too far away this time ;-)

Crete - my favourite Mediterranean island. We too were there in 2007, but we did not do such a thorough investigation. Maybe next time?

Thérèse said...

Dreaming about sand! And the fountain seems to be able to accomodate more than one tourist! lol

b.c. said...

awesome photos of crete! wow, its beauty is amazing and very inspiring, i love the river and the palms around it, (fresh and salt water!) and of course the beach...

p.s. congrats on 200th! may you have hundreds more to come!!!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful blue of the sea.

Wendy said...

Happy 200th post! The color of the water in these

Anonymous said...

Congrats on 200 posts.

The pictures are very beautiful, especially the water color.

alice said...

200th, bravo, bravo! Tell me, some of these shots have been taken from the air? ;-)

Cergie said...

Bonjour Gil,
Tu as eu une semaine affreuse et moi j'ai eu des amis à la maison. Ce n'était pas affreux, mais les visites aux amis bloggueurs en ont pâti ainsi que les messages sur mon blog.

J'adore sur ce message la montagne et la mer à la fois, la montagne qui offre de beaux surplombs et pénètre dans l'eau. On voit cela (en plus vert toutefois) en Ecosse
J'aime beaucoup aussi l'ocre de ton précédent message qui n'est pas sans rappeler le pays de la Pierre Dorée des Monts du Lyonnais que montrent mes deux dernieres photos (que tu as vues et commentées)

Bon week end à toi, et à bientôt...

Cergie said...

200 messages, mais combien de pages en longueur et combien en nombre de photos ?
Félicitations à toi, pour les voyages et le partage...

Chuckeroon said...

Oh, Troter, you old teaser, you!

Now I have to check the atlas to verify the geography of Crete and Libya (which surprised me...I've not noticed it quite as you put it) It explains some strategic points about the Med.

PLUS...I now have to check your English Riviera outpouring...v. keen to see what you made of that.

Finally...Oh, the Blue of the Cretean sea!!!!!!

Tks for your regular visits to RuT.

Jules said...

Well done - great effort!!! I have a friend who will be in Libya next week - looking forward to his comments and photos too!!!!

Jo's-D-Eyes said...

My congrats GIL with your 200th mail-post,I love this spots, the sea and fountain are lovely... I 'll would love to be there right NOW, you understand more when you visit my blog this week/weekend from 8-9-10-11-12 oktober: I'm Just letting you know that I am shocked by very sad family-news (see my blog) not able to say more,

JoAnn's D Eyes

Dina said...

Congrats on all your many posts.
Your pictures make me want to visit Crete more and more.
The Australia-Crete connection is very touching.

Maria Verivaki said...

i haven't been to plakia and preveli yet, depsite living on the island for so many years - perhaps it's time i did

Pietro Brosio said...

Gil, congratulations on your 200th post: it's simply extraordinary. I enjoyed all the photographs, from the view of Plakias, the splendid picture of Paximadia Islands, to the beautiful Venetian Fountain.
Have a great week!

Emery Roth said...

Thanks for the last part of the tour of Crete. So, after you've finished your swim and hike up the cliff to your car, you have to hike back down to cool off again. Sounds like a losing proposition.

Lori said...

Oh my word, that water is gorgeous! What a beautiful shade of blue. You are so lucky to have explored Crete. I would love to go. Maybe one of these days!! In the meantime, I'll enjoy your beautiful photos. Congrats on your 200th post here!!

MedaM said...

I have missed so many of your posts; from wonderful Algarve to the libyan sea. It took me a time to catch up with everything that I didn't see. What other to say but your trip reports are breathtaking and always informative. Your photos of the art, of the cities, of the nature are a spectacular collection of so many beautiful places that you have been. I enjoyed again with my mouth opened, as usual. What a wonderful experience for you and your wife. You are lucky people that can afford such unforgettable trips to yourselves. Thank you for taking us all on these wonderful trips and thanks for sharing it with us through your spectacular photos providing us with always interesting information.

Pernille said...

Thank you for your nice comment:)
Glad you found my blog!

Congratulation on you post nr 200:) Fantastic!

You photos from Crete is so wonderful. I wish I could go there at ones! Fatastic photos from a beautiful country!

Have a very nice weekend:)

Lakshmi said...

Congrats on your 200th post..This is one of the most beautiful posts Ive ever seen on your blog ..looking forward to seeing newer shores on yr blog ..i will continue to travel vicariously

Tinsie said...

Looking at the photos, I thought: this looks just like Greece. Then I realised it was. Duh.

Ashira said...

Congratulations on your 200th post!

I love the Venetian Fountain, and as usual, the rest of the pictures are gorgeous as well!

Kala said...

The water is so blue. I need to visit this place as well! What a wonderful life you have! Your 200th post is our 200th delight!

Catherine said...

