Tuesday, March 17, 2009



After a road trip in India one definitely needs some rest... and there are some excellent (to say the least) hotels where that can happen. Booking at the last minute has some disadvantages, so the Oberoi Amarvilas was full; but the Jaypee Palace wasn't bad at all...















Anonymous said...

Hi everybody! After a road trip you usually need some rest; but after a road trip in India, you certainly need a great relaxation programme… ;) That’s what we got on our arrival to Agra, coming closer to the climax of our first visit to India... ;) Enjoy!

hpy said...

Except for the monkeys - I didn't notice any - it seems to be a quite nice hotel.

Olivier said...

un jardin de reve et magnifique

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Great pictures Gil.... the Jaypee was in the news in 2001 when the Indo-Pak Agra summit took place!

Miss Kim said...

I just recieved an invitation from my friend in India to come for a visit. You're definitely helping me make the decision!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful hotel. Nice place to rest up for a long day at the Taj Mahal. Beat the crowds by going in the morning.

alok said...

I am truly enjoying all your photographs posted here and now seriously thinking for going on for a long vacation :)

You have a wonderful week ahead.

Cergie said...

Lorsqu'on voyage et visite ce qui compte est d'être le plus souvent possible dehors à visiter. Cependant un repos, comme tu le dis si bien, s'avère à la longue nécessaire. On finit sinon par "saturer". Alors il est agréable de disposer d'espace. C'est l'espace le plus grand luxe : dans la chambre, dans les lieux communs et les vastes jardins exotiques bien entretenus avec jeux d'eau.
Tout ceci est très dépaysant et agréable, même s'il faut savoir se satisfaire de peu ; car je n'ai pas ce luxe chez moi à la maison, et j'imagine que toi non plus...

Jen Laceda | Milk Guides said...

What a great looking hotel! So jealous. I'm back from Israel now. So sad to be back home, as I already miss Israel!

MedaM said...

Great post, Gil! I enjoyed as usual. Last night I also enjoyed looking at wonderful photos of your previous post and I could bet I posted my comment on it but I was surprise when I noticed that it is failed. :-( I have to say that I like Jama Masjid mosque and all other interesting buildings and its architecture.

Emery Roth said...

It really is good to see that you occasionally vacation from all that vacationing. this certainly seems like a relaxing place for the kind of pampering one can't get while vacationing. Lovely shots.

Ron said...

Wow, fantastic. That place looks like a palace. I would love to stay there.

Happy St. Patty's Day:)

Rhonda Hartis Smith said...

Oh my gosh, I wouldn't want to leave, it's so beautiful. I wish I had seen a cute little monkey!

Thérèse said...

Have you seen any monkey? lol
It looks so quiet and so luxurious.
What a contrast between palaces and the rest of the country.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this place, I have been resting there now a while and enjoyed very much :)
I think, our hotels in China will not be as beautiful, but I will show them in May after our trip.
Greetings from very snowy Joensuu, we going to a spring anyway, but so slowly, so slowly!

Have a nice Wednesday, Gil!

P.N. Subramanian said...

Beautiful hotel, interiors as well as surroundings. Hope you had a good rest. Thanks for sharing.

Azer Mantessa said...

well i'm the monkey who is stealing some of the nice pictures ,,, hahaha

lv2scpbk said...

That looks like a beautiful place. I'd love to take a walk in the gardens.

lyliane six said...

Merci pour la bonne et confortable adresse, je la retiens, ça a l'air vraiment reposant.

bindu said...

Glad you had a nice time.

Tinsie said...

WOW! That's an amazing hotel! I love the sign about the monkeys :-)

Anonymous said...

Inside it looks like a very good European hotel. But unfortunately we have no monkeys ;-))

Baron's Life said...

How would you have the courage to leave such a splendid place... Looks like a castle in a dream world.
Well done and thanks for sharing

SusuPetal said...

Monkeys around! That was funny!
Looks like a beautiful place, I'd like to rest there, too!

Femin Susan said...

Wow, fantastic. That place looks like a palace. Thanks for sharing......

Light and Voices said...

Wonderful tour of Jaypee Hotel and gardens! Lovely photographs.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Such elegant views!!! Sorry for missing out on the fun! I transferred to a new home and it was not easy doing so :) visit www.viennadaily.gmirage.com

Dsole said...

yep, it shouldn't be hard to relax yourself in that atmosphere!! :)

alicesg said...

Hi trotter, sorry for not visiting been so busy over here. I have lots of blogs to catch up...lol.

Love the photos you show.

I like the hotel room, each time I travelled I really like to be pamper with nice bed so that I can have a nice sleep after all the sightseeing. :)

Cergie said...

Bonjour Gil, je vais au message que j'ai déjà commenté lors de mon dernier passage ; je descends les photos, j'ouvre pour voir ta réponse : rien, wallou !

Alors je remonte tes photos, et je vois que C'EST ton dernier message !
Bon, je te fais juste un coucou alors, et te souhaite une belle journée de printemps.

Anonymous said...

Love.. the artwork... Was enjoying seeing India through your eyes (or rather lens).. Lovely!! Thanks for such amazing pictures.. and such a lovely post!!

