Wednesday, February 07, 2007



In 1992, we stayed at the Intercontinental Hotel in Papeete. We started by staying at a very nice fare over the water and had some amazing experiences.
The first: one of the days - I think I've already mentioned this somewhere - the TV was on, though we were not paying too much attention... Then, suddenly, we noticed that a play somewhere in Africa was being released. Curiously, it sounded familiar as, aside from the interventions of the French reporter, characters were speaking Portuguese. It was the incredible Tchiloli - The Tragedy of the Marquis of Mantua - played in Sao Tome and Principe. Hearing Portuguese from Sao Tome and Principe on a French TV Channel at an over water suite in Tahiti was at least bizarre...
The second: one night, it was raining dogs and cats; pouring as only in the tropics... The sea was a bit rough, but the coral reef was supposed to stop the huge waves. Anyhow, wavelets were reaching our fare. The problem was that the fare was close to a wall on land so the water, after passing under the suite would crash against the wall and return reaching the bottom of the fare. The noise was making Guida nervous, though Di was sleeping and I was trying to. No way, by midnight I called the reception and asked whether they had rooms available at the main building; they couldn't believe that we wanted to move right away, under an absurd tropical rain... but that was exactly what happened with the help from two poor resort employees that could expect a much better night experience...
This time, to avoid sudden moves, we stayed in the main building from the very beginning! It’s true that the fare were also all fully booked...

"RECEPTION - Welcome tiare or shell Lei and music awaits you at the front door (actually there are no doors...)"

"EARLY MORNING photos from two different cameras with different colours..."

"POOL - View from the reception towards the swimming pools, the Sea and Moorea Island under the clouds"

"MOOREA at the distance always looks great..."

"GREEN, but not exactly for golf..."

"CANOE: early morning rowing or preparing for breakfast delivery!"

"ANOTHER POOL, fake beach and Bar"


"SEAFOOD BUFFET: Oysters, prawns, lobster... everything to please J-P!"

"SHOW at the end of a Polynesian Luau: I still prefer the one that was recorded in video in 1992..."



Cris said...

Amazing... que privilégio poder conhecer lugares tão bonitos!

GMG said...

Tem razão, Cris: é um privilégio conhecer muitos destes locais, mas há tantos, tantos, outros para descobrir...