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(EDITED: Just removed the YouTube video that was no longer working...)

"ALPS - View from the airplane on the way to Frankfurt"

Click to play this Smilebox collage: ALPSCreate your own collage - Powered by Smilebox
"MORE ALPS - The views came out quite well on this sunny winter day... Don't miss them and turn the speakers on"

"SAINT PIERRE LE JEUNE - One of the most important church buildings of the city, it has been Protestant since 1524"

"PLACE KLÉBER - 9:00 A.M."

"TEMPLE NEUF - Another Protestant temple"


"CATHEDRAL - Its construction started in 1176 and lasted for centuries. According to Wikipedia, the North Tower, «at 142 metres, it was the world's tallest building from 1647 to 1874, when it was surpassed by St. Nikolai's Church, Hamburg. Today it is the sixth-tallest church in the world»"

"CATHEDRAL'S FAÇADE - The famous west front, decorated with thousands of figures, is a masterpiece of the Gothic era"

"STAINED GLASS - Exterior"

"CATHEDRAL - Seen from South"

"ROHAN PALACE - Façade facing the Ill River. Built between 1731 and 1732, it represents the high point of local baroque architecture. It houses three of the most important museums in the city since the end of the 19th century: the Archaeological Museum, the Museum of Decorative Arts and the Museum of Fine Arts, as well as the Gallery Robert Heitz"




"CATHEDRAL - From the River"

"FAÇADES - On a blue sky"

"LAHKÄS - Introduction to the Gourmet Section"

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"GOURMET - Au Crocodile: founded about 1790 as the Cafe Viennois, it had three Michelin stars but lost one some years ago. Legend is that the name was changed to Le Crocodile when Jean-Baptise Kleber, a general in Napoleon's army, brought a crocodile back from Egypt and offered it to the restaurant. Pâtisserie Christian: two different locations in buildings of the 16th and 18th centuries. Jeff de Bruges: chocolate also in Strasbourg. Hotel Regent Petite France: my favourite in Strasbourg. For the «À l'Oiseau de France» and the next page «Maison Kammerzell», «Au Pont Saint Martin», «Aux Bons Crus d'Alsace», «L'Ancienne Douane» et »La Maison des Tanneurs», there are lovely buildings and mixed feelings on the food... Buerehiesel is missing on the photos, not in the memories... Less expensive, «Le Tire Bouchon» is nice"


Trotter said...

Hi Everybody! This is my first post on 2009 travels, the day one of the counters reached 100,000 visitors to this blog!! So the delay keeps on roughly a year, as usual… ;)

As most of you were a bit distracted ;), I also moved here from the last post the YouTube video of the Flash Mob at the Lisbon airport on December 23, 2009... It was an amazing and original way that Air Portugal and the airport Manager found to wish a Merry Christmas to all passengers that were there at 6:45 a.m....

I know that playing Smilebox may be a bit tedious. Actually of the more than two thousand people who visit the posts while they are on the main page and of the more than forty visitors who comment on each post, only an average of 10 (ten) plays each Smilebox item… But I tell you that on this post they deserve to be played… So, take your time and don’t be shy… ;)). Furthermore, it’s a way to save space, as my free allowance on Blogger is fast coming to an end and I’ll probably start a new blog soon, leaving the rest space available here for the Revival blogs that nobody visits… ;)).

By the way: Revival 90s has a fabulous view from the top of St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican. Don’t miss, enjoy and have a great time and a Great Year 2010!!

SusuPetal said...

Oh, that video from the airport was fun!

Dina said...

The mountain Smilebox pics are breath-taking.
The architecture is fabulous.
But the airport Flash Mob in Lisbon takes the cake! Thanks, you made my day!

Ron said...

Very nice post, haven't made it here yet. I enjoyed seeing the snow capped Alps, absolutely beautiful.

juka14 said...

Wow, the view on the Alps is magnificent. Great photos!!

Jen Laceda | Milk Guides said...

I love those timber-framed houses!!

S-V-H said...

I was many times in Strassbourg - sometimes just for a good dinner. Especially in spring time to eat the world famous Asparagus in Strassbourg! From Zurich it wasn't to far to drive :) I love the city.

Very nice post and photos, Gil!
Happy New Year!


Olivier said...

Strasbourg est une des plus belles de France, j'adore (avant je travaillais a coté). as tu profité du magnifique marché de noel ? (merci pour Smile Box, je connaissais pas, je vais regarder cela de plus prêt)

kyh said...

The timber houses resemble those in germany aint it? I always think Strasbourg is German in French clothings. ;)

hpy said...

I remembre climbing as high up as possible in the Cathedral. Wouldn't do it anymore!

Thérèse said...

Very "Strasbourgeois" indeed! :)

diane b said...

