Sunday, September 23, 2007



After some days touring Bali, we settled down in Southern Bali and spent more than a week in Nusa Dua, home to some of the most luxurious hotels in the world. Clear water and stretches of white sandy beach (anyhow not comparable to Algarve; actually the beach deals very badly with the low tide...) makes Nusa Dua a fantastic place for a pleasant holiday!

"ROOM 4035 at the Club Med was our basis. Just behind the Samuh Temple, quite close to the beach, was quite comfortable. The yellow Moleskine from the Van Gogh Museum looks great on this picture..."

"NUSA DUA BEACH HOTEL - The palace, which has welcomed Kings and Queens, Presidents and Prime Ministers, and other tourists on package holidays, has more than 93 thousand square metres of gardens providing guests and visitors with an oasis of space and tranquillity"

"MELIA BALI is nestled amidst a luxurious garden with a large lagoon style swimming pool. But the top at the resort are the Garden Villas, just behind the wall seen on this picture"

"SHERATON - The Laguna Resort is another of the outstanding hotels in Nusa Dua"


"KUTA BEACH, with its spectacular sunsets, is also the centre of night life in Southern Bali and a huge open air shopping mall, with shops, boutiques, and galleries. The beach of Kuta was one of the first beaches to be discovered by tourists. It's said at Sally's Place that «only a few years ago this was a dismal area of dilapidated stalls selling cheap tourist junk. The smell was then awful, a combination of open sewers and rotting refuse. Today the stalls are still there. But the open drains have become proper underground sewerage lines». At least, I didn't notice it there (don’t mention other sites in Bali). The beach is fenced, on the south side, by the airport’s runway, and stretches as far north as you can see"

"INTERCONTINENTAL HOTEL - Not in Nusa Dua, but still a wonderful Hotel with 500 metres of a secluded white-sand beach"

"BIRTHDAY PARTY, with G.O.(s) and G.M.(s): Cake and Speech!"

"ARCHERY - Gold Medal Team!"

"AQUAGYM – Last day, whole group picture"

"FAREWELL PARTY - Blur pictures, as photographers had had too much wine..."

"FAREWELL DANCES - It seems there are over 1000 troupes dancing in Bali, mostly in the villages. It is said that dancers on Bali perform for the pleasure of the gods, prestige, and the entertainment of friends and family. That's what these dancers did on our farewell night!"


GMG said...

Hi everybody. One question for Blogger experts commenting on this post: I removed some labels from previous posts; the problem is that I was not able to remove such labels that no longer link to any post from the label list. So now when you hit one of those labels it links you nowhere, but still remains there. Any tip on how to get rid of them for good? Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

Bali is truly beautfiful. And if you appreciate this kind of beauty, may I suggest the Philippines? You will not be disappointed!


Your Love Coach

leo said...

Happy Belated Birthday GMG, isnt it wonderful to celebrate it in paradise whilst on vacation? Many happy returns! As usual love the pics!

Miss Kim said...

What a lovely trip you must have had! Great photos as usual :)

Shionge said...

Hey Happy Birthday to you :D What a lovely place to celebrate and I can see that both of you are having a good time :D

Such a radiant vibrant smile, love it :D

Marie said...

What a beautiful "reportage". YOu are very lucky!

Jan Parrish said...

What a great way to show off your vacation pictures. :) Thanks for sharing.

Chica, Cienna, and Cali said...

and u celebrated your b'day there too!!!! Bali must hold a special place in your heart.....and farewell dance sounds like such a perfect send-off gesture.

love that pic of sunset swim absolutely!!! my idea of a perfect swim :)

lyliane six said...

Quel pays et hôtels de rêves! j'en reste sans voix..Fêter son anniversaire à l'autre bout du monde, ça doit être merveilleux. ''Heureux qui comme Ulysse a fait un long voyage"

lyliane six said...

Je vois que ces photos datent de septembre 2005, donc passé ou à venir, ne connaissant pas le jour, bon anniversaire!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like great times for you in Bali. Thanks for sharing!

CaBaCuRl said...

So, it's farewell to Bali. I have so enjoyed re-visiting with you. The Bali bombings in recent years have done much to damage the tourism industry, especially round the Kuta-Legian area, and I know that the economic life of the Balinese people has suffered greatly.

Peter said...

It's very obvious that you really ejoyed your trip to Bali - and so did we thanks to your posts! Was the purpose of the visit (also) to test the best hotels?

Lalalalala said...

hey GMG, i'm well and alive in SZ =) Thanks for your concern ;)

happy belated! hope you had a blast for your birthday (not literally of course :P)

keep the pics coming!

Anonymous said...

WoW...some wonderfully captured & composed shots as usual. Balli really looks incredible through your eyes. The nature shots has been simply Fabulous as also the others, which were equally good...Simply Awesome!

as for the labels my suggestion is that, You can delete the labels widget from the template first and after saving it once again re-apply the label code freshly in the template and see...I don't know whether it will help or not but you can try it!

