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"TAHA'A Island is one of the Leeward Islands (Îles Sous-le-Vent) of the Society Islands archipelago (Îles de la Société), part of French Polynesia. Together with Raiatea, they are both enclosed by the same coral reef. Taha’a is known as the Vanilla Island, given that the local farmers grow a full 80% of all Tahiti's Vanilla production in its valleys, and the aroma lingers heavily in the air. At around 5:30 a.m. – awaken by the early sun (after all these years travelling, the jet lag doesn’t affect any longer) – the view from our over water suite at the motu Tautau towards Taha’a Island was absolutely fantastic! Absurdly, the photo was taken only some time later, when the clouds were already preparing to cover the Island. That’s why the picture cannot equal the one from Pico, in the Azores. Of course, 2351 meters from sea to top without a single cloud, it’s difficult to match!"

"MORNING BATH - By 7:30 a.m. was time to take a bath. The open-air bathtub was vast: in the picture, like Vergilius would say «apparent rari nantes in gurgite vasto»! However, the fight between light and darkness that would last for the whole day had already started..."

"BREAKFAST - If you're staying at the over water bungalows, breakfast may arrive by canoe: tropical fruit and everything else you're entitled to!"

"OTHER BREAKFAST for the fish in the lagoon. Like in the Portuguese saying: «the sun, when it shines, is for all...»"

"A «FARE» just for two, with a huge private pool!"

"DOOR of our over water suite. Let's go out!"

"PARADISE - Why is it that Paradise seems always so empty?"

"PALMS in an island within the Island"

"POOL BAR - I always questioned myself: why do you need a Pool in such a place? The right answer is: to be able to sit at the Bar while in the water"

"BORA BORA - Looking in direction of the outer sea, we'll see Bora Bora in the distance"

"TAHA'A - Looking towards the lagoon, we'll see the Taha'a"

"FARE - And looking along the coast, we'll see the over water bungalows that have a beautiful view towards Bora Bora..."

"FAREWELL PICTURE in front of the beautiful bamboo high ceiling of the reception, which is full of carved wooden furniture and has curved staircases that lead upwards to the bar and restaurant high up amongst the tree tops. See you back soon..."

"DEPARTURE TIME - Coming close to the dock from where we would embark to get back to Raiatea and Tahiti"

"GOODBYE - This is how you leave the resort, with the memories of fine living at its very best!"

"CHURCH - Before getting to Raiatea, we came close to one of the churches in Taha'a. The sun was finally luminously shinning..."


John said...


Really beautiful pictures! They make me want to find a beach somewhere.

Best regards,


Anonymous said...


Thanks. For a beach you can always try the Algarve. It's roughly the same flying time, though unfortunately no direct fly...
All the best

Cris said...

Que lugar lindo... fico imaginando como deve ser a vida dos nativos, vocês tiveram a oportunidade de descobrir? Obrigada!

Anonymous said...

Olá Cris,

no resort não havia muitos, já que fica numa pequena ilhota - um motu - em cima da barreira de coral que rodeia as ilhas de Taha'a e Raiatea. Praticamente, só os que trabalhavam no empreendimento. Nas ilhas maiores, além de trabalhadores no turismo, há pescadores, agricultores e, sobretudo, na ilha principal - Tahiti - nos serviços. Mas tudo corre muito lentamente; quase como naquela anedota que me contaram no Rio sobre os únicos três movimentos que o nordestino conhece: devagar, devagarinho e parado...

Cris said...

hahaha, na Bahia é assim mesmo, depois do almoço você vê muita gente descansando encostado... então não é muito diferente daqui! Só as ilhas, que são paradisíacas, e isto acho que não temos.

Anonymous said...

Tem, tem... experimente ir a Fernando de Noronha!