Thanks for the tour. The Alps are beautiful and even more so when holidaying in them. The airport video was a hoot. Your photos of the buildings are great.

april said...

Oh well, I like flashmobs unless they produce trash. But dancing and enjoying, that's great.
It's such a long time ago that we visited Straßbourg and Alsace, we should go there again. Your photos show how beautiful it is. Have nice last days, Gil and a good start in January 2010.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous architecture!I would be one of the travelers dancing right along with them. Leave for
chicago tomorrow and yep......we will be trying to dodge an approaching snowstorm.....yuk! HAPPY 2010

Anonymous said...

just a little hint. I think Smilebox and other such applications makes your blog so much longer to load. :)

Emery Roth said...

I'm not sure where anyone finds such energy before 7AM, but they deserve lots of credit. Strasbourg is another of those places I've always wanted to visit especially for the cathedral. Perhaps we'll get there when my wife and I do our genealogy trip to Frankfurt and Hesse. Congrats on the reaching the 100,000 mark. Amazing and well deserved!

Tinsie said...

I'm afraid I couldn't watch the YouTube video, it's much too large for my poor internet connection.

I don't know if anyone else struggles, but I have trouble viewing the standard photos in your blog (the files are too big and take forever to download) so I rely on Google Reader instead.

This is the reason I don't comment on all your posts, it takes me too long to access your blog, so I get restless and give up. Sorry :-(

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hi Gil!

I hope your Christmas was joyful! I enjoyed the Youtube video very much and liked the music selection and the happiness it brought to many of the travelers.

My son visited Strasbourg and had so many nice things to say about it. It is a beautiful city!

I looked at both "Smileboxes" set of photos :-) I've flown over the alps a few times and I never tire of that view! You had wonderful blue skies for your trip.

Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year!

Cheers! Pat

Rhonda Hartis Smith said...

Thanks for the fun post. Loved the airport video--very exciting. Beautiful churches and the Smileboxes were fun too. Happy New Year!

Nikon said...

Fabulous, Gil! They don't make churches like that anymore :)
I love the Smilebox, too!
Have a great New Year and thanks so much for your visits and comments!
Best to you and your's......

Shionge said...

Lovely photos to usher in the New Year - Great Job!! Happy New Year Gil :D

eye in the sky said...

Happy New Year! Wishing you more spectacular travels! ;->

Eric said...
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Gattina said...

You know they did a similar video last year in Antwerp at the train station, you can see it here :

I think it's nice to entertain the passengers for once, lol !
Strasbourg looks very much like a German town along the Rhein.

RuneE said...

I admit that the Smilebox "thingy" was a bit more tedious to start up...

Otherwise - a lovely and very interesting city with lots of fascinating buildings (but I lacked the snow... :-) )

Happy New Year!

HalfCrazy said...

Wow, everything is so beautiful!

Do you know why those houses are built so high up? It's because land is more expensive in Europe!

Bhushavali said...

The mountains covered in snow are so beautiful!!! Loved the cathedral!!!

Me and my Mannequin!!! - Fashion Panache
Interview at Speakbindas - My Travelogue

Fida said...

Wow, you had obviously a wonderful flight. The last few times I arrived in Switz it was always overcast... Have a wonderful time in Strasbourg and I wish you a travelicious 2010!

Rajesh said...

Magnificent snaps. I loved the view of Alphs from the plane. The snaps of Cathedral are exquisite.

Wish you Happy & Prosperous New Year.

magiceye said...

gorgeous images!

yyam said...

I love the pictures of the alps and the cathedrals!

Wishing you a happy new year! And more travels!:)

Regina said...

Hello GMG. Happy New Year! I wish you all the best. Keep traveling.

Those are breathtaking! Wow! I'm truly delighted. A big thank you!
Love the video. I wish I was there:).
you smilebox music is also cool.



AngelaCorrias said...

The view of the Alps is truly breathtaking! Guess what? Although I'm Italian, I've never seen them! Shame on me!! Maybe a good pledge for the new year :-))
Happy 2010!

Thérèse said...

Bonne et douce année 2010! Et bons voyages Mr & Mrs Globetrotters!

Ron said...

Happy New Year!!!

Rakesh Vanamali said...

What a wonderful way to treat passengers!

Your pictures are fabulous, as always! The videos are a treat too!

Thanks very much for sharing!

Wishing you a very happy new year!

Cutie said...

Happy New Year Blogtrotter! I wish that you will be travelling more places in this new year...

Love the beautiful view of the Alps.... Thank you for sharing all the beautiful pics.. SO where to next?

Daniel Chérouvrier said...

Bonne année à toi et tous tes proches !
Merci pour ton blog et la découverte de Smile box.
Kaija et daniel

Pietro Brosio said...

