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Reykjavík, at 64°08' latitude north, is the world's most northern national capital. Located in south-western Iceland, on the southern shore of Faxaflói Bay, it has a population of around 120,000 residents and receives around 100,000 visitors for the Reykjavik Cultural Night. No wonder the town was quite busy on August 23rd, 2008. But neither Björk nor Gudjohnsen were there...

"RADISSON 1919 - The Suite 406 was nice, had a Nespresso machine and a decent view. It looked much cosier after the down pouring we caught to get to the hotel from across the closed to the traffic street (due to the marathon restrictions)..."

"ICELANDIC TROLL - I wonder who destroyed part of the sword"


"LAUGAVEGUR - Notwithstanding the rain, the main shopping street was quite busy"

"TOURIST OFFICE - There was an Exchange Office where you could get some one hundred kroner per one euro; less than two months later, the rate of exchange reached more than three hundred kroner per each euro..."






"SUN CRAFT - The Sun Voyager, a.k.a. the Viking ship, is a sculpture by Jon Gunnar Arnason, an Icelandic artist born in 1931 and deceased in 1989"

"BAR - Another one..."

"CHRISTIAN IX - Europe's Father-In-Law, as his six children married into other royal houses"


"THE PEARL RESTAURANT - At the top of the Perlan building, a landmark in Reykjavik, there is a revolving restaurant. The view is nice, but the prices were suffering from an inflated Icelandic krone: one hundred and eighty euro for two, without any special wine..."

"HALLGRIMSKIRKJA - At sunset, in the rain"


Trotter said...

Hi Everybody! Reykjavik won’t probably be your first choice for a late August trip; but it has some interesting sites to see and its nightlife is famous... Hope you enjoy and have a great weekend!

Unknown said...

I think you have a nice blog, beatiful photos and smart posts.I'm wating your visit.

Louise said...

I've never dined in "The Pearl" but I've been there to get pictures of the indoor geyser. I just love these Iceland posts because they are so familiar! (Next to India, they may be my favorite... but that's just because of my own experience.) I never saw so many English words or bright banners and posters in all my travels there. I wonder what happened to their disdain of things American and bright?

Sorry you had so much rain. You should have invited me. I bring weather CHANGE. (So never take me someplace with notably good weather!)

Love seeing Reykjavik through someone else's eyes!

alicesg said...

Wow the town looked so lovely and clean. I would love to stay in here.

Dina said...

I always wanted to see Iceland, so thanks for this tour.
When I moved to Israel in 1968 I took Icelandic Airlines (the cheapest then) from NYC to Europe. We landed first in Reykjavik and from the air the airport looked bare and rocky as the moon.

Hey, that is a giant "Viking" posing with your wife!

SusuPetal said...

That wall cover is interesting. I'm so used with rain here in Finland that Iceland could feel like home :)

diane b said...

Thank you for the colourful tour of the city. I didn't get wet or cold or get out of pocket. The buildings look well cared for and colourful. This is a great way to travel.

Azer Mantessa said...

"but the prices were suffering from an inflated Icelandic krone: one hundred and eighty euro for two, without any special wine..."

but having dinner with the love one at The Pearl Restaurant (mind you) ... that's priceless :-)

that's not me ... my wife wrote it

it's quite unfortunate. i think the price should be like 60 euro judging from the infated rate which is by any international standard ... very acceptable.

fortunately, should i was there, it will be a good excuse for me to say something like ...

oh honey, the price is expensive, let's dine somewhere else cheaper.

i do this all the time (crisis or no crisis)

Kcalpesh said...

REYKJAVIK? Wow, I must be blessed that I'm following your blog. Again a place I'd never heard of before. Thanks for sharing all the information and pictures. I'd some how only heard about the Sun Voyager. I'd seen a picture but had no idea that it was this place called REYKJAVIK. Had no chance to shoot the Sun Voyager closely?

CARUSO RESTAURANT and OLD HOUSE, WHITE are two nicely built structures.. I really loved to see this place!!

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Marvelous pictures as always! Like I say, always, these are my window to a world that I probably never will see!

Thanks so much for sharing them!

Irina said...

I'm afraid Reykjavik is not my choice - I've got enough of cold here in Moscow! :)

City views are excellent, though. I like the bottom, blurry, photo very much.

Jen Laceda | Milk Guides said...

