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The last hours spent in India in 2008 were dedicated to shopping and indulgence... Here are some pictures of those times, an open door to a next visit!

"STATE EMPORIA - The Complex has shops offering handicrafts and other goods of the different Indian states. Located on the Baba Kharak Singh Marg - the road leading to Connaught Circus - you'll always find something to buy, even when you don't need it..."

"KHAN MARKET - Located in the city centre, near the Lodi Gardens, the Khan is one of the more upmarket and expensive places to shop in Delhi. Popular with the diplomatic community, it offers a wide variety of stores and it is said to have also some of the best tailors in Delhi"


"THE TAJ MAHAL HOTEL - It has been named the best hotel in New Delhi. You need to see with your eyes!"


"TEEN MURTI MEMORIAL - Facing the house that hosted the first Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru, the memorial was built in memory of the Indian soldiers who perished in World War I"

"CHANAKYAPURI is a neighbourhood in Central Delhi, where most of the foreign embassies in India are located!"



"FAREWELL DINNER - At the Orient-Express, Taj Palace Hotel"


"CASPIAN SEA - Imagine the caviar... ;)"


Trotter said...

Hi Folks! After twenty posts, this is the last one of India 2008. It was a wonderful adventure, and hopefully a nice introduction to a future trip... Notwithstanding the fact that I posted some four hundred of my more than one thousand pictures of India, my traditional delay is still on one year... ;). So, now prepare yourselves for the only capital city built from zero on the 20th century... Meanwhile, enjoy Incredible India and have a great week!

Baron's Life said...

Great photos again...Surprised at how Clean Delhi looks now...also good to see real people and real cars, etc...gone are the days where evry car you saw on the road was either a new "old Style" Ambassador or a Fiat
Thanks for sharing

Maria Verivaki said...

i love the look of that food - what a feast

alicesg said...

Wow your life is so well travelled and so well spend. Your travel memories are so fantastic. It is great that technology allowed us to record these beautiful moments in blogs and share with the world. Thanks for sharing and I enjoyed these photos so much. Have a nice day and looking forward to your next trip.

A Lady's Life said...

Very beautiful shot of the Caspian Sea. I have never seen it. This is the very first time. But then all your shots are great!

Final_Transit said...

Good trip, good pictures, See you soon in India! I've been to Delhi only twice :)

lyliane six said...

Merci pour ce merveilleux voyage photographique qui m'a donné l'envie d'y aller.Vous avez du ramener des vêtements aux couleurs chatoyantes et bien sûr d'autres babioles qui ne nous servent à rien à notre retour, sauf à nous souvenir!
Le repas a l'air bon mais pas trop épicé?
Les vaches ont une bien grosse bosse, mais pas celle du travail.
Tu avais l'air très sérieux sur la photo, peut être le regret de quitter ce pays?
Bonne semaine à vous 2. Bises

Rakesh Vanamali said...


Thanks very much for some of the most splendid photographs of monuments and places in India!

I do hope that both of you enjoyed your stay and that you would visit sometime, particularly the Southern part which has a lot to offer to the eyes and the soul!

Warm Wishes & Regards


HalfCrazy said...

I have read your reply on your previous blog, of course I'm gonna give you credit, it's yours after all! :)

The street seems pretty packed with cars and shops! It's really a reminiscent of my country, and I'm not kidding! I'm sure you've been to the Philippines, I saw the countries you visited in your world map thing.

Your dessert looks really yummy! A really fine hotel indeed! I'll see it with my own eyes someday, I'm sure! :)

The Caspian Sea photo is mind-boggling LOL.

Where are you gonna go next? :P

hpy said...

The cow has good company in a crow.

hitch writer said...

Boss to just say you click brilliant photographs, just goes to show how limited my vocabulary is...

your photos are most amazing !! truly amazing !

Pietro said...

Gil, a great post again! More than one thousand pictures of India is a fantastic archive!
I like the beautiful images of the Taj Mahal Hotel and the lunch, the wonderful view of the Caspian sea and all your very interesting photographs!

