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Singapore is one of my favourite stopover destinations. Whenever travelling to or from Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand, I would always try to spend some time in Singapore. The only negative aspect for me is the climate: so hot and humid, that it makes a simple short walk a painful experience... Hence, strolls are only possible at night, and still...

The first version of this post was published on October 2, 2005; and it emerged as an answer to Clarence, who made the suggestion to put some text next to the pictures. It was the starting point of Blogtrotter as it is today...

"BOAT QUAY, situated upstream from the mouth of the Singapore River on its southern bank, is a historical quay and was the busiest part of the old Port of Singapore. Actually, it was the starting point of Singapore’s success as a business hub.
Today, Boat Quay is a pedestrian mall with restaurants, pubs, cafes and clubs. The Parliament House, the Empress Place Building along North Boat Quay Promenade, and The Fullerton Hotel is what we can't see in the picture"

"BOAT SIGHTSEEING - 32º centrigrade+98% humidity = night sightseeing. Tourists suffer!"

"THE MERLION - a lion head with a fish body resting on a crest of waves - was designed in 1964, and quickly became Singapore’s icon. Measuring 8.6 metres high and weighing 70 tonnes, the Merlion body was made of cement fondue, the skin from porcelain plates and the eyes from small red teacups. Designed by Fraser Brunner, the lion head represents the lion spotted by Prince Sang Nila Utama when he re-discovered the city in 11 AD, and named it Singa Pura, which means Lion City"

"CLARKE QUAY - Named after Sir Andrew Clarke, Singapore's second governor, Clarke Quay had been the commercial centre, from where lighters would transport goods upriver to the warehouses"

"CHANGI AIRPORT is my favourite airport. Incredibly clean - one could have a meal on the floor - , with a perfect air conditioning system, and incredible First and Business lounges..."

"FUTURE HAPPENS: Airbus A-380 at Changi Airport Gate F-31, the first gate to be prepared to receive the Airbus Super Jumbo!"


Lalalalala said...

Ah so you've been to Singapore! Heh, its my home country.. If you need recommendations for places to visit you can ask me.

BTW, I've linked you from my blog, hope you dun mind. Will recommend you to my friends.

Keep up the gd work!


Aditi said...

hmm if those temps bother you that is one explanation why u have never been to india

Anonymous said...

So, goodbye also Singapore :)
I have been in Kuala Lumpur and it was like a "aftersteaming of sauna".
We went outside in the middle of day and at first we were wondering, why we are only one, but after two minutes, we knew, why :) But kuala Lumpur was a fine city, I have to say.

Could you start those Greece photos, just a few of them :))

lv2scpbk said...

Humidity is one thing I wish we didn't have here in PA. I love the warm weather, just could do without that. I was going to say nice mall and then I read it was the airport with all the trees and greenery in there. Wonderful place.

Shionge said...

Hiya GMG...I totally agreed with you about the humidity and wish that we have a GIANT membrane over Singapore with aircondition kekekek..

2005 is not that long ago, still there are changes all the time with Formula One hitting off a night race next year.

I wish I get to know you earlier then, I'll love to be your host for sure.

Until then, keep in view even if you stop-over I'll be happy to see you in person at the waiting lounge at the Changi Airport :D

JO said...

WOW! Thanks for the pics of Singapore - my father lived there for many years and still visits often. I have never been, but would love to go.

Chica, Cienna, and Cali said...

i havent met anyone yet who has not enjoyed Singapore.....:)

Lakshmi said...

Singapore is just like India ..including the climate -thats why there is a little india there ..I loved the post..brought back memories yet again when I went there 7 years ago to do a television series on Singapore and we used to shoot from morning 9 am till midnight and it was amazing !

Jo's-D-Eyes said...

Hi GMG,Have been busy (me) so her I ma again, i have not been in Singapore yet, but I was in malaysia, near Singapore thoug.

I don't like (like you) the hot climate and high humid either, NEH,

So soon we (hus and me) are leaving for Italia (Oktober) and later to France (November), so you might like to see/follow that? Now I'm still where I live in Holland.

Have a great weekend:)

freefalling said...

Had to email this post to my mum - she's in love with the Singapore Airport too!

CaBaCuRl said...

Changi airport is like a city in it's own right in some ways.What a comparison with the old Changi airport!

Anonymous said...

Singapore is also one of my favourite places...These night shots are beautifully captured & both of you are looking just wonderful in these photos...lovely!

Lynette said...

The Merlion is totally fascinating!

Thanks for visiting my blog. You have a great weekend, too!

Chris said...

