Sunday, August 16, 2009



"MOVIE STARS in Reykjavik's main shopping street"



"PERLAN - The Pearl, built in 1988 and open to the public in 1991, is a unique building, with six huge tanks storing natural hot water for heating the city. On the top of it, we have a dome with our known revolving restaurant and a viewing platform with panoramic 360 degree views of the city and its surroundings"

"INSIDE GEYSER - Below the dome, between the hot-water tanks, is a small artificial geyser. This picture is dedicated to Louise, who used to get up there when in Iceland..."







"INSIDE - Blue Lagoon is a Geothermal Spa, located close to Keflavik Airport. The 40º Celsius waters are rich in minerals and bathing in the Blue Lagoon is reputed to help many people suffering from skin diseases such as psoriasis"


"BLUE LAGOON is a by-product of the nearby Svartsengi power plant"

"ROCK RESTAURANT inside the complex"

"SCULPTURE - Outside Keflavik Airport"



"TAKE-OFF as landing: grey and rainy..."



Trotter said...

Hi Everybody! So, here we have a last stroll and the Blue Lagoon before getting away... The Blue Lagoon is an experience not to be missed, at any rate!! Hope you enjoy it! Have a great Sunday or, even better, a tremendous vacation!! I’ll be working... ;))

Tinsie said...

Great photos, but I have one question: are you SURE you were there in summer?!

Thérèse said...

Each picture would need explanations for itself... Incredibly rich in details: people, colors, sculptures, water, heating and so on.

Ron said...

Interesting pictures. Like the sculptures.

Voegtli said...

You give us proof that it does not have to be Thailand, Bali, Maldives and other places that are attractive to go to. Iceland is definitely a country I am going to put on my "To visit" list.

april said...

Oh, just wonderful, the Shetland Islands from above. - It must have been phantastic in the blue lagoon. have a nice Sunday, Gil.

alicesg said...

Wow the lagoon looked so pleasant and nice, and I wish I could be inside too. Very beautiful photos, you must have enjoy this trip very much.

eye in the sky said...

the lagoon's very inviting...

bindu said...

The lagoon looks dreamy. Must have been awesome to spend time there!

S-V-H said...

To see your excellent post, Gil made me wish to take a bath there too! I liked also your "reflection portraits" in the dome of both of you. Very creative!

Sue's Daily Photography

Urmi said...

Very beautiful photos.I liked it very much.I must appreciate for your wonderful photography.

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Brilliant pictures, as always! Loved the Perlan!

SusuPetal said...

Oh, I liked to swim in the Blue Lagoon!

Rhonda Hartis Smith said...

Such a beautiful place, especially the Blue Lagoon.

lyliane six said...

Le personnage au milieu des statues à vraiment plus belle allure! Le lagon bleu me rappelle mon bain à Budapest dans des eaux à 37° par moins 6° extérieur.
Encore une destination qui me tente beaucoup, Excuse mon absence, mais j'ai des soucis avec maman il fait trop chaud en ce moment, mais heureusement nous avons la climatisation dans la maison, ce qui ne l'empêche pas d'avoir de la difficulté à respirer et elle se déshydrate.
Ma sœur arrive la semaine prochaine ça me soulagera.

Rajesh said...

Each of your snaps are self explanatory. You have captured the details beautifully.

My Unfinished Life said...

quite interestng pics....and me being a shopaholic just loved the pics of the showroom having dresses n accessories...loved the architecture of iceland on the whole...!!

lv2scpbk said...

Love looking at the city and the Blue Lagoon. As usual love the city shots. Not sure what those sculptures were suppose to be. I bet that was interesting watching them shoot some film of the stars.

Sorry, I haven't visited for awhile. Alot going on in my life and was also trying to get a few groups started. We'll see how that goes. I should be visiting again more often.

Jen Laceda | Milk Guides said...

Thanks for showing us Iceland!!! You make me want to go there!!

The Blue Lagoon, I just have to see in this lifetime. And it seems like shopping is also great over there. Nice!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hi Gil
The Blue Lagoon looks very inviting. I never knew Iceland had so many wonderful sights to see! Thank you for all your wonderful photos and narrative about it, as I learned so much.

Lori said...

