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"SANTA FE BAR - There are many bars, restaurants and discos in Yerevan. The Santa Fe, close to the Opera, is a nice esplanade"

"THE CASCADE is a huge white stairwell built into a Yerevan hillside in the 1970s, as a simple ornamental work. It has water fountains, reminiscent of a natural cascade, and several statues. The structure was privatized and Gerard Cafesjian, the new owner, was building the Cafesjian Museum of Contemporary Art at its top"

"THE BLACK CAT from Fernando Botero, «the most Colombian of Colombian artists», waits for the visitors at the base of the Cascade"

"TWO FIGURES by Lynn Russell Chadwick (1914 – 2003), an English sculptor who began producing metal mobile sculpture during the 1940s"

"THE HARE ON A BELL by Barry Flanagan is also on display at the Cascade"

"GOING UP - Views from the different platforms of the Cascade with fountains, flowers and the Opera"

"THE OBELISK, aka «The Impotent's Dream», was built to commemorate fifty years of Soviet Armenia"

"MOUNT ARARAT - Often obscured by a haze, visitors to Yerevan need some good luck to see it. That's what lacked to Tsar Nicholas II, who waited a week to see it, and left saying «Too bad for Ararat. It will not have seen the Tsar!» Here Ararat can be seen at the distance"

"ARARAT - A closer look"


"SOUND AND LIGHT at the Republic Square. From May through October there is a happening in Yerevan: the two and a half hour show at the Republic Square!"

"ZVARTNOTS AIRPORT - The modern terminal. No lounge though; it seems that the airport management is charging too much money and the airlines don't want to pay..."

"ARMAVIA - Armenian airlines"

"CLOUDS - Seen from the British Midland flight"


Azer Mantessa was kind enough to make a song with some of my sunset pictures! I'm flattered! Thanks Azer!


Anonymous said...

This is my last post on Armenia 2007! It includes a view of what was not seen by Tsar Nicholas during his one week visit to town… Hope you enjoy!
Meanwhile Azer Mantessa has composed a music using some of my blog’s sunset pictures that can be seen here. It’s a wonderful video, I think. Thanks Azer!

PeterParis said...

I saw the video on Azer's blog already! He's amazing (he also made me the honour). Unfortunately h's now making a blog break - too busy!

The Cascade and the park in front of it are really nice!

So, now you have also included Armenia! How many countries have you actually visited? Or maybe it's easier to make the short list of the ones you haven't (yet) visited!

Maria Verivaki said...

what an amazing place - so many flowers, gardens and amazing artwork

mount ararat leaves an impression in the background. your clouds shot is also cool

Chuckeroon said...

This is good...seeing something I have not seen....Armenia being completely unknown. But...can it be true???......there seem to be 7-8 countries I have been to but you have not!!! Check up Trotter! Do not underrate yourself! ;-)

Greetings as usual.

hpy said...

The Cascade seems to be a very intersting place, both for the construction into the mountain wall and for the sculptures and the view.

Beefybob7 said...

Hi Gil,

I have met many Armenians. Now I know where they come from.



MedaM said...

I have just seen all your Armenia posts and I really enjoyed again in wonderful photos and information; interesting sculptures and buildings; wonderful views; fabulous flower arrangements etc…Thanks for sharing these wonderful trips with us.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Beautful gardens and sunsets, wonderful cat sculpture, and I too, love to take photos from my airplane window of the clouds!

Joy said...

I don't know why, but many of the photos reminded me of pretty San Francisco!

Outstanding architecture!

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comments.

A Pinay In England
Your Love Coach
I, Woman

alicesg said...

Lovely photos. Love all the sculptures. Though it was a long way up, but the view certainly worth climbing up all the stairs. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos from around the world. :)

Unknown said...

Lovely pictures as usual..really love that last picture. You always makes me want to travel to everywhere :D hope you have a good week Gil

S-V-H said...

All your photos are nice! You bring us a mostly unknown country closer. Thanks for sharing, Gil!

Emery Roth said...

The cascade looks lovely, but your views from the top are even better. The cat and the hare are good fun.

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Hi Gil

Good pictures as always! I liked the "ARARAT AT SUNSET" and "THE CASCADE"

Thanks for visiting my space and leaving me your comments!

Warm Regards


Nikon said...

Good Lord, Gil, that cascade is amazing! It's like everyone went on a creative binge.
As to the impotence thing, I don't want to talk about it :-)
I love the very sharp cloud shots out of the plane window - usually they are never crisp.

 gmirage said...

I would love to personally see the Cascade!!! Im gonna tell hubby about this, hope he agrees to a visit. Have a nice week!