Are the houses there made of just siding--aluminum or vinyl, I suppose? Oh, it just looked like their 'old' houses were all of painted sidings. They must spend a lot of money on insulation and vapor-proofing :) Just a thing or 2 I've learned from our 22-month-long home renovation (which is not even close to finished yet--seeking a contract lawyer in Toronto--know anyone?)

leo said...

i love the buildings! wall cover is my favourite. that's a very xpensive dinner :( but both of you look happy n handsome in the pic ;)

Thérèse said...

For Excalibur it's probably a reincarnated Arthur but it doesn't work the same way anymore I presume.

Maria Verivaki said...

too wet for my liking, but i have always loved rainy weather, just not to travel in it!

bindu said...

wow - is there a place you haven't been to?! Love your posts on Iceland. We had planned a hiking vacation in Iceland last year, but it didn't work out. So your photos are very interesting to me. Maybe we will get to go some time.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

REYKJAVIK looks like a colorful, clean and picturesque city, Gil. That dinner was so expensive, but I've seen the same in Manhattan.
Nice photo of you and the Mrs!

[G@ttoGiallo] said...

Magnifique ! même si j'ai plutôt envie de pays chauds, en ce moment...

Ron said...

Great post:) I love the architecture there.

Wow, for that price of food, there should be a man there cutting your food and feeding you,:)

Mariposa said...

the troll is so cute!

Shawna said...

Wow! What a beautiful place! The weather looks like it could use some cheering up, though.

Shawna's Study Abroad

Chuckeroon said...

'morning, Trotter!

We're a bit ahead of ourselves. The w/e hasn't quite started. I've often looked back at the '70s -90s "revivals" and this time I suddenly sense subtle change. Too long to document here, but I'm tasting it; along with the expensive dinner a deux and the rainy window shot. I'll close with that thought.

Olivier said...

Superbe le "Icelandic Troll", par contre je me demande ce que représente (et le pourquoi) de tous ces portraits sur le "Wall Cover"

A Lady's Life said...

What a wonderful display of buildings and history of vikings.
I love those stories.

S-V-H said...

I'm sure Iceland is worth to travel, never made it... your report is great, Gil. Thanks for sharing.


Stella Bella said...

Nice photos! :)

I like the buildings. They look special to me.

Now I want to go to Iceland even more after seeing your photos.

Have a great weekend! :)

alice said...

I do like the light and these houses made of wood! I think you must have a strong personnality to live in such a country...

P.N. Subramanian said...

It was a thrilling experience once again. I need to remain contended with what you show.

april said...

Wonderful summer in R-Town ;-)))

rochambeau said...

Dear Trotter,
You and Mrs. Trotter have more fun, I sat! it is exciting to come along on your adventure too. Summer in REYKJAVIK looks chilly, but it's a welcome sight, considering we have 100° at the moment.

Having a blog makes a person look at the world differently, don't you think?

Have a delicious dinner tonight too!


Marie said...

Salut les Vikings ! I like the yellow house, and the red one too. The food looks yummy!

Cergie said...

La pluie et le soleil cela fait de très belles photos ; et avec le pittoresque et la mer en prime c'est magnifique.
Rien de tel qu'un bon restaurant au sommet d'un gratte-ciel : on a le temps de profiter de la vue pendant le repas. Peut-être un buffet nordique ? En tout les cas ce que tu as dans ton assiette est tout à fait appétissant.

Jurgen Huibers said...

Hi GMG, I've got some problems opening your blog with Internet Explorer. Your "Followers" widget is the cause of that. I had the same with my blog.

Neva said...

What a lovely very northerly place to visit. How beautiful it looks. Must be pretty chilly there in the winter!

Anonymous said...

So cool to travel to so many places. Your photos are enjoyable as usual.

I love the viking photos.


Emery Roth said...

I didn't expect it would look so much like New England. Yes, I continue to read how the economy of Iceland has taken an especially hard thump.

Jo's-D-Eyes said...

Hi Gil,
I LOVE!!!! the last photo and the wall-paper-photo thé most!, ....and of course "Your youngh-face and the woman/your wife?"- , I think besides the great impressions... that this place/city/countrie would not be my favorite destination to travel to. Not that your pho's are not good, it looks all too grey to me... No give me the southers countries with SUN! But thats my personal taste, I like sun-wine and beaches, , Thanks for your visit on my Netherlands blog and...

thanks for showing:)

indicaspecies said...