Chuckeroon said...

Me? Tired of India? Not when there are "monkeys around - lock your room" !

hitch writer said...

Lovely collection !!!! superb place this... need to check it out... great pics all around...

Anonymous said...

Ah yes! I could easily enjoy that hotel and that "Monkeys Around" sign is priceless. Hi Gil, today is the first day of Spring but the temperatures are a bit cool for spring clothes yet. I did have to put a colorful jacket on though before I head out the door to remind that it is indeed Spring time. I wish you and yours a fabulous weekend.

Venksh said...

Gil, wow awesome picture's again... OMG ur India tour post is coming to end.. all the time ur post n pictures reminded us that India is really beautiful though it may be crowed at city side, Gil take time come again to India bcos u still hav't gone to the interior of it, if can come check out the south side like Tamilnadu, Kerala, west side, Mumbai the happening place in India then Goa n much more.


eye in the sky said...

its a beautiful place, looks very relaxing...

Lori said...

What an amazing hotel. I see you had a bottle of wine there at the ready in your room! We are lucky that you show us such amazing sights because most of us will never make it there. I envy you all your great trips!

Pietro Brosio said...

Gil, you're so right: after your road trip in India some rest was necessary. The hotel you well illustrate in this post is really beautiful and your photographs are splendid (as all your photographs). The gardens are enjoyable as well as the rooms and the pieces of art.
Sometimes I am a bit late in the blogs because not always I can have a fast connection! When I am on 54K it's not the maximum!...
Have a great weekend!

Stella Bella said...

The room is very nice and big! :D

RuneE said...

Hotels?? Palaces!!

I especially enjoyed those two last photos - gave a special atmosphere.

Joy said...

That sunset is beautiful. The garden and the pool would make anyone stay at that hotel indefinitely.

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come back tomorrow!

A Pinay In England
Your Love Coach
I, Woman

Indrani said...

Great tour, GIL.
The night shots have come out well.

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

I just got back from India and was very happy for two things while I was in Agra - celebrating the Holi Festival and viewing the Taj Mahal during a full moon.

LuLo Designs/Blue Eyed Tango said...

Thanks for stopping by and the kind comments. This is absolutely gorgeous! Wonderful photos! Maybe someday I'll get to visit.

HalfCrazy said...

Ooh, I like that little.. what do you call that? I know for sure it's not a pool hahaha! I like the room. It's kind of cramped but still fresh and majestic looking.

The hotel seemed more like a place for a Royal family LOL.

Gattina said...

I would have left my door open and clothes outside, just to see the monkey, lol !
I just read a post about Warli art and it looks exactly like the art work you showed on this door ?
Have a look at this blog http://isharethese.blogspot.com/ it is Indrani, an Indian, who visits me often and shows beautiful things in India.

kuanyin333 said...

I really don't know how you find the time to travel AND leave comments on so many blogs. Are you sure there's not TWO of you? :-)

Enjoyed your beautiful photos!

Bibiana said...

Thank you for the well wishes on my Birthday Gil and nope, me never get tire of your road trip and all the many wonderful photos :D

I must check out Jaypee Palace, so luxurious and I saw a bottle of wine there in the room, a compliment from the hotel?

The corridor is so spacious and grand, what a great place to rest :D

Have a nice weekend Gil.

Bibiana said...

Hey Girl..Bibi is my daughter, no sure why it was her profile. :D

So Shiok
Betty (Shionge)

Lara said...

fantastic! a place indeed to indulge yourself... But the story with the monkeys is really serious, I see... :). Thanks for visiting my page - as always it's great to visit yours!

Anonymous said...

Glad you liked the hotel. The photos are as usual good.

Dina said...

Luxury, all right! The monkey sign is so funny.

Anonymous said...

Hi Folks! With so many people from whom it’s so hard to get a single word out of their computers, I think that those who take their time to comment deserve a great homage! As I’m no good on producing awards, consider yourselves all awarded with the best I can imagine: Gratitude!! Thanks!

It would have been much nicer with the monkeys… ;))

Les jardins étaient magnifiques, mais l’hôtel lui-même était superbe ! Bien sûr l’Oberoi, avec la vue vers le Taj, est imbattable, sauf qu’il faut réserver bien en avance…;)

OK! So it became famous again in February 2008, though the Press didn’t notice… ;))

Don’t miss the chance; it’s a must and you’ll always regret shouldn’t you profit from that superb opportunity… I’m serious, for once…

It’s difficult to beat the crowds at the Taj: it’s either the crowds or the mist… ;))
Next time I’ll book a room with a direct view to the Taj at the Oberoi (it was full last year), and then, from the balcony, there is no need to beat the crowds… ;))

If you have a chance to take a long vacation, don’t take a short like ours… ;))

C’est vrai que quand on voyage on le fait (je le fais…) pour découvrir… mais quelquefois, comme on doit quand même se reposer un peu, profiter le luxe d’un hôtel n’est pas déraisonnable, en plus parce que, tout de même, on le paie… ;))
Excuse le prêchi-prêcha de Blogtrotter; j’avais oublié que tu avais déjà été là… ;))

It’s always a bit disturbing to be back… At least it’s how I feel; always a better trip on the way out than on the way in… ;))

There are always some unbelievable idiosyncrasies at Blogger, so no wonder your comment vanished… ;)) The Jama Mashid at Fatehpur Sikri is awesome!