I have to make a trip to Iceland. Your photos have convinced me! What an amazing place to visit. I think I'd especially like the blue lagoon. I can't wait to see it in person one day.

rochambeau said...

Fab fotos Mr. and Mrs Trotter. The Blue Lagoon, the Geothermal Spa looks inciting. Does it smell of sulfur?
Especially like the boutique shots and the one of you trotter in with the sculptures.

Continue to enjoy life. Perhaps one day you will trot here to Jefferson Texas and we will meet!


Anonymous said...

Love the reflection of you and Mrs. Trotter Gil. LOL...when you said your next photos would be of the Blue Lagoon, I thought you were leaving Ireland and heading for someplace in the tropical islands....not the spa in Ireland. I always love your airplane shots. I like to take photos from way up in the sky too. ~ L

Shantanu said...

Wow! Amazing pictures. Especially of those interesting statues and the Lagoon.

Unknown said...

Hi Gil, love the reflection photo of you and wife and I'll jump into the water anytime..hope it is not too cold. Have a great week ahead.

ßrigida ∫chmidt © Copyright said...

Hi Blogtrotter! Svartsengi power plant really makes a good geothermal spa! I wish I can visit the Blue Lagoon too.

Isn't that the title of the movie Brookshield did? I wonder if you
watched that film. Blue Lagoon...

Jo's-D-Eyes said...

Hi my travelfriend ,
The sculptures are nice, even the shopswindows are great , I always like to watch shopwindows, for the fashion and food in thát countrie, You look good as a sculpture too:)

See my photo's "through my eyes"from a part of France 'The Dordogne', see you soon on blog.

JoAnn Holland

Pietro Brosio said...

Gil, the sculptures are nice, all interesting images! The wonderful pictures of the baths remind me of Abano and Montegrotto Terme where there are hot swimming pools, and one can take thermal baths outdoors in the depths of winter!
Have a great weekend!

Neva said...

You take such wonderful, crisp photos. The bath looks like a great place to be! You sure do get to see alot around the world. Thanks for stopping by to visit and leaving such nice notes.

yyam said...

As always, I have enjoyed the magnificent tour...:)

Thanks for sharing! Have a fabulous day!

Baron's Life said...

On my list of places to go...just love...your images are so vivid...they are a visual delight.
Thanks a million for sharing

Mandy said...

Oh I'd LOVE to swim in that Blue Lagoon, it looks great!

Nikon said...

Great shots, Gil - it looks like a very fascinating country!
It certainly has lots of different sights! I love the Blue Lagoon :-)

[G@ttoGiallo] said...

Simply beautiful !
Was your holidays there ?

L. Neusiedler said...

it's so nice to hear from you, and also to come visiting some other wonderful places that you post here. but I cannot come more often: I am in the middle of a studying session in Vienna, lots of work to do, lots of things to learn. I barely have time for one hour swimming every evening. but whenever I have the time, I will open the pages of my friends and read... seldom, but still visiting :)!

Gattina said...

Beautiful photos ! the first one reminds me streets in England ! and I have a picture of my son and girlfriend also sitting in this "bath" lol !

RuneE said...

I have heard much about The Blue Lagoon, and it is high on the list of my TO DO list!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous the blues all over...have a nice weekend!

Neelima Vallangi said...

Wow..i didn't know the blue lagoon was so big! It is such an interesting phenomenon.. hot waters curing people.. :)
Thanks for the wonderful post..

ג. ג. said...

Great to know your blog. I live in Iceland, hope you are having great time in my country. Contact me if you are around my town :)

Miss Kim said...

WOW Gil.... who knew there was a Blue Lagoon in Iceland?? How beautiful and tempting. I love the shot of the spa with the blue towels hanging nearby. It's really lovely.

Olivier said...

encore des paysages superbes, j'adore les sculptures et surtout les bains, cela doit etre surprenant

Kcalpesh said...

Awesome place. I loved the sculptures and the shots from the plane. Thanks for sharing and leaving comments on my blog Pixellicious Photos. :-)

Asian Traveler said...

I love the blue lagoon and the sculptures. This is definitely a trip I would consider.

By the way, I have posted a new article about the Magnificent Love River.

