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"THE BARBER'S MOSQUE - The Zaouia of Sidi Sahab, built between 1629 and 1692 and also including a medersa, is the burial place of a companion of the prophet Mohammad. It is also known as the Barber's Mosque since, according to legend, Sidi Sahab always carried three hairs from the Prophet's beard"

"STUCCO - The Barber's mosque is a jewel, showing similarities with the delicate Andalucia's aesthetic. Its decoration is of outstanding quality, with immaculate white lace-work of carved stucco"

"TILES - The walls are covered with beautifully coloured tiles"

"GARDEN - No wonder there are palm trees..."


"MEDINA DOORS - Kairouan's Medina (old town) is the best preserved in Tunisia. It has a trapezoidal shape, with an average length of 1000m and an average width of 500m, surrounded by brick walls of roughly 3.5km length"

"MEDINA - There are 105 historical monuments at the Medina, and the street scenes in «Cairo» of the film «Raiders of the Lost Ark», were filmed in Kairouan"




The old restored PASHA’S HOUSE (Governor's House) is now a government carpet shop. We were lucky enough to wander freely through the impressive building without a carpet salesman on our elbow...








Anonymous said...

Hi everybody! This is the last post on Tunisia 2007, and I managed to keep the delay in posting in only twelve months! It took some time, mostly at night, but your comments have been a fantastic reward. Thank you!!

PeterParis said...

Will you ever be able to post with let's say only one month's delay? Hardly probable with all the travelling you do! Anyhow, it's not important, as long as you keep your photos and report, one day or the other!

This is again just too beautiful! So, you managed to return home without any new carpet?

Olivier said...

encore un endroit magnifique, j'adore le "MODERN MONUMENT", cela contraste totalement avec le reste

Voegtli said...

Maghreb region is since long on my wish list. I was for one day in Agadir in November 2004. But I have flown many times over Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria.

Now, after all Maghreb is not far from Europe, I should be able to go soon.

Light and Voices said...

Tiles, fruit stand, buildings, what is not to love about your blog. Keep on posting and shooting and can tell you love beauty.

S-V-H said...

What a wonderful post again, Gil! Thanks for showing us all the treasures of this beautiful country!

We are now busy pretty much in the coming days with our upcoming travel plans, so sorry that I was not visiting so often and maybe not will be more in the future.

Sue's Daily Photography

Anonymous said...

I like everything I see here!


adelynne said...

Talk about COLOURS... Tunisia has LOTS of em. So beautiful, Trotter! I just love old architecture, and this country doesn't disappoint in this at all. Wow. I wish I could go see it for myself - I'd take pictures just like you did!

Btw, I can see your reflection in your last photo! ;)

Emery Roth said...

I don't know where to begin. How truly magnificent this place is, thanks to your wonderful photos, of course. I must get there. Truly exceptional!

alok said...

Beautiful pictures!!! Your blog always reminds me that pictures have their own never ending world, more to places to visit and more unseen things to discover …

- Have a wonderful weekend

Mariposa said...

ridiculously gorgeous! I love the intricate designs..and the pottery, my oh my!

Ron said...

Wonderful pictures yet again. You never fail to amaze.

I really like the picture of the pottery and the mirror. Well done:)

alicesg said...

Very beautiful designs on the exterior and interior of the buildings. Love the street scenes of the souvenirs and fruits. Have a nice weekend.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking us on a wonderful trip to Tunisia and the fifty mosques :) The patterns on buildings are very artistic. Where are you headed next?

Cutie said...

Beautiful pictures with all the unique design of the walls. I like the pottery a lot.

Lara said...

long time no visit, but now it's time to catch up with your posts, and mine as well :). great to be here, and "visiting" another wonderful place!

99 said...

Extraordinary pictures Gil!

Anonymous said...

Those are wonderful pictures, Gil. I especially liked the intricate work and rich colours.

Lakshmi said...

loved the colours and the tiles. So, did you really get to visit all the mosques ?

lyliane six said...

Superbes ces décorations, mais celle que je préfère, c'est la dernière, vous êtes très bien "encadrés".

Indrani said...

Lovely wall hanging carpets!
A beautiful virtual trip again, thanks!

Jo's-D-Eyes said...

wow Gil,
You and your travels are alwys "bringing me back in time"Not that I have been in Tunesia, but simular couuntries as Marocco, the atmosphere and art ( on plates and Tiles) are the 'same'taste and breath the same in feelings while looking at it, Even the fruit is looking like Art to me...

We see that not in our western countries, how are you doing my friend? Do you stay home with Chrisstmas or not? Thsi week I post 3 more posts'and we leave than for christmas ( in Holland) in a house with open wood fire, after Xmas we return, please come and watch my lastt post's, if not I see (your blog or comment) after Christmas.