Hi Gil! Thanks for this fine post about Strasbourg. The cathedral is really amazing and the images are all wonderful! As regards SmileBox, I'll have to discover it because it's completely new for me!
I wish you a Serene and Happy 2010!

Beefybob7 said...

Happy New Year Gil

My Unfinished Life said...

the dance was real nice!!!!...
i loved the architecture and ofcourse the snow laden alps

99 said...

Feliz Año 2010!

PeterParis said...

The airport video made me seriosuly considering revisiting Portugal in 2010!!!

I believe that your choice to go to Strasbourg in January was good; today it's almost too crowded in December!

You were obviously lucky wih a clear sky over the Alps!!

A Lady's Life said...

What a gourmet to feast your eyes on.
So much history.
I wish I could talk to some of these walls and hear all their stories.

bindu said...

Definitely a city with lots of character. Lovely photos.

Ramakrishnan said...

what a wonderful series of photographs.Simply awesome. Congratulations on reaching the milestone of blog no 500.
Have a great year 2010.Best Wishes.


Trotter said...

Hi Folks! Happy New Year!!
Ok, I know it turned out to be a bit late to reply to these comments, but still I think I owe you a few words anyhow! Furthermore, this blog is getting close to its end and so there is an additional reason to keep this section updated till closing. So here we go!

Late, but not lazy... ;)
The video is awesomely fun, isn’t it? They did a great job and repeated it for the New Year with a lot more of people involved... ;)

I’ve some fifty pictures of the Alps on that trip and they’re absolutely fantastic; the weather was gorgeous, the air so clear and the light so extraordinary that I was delighted with the outcome!!
But the Flash mob is outstanding!!

You’re probably having so much snow now as the amount I caught from the air in the Alps last year... ;))

Everybody agrees on that; the Alps made a great show; but the pictures in full screen make an even more remarkable impression...

They seem perfect for you; it really looks like an awesome Relais et Chateaux to stay at... ;)

Wow! You definitely have good taste; there are fabulous restaurants in Strasbourg... But driving from Zürich and back just for eating asparagus, even if world famous, seems quite an accomplishment... ;))

Dis donc, tu travaillais à Colmar? J’aime Strasbourg mais je crois que Colmar est vraiment surprenante... Cette fois j’y suis allé en fin janvier; pas plus de marché de Noël… Mais j’y étais un Noël il y a quelques années ; et le marché est vraiment sympa… Mais je n’aime pas le Glühwein… ;)
SmileBox peut-être intéressant, mais pas beaucoup… ;)

Quite close to the border; just on the other side of the bridge there is Kehl, Germany... Actually, the story of the Alsace and Strasbourg is a shared history between France and Germany...

Never climbed this one; I had enough in many others, including St. Peter in Rome... ;)

Strasbourg is actually quite singular... and has a special atmosphere that is detected as soon as one lands there... ;)

The Alps are awesome, and I can understand your feelings about them after seeing your comment on my Berner Oberland post in the 1980s blog...
The Flash mob at the airport was an amazing event!!

Trash is always a nightmare; but flash mobs like the one we had in Lisbon airport on Christmas (and repeated in the New Year)...
Strasbourg always deserves a visit, so you had better start packing for your next trip... ;))

Hope you managed to get to Chicago and have a great New Year party!!
I’m not sure the problem is with Smilebox or the other applications that in fact are no more than simple links to the providers’ sites... The problem may be the size of the pictures, but I don’t like to see them small... ;)) I’ll try to reduce the posts and the pages in my next blog...

Probably those guys were already awaken for some hours... ;)
If you’re doing a trip to Frankfurt, you may even take the Lufthansa bus from the Airport to Strasbourg...
Thanks for the congratulations; it was amazing to get to one hundred thousand visitors!!

Are you telling me that you can’t see the YouTube videos with your connection? I just enlarged the size of the image, but the video is exactly the same available directly at the YouTube site... ;)
I’ll try to reduce the number of pictures by post and the number of posts per page (they’re already limited to three...) in the next blog; but it’s not an easy task... Anyhow, hopefully it will work with your connection! And I’ll be happy to see you commenting more often there... ;)

That was actually a treat at 6:45 a.m. at the airport; I’ve some experience of travelling at those hours and usually airports are a bit depressing at that time of the day... ;))
I’m sure your son loved Strasbourg; it’s definitely a lovely town with a great atmosphere and a wonderful bunch of magnificent restaurants... ;)
The Alps are awesome; from below, at them or over them... ;)

Trotter said...

