Sunday, October 19, 2008



Mykonos has some wonderful hotels; the Santa Marina provides you with an incredible Rhapsody in Blue! A pretext for this blog to return to its original basics: images speak far better!!


"ORNOS BAY AND BEACH - On the other side, we have Mykonos Bay"


"ST. GEORGE -The Chapel, in blue!"



"SWIMMING - With Miss Dana, London"



"SEA WATCHING - My favourite sport!


Anonymous said...

Hi Folks! Much obliged for your comments on the previous posts on this blog. This one is dedicated in particular to all those for whom BLUE is THE colour!! Not many words, just the rhapsody!

Lakshmi said...

blue is my favorite color as well ..and the post is a virtual treat ..

virtualjourney said...

No need for words on this, bt, the sea just speaks for itself. Know what you mean about watching it!

di.di said...

>> SEA WATCHING - My favourite sport!

lolz... how i wish I can burn fat by doing just that... :P

Ron said...

Wow, incredible. These pictures are so beautiful. Looks like the place to be.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

So much beautiful BLUE! It is like heaven on earth. Sea watching is a wonderful past time ...enjoy!

Maya said...

hi, wow..this is so must have good eyes and good cam too..dslr?

S-V-H said...

Blue is my favorite color! Thank you for sharing all the pretty blue with me, Gil.

Great post again, I enjoy to read your blog every time i'm here.:)

Stella Bella said...

I must visit this place! :) Love the blue sky and the sea. So beautiful!

jepayuki said...

hi blogtrotter, i am simply in awe of the wonders you capture in your posts! i have included you in my favorite links, if you don't mind. i love looking at your photos and learning a lot about our world. cheers and here's to more beautiful spots you can visit and share with us! =)

Irina said...

Oh, what a beauty! A set of see-and-summer photos is just the right thing for cold and rainy autumn morning. Thanks :)

indicaspecies said...

I like your Delos post and it reminded me of the lovely sea of Aphrodite's birthplace in Cyprus.

Mykonos post has more awesome blue waters, beautiful blue skies, room with a view ..sea watching sounds perfect. Gil, this is fabulous.;)

SusuPetal said...

Oh, so many different shades of blue, just adorable, and they make me long for summer!

PeterParis said...

Blue, yes indeed! You even dressed in blue!

You always find the nicest hotels! (Which is your favourite hotel in Paris? ... I never go to hotels here.)

So the yacht was registered in London! Normally most yachts are registered on some tax free small island!

Mariposa said...

it's so beautiful..i can't wait to save up and go there!!

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Ah, the colour Blue!!!! Dont we all love it so very much???

Amazing pictures Gil

Azer Mantessa said...

nice blue sea

blue sea


Ermmmm ... red is a nice color too you know ... try sunset ... nice red sky and blue sea .... grrrrr

Dina said...

One could never get blue (aka sad) in a setting like that!
Really "rapdosious."

alice said...

MOn ciel est tout gris aujourd'hui...Je crois que je vais passer la journée devant tes photos en attendant que le soleil revienne!
Pour la Joueuse d'échecs, veux-tu me donner ton adresse et je te le fais parvenir?

hpy said...

Very blue indeed. Even the Chapel St George is dressed in blue. Wish a little of that colour would come here too. Maybe it will if I wish enough.

Joy said...

I love the colour blue! I loved all the pictures here, especially because I named my baby (who is now in dog heaven) after this island, Mykonos. I'd like to visit someday, when I'm done grieving.

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comments.

A Pinay In England
Your Love Coach
I, Woman

Unknown said...

Gil :D
You do know you are living everyone's dream..well, at least it's mine for sure. Oh..the blue sea, there's nothing as beautiful as the wind blowing in the face and hair, and hearing the sound of ocean.. Like having a slice of heaven. You have a great week ahead :D

Louise said...

A quite beautiful rhapsody. And I concur on your favorite sport!

Dorothée said...

Bom dia Blog Trot!
Et moi qui rêve de vacances au soleil! Cette Rhapsodie en Bleue ressemble au paradis.
Merci de nous faire rever avec cet endroit magique. En tout cas, je retiens l'adresse du resort. On ne sait jamais! :-)
By the way, j'ai bien aimé l'expression que tu as laissée sur mon blog "que serait-il du jaune s'il n'y avait pas de mauvais goût". Comment la traduis-tu en Portugais et quel en est le sens?
Um bom dia para ti

alicesg said...