PeterParis said...

The blue lagoon is really something!!

Cergie said...

Totalement dépaysant, pour ne pas dire démondialisant, on se croirait sur une autre planète, un peu comme à Berlin, la mer en plus (le blue lagon sous le soleil méritait d'être souligné)
Tout à fait étonnant aussi le dôme aus dessus des réservoir d'eau. Quant aux thermes, je m'y prélasserais bien des heures. Mais ensuite ne serais-je pas trop ramollie ?

hpy said...

Isn't 40 Celsius a little hot for a bath? You tried it, didn't you?

Venksh said...

Hey Gil,
Nice awesome picx... I didn't knew that u have sculpture that to in Iceland... the reflection pic is very nice n natural...
wow Blue Lagoon seems really amazing u might hav had good time out there taking bath...


Light and Voices said...

I really liked the last shot from the air. Earth looks so different from the sky.

Emery Roth said...

OK, what's the story behind those lighted cod?

Dick said...

Great views, I like the sculptures, it was hard to pick you out, lol.

Wow Gold said...

wow ! what a blog

Trotter said...

Hi everybody! Thanks for keeping commenting even while my busy schedule doesn’t allow me either to reply or to visit your blogs! Much appreciated!!

It was summer; summer in Iceland looks similar to that summer in England you use to enjoy! ;))

It’s true that if time wasn’t at a premium, those pictures would probably deserve some more condiment on them; but life is as it is and there is only a possibility to drop a subtitle in most of them... ;)

There is a living sculpture somewhere around; funny enough I hope!! ;) Glad that you enjoyed!!

It’s absolutely true that there are many fabulous spots just around the corner. Next year, when my delay in posting will bring me to September 2009, I’ll show you some beauties just close to us. It’s truly amazing... ;))

The Shetland could be in the Caribbean and no one would notice the difference; but there is another Caribbean just close to us in Europe... ;)). The Blue Lagoon was simply spectacular!!

Alice SG,
That’s a great place to get inside; and warm when it’s cold outside... ;) That was a great trip indeed!!

Time for you to start packing! The rule number one must be; never resist a temptation... ;))

That was a great experience; and you can make it in a regular way (less expensive) or in an exclusive way (much more expensive, but full of privacy and pampering...)!

I’m sure you would love the Blue Lagoon experience; and further to the bath, there is a long list of beauty products around... ;))
Thanks for the acknowledgement on the reflection!!

I’m flattered, but actually I don’t think the pictures deserve such a great compliment...

The Perlan benefited from the few glimpses of sun we got in Reykjavik on that late summer...

Can imagine you, used to dive into cold waters after a sauna, entering the warm waters of the Blue Lagoon: surely to enjoy!! ;))

The place is beautiful indeed, but you have to adjust your concept of beauty to something a bit rougher than usually... ;)

Ah, mais c’est pareil: les Bains à Budapest et le Lagoon à Reykjavik. Et c’est magnifique aussi! J’espère que ça va mieux avec ta maman; mes soucis sont aussi grands, car il y aura 180 ans en octobre à la maison de mes parents…

Thanks! It’s quite different from the views one may catch in India, but it’s also an interesting adventure!!

Shooting Star,
The whole Scandinavia is noted for the quality of their design, so I would imagine you getting bankrupt, much before Iceland itself, strolling around the streets of Reykjavik… ;))

Hope things have developed well and calmed down a little bit in your busy life!! The sculptures are also an intriguing feature for me...

This year is probably already too cold to get there; except for someone used to the delights of a winter in Toronto... ;)) Hope things are getting better with your Canadian troubles!!

Iceland is small but a true gem!! The weather however is fr from being inviting, at least for my southern Europe taste... ;)

You better start planning, but let next summer arrive and, early July 2010, find a nice flight and jump there!!

Not particularly, as far as I remember the smell... I’ve never been to Texas, but should it happen, I won’t forget Jefferson; it would be interesting to make a bloggers party there!!

So you were thinking of Brooke Shields and the turquoise waters of the Fiji Islands, but this Icelandic Blue Lagoon is a different matter... ;))

Trotter said...