Reykjavik always reminds me of the Reykjavik Summit when Reagan and Gorbachev met in the 80s.
Thank you for this virtual tour of the place and the lovely pictures including that of the fine dining tourist couple.;)

Dsole said...

Gil, your travels are always so interesting? I really like the final photo of the sunset and the rain, lovely indeed. I hope you have a great week. I've just posted a new photo of maratón photoespaña contest. I wonder what you think about it!
Bye bye!

Pietro Brosio said...

Gil, this post is a very interesting tour of Reykjavík. All fantastic pictures. The "wall cover" is amazing, the town looks so clean and pleasant with its main shopping street, the old house and all the other views: I'd really like to spend some days there.
Have a nice week ahead!

magiceye said...

thank you for the wonderful virtual tour of reykjavik!

Indrani said...

Great shots! You visit the most amazing places.

eye in the sky said...

downcast, gloomy, cold... and beautiful! great photos as usual

hpy said...

I shouln't tell you but it was Mathildus Eriksdotir that broke the sword during her campaign against trolls. The troll then ate her and broke a tooth, because she was so old and hard.
The complete story about this cannot be found in the Edda, but you can read other icelandic stories in this great book.

MedaM said...

The town look beautiful. Its building are colourful and of interesting architectural style. Another beautiful and interesting post! Thanks for sharing!

Daniela Valdez said...

OMG! What an amazing place!! I wish I could visit someday!!

I hope you're parents are doing great!!



Daniela Valdez said...

OMG! What an amazing place!! I wish I could visit someday!!

I hope you're parents are doing great!!



PeterParis said...

Christian, grandfather to Nicolas II, George V, Constantin I..., but no king, queen, prince on Iceland, republic since the 40's I believe.

Obviously, from what we have seen so far, you were not too lucky with the weather ... and I guess you need luck! :-)

ßrigida ∫chmidt © Copyright said...

Wow! You are both a lovely couple. Your wifey is so lovely too :) It seems your pictures are getting more and more like a PRO SHOT.

lv2scpbk said...

Hey Trotter, I love the 2nd photo of the city. Not sure why I love the city shots but I do. Guess I just love seeing the world. And, since I can't go, I can keep looking at your wonderful photos.

Do you know what the purpose was for the face wall? Why are those faces on there?

Love the structure on the restaurant in Reykjavik.

And, your wife and you never take a bad picture do you? I never seem to get a decent photo of myself.

Trotter said...

Hi Everybody. Summer in the rain isn’t particularly interesting, but it’s probably better than summer in the office or at home, which is what happens when you have too many things to care of... Appalling predict... ;)
Thanks for your support; much appreciated!!

Thanks for your visit and first time comment here! I’ll check your blog as soon as possible! Obrigado!

The Pearl is a nice restaurant, but was a bit too expensive for its real quality... ;)
There will be quite a piece of Icelandic posts; hope you enjoy!
As for the banners and use of English, they were trying to emulate Maddof; the problem was that their financial system had the same destiny...
I use to say that I’ve a pocket sun from Portugal that usually works anytime I go abroad. Unfortunately, it worked only scarcely in Iceland... ;))

Alice SG,
Clean it was; lovely, is probably your good eyes that want to see it that way... ;))

Bare and rocky like the moon, it still looks... It seems everybody used Icelandic Airlines to fly to and from New York in the sixties: low cost «avant la lettre»... ;))
Those Vikings were big... ;)

It seems that rain is easy to catch in Scandinavia... ;))

It’s true that Internet travelling is easy and costless... But it lacks all the excitement... ;)

OK! Priceless... but we could have it also at home... ;))
60 is basically the adequate rate, as the kroner lost two thirds of its value immediately after the crisis!

I’m sure you’re not the only one who has never heard of Reykjavik! ;) But it’s amazing you heard about the Sun Voyager... No closer picture, as it was pouring when we got there... ;))

I’m happy to provide you with a window you like. Enjoy, and thanks for being a regular commentator here!!

Glad to read you back here. I understand you have enough rain and cold in Moscow, but a visit to Iceland in early June might be better than what I got in late August... ;))

The energy bill in Iceland is probably not an issue as most of it is geothermal... ;)
Don’t remember any contract lawyer in Toronto; sorry...