Your photos never failed to amaze me. They are so beautiful and the sea looked like a blue carpet. I would like a house by the sea. :)
Have a nice day.

Olivier said...

tout ce bleu, de quoi rendre jaloux le peintre Klein ;o) c'est superbe, cela donne envie de faire comme toi sur la derniere photo ;o)

leo said...

OMG!!! Blue & Beautiful.
and that is one killer pose from you LOL. like one bollywood star eh' ^_^

Marguerite-marie said...

une escapade au soleil avec du bleu même des reflets bleus sur certaines rampes de balcons et pour finir le polo bleu. Le rêve!!!

Cutie said...

So blue... Gosh, I have never seen such a beautiful beach. And the private beach is just like a place in heaven. I think I don't mind staying there everyday whereby I will be seeing beautiful sea every morning I wake up. Which country is this? How long were you there? I bet you never wanted to leave huh.

eye in the sky said...

everywhere you click is picture perfect! :->

Maria Verivaki said...

well done on capturing all that blueness - you look great just floowing your favorite sport. let's hope we can all do this one day upon retirement - happy travels!

Anonymous said...

Rhapsody in Blue is perfect. Gorgeous photos Gil!! And I am glad you used your speakers this time. Makes the picture trail more fun. In a few days though I will turn that music off. Have a super great day. :)

Lilli & Nevada said...

superb photos and what a great and peaceful place this is. Thanks for sharing it with me.

Shionge said...

Wow oh WOW!!!! Suddenly blue has taken over my favourite colour pink LOL.

What a great place to be Gil, thank you :D

Marie-Noyale said...

J'aime bien ta version de Rapsody in Blue..
Elle donne envie de s'attarder LONGUEMENT... et plonger dans tout ce bleu...

Pietro Brosio said...

These views are fabulous, Gil. It seems to be really there and breathe that sweet air: very attractive.
Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

excellent tribute to greek blue

Thérèse said...

Nice way to conjugate at the present tense!

Chuckeroon said...

Trotter, I always thought those ads., in brochures were faked. Now I know that the blue is true!

Oh, the Greeks..... I was once held captive on a business trip. The chappy drove me round and round "showing me the sites" until I twigged that he was trying to keep me away from the competition. I had to use subterfuge to escape!

99 said...

Great blues!
Makes me wonder if green is my really favorite..

Anonymous said...

Certainly a visual treat. What great weather you scored.

raccoonlover1963/Lisa Myers said...

Hi Gil. How wonderfully peaceful and relaxing! Gotta love it!
Have a great week.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, I'm dreaming now to go to Mykonos to experience that rhapsody in blue. The smiling face of your wife and that photographic pose of yours, no doubt you had a grand time during your visit. :)

For the moment, I posted an article about National Palace Museum in Taipei. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Folks! A Friday night break to reply to your comments! Thanks for your continuous support. Your comments are also a reason for this blog to keep going!!

I can’t get bored with blues… ;)

Sea watching is fascinating…

Come on, why do you need to burn fat? Nobody believes… ;))

It’s certainly a place to go…

Heaven on Earth, that’s it; for some reason this is the Blue Planet!!

Thanks for your first comment here! Eyes are ok; the camera is nice, but far from being fantastic… ;))

I see that sometimes you’re coming to Europe, so update your travel list! But don’t forget to include Lisbon in the itinerary… ;))

Thanks for your comment and link! I’m flattered! Your comments are always welcome!

Truly happy to read you here! Sorry to read that the weather is not so good in Moscow; hopefully this weekend will be better!

Cyprus has also some beautiful blues! Thanks for your kind words; this blue post is one my favourites!!

It seems that summer is still a bit further away, unless you make a trip to Portugal… ;)) Lisbon was at 23º Celsius today, and clear blue skies…

With an Ambassador card from Intercontinental Hotels for frequent guests, the former Inter just across the Meurice, and with a view to the Tuilleries was a nice place… Then, they sold it (it’s now disguised in a Westin) and kept the Grand Hotel, which was renovated and is also quite nice and with a convenient location. That’s for the huge ones… Smaller, you have the Bristol (at the Faubourg St.Honoré) or the Plaza-Athénée. For the small ones, there was a nice François Ier, rue de Magellan Close to the Champs and rue George V, turned a boutique Hotel. But one of these days, I’ll try either the Pavillon de la Reine (Place des Vosges) or the Relais Christine (rue Christine, just across from Cagna’s Rotisserie d’en Face, at the Quartier)… ;)) All these are ok, provided that you’re willing to spend a huge amount… ;))
Otherwise, the Citadines Opera-Vendôme or Louvre are perfectly located… ;))

And then come to Lisbon and learn Portuguese… ;))

I adore that Greek blue sea!!