Azer Mantessa said...



this is the area i'm so not good at. me and my wife argue a lot on this but years of arguments, i have myself a good solution - while wifey and the kids do the shopping, i sit somewhere play my PSP where my liverpool gets to beat all the teams of course. that's more fun.

to not allow them to say i'm good at nothing, the deal is ... i have to carry the most and the heaviest stuffs they bought.

nice pictures. am glad nothing much on shopping ... eeeuuuwww

Cutie said...

That is an indeed interesting cow. The pictures speaks for itself. I guess india is indeed a beautiful country to visit. Btw, did you get food poisoning during your trip there? I've heard people get that when they visit India.

Btw, I can't afford to travel nor afford a ferrari. =)

Ron said...

These are some wonderful pictures, I think some of the best ones of India. Your insight to it almost makes me want to visit India.

Can't wait to see the next place:)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos of India. Lots of fun to look at. Thanks for sharing with us.


b.c. said...

another great series, loved it all specially the feast and the hotel looked awesome!

Shionge said...

Love the Caspian sea and wanna thank you for all the wonderful photos of India....even if I visit India someday I might not visit as many as you...Thank you:D

P.N. Subramanian said...

Thanks for sharing the most beautiful moments you spent in our country. Come again and visit other parts as well.

Lori said...

Your photos have definitely reinforced my desire to visit India. It is filled with wonders. Thanks for sharing them with us. (But you are torturing us by showing us those yummy looking deserts!) We will look forward to photos from your next adventure!

Lakshmi said...

I always find it amusing when cows are photographed..I must say that your series of India has made me realize that its time I travel north again..maybe this summer..I do wish you could come down south as well sometime

istanbuldailyphoto said...

A great street. Explains things in a statue, but I do not understand. Greetings.

Lilli & Nevada said...

I have not been stopped by for a while so am catching up .
Love the whole trip. Thanks for the tour.

lyliane six said...

Je suis revenue prendre un peu de dessert,il y en a qui m'attirent.

Stella Bella said...

I want to go there even more now after seeing your lovely photos! :)

Have a nice day there!

Oman said...

you really showed as the different facets of india from a traveler's point of view. indian government should commend you for this because ni doubt you have encouraged us to consider india in our next travels. great job my friend.

Daniela Valdez said...

Hello Blogtrotter!

Sorry, I've been busy lately... anyway, I loved all the pics, I wish I could go to India and shop, shop shop!

Your pics are great... as always!



indicaspecies said...

Thank you for the 20 posts and for sharing your 400 pictures of India. Hope you get another opportunity to visit India. Have a nice weekend Gil.

Dawning One said...

love the entrance doors to the Portugese embassy, simply stunning!I noticed all the very new cars lining the streets where you were shopping Gil, quite different from what I expected.
Have a good one!

adelynne said...

The food looks SO GOOD!!! :D

bindu said...

I'm sure these pictures will make my husband (who's from Delhi) nostalgic! Where are you going to take us next??

Joy said...

Your last few hours in India were spent really well. Very interesting spots in the city. I like those wooden boxes.

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come back tomorrow!

A Pinay In England
Your Love Coach
I, Woman

Asian Traveler said...

Hey, thanks for sharing the shopping places in India. The hotel buffet offering looks deliciously yummy! :)

S-V-H said...

To be honest: I'm envy of your life style :)
Very nice shots and India is fascinating, indeed!

Thanks for your kind comment on my blog, Gil!Finally I'm able to visit your blog again - thanks to finally good connections - and sorry for the long absence! Traveling and driving sometimes almost 8 hours a day is very tiring and often I just don't feel like sitting on my laptop at all. I know it's sounds like an excuse, but it is not! :))

Sue's Daily Photography

Rhonda Hartis Smith said...

What an interesting place and the food. . . amazing. Can't wait for your next trip. Where are we going?

magiceye said...

thank you for your wonderful pictures and tour of delhi! hope to see you back soon! maybe in Mumbai?!

Jen Laceda | Milk Guides said...

Of course I never forget you! We're both Virgos and born in the year of the Ox!
I'd like to stay in the Taj Mahal Hotel. Also, I'd like to bring one of those colourful little cabinets / side tables home!

Lara said...

one can never forget about Blogtrotter - even after a hard weer's work :)! on the other hand, it's not fair to post all that wonderful food :)). but the other images for sure make the visitor dream too, even more...