Too expensive I would say; and no caviar... ;))

It’s more Saga, rather than Knights of the Round Table... ;)

Yeah, not so exciting to travel under the rain; but doing the Samaria Gorge in the hot sun is also something not fairly pleasant... ;))

Hiking in Iceland must be lovely; but be prepared for the rain... ;)

Yeah, those restaurant prices look like in (top notch places) Manhattan, but we were only in Iceland... ;))

It’s not exactly our view of a summer destination, but you probably wouldn’t wish to go there in winter... ;))

There should be caviar and champagne, but we got only scallops and a glass of a regular wine, if any... ;))

But someone had damaged the sword... ;))

You need to try your luck with the weather in Iceland; this one was what we got. Nothing like the Turkish Riviera... ;))

You sense a subtle change; probably a greater change: ageing... ;). Tough isn’t it? At least I’m feeling a bit so!!

Moi aussi je me demande à quoi bon ont-ils mis tout ça dans le mur; peut-être un visiteur Islandais peut aider à trouver la réponse, mais il semble qu’il n’y as pas d’Islandais qui visitent ce blog…;))

You must love the Sagas… ;)

Iceland is amazing; a bit like some parts of Switzerland, at least the glaciers and the green…

Trotter said...

Replies, Part Two, for the benefit of Blogger!!

I’ve a feeling that you are wishing to go all over the world: wise aspiration… ;))
So, Iceland is on your list!!

They need a too strong personality; that’s probably why there are only some 300,000 living there in some 100,000 square kilometers… ;))

Thanks! Glad that you’re enjoying the trip!!

You’re pulling my leg… ;) But I’ve experienced also some great wet summers in Köln many years ago… ;))

Oh dear, 100 (that is 38º Celsius) in June is hot… ;))
That’s the wonderful new world of Blogging: you get to see things you would never expect they would come in front of you!!

Salut les Copains! Ça existe encore?
It looks yummy, but was terribly expensive... ;)

Pas exactement un gratte-ciel, je le montrerais plus tard le bâtiment Pearl; mais quand même avec une belle vue et, en plus, rotatif… ;). Pas de buffet, le soir. À la carte… ;)) et ce que tu vois ce sont des Saint-Jacques...

I moved the Followers down to the end of the side bar and it seems it works now! Hope you enjoy the posts and thanks for the help!!

Not that chilly, because is close to the water and the rests of the Gulf Stream…
How about the Indian experience at home?

I would love to travel to many other places; it’s not such a small world… ;)

A little bit more volcanic than New England, I presume… ;). It’s true that the economy suffered a lot, but it was already too late for me when the foreseeable devaluation of the Icelandic Kroner arrived… ;)

Guida, my wife thanks you for the compliments… I also prefer sun, beaches, wine, the «main holiday target of Azer», etc.… ;)) But Iceland has also its beauties to show!!

I was trying to catch a picture of the House where they met; but it was a bit outside town and I thought it wasn’t worth the detour… But on the contrary (ageing… ;)), the 1972 Fisher v. Spasski chess championship wasn’t out of my mind!!

The sunset would have been fabulous without the rain; but the water running on the glass helped the picture!! ;)
Saw your post. Great!

If you want to get there, the time is NOW! Don’t let July come to the end… ;))
Clean and pleasant, indeed, and hopefully cheaper nowadays… ;)

My pleasure!

I feel I have a lot to learn from you as far as amazing places are concerned… ;)

All that indeed; amazing!!

Mathilde? I thought it was Ingeborg or Elizabeth; and that was in the thirteenth century... ;) Edda – Poetic or Prose? Ok, one day I’ll mention the Sagas, Snorri Sturluson and the rest... ;))

I wouldn’t say beautiful, but Reykjavik is fair enough... ;)
Thanks for your co9ntinuous support!!

Start packing; August is the beginning of winter... ;))
Thanks! They’re OK, as far as that can be when two people make 180 years old together... ;)

A lot of sagas in Iceland... Actually it became formally an independent republic on June 17th, 1944!

Thanks I’m thrilled!!

Glad you liked the city photos! I’m sorry I can’t help you seeing more of the world; for almost five months I’m stuck here... ;)
No idea why they had all those pictures on the wall. Have to rely on an Icelandic visitor, but it doesn’t seem this blog has any... ;))
As for the photos, Galina, our guide in USSR in 1977, had some pictures with us then (see Revival 70s & 80s). Later she married a Portuguese, moved to Portugal, divorced, but stayed, and we had a party some months ago. She took some pictures and sent to us by email with the subject: «photogenic as always»! Kind people! You just joined the group... ;))