Thérèse said...

Many different artists around this cascade. Very interesting.

indicaspecies said...

Nice to read about Armenia in your October 31 and this post Gil, and as usual, fabulous photographs. Thanks!

- celine

Mariposa said...

I learnt something new today! I saw the Botero cat, and thought it looked looked similar to the horse at Barcelona's airport. Googled it and true enough it's the same sculptor! =D thanks for sharing Ararat~ Armenia looks wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Great view from above and so many works of art. Great.
Greetings to you, Ingrid

JO said...

Great sunset pic! I love the colors. I also enjoyed the BIG BLACK CAT. :) Cute.

virtualjourney said...

Great post - one of Lynn Chadwick's sculptures was on show at Chatsworth recently. (Sotheby's).Very interesting!

Lori said...

Wow, you got a lot of amazing shots! You've shown us a lot of places we wouldn't otherwise see. That cat statue is great. I've always liked the work of Botero. Can't wait to see your next trip!

RuneE said...

I would never have guessed that you ended up showing us such a highly modernised country - but that says more about me.

And you are on up on the tsar!

freefalling said...

Well.....Armenia isn't at all what I expected - strange, the impressions we carry with us in our minds.

Thanks for the look at Mt Ararat.
One day, I'll show you a photo of our Mt Ararat.

Ron said...

Beautiful city and beautiful pictures yet again. How many steps and did you climb them all?

Ming the Merciless said...

Wow, I didn't know Botero did sculptures of animals.

Love all the modern art in Armenia. I'm surprised at how modern it looks, obviously displaying my ignorance of the country.

Indrani said...

Wonderful shots of the city. I liked the pastel shades of sky at Mount Ararat. :) Thanks for this virtual tour, Gil!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Letitia ( Freefalling ).
Also I have surprised about these photos. And now I realize, I don`t know anything about Armenia except my strong prejudices !
Thank you for these photos - again!

Marie said...

Very beautiful and very different from what you usually show :-))

Yes, we need to calm down!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cutie said...

Oh gosh, this place is beautiful. They have very interesting statutes including the hare on the bell. You are really lucky to have visited so many places in the world. Good to know people like you to share pictures of such beautiful places. Save me money and time from having to go there. Haha...

kuanyin333 said...

Love that Tsar quote and the fab photos!

eye in the sky said...

what a spectacular set of usual.

Lakshmi said...

There is an Armenian church in Chennai (Madras) in India and there is also a street right in the heart of the city called Armenian street .. will do a post on this sometime..meanwhile, lovely post..thoroughly enjoyed reading , viewing..Im also reading William Dalrmple's " From the Holy Mountain" and it is interesting to read about the roots of Christianity and how it has been made to vanish

tr3nta said...

What is the first building the stairway one...

The las photo is really nice clouds as cotton... :-)

Cergie said...

Ce sont des photos extraordinaires, je vais de l'une à l'autre avec émerveillement, je relève l'escalier qui me fait penser à celui du savoir des Chinois, à la rue en fleurs comme la Lombard Street de San Francisco, le chat dodu qu'on a envie de caresser, l'excellente composition de tous ces espaces avec les statues !
Et les grues ! Avoir photographié le graphisme des grues il fallait y penser.
Quel pays et quel voyageur étonnants...

Anonymous said...

Marvelous sightseeing tour! It feels like I've been there now, thanks to you :-)

I also love Botero's work and I had not seen that cat before.

~vagabond~ said...

The cascade looks do all the other photos...sigh..wish I could see it all in person. Keep posting! :)

Jen Laceda | Milk Guides said...

great photos of have put Armenia in my travel radar. not sure if it's going to be on the top of my "must go soon" list, though...however, it is a pretty country rich in historical details! i have an Armenian co-worker who just came back from a volunteer vacation there, and she had found it very fulfilling!

Pietro Brosio said...

Excellent sequence of photographs, Gil! I always like the views of mount Ararat. About Botero, in Italy we had often expositions of this great artist.
Have a nice weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hi everybody! I wonder whether someone reads the late replies I leave here (I know that some of you do), but I feel it would be inappropriate not to answer your comments… Like visiting your blogs without commenting… So here you have my feelings!! ;)

I knew Azer’s video on your pictures; great stuff!
Now, you know it’s not such a small world… I would just say, that taking into account the number of countries represented in the UN, I’ve already passed half of it… And if I had time to make a cruise in the Caribbean and a small trip in the Pacific Islands, I would easily pass the 3/5ths and get closer to 3 quarters… ;))