Gattina said...

Beautiful pictures ! must have been a very interesting day !

My Unfinished Life said...

hi coming here after a long time.....but coincidentally, i went out shopping to khan market just yesterday!!!!
nice post on all kewl places for shopping and eating out in delhi!!!

Chuckeroon said...

So, you try to tempt me with shots of fine dinners!

Greetings as always, Trotter

P.S. a few nice glimpses of Mrs Trotter in the shiny black leather (or is it silk?)

lv2scpbk said...

We just watched the movie "Slumdog Millionaire" last night. Some of the pictures you posted looks like maybe it is as crowded there as the movie shows with the houses being really close together.

That (Name?) cow looks huge.

You're food looks good.

Daniel Chérouvrier said...

Les charmes de l'Orient !
Mieux vaut qu'il ne soit pas éternel trop tôt pour nous .

Anonymous said...

It's about time we went shopping. :)

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I could never forget blogtrotter, Gil! I enjoy all the journeys you take.

The buffet lunch looks so delicious and the Caspian Sea phot for the sirplane is amazing!

Ash said...

Wonderful photos, Gil! And fantastic series. I truly enjoyed every single image!

Tinsie said...

That food looks utterly delicious!

P.S. The Taj Mahal photos in the previous post look pretty good too ;-)

Nikon said...

Great photos, Gil, I love the shots of the food :-) Looks delicious!

Trotter said...

Hi everybody! So, India 2008 is over and, with the traditional one year delay, we are heading to Brasilia... But one day we’ll get back to India: the rest of Rajasthan, Goa and Mumbai, at least, can’t be dropped down... Time is needed! ;)
Thanks for your visits and comments!

There are many new cars in India now. Aravind Adiga’s «The White Tiger» also talks about that... ;). But now, with the new cheap Tata it’s going to be amazing...

You’re welcome to next time there... ;)

Alice SG,
I’m glad that enjoy the tours at Blogtrotter. You’re one of the reasons to keep this blog «trotting»; and, according to McAfee’s Site Advisor report, there aren’t so many... ;)

You probably haven’t «seen», but I’m sure you had already «eaten» a bit of its salt; at least on the famous sturgeon’s eggs they used to sell from there... ;))

Twice? OK; I’ve been there twice also, but just because I went to Agra and Jaipur before returning to Delhi... ;)
Thanks for the comment!

Je ne suis pas trop acheteur... et Guida non plus; mais elle a quand même ramené quelques machins… Comme souvenir, on n’a acheté qu’un petit Ganesh en argent… Joli! ;))
Le repas n’était pas trop épicé; mais dis-donc, comment est-ce qu’on va faire en Inde sans les épices? ;)). Ah, et les desserts… ;)
L’heure du départ (ça veut dire du retour chez soi et au travail) est toujours un petit peu regrettable! ;))

Thanks! We would love to get to the Southern part also! For the time being, we would be glad to simply return and see some more… But I must confess that the Forts and Palaces in Rajasthan are still on my priority list… ;))

Lovely! I get the credits… ;). I was in Philippine, but only in Manila; mostly working… And I arrived just after a typhoon has stormed, with much of the city flooded… Not the best of the experiences… ;). But one day I’ll get back… Also to see the beaches and the countryside. Hopefully!! Amazing Caspian; great for the caviar… ;)) Now, Brasilia is waiting for you at the next post!

That cow is fat and rich; lives in Chanakyapuri, near the American (and the Portuguese) Embassy… ;))

Hitch Writer,
Thanks! The photos aren’t that brilliant, but I try my best… ;)). Anyhow, the best is that you actually enjoy them!!

I should have taken more than 1500 pictures on those ten days; deleted more than two hundred and kept 1278… ;)) Can’t imagine if I had a full month to travel around… ;))
The Caspian Sea and the amazing bit of land (either Turkmenistan or Kazakhstan) came out pretty well; however, there was no caviar… ;))

Shopping isn’t my treat either; unless we get to a gourmet store: there I can stay for ages… ;)) Anyhow, anything would be preferable to seeing the reds win[n]ing… ;). The best would be to see Raffa defeated, that’s true… ;))
I know those «Sherpa» duties quite well… ;))

So, preparing to the Great Event without a Ferrari? Amazing… lol!
No food poisoning; but I took some precautions and I’m used to that kind of food; one of my favourite restaurants in Lisbon is a Goan restaurant… ;)

Why do you say almost? I’m sure you would love it! And they have cricket, a sport that is even more obscure than baseball… ;))
The next destination is closer to where you live: Brasilia!