Come on, you’re talking those reds from Liverpool! No way… ;))
Sunset just arrived in the next post… ;))

No one gets blue with that blue sea… ;))

Merci! Je te le passe par e-mail! J’espère que ce weekend le temps sera plus beau!

It’s true that they even made the chapel in blue and white… ;))

We are already two loving this blue! Hope you’ll be done with the sorrow…

A slice of heaven! That’s a great image. I should have remembered that to make the title of the post… ;)

I suspected you would love that sport… ;))

Bom dia! Tu le fais très bien! Garde l’adresse… ;)
La version portugaise est: «Que seria do amarelo se não fosse o mau gosto?» Je crois que l’idée est que seulement les gens de mauvais goût peuvent aimer le jaune… ;))

Alice SG,
Me too… Who wouldn’t love to have a house by the sea… ;))

C’est vrai que ce bleu de la mer en Grèce n’a de parallèle que chez Yves Klein et son International Klein Blue… ;)

Bollywood star? I would mine to get the correspondent cachet… ;))

Oui; Bleu, bleu, bleu… En fait j’avais déjà fait un post en bleu cet année! À propos de Crète en 2006…

That’s Greece! And the famous blue from the Aegean Sea… It’s difficult to leave the place… ;))

Eye in the Sky,
Thanks! That’s quite flattering… ;))

Well, I think it would be better to be able to do the sport while we are still active… ;) After retirement, one will probably be too busy… ;))

Thanks! OK, no need to keep the music going… ;) Did you try Gershwin’s Rhapsody on my post? Need to push the button… ;))

My pleasure! Thanks for taking the time to comment!

WOW! That’s great to read that blue is taking over pink…;)

C’est vrai que ça donne envie de plonger longuement…

That’s a fabulous place !

You’re lucky to have, just around the corner, the deepest blue I’ve ever seen...

Didn’t catch that one… ;)

It’s quite real; no Photoshop edition… Amazing that story of trying to put you out of competition… ;))

So glad to see you back here! I’m sure blue is becoming your favourite; at least in the US elections… ;))

Mark H,
It’s true that there is a great chance of catching a great weather in the Greek Isles during the summer; sometimes with the typical Aegean wind… But that makes the sky even bluer… ;))

Peaceful, relaxing, everyway you wish…

Asian Traveler,
Great time, indeed!

RuneE said...

Blue indeed - I fell for the room with a view. It lacked only a violin case ;-) !

Anonymous said...

That's why I posted Gershwin for you to hear... ;))

Ming the Merciless said...

The views from your hotel room is quite breathtaking.

Yes, watching the sea is quite a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Anonymous said...

Must confess that it was not easy to get that room, actually it involved an «interesting» discussion with the Hotel director... But the outcome was superb!!! ;))

Anonymous said...

Well, then we have that sport interest in common - we love the Sea. Such wonderful photos, brightening up my very gray and rainy day over here in Stockholm.

*dreaming away*

BTW: I hope you don't mind that I've added a link to your blog in my Links page. I'd be honored if you return the favor.

I hope this will become a frequent interest in each other blogs :-)

Lifecruiser Travel Blog

You have so many interesting posts, it will take me a long time to go through them, so I'll be back for sure....

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment and the link! I'm flattered!
Added a link to your travel photos at my Other Trotters link list!
Stockholm (in summer) is on the top of my «most beautiful cities» list, together with Sydney...
Have a great week, and look forward to reading you back here!

Jen Laceda | Milk Guides said...

Hi Gil,
I am in the process of posting my Top 20 Dreamy Hotels and Lodges on my blog. Since you have been around the world, you might find this little game interesting. Would you like to share your favourites -- hotels / lodges that you either stayed at or are dreaming of staying at? Check out my blog

Anonymous said...

OK! I'll try to get to your blog asap! Maybe tomorrow, as today is already to late for me... ;)

Anonymous said...
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Trotter said...

Anonymous Spam,
Enough is enough!!