Hi, GMG!
Thank you for your nice note on my Nashville blog. I hope you do get to visit Nashville someday. . .I was just in Lisbon last week!

I very much enjoyed your photos of Bali. What a beautiful place!

Steve Buser said...

Interesting group of shots on Singapore. I guess humidity is a price you pay for being and island. But New Orleans is not an island -- but then again we did have one day this summer with low humidity.

--steve buser
New Orleans Daily Photo

Miss Kim said...

I really MUST get to Asia-- and SOON!!

Pijush said...

Yes Singapur is one of the attractive tourist destinations in Asia. Your pics are very lively and CHANGI AIRPORT is looking gorgeous.
Thanks for visiting my Santorini post, checked out your Santorini photos, its amazing.
Have a nice weekend.

Jo's-D-Eyes said...

Thank you for your compliments "nature ART" have agood weekend to you too:)

inspired said...

looks a nice place to be ;]

Marie said...

oh you are very lucky. I need to find a nice husband who will take me to nice places :-)) Traceling by oneself is not so pleasant....

Ming the Merciless said...

Awesome photo. I didn't get to visit the Quay when I was there in July.

You are right, Singapore was oppressively hot and humid. I gave up trying to look presentable because I was always a sweating mess.

photolicious said...

Hi GMG, it seems like you're garnering quite a number of responses for this posting!

I'm from Singapore and I can't stop whining about the climate myself too! It's far too hot and humid. Even in December (usually the coolest month), it never dips below 22C at night. Imagine what happens in July (right smack in 'summer'), the temperature hovers between 30C to 35C day and night!

Feel free to visit my photo blog:

Dsole said...

Singapore, and the Merlion, what an strange icon uh? I remember some photos of Singapore DP some time ago.
So you're 2 years on delay and don't stop traveling so.. WOW!!
You're not use to humidity?I guess in Lisbon weather is more "humidity" than in Madrid, you're next to the sea!

Nikon said...

LOL, so you enjoyed it anyway by the looks of the photos! I hate humidity, too. Heat & humidity, forget it!
Thanks for dropping by Hem's & I think Fiesta was the working title for The Sun Also Rises - and later became the Portuguese title.
Great series of shots :)

Cuckoo said...

Changi airport is one of my favourites airports. And I so much love that jungle atmosphere with birds chirping inside the airport.

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for letting me see the world thru your eyes. It's so much fun to read about your travels. Can't stand the humidity either. Sometimes here it just takes your breathe away and it's oppressive.

julia said...

Agree, tropical weather can be difficult. If all time is spent surrounded by air con and fab resorts well, one may as well stay at home, I rekon! I also, did a photo from the 70s!

Anonymous said...

good photos of your wife.

Lakshmi said...

Thanks for your comments on munich..I didnt miss Hofbrau- have just posted the pictures. I just loved your pictures ..the zoo is one of my favourites , especially the night safari !

leo said...

Spore zoo is equally fascinating, which sometimes make me forget whether are we in the zoo or at the mall? My mom is from Spore and my last visit was last Christmas. Thanks for visiting me.

isa said...

I left a comment for you last night, but it disappeared!
Basically, I was wondering what made Singapore your favorite layover town (aside from the cool airport)? Is it the people, food, architecture? We know it's not the climate ;-)

Anonymous said...

had an answer in October 2005, on his previous blog; just before departing to Oulu, Finland for a student Exchange programme. Two years later, he finished studies and is working in Shenzhen, China. Look forward to seeing his new comments on these!

Touché! Actually, one of the reasons I’ve never been to India is because I’ve never managed to get some free time (and it should be at least two weeks minimum) between December and February to get there... Another is that India is so large, with so much to see, that I’ve not been able to set a travel programme... But I won’t give up; and have to rush, because at the moment I’ve a friend in Delhi at the Portuguese Embassy!

I was in Kuala Lumpur also (have a post on it under the label Kuala Lumpur), and the climate was similar to Singapore, actually!
Greece is already on this blog. Well, not the last pictures, but if you hit the label Greece, you’ll get something from Santorini, Rhodes and Corfu (2003)! And if you hit the same label on the Revival blogs, you’ll get some incredible 1976 lousy pictures from Aegina, Hydra and Poros Islands, as well as from continental Greece. Would love to have your comments there also!

Yes, hot and humid is terrible. Unfortunately, some places I like (Singapore, New Orleans...) are too near the equator and the tropics and can’t avoid that climate!

A giant membrane, what an idea!
We also would love to have a chance to get to Singapore, make a stop there and meet you. I’m not so sure we would be able to do it in the near future, but one never knows...

Amazing that you found my blog just when I posted on Singapore, and your father lived there for many years...