Glad that you found the post fun!! My pocket sun was working well, so you can’t imagine how fun was strolling around town early morning... ;)

It’s amazing, but you seem to be talking like my father; he’s always saying that «they don’t build things like they use to...» But he’s 92.... ;)
Anyhow, imagine the last Dubai Tower; more than 800 m high; it’s impressive any time... ;))

Hope you entered 2010 in great shape, even if, as you said, «something» is not there yet... ;))

Always a great pleasure to see you around here; furthermore now that your blog allows comments to be produced there... No more emails needed to drop a line you may read... ;))

OK, spam for one time not yet deleted here... But Eric, do you know the saying: «never put good money after bad money»... That’s a great rule in life and that’s what will be happening here.... ;))

The Antwerp flash mob was fun; similar to one we may find at YouTube at Liverpool Station in London. And those guys and gals repeated it in Lisbon for New Year later in the day and with much more people at the airport... Amazing! ;)
Strasbourg is just at the border and has a mixed history between France and Germany...

It takes some time to load and has an odd way to show the pictures, because it somehow cuts them according to its will, not mine... I’ve to find a better way to make collages that I may easily control and slideshows easy to charge and not too heavy to load... Any suggestion?

If that is the reason, why don’t they build like that in Japan? When I was young, people use to teach that it was due to the rain and heavy snow... What we learn when we get older... ;))

Those pictures of the Alps are some of the ones I like best; actually, anytime one is lucky enough to go over the Alps on a clear day, the show is magnificent!!
You’re looking absolutely gorgeous with those new clothes in your new profile picture...

Thanks for your visit and first time comment here; great pleasure to read you at Blogtrotter. The problem with the Alps is that usually you see only the clouds, unless you have a «funtastic pocket sun» like me... ;))

The Strasbourg cathedral is quite an impressive building with an old story... And the fact that it carries only one weird tower makes it even more out of the ordinary!

Welcome back!! It’s always rewarding to have some good news and nice comments from Bombay... ;)

The Alps and the cathedral seem to make a unanimous consensus on this post; no wonder, they’re awesome!! ;)

Great to see you back after all your big travels!
The airport flash mob provided a nice video; amazing way to start the day... ;)
As for the Smilebox, I’m not so sure it will be worth while using it... Have to find better collage and video programmes... ;)

Thanks for your visit and first time comment here; you’re one of the few Followers who actually commented, which is already an achievement... ;) I wonder what’s the fun of following a blog without ever posting a comment; but that’s what happens with more than half of the Followers of Blogtrotter! Amazing...
An Italian who has never seen the Alps? Where did you live in Italy? In Camerina? ;))

Thanks! The same to you!!

Merci! J’aimerais bien pouvoir concrétiser des voyages que j’ai dans ma tête depuis longtemps: Patagonie, Machu Picchu, le reste du Rajasthan, Bombay et Goa et le sud de l’Inde, le Transsibérien, Angkor et la Route pour Mandalay, l’Egypte, Petra… enfin, assez!! Mais je ne crois pas que ça ira arriver dans l’année 2010… ;-(

Thanks! The same to you!!

Well, sometimes I would prefer that they provide a better service and give me an upgrade rather than a flash mob; but as I was home without the chance to depart, a flash mob would certainly do… ;)
Glad that you liked videos and pictures!!

Trotter said...

Part Three:

I hope so, but the perspectives with regard to travelling in 2010 are not so auspicious; I would be happy if the year would be better than 2009, but that might be just wishful thinking… ;)
Next? To the Caribbean… ;)
What about you? Was 2009 THE Year? ;)

Kaija and Daniel,
Merci pour vôtre appui à Blogtrotter pendant toute l’année!! Et faites attention qu’il fait froid… ;))

I wonder whether is worth while spending time with Smilebox... but as I’m trying to find out a nice collage and video system, I’ll keep searching... ;)

Great to see you alive!!

Glad that you liked!!

Feliz Ano Novo!!

That would be a great decision! But let’s wait that the weather improves a little bit; too rainy now...
Strasbourg in January was not exactly a tourist decision; it’s when the Human Rights Court has its annual opening session!! ;)

For gourmet purposes, Strasbourg is a must.... ;)
And the walls surely will have too much to tell... ;)


Great to see you back!!

Neva said...

That was a fabulous airport video...must have been something to see in person! I love your blogs and thanks for all you visits...It was a tough fall for me time wise and blogging had to take a back seat...but I am back now. ! Hope your Holidays were great and Happy Belated New Year!

Trotter said...

I'm so glad to see you back! Hope everything is running smoothly now and wish you a Great 2010!!
The flash mob was crazy!

lyliane six said...

Formidable cette vidéo "airport dances" je suis allée hier voir le film street dance, j'ai adoré, c'est vivant et si je pouvais encore bouger comme eux!!!....

GMG said...

Je suis heureux de voir que la vie revient au normal avec les films et tout le reste...
La scène de l'aéroport est vraiment folle... ;)