Wishing you a good week,
JoAnn's D Eyes/Holland

Pietro Brosio said...

Gil, this is another amazing post!
I like a lot the decoration of the Barber's Mosque, all the photos of Pasha's house, the photo of the Modern Monument which really stands out in the landscape, and all the other pictures.
Thanks for sharing these wonderful views. Have a good week ahead!

raccoonlover1963/Lisa Myers said...

Hi Gil. Sorry I haven't visited for a while.
Love the pottery and all the interior shots. Fabulous!

JO said...

BEAUTIFUL POST! I love the pottery and all the fantastic colors everywhere! That flowered ceiling is amazing! What a great trip this looks like. :)

alice said...

Superbe! Tu nous gâtes encore une fois! Rien que pour les poteries, je ferais bien le voyage...

Jules said...

Great shots!! I always end up with jet-lag when catching up on your blog!!!!

indicaspecies said...

Hi Gil,

I just got back from a bit of travel again, and like you, am unable to keep up the pace on my blog.

What a pleasure to go through your blog with your recent posts of the Blue Village and Kairouan - both parts. The images are a fabulous, as always. Thanks for sharing. Have a lovely week.

Rhonda Hartis Smith said...

Ummmmm I really love those carpets and the pottery! Another place I would love to see someday.

Thanks Gil for sharing!

Rakesh Vanamali said...


Magnificient pictures as always! They are eye-openers to the wonderful cultures that are a part different countries and people!

Thanks for sharing these priceless pieces of Kairouan!

Thanks also for your comments and wishes!

Warm Regards


Jen Laceda | Milk Guides said...


Once again, you have proven that images speak louder than words...sometimes!

These are absolutely brilliant photos. My heart is yearning to get to Tunisia now!

Thanks for a great armchair trip,
Jen of Folie a Deux

angela said...

Such colours and the intricacy of the work is astonishing.
I'd love any one of those beautiful carpets.
Thank you for the tour. Next time I go I'll know what to look out for..

Beefybob7 said...

Hi Gil,

The man(and woman)in the mirror.

Great shots!!


Marguerite said...

Je te prie de me pardonner d'avoir tardé à te rendre visite : tant de kilomètres à faire et pas en avion.... Et les deux fêtes qui s'approchent et que je n'ai pas eu le temps de préparer. Tu étais mon remord ! Je me disais: il me faut aller voir Gil !
Que veux tu, tu es un peu en dehors de la blogosphère, aussi c'est priorité N°1 lorsqu'on peut passer te voir.

Je vois des poteries ! ARGH ! C'est encombrant ! J'en ai ramené tant de chez ma tante, dont un panier entier de poterie de Fès dont elle avait hérité d'une vieille générale dont le mari avait été gouverneur du Maroc !
Au moins en photo tu te régales sans être embararssé !
(J'aime beaucoup les minarets carrés de couleur ocre. 50 c'est beaucoup !)

Cergie said...

Marguerite c'est aussi moi !

hpy said...

O, those carpets! Especially the one in the middle lowwith the two figures ! ;-)

Have a nice holiday if you'll be in holiday. I won't.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful place! I love the colourful tiles. And one thing that's best about this Medina, all people can visit it regardless of your religious beliefs, unlike the Medina in Saudi Arabia! :)

eye in the sky said...

the details of these spectacular places highlighted in this series of posts are amazing. as always, another enjoyable post. cheers!

Oman said...

simply beautiful mosques. i love it. happy holidays gmg.

lyliane six said...

Bonnes fêtes de fin d'année, au Portugal?
J'espère que l'année prochaine on vous verra en Normandie. Bises à vous 2.

Lara said...

what a wonderful and coloured post! before my holiday, I am stopping by to wish you a blessed time for Christmas and a happy new year!

Joy said...

Gil, I love the intricacies of the building designs and the mosaic. These are very lovely photos. Have you thought about publishing a book based on your travels?

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo. Enjoy your weekend!

A Pinay In England
Your Love Coach
I, Woman

eye in the sky said...

merry christmas to my favorite blogtrotter. may you be blessed with more patience to travel and post more great sights. cheers!

Chuckeroon said...

Hallo again, Trotter...tks for yr usual pass thru RuT.

I'm so psd that I caught up on this set...really worth seeing.

Best to you, 'roony.

Anonymous said...


I wish you, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Lori said...

Such details and color in these shots! I marvel at the sights you've seen around the world. And we got to see you and your wife this time in the mirror! I've enjoyed browsing through your photos, as always!!

Ash said...

Wonderful images and stunning detail. Amazing!