Nazzareno said...

it is always a big pleasure of the eyes to look at your photos.

I am happy to share your literary tastes

Pijush said...

Very nice shots of different types and nature. I can understand how you enjoyed the last days of Bali. Keep posting.

I think Kalyan has answered the lebel problem.

miss *ann said...

the picture of the sunset is amazing.

Lori said...

I love the pool!! That looks amazing. You must have had a great birthday in Bali! Lucky you!

Peter said...

Busy man GMG? Still missing Greece. Maybe you prefer to have a few months or years between your trips and the blogtrotter posts? OK, as long as you save the pics.

Lakshmi said...

thats an awesome farewell party !

Peter said...

Saw that you gave the solution on Isabella's blog. Not many would have found the Burgundy one, but I happened also to know it. I had one question to Isabella, but there is no answer, maybe you know: I believe the French were also there for a few years, at least in part of Florida?

Dalicia said...

nice pix! i plan to go to bali...but it will be for a short trip. i don't think i'll get to see all this places! i don't have enough vacation

Ash said...

Beautiful images.
And oh, belated Happy Birthday to you!!!

lv2scpbk said...

The pool and sunset looks so inviting. Love the sunset in the background. Another one of my favorite photos is the dragon.

Anonymous said...

Oh, your holiday photos make me speechless.
But I am happy for you, that you really can enjoy your life, we can see it from these posts.
Stay healthy and make tens of this kind post still in future!
Greetings also to your wife!

Nikon said...

Happy B-Day - it seems like the whole town turned out!
Great series of shots as usual :)

Anonymous said...

Hi everybody!
It seems almost nobody – except Kalyan - saw my query on definitely removing labels from Blogger. Well, I’ll keep trying…

Thanks for the tip: I’ve been in Philippines, but only in Manila; furthermore, on the aftermath of a typhoon… But I’ve seen the pictures from Travelphilippines and they’re awesome!

Thanks. Actually my birthday is on 09.09!
This year celebration was in Lisbon, just returning from Greece!

Jan Parrish,

Fully agree with you on the sunset swim.

Merci. C’est vrai que fêter l’anniversaire de l’autre coté du monde a du moins un certain charme… Bon, c’est formidable ! Je me rappelle de Sydney 1992. Tu peut voir 09.09 à

Farewell to Bali: I notice some disappointment on your comment. How I understand you… :(

The purpose was not to test great hotels; but if you stay in Nusa Dua and profit from the Beach Promenade to take a walk, you’ll be passing one after the other!
I save the pictures from Greece. They’ll come out one day!For the time being you already have Greece 2003:
Left an ans wer to your query on Isabella’s blog, as well as in yours!

So good to see you’re alive and doing well in SZ!

With regard to labels, I’ve tried that at the dashboard: delete and re-apply. The problem is that it seems to be fixed at the label list, so anytime you re-introduce the label list, the dead re-appear… :(


Try to profit the most. It’s absolutely worth while!

Full agreement with you on the sunset swim and the Dragon!

Ming the Merciless said...

I love the day bed photos. Did you guys get to sleep there?

Irina said...

It looks like a paradise! Wonderful photos. It was just yesterday that I saw a documental movie about Bali Elephant Safari Park. Did you happen to visit it? It seemed an amazing place!

And thank you a lot for your visits to my blog. It's a great pleasure to get your comments. We are having unbelievably warm Indian summer so no freezing commute nowadays :)

Anonymous said...

we got some tan, slept, and also had a massage...

Thanks. Didn't visit... Safari Parks are not my favourites, after a fantastic safari experience in Kenya! Glad to hear that Indian Summer is keeping you warm!

Dick said...

That must have been a wonderful trip, I like the photo's and text.


Anonymous said...

It actually was! Thanks!

Sigma said...

The place does look really Luxurious! So did you get to stay there for part of your visit?
And also looks like you had a wonderful birthday party - in a lovely place and a lovely ambience [even if the photographers might have had a little too much wine ;-)]

And pardon me if the question sounds impertinent, but is that what you do - Archery, I mean? I think I asked you some time back, what is your field of work, that it allows you to travel so extensively. I'm quite interested in knowing that. Maybe I'll think of a job change :-D

I read the question about labels, but wouldn't know how to solve that problem. I'm having some strange trouble too, but couldnt solve that one either :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sigma,
Thanks for your comment, and sorry for being late answering.
Actually we stayed at Nusa Dua for more than a week. The birthday and farewell parties took place at the Club Med, a great place to go.
About work fields, I think I've already answered somewhere that, as it states in the profile, I'm in the Law "industry". Used to be a lawyer dealing with International Law; now I'm still