Chanceux GMG, tu as eu la chance d'arriver à 200 posts et combien de pays traversés? Tiendrais tu cela de cet esprit aventurier des grands découvreurs portugais?
Je suis definitivement Méditerranéenne dans l'ame. Toutes ces côtes escarpées, ces forêts de Palmiers, ces mers profondement bleues, ces fontaibnes, ces villes en désordre me font réver.

Louise said...

All of it lovely, beautiful, spectacular. But that blue sea... would be hard to ever leave it. Thank you so much for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Hi folks! Difficult weeks lately! No, I don’t mean the financial disaster; just too much work and no time to pay my blog visitors the attention you deserve. Sorry! Thank you anyhow, for the comments and the patience! And thanks also for your congratulations and wishes on my 200th post!!

Preveli beach is a hidden pearl; actually hidden because to get there you either take a boat or engage in an amazing experience down and uphill… ;) The view as you put it is outstanding!

Plakias is on a small bay, and actually has a small promontory with a nice restaurant and a little yacht port. That’s where I was; not (yet) afloat the seas… ;)

Surely everybody would love to be there; it’s incredible! I wish it was just around the corner… ;)

Eye in the sky,
The blue of the sea in Greece is unbeatable!!

Why don’t you try Portugal for the winter; it would seem you’re in summer in Finland… Well, at least with this Indian summer we’re having… ;))

You know how I feel about blue! Will soon make a post in blue; special homage to your favourite colour!

Wow! 300 are amazing! Well, if you count my other blogs, I’m on the way to 500!

It’s wonderful and inviting! We should try to arrange a bloggers’ meeting there… ;)

Flowing to the sea in high tide? It seems a bit odd… ;))

It’s an incredible experience the view from the top to the river and the beach!! If you get to the beach by boat you may get up first, but it’s worthless, as there is nothing up there but a parking lot… ;)

Crete is a lovely place, and the Preveli beach is extremely beautiful!

You’re a climber! Up the hill isn’t a piece of cake… ;))

Lovely to see you back! Unfortunately, Lonely Planet is already out there, otherwise I could have a chance of making some money with the trips… ;))

Thanks! I’m flattered!

Shooting Star,
Your turn to start packing… ;)

Well, the Cretan sand is not the golden sand you find in Algarve; but the blue is unbeatable!


Well, in winter I’m not so sure about Cretan weather; better try the Algarve… ;))

Great to see you back! We are already two loving that blue sea…

I’ll try to keep them coming, but sometimes it takes some non-existing time…

I tell you, sometimes it looks like a small world, but it isn’t…
Amazing that I’ve been exactly to the same place you were 18 years ago! I knew you were a «special traveller»; Plakias, Frangokastello, Sfakion are a little bit off track… ;))

I’m sure you enjoyed your Cretan trip! We could have crossed our paths in Crete…

Well, with the Indian summer we are having, it has been better in October than in September… ;)

Fresh and salt water is an amazing experience in Preveli; actually, first salt, then fresh… Great!!

Blue as nowhere else!

I was impressed with the blue of the sea the first time I went to Greece in 1975; and kept going back! Must confess that not even in the Pacific I found something equal; similar, maybe to be found only somewhere between Tahiti and Cook Islands… No, not in Alaska… ;)

Not exactly, but it was quite high the «mirador»!

J’aime bien de te revoir ici! La Crète est étonnante: les montagnes sont tout près de la mer… En Écosse les monts ne sont pas si hauts (les montagnes en Crète atteignent 2456m), les plages sont plutôt grises et la mer un peu froide… Mais le vert est superbe!!! ;)
En longueur je ne sais pas, mais seulement sur Blogtotter il y a au moins 3000 photos!

So, after the Atlas you saw how close it was… Amazing!!
Look forward to reading your comments on the English Riviera; nobody cares… ;))

There are some cruises making a stop in Tripoli; it would be interesting to have a look at Leptis Magna!!

Saw your blog: sad story…
Hope you’ll have a good time in Algarve…

You’re not that far… From Australia to Crete is a much longer flight… ;)

17 years in Crete and never in Plakia or Preveli? Can’t believe… ;))

Glad you enjoyed the post!

That way up wasn’t a piece of cake… Next time, we had better take the boat from Plakia or even better rent one… ;))

Crete? You make it happen… ;)

Great to read you back here! It’s a great pleasure to see that what we post is of some interest for fellow bloggers! Thanks for your kind support!

It was a great pleasure to discover your page! As for Crete, you’d better start packing… ;))

Hope to keep you travelling around… ;)

Saints at home… ;))


Come on, you live in an amazing place; can’t complain of your life… ;))

C’est peut-être un peu d’esprit portugais; et, en plus, le fait d’avoir être né dans une île. La mer tout au tour… ;))

You’re right: unbeatable blue!!