Merry Christmas to you and yours, Gil :-)

Pietro Brosio said...

Hello Gil,
Merry Christmas!

Mariposa said...

Merry Christmas! God bless you =)

lv2scpbk said...

Such wonderful details on the tiles and buildings. I love all the colors and the pottery full of color. The one building it looks like that's where all the business people meet in their suits.

Anonymous said...

Hi Folks! Since this is X-mas time, I will not complain neither of the work I’ve been doing nor of the delurkers... ;)). Just Thank You all for the support to this blog!
Wish you a great holiday season and all the best for you, families and friends!

You probably noticed that I’m posting on India February 2008; that makes 10 months delay; but with so many pictures I’ve from India, I won’t be able to keep the record... Even if I publish only a small percentage of the more than 1300 pictures I took on those days... ;)
PS: I got one: offered! ;))

Je t’envie beaucoup: tandis que je me dissous dans les papiers tu te promènes à New York… ;))

I’m sure you’ll be travelling everywhere soon! It seems you’re having all the time in the world… Lucky guy!
Maghreb is a great choice!

Thanks! You’re too kind!

Don’t mention the word «busy»; I hardly have time to breathe... ;)). Hope you have a great trip!

You’re the best!!

It’s a quite colourful country! And you definitely got us on the mirror... ;)

The place is truly wonderful; not just the pictures!

It’s not such a small world! Unfortunately time to travel is scarce and at a premium... ;)

The pottery was amazing!
Merry Christmas to you too!

The mirror was a great catch...

Alice SG,
The street scenes were absolutely stunning, but I didn’t want to get the people in the pictures as they might not feel comfortable with the idea!

Just imagine where I should be heading next... ;))

Those stucco works were awesome!

Great to see you back. Unfortunately my schedule doesn’t improve... ;)
Have a great holiday!

Lovely to read you here!

I think those intricate works put everybody speechless!

No, Just the Grand and the Barber’s; and not allowed to get to the inside of them. Just the patio... Quite different than in Istanbul...

«Encadrés» c’est bien le terme... ;)
Je crois que je resterais ici; trop de travail, pas de chance de sortir. Mais l’année prochaine la Normandie, ça sera sûr… (J’espère…)!

The carpets of Kairouan are famous, and deservedly so!!

Morocco has some similarities, but even in times of globalization each country has its own features!!
I’ll be staying around for Christmas as I just left office by 21H00 yesterday and have a busy day on Friday...
Take your time and enjoy!!

The stuccos of the Barber’s are awesome! And the house shows that it belonged to a Pasha! ;)
Merry Christmas to you too!

Thanks. Sorry for the sad news on your blog!

Ah, finally someone is catching the ceilings. Amazing, aren’t they?

Mais tu auras beaucoup plus à voir. Vaut le voyage (Michelin ***)! ;))

Hope to see you back soon: amazing broadband in PNG… ;)
I wouldn’t mind to get jetlagged with a trip to PNG… ;))

Lucky girl. Always travelling… ;)

I was sure that the carpets were going to make some impression on you! They’re wonderful!

It’s lovely to find out that what one does for pleasure also brings joy to the others. Great world the blogosphere…

I feel your African dreams increased a bit after the Tunisian posts… ;))

OK! But don’t shop till you drop… ;)
And don’t forget the Bardo museum, probably most stunning I’ve seen in Tunisia…

Have been seeing videos from first trip to Australia in 1992; sixteen years younger: what a shock… ;))

Merci! C’est vrai que les temps ne sont pas faciles, ni même pour faire un petit tour de la blogosphère. Les mois de décembre j’en ai toujours assez de travail pour un trimestre…
Un panier entier de la poterie de Fez, ça doit être magnifique !!

That carpet is surely the best!!

It’s true that you may stroll around in the medina, but unlike Istanbul, you’re not allowed inside the mosques; just at the patio!!

Eye in the sky,
Thanks. You’re too kind!
A great holiday season also for you!

Glad that you liked it!

For the time being I hardly have time to post, so a book would be an unforeseeable project, for the time being... ;))

Things will improve; don’t despair... ;)

Thanks. All the best!

You marvel at what I’ve seen; I marvel at what I haven’t seen yet... ;) Slightly different perspective... ;))

So good to see you back! Always love your comments!

I wonder why they were all in suits in front of the Wall’s gate... ;)

A Lady's Life said...

You mean to say Muhammads barber has his hair in the tomb with him??
HOw exciting with the new DNA discoveries and technology.
Have you gone to Muhammads tomb as well?

Trotter said...

That's what you learn from guides... I'm «selling» it as cheap as I «bought» it... ;))
No visit to other tombs... ;)