That confirms that you meet people with good taste!

I visited Little India when in Singapore for the first time in 1992 (post with lousy pictures under the label Singapore on the Revival Blogs). I remember that I was a bit concerned, because the mix of the hot and humid weather outside with the freezing air conditioning inside the bus could be a direct road to pneumonia...
Shooting from 9 a.m. through midnight? ;((
Glad to read that you didn’t miss Hofbrau... ;))

With Italy and France in October/November you’re not running the risk of getting to hot and humid places; humid maybe..., but not hot! Unless you catch a hot St. Martin (or Indian) summer.

Singapore and Changi Airport have many admirers!


I should have discovered your blog some weeks ago; we could have had a great time in Lisbon, together with Lyliane, who was also here in September!

Wish I could be in New Orleans on that specific summer day with low humidity... ;))

Great decision!

Thanks. Agree with you on the magnetism of Singapore...

You’re right!

Sorry! Too late: taken... ;))

You didn’t visit the Boat Quai? Where did you go for a stroll – Orchard Road?

It seems that even Singaporeans have difficulties standing the climate; 30º/35º centigrade is hot, but the great problem is the 98% humidity...
I’ll check your blog!

Glad to see you here again!
I’ve just recovered a bit; as you can see, I’ve just posted on Frankfurt – December 2005...
Hot and humid in Lisbon? Have you ever been here? Come on, it’s not that far, and it’s quite nice... ;))

It seems there is a great consensus on the dreadfulness of hot and humid weather…
Actually, in The Sun Also Rise the whole group leaves Paris to Pamplona for the Fiesta, so it makes sense!

You’re not alone!

Thanks! It’s my pleasure!

Fabulous resorts may be a way out for the awful weather; but even at the resort it’s hot and humid… Actually, the only rescue is the wind!


Thanks. Night safari at the Singapore Zoo is hugely advertised!

Sometimes is the Blogger word verification that doesn’t let the comment enter!
Talking stopovers (two/three nights maximum) on the way to Australia or New Zealand, the alternative would be Bangkok... But once you have visited Bangkok and its wonderful temples (and you’ll need more than a stopover for that - see my Revival blogs under the label Bangkok), the clean streets of Singapore have no equivalent. And the shopping malls; and the seafood; and the incredible parks; and the tower buildings in the financial district; and the Raffles (OK, the Oriental is not worse...); and the airport; and the duty free at the airport; and...

• Eliane • said...

I am smiling when I am looking at your pictures because it is exactly the way my father does: he has to have someone standing in everyone of them. Funny. :)

Sigma said...

Nice post. I'm sure it must be great by the night time. Though pity about the night photographs ... they are not very clear ... dust/humidity on the lens?

Anonymous said...

Hi Eliane,
Thanks so much for this comment! I'm delighted that you smile and remember your father seeing my pictures... But, there is always a but, there is a reason for the situation you noted. By the time I took these photos, I was also always carrying a video camera with me. So all landscape, monument and most no-actor scenes were recorded in video. Photos were mostly taken to allow us to easily show where we were to our parents... ;))

You're right. Humidity on the lens that almost destroyed, and definitely damaged, the camera I was using then...

Dalicia said...

yeah singapore is very hot and humid. worst that they have all this high rise buildings and not enough trees.

well, night boat trip is better than you do it in the afternoon.

Anonymous said...

you're quite right. But I would say that the high buildings look nice, and there are some nice parks as well... The problem is actually the climate!

alicesg said...

Hi, nice and happy to see so many comments and that many like Singapore. Come back again to visit Singapore, we are alway making more changes to attract more tourists and I am one such local tourist myself...hahaha....

Anonymous said...

Alice SG,
Singapore is quite nice; except for the climate... ;))

mhel said...

Wow, you travel a lot. I've been to Singapore and I love the place. :)

Care to exchange links?

Anonymous said...

The Asian Traveler,
Thanks for your visit and comment! The link was inserted into the «Other Trotters» list!!

A Lady's Life said...

I left my Heart... in Singapore.
You missed all the good parts globe trotter. lol
Great place to live. Great place to raise children.Peaceful quiet.
Palm trees, flowers. Lots of british history, Ist Singapore sling made at the long bar,dancing fountains,best Indian lamb leg in the world.lovely hotels, safe.
Best chile crab in the world.flying fish.Too bad it is a small island

Trotter said...

I didn't miss the good parts... ;)) But it's hard to enjoy them when you're sweating all the time or risking a pneumonia in the freezing American-style air conditionning... lol!!
Anyhow, I love Singapore; since my first time there in 1992!