Those statues, including the living one, are a bit weird to say the least; no explanation on the subject, however... ;))

You may jump as soon as you like; the temperature is almost 40º centigrade, warm enough even in the coldest winter day... ;))

I’m sure you’ll visit when you wish. It seems you’re able to fulfil all the wishes you have. Lucky girl... I saw that 1980 film with Brooke Shield; it seems everybody saw it those days... ;))

Glad to see you back on track! Love to see your travelogues and will catch up as soon as possible!!
Thanks for the compliment, but this round figure on my age is making it a bit depressive... ;))

Abano and Montegrotto: those are two spots I’ve to include in my least. Notwithstanding my many times in Italy, I had never heard of them, I think... ;)). Thanks for the hint!!

It’s always a great pleasure to land at your blog; unfortunately it doesn’t occur as often as I would like!! Blue Lagoon is amazing…

My pleasure! Thrilled to learn you loved it!!

It’s great fun to put create posts that make people happy to see! I’m glad you enjoyed the Icelandic tour…

It’s excellent! I wouldn’t mind to have such a Blue Flag beach just close by; it would make an excellent winter alternative… ;)

Fascinating country is quite appropriate as a description for Iceland; you would love to be there…

No, I didn’t make my holidays in Iceland in 2008. Just a short break of a long weekend around Reykjavik Cultural Night!!

Thanks for taking your time to get here and post such a lovely comment; I understand you quite well, as sometimes I don’t even have time to walk one hour in the evening; forget the swimming… ;))

You’re right: the first picture could be a Portobello Road shot… It seems that everybody that goes to Iceland takes a picture inside the Blue Lagoon; no wonder, it’s stunning… ;))

You’re quite close to get there: an easy two hour flight… So you had better start packing… ;))

Thanks! The blues are always amazing!!

Wandering Soul,
It’s huge and it could be much bigger if they used the area outside the club precinct… As for the cure one has to see to believe, but at least «Fama est…» like the Romans would say in Latin language… ;))

Unfortunately I was in Iceland in 2008. That’s the problem of my delay in posting… But if I get back there, I’ll get in touch! Thanks!

There are many Blue Lagoons, it seems… At least I’ve seen another one in the Fiji Islands, but that was Brooke Shields territory. Lovely… ;))

C’est vrai que les bains sont superbes; mais l’idée d’avoir une plage drapeau bleu au milieu d’un paysage volcanique et sans mer ou fleuve à coté est un peu bouleversante… ;))

My pleasure to comment on your blog. Shame that sometimes it takes too long to get there… My problem!! Shots from the plane are my treat… ;))

Asian Traveller,
This isn’t the Blue Lagoon most people are used to, but still is a wonderful spot… ;) I’ll try to check your posts asap!!

Time to reconsider a trip north rather than making it always to the Camargue, Provence, Côte d’Azur… ;))

Quelques fois les paysages d’Islande semblent un peu lunatiques; je ne sais pas si ça se doit à l’Islande ou à nos yeux… Berlin ? J’aimerais y retourner un de ces jours, mais en été j’entends toujours dire:«on doit aller à la plage»; et, hors été, c’est toujours «trop froid», «trop pluvieux…» Difficile… ;)) Les thermes, c’est bien, car dehors la température ne te laisse pas alanguir… ;))

It comes out at around 40º centigrade, it seems, but it must cool down a bit in contact with the outside cold… ;)). Anyhow, it’s a great bath!!

Trotter said...

Third part due to Blogger's restrictions; they would have better avoiding these Wow Spams... :))

I notice now that I didn’t get paid to perform in that sculpture event… Have to call those guys back… ;)). Blue Lagoon, anywhere, is always a great time. Guaranteed!! ;))

I adore taking pictures from aircrafts; shame that most of the times the windows are dirty enough to make them quite disastrous… ;)) But the sea is always a great wonder!!!

I don’t know why they lighted the cod, but for us Portuguese - whose national dish is made out of dried cod fish (Portugal is the most important importer of Norwegian cod fish and for many years was the first fishermen’s fleet of cod in Iceland and Greenland…) – the view of dried cod anywhere always raises a light!! ;))

It’s a bit difficult to be caught in the sculpture side… Furthermore without getting any pay… ;))


Anonymous said...
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Trotter said...