Vacation from vacationing? What a fabulous concept… Unfortunately, it’s usually linked to hard work, except when you’re pampering yourself at a great hotel… ;))

They call it Palace, but there are others much more palatial than this one… ;)

I haven’t seen any monkey at the hotel, but I think they warn just in case… Imagine some American jeans just gone for the fun of the little apes and the client suing the hotel for damages… ;))

As you may have learned from the answer to Rhonda, I haven’t seen any monkey around; at least those usually named «monkeys»… ;))
There are differences everywhere: palaces and slums…

Wow! Great to see you back!!
There are some fantastic hotels in China: just a question of choice… and renminbi… ;)). Hope your spring is already in… ;)

Not much time to enjoy the hotel, as we wanted to see the rest, but at least we had a nice night rest there… ;)

I thought those monkeys were stealing only bananas… ;)

That’s true that the gardens occupied lots of space; it even seems there is no space problem in the subcontinent… ;)

Je t’ai passé un petit programme pour une partie du Rajasthan par email; j’espère que ça te sera utile… ;)

Not only at the hotel…

See, never had such a sign in Greece… ;((

The excellent hotels in the Orient have no comparison with the excellent European hotels; they are much better… Trust me!!!

It’s hard to leave the nice places you visit; unless you believe you’re moving to an even better place… ;) Hope is the last thing to fade… ;))

Must confess that the only place where I’ve seen monkeys (little ones…) around wasn’t a hotel, but the house of the Portuguese Consulate in Rio de Janeiro… Close to what remains from the Atlantic forest in the city… ;))

In some way it is a palace… ;)

Glad that you have taken the tour and enjoyed… ;)

Hope you’re enjoying the new home! And the coming Viennese spring!!

I suspect you would enjoy it… ;))

Alice SG,
Girl with good taste, that’s what you are… ;) Who doesn’t like to pamper oneself? Great mistake not to do it… ;))

You’re welcome! Where are you living? Thought you could be there, but now it seems it could be Dubai…

I think you «can’t» be tired of India… ;)). Anyhow, the monkeys wouldn’t be the only reason for that… ;)

Hitch writer,
Thanks for your first comment on my blog! It’s a great place to stay, indeed; but there are better ones… ;))

Sooner or later that warm weather is going to make its appearance and your jacket will no longer be needed until the next autumn, that’s life… ;)
Meanwhile, we should enjoy the good things of life, like the porter at a hotel on Rodeo Drive, LA, once told to us, referring to automatic (I mean not manual gear…) cars… ;))

I know I have so many things still to see in India… and elsewhere! It definitely isn’t such a small world… ;)

Take note; but if you can afford, try the Oberoi, a room with a view to the Taj, on a full moon night; book some months in advance… ;))

Complimentary wine, cookies, fruit and water… Monkeys also, but it seems they had taken the day off… ;))

Thanks! You’re too kind! But when it comes to photos, I just look at yours!!!
Broad band should be easier available; sometimes it takes ages to download! But just imagine how things were 30 years ago. Nothing!!! ;))

Large enough for you and hubby… ;))

Sunsets are ok, but my night shots are always a nightmare… ;)) One day I’ll learn… ;)

Indefinitely, I don’t know, but let’s admit that some days of rest would be fine!! ;)

For the first time it seems that night shot wasn’t entirely awful… ;))

Blue Eyed,
Thanks for your visit and comment! Though I’m more urban than countryside, loved to see your horses!! As for India, just start packing… ;))

Thanks for your visit and comment; but that hotel is far from any royal family I think… ;))

I use to visit Indrani’s blog; actually she also made a trip to Rajasthan and is posting on some of the same places on her blog!! Amazing pictures!!
I think you might have had incredible surprises, should the monkeys arrive… ;))

Not so much travel; India was in 2008… and not for long; just the Golden Triangle!! Blogging? Basically on weekends; sometimes at night; once in a while a short mid-week break… Finally, no Second Life here… ;))

How did you transmute to Bibiana is still a mystery… ;))
They were nice to have the wine, the cookies, the fruit and the water in the room as a compliment… Good guests… ;))

I’m not so sure whether the monkeys are actually around or whether the warning is just a marketing way to create some «suspense» in the neighbourhood… ;)

Of course, I liked the hotel… but my choice was the Oberoi… ;)

Luxury quantum baste… ;))

Unknown said...

Beautiful! I can stay there forever :D

Anonymous said...

You're not that far; start packing... ;))

ananya chatterjee said...

it was nice to revisit my country thru ur eyes

Trotter said...

Thanks for your visit and comment. My pleasure to make you re-visit your country!!

pat said...

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Trotter said...

Hi! Great to read you here! Keep coming and commenting...
I'll check your blog! Have a gret week!

Anonymous said...
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Trotter said...

Sorry, no commercial ads here...