That cascade is amazing, and the Ararat was kind enough to make the appearance it denied to Tsar Nicholas… ;)

I understand that you’re an expert in some countries around the Gulf… But one day I’ll also stay at the Burj al Arab… ;))

The Cascade was supposed to be an ornamental work, but it proved much more interesting than it would seem at first sight… ;)

Always good to know where people come from… ;))

Thanks, you’ too kind! It’s amazing, but I’m even surprised with the outcome of the pictures I’ve taken there…

Botero’s Cat is absolutely stunning! As for the aircraft pictures over the clouds, they all seem a bit similar… except the ones from the Concorde: the clouds were so down there… ;))

San Francisco? Probably the association of the Cascade with Lombard Street…

Alice SG,
There is a lift inside, but I actually walked up, taking pictures at each level, to try to lose some weight… ;))

Love for travel seems to be some kind of virus…

Bringing unknown closer! Great motto for a travel blog… Thanks!!

Getting up to the top actually paid; rewarding views…
I must confess that the view of the sculptures at the Cascade was a great (and wonderful) surprise!!


The sculptors were all very creative… ;)
Those clouds came out a little better than usual for me… ;)

You’re not that far from Yerevan; three and a half hour direct flight with Austrian Airlines… ;)

Incredible! They manage to catch some quite interesting pieces around those steps!!

Sometimes there is also something new on this blog; of course, nothing compared with the truly exotic destinations you manage to visit on Fugue… ;))

Botero is widely spread; love those fat, fat sculptures… ;))
I wouldn’t say wonderful, but interesting it is… ;)

It takes a while to get up there, but the view is awesome, in particular if the Ararat can be seen…

Also loved that Cat…

It’s amazing what you may find at that Cascade…

Armenia was also something new on my itineraries… Glad to have discovered it! There will be a return in my next trip, before heading for something new… ;))

It’s amazing how so many times one finds something different from what one was expecting at the departure… ;)

True that the pre-judgements impair many times the needed discernment… ;))

Don’t remember how many steps, but there was a big climb… Anyhow, there is a lift, should you wish to make it shorter… ;))

I must confess that I was also surprised discovering Yerevan…
As far as Botero is concerned, horses, cats, sphinx… all those have been already sculpted by the Colombian… ;)

The Ararat has a wonderful charm, provided that we are able to see it in the haze… ;)

It’s always a bit surprising, but if you open your eyes you’ll see some wonderful things anywhere you go… ;))

I wouldn’t mind to have been there on Tuesday night… No wonder you’ve to calm down… ;))

I wouldn’t beautiful, but that’s probably a bit cynical… ;) Anyhow, if you look for, you’ll probably find something beautiful anywhere…
Anyhow, I won’t mind saving you time and money, provided that I’ve enough of both to keep visiting the places I’ve never been to… ;))

That Nicholas was a character… ;))

Eye in the sky,
What happened to the comments on your blog?

It’s amazing, but there are so many Armenian churches everywhere in the world. Effects of a huge Diaspora… Anyhow, an Armenian street doesn’t seem so common!
It might be interesting the journey among the Christians of the Middle East…

I wonder which building you mean…

Tu as tout pris… Même les grues… Et c’est vrai que quand j’ai vu les fleurs d’en haut je me suis souvenu d’une photo que j’avais pris de San Francisco en 1982: la Lombard Street… ;))

My pleasure to take you to Yerevan!!

Wish to se it personally? Start packing… ;)

I wouldn’t put on the top of the wish-list, but I wouldn’t miss the chance to get there, should the opportunity come… ;))

The Ararat looks similar to some of your great mountain shots…
Also love Botero; we had a great street exhibition in Lisbon some years ago. The same I saw in Paris, New York and…

lv2scpbk said...

Love the cascade photo and the way you got it all to show the size of it. The clock and dancing light shots are my favorite too.

Louise said...

I have never given a thought to visiting Armenia, but you have shown us some incredible and beautiful things that would be nice to see. The Mt. Ararat captures are terrific, especially!

Anonymous said...

It took a while to get up there...
The sound and light show is a must in Yerevan... ;)

You need the luck Tsar Nicholas didn't have... ;)

Light and Voices said...

You are so lucky to travel to such interesting places. I loved the photo of Ararat at Sunset and shots from the plane were amazing.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment, the first one here, I think!
It's true that the Ararat (when it shows, what didn't happen to the Tsar... ;)) is a superb view!!

eye in the sky said...

Yerevan looks majestic. Was reading a little about the cpital, but this gives me the "big picture".

GMG said...

I wouldn't say majestic, but it's interesting anyhow...