Travelling around involves always a lot of fun; at least for me… ;)

I don’t know where did you find the feast, but I join it… ;)

You’re so close… I’m sure you will! I’m glad you enjoyed the tour!

I wish I could make it again soon… But I’m sure that one day I will get back to your beautiful country!!

It would make sense to plan a trip to India… And with the hotels they have there, you would find rather modest the desserts I show… ;))

I found that cow quite different… Probably because of living in Chanakyapuri, it looked pretty well: fat and clean… ;). Amazing!!
I know you travel in every season, but for me it would be quite hard to travel to India in summer… ;)). I’ll try to get South… My friends were in Bangalore while we were in Rajasthan…

You don’t understand and I don’t understand either… ;)

Great to see you back here and commenting! It was a tour, the Indian one: twenty one posts! Hope you enjoy; but the Taj deserves a special mention… ;))

OK! Take hubby and fly… You’ll land in a wonderful place!! Contrasting, shocking, but wonderful… ;)

It took me a long time to get there, but I’m running the risk of getting addicted to it… ;) It’s amazing, because it has been medically described in «Les Fous de L’Inde» («Crazy about India»)… ;)). I think you should seriously consider the possibility, though I understand that the wonderful travelling you’re doing in the Philippines must take you a lot of time…

OK! Shop, shop and shop, but at least stop a bit at the Taj and drop a comment there… ;)). xoxo

Thanks. My pleasure to share the pictures, as for the emotions it’s much harder…
I’ll get back to India, I’m sure; and then I’ll ask your advice again! Thanks!

Dawning One,
That Khan Market is also different from what one would expect; but, it’s also not quite like a traditional shopping mall… ;). The door was actually somehow different, thus the picture!

Please come in and make yourself comfortable. It’s all yours… ;))

There are many interesting places in Delhi. An amazing experience! Hope your husband enjoyed!

Those wooden boxes caught my eyes; I would love to bring them home, but it was hard to carry… ;))

Asian Traveler,
Truly yummy! A treat!! ;)

Come on Sue: you leave everything and put yourself on the road for a months-long tour and you say you envy my lifestyle? What should I say? ;))
Driving eight hours a day is far from being interesting, even if the environment is superb… That’s why I prefer cruising: they «drive» us while we sleep, and the hotel room comes together… ;))

We’re heading to Brasilia!!!

I would love to get to Mumbai, at least on the way to Goa… ;) I’ll make it one day! Promise!

Virgo and the year of the OX? That’s our year now!! The difference is that I conclude the first cycle of the Chinese calendar; and it’s too difficult to complete a second one… ;))

Wonderful food? OK, just take the tram, stop by the Imperial Hotel at Schwarzenberg Platz, enter the restaurant of the Hotel and have a slice of the Imperial Torte… No, it’s not a dream! Save one for me, please… ;))

It’s always interesting when you’re travelling abroad… ;))

Shooting Star,
Great to see you back here! Amazing that you had been at Khan Market just before coming here…

Temptations are everywhere! It’s leather… ;)

Slumdog is a great movie and the Taj scene is a great laugh; poor tourists… ;).
That cow lives in Chanakyapuri, the diplomats’ quarter in Delhi; no wonder the look… ;)

«Les charmes d’orient» à Paris, «des méthodes traditionnelles adaptés aux femmes modernes»: «L'épilation orientale à la pâte de miel, Les vapeurs et les rituels du hammam, Des massages aux huiles parfumées»… ;)

I knew you would love this part of the trip… ;)

The buffet was great, but I’m afraid they forgot to bring the caviar from the Caspian Sea… ;)

Thanks! You’re the expert and you’re saying it!!

I knew you would love the Taj!! Not to mention the food… ;)

You’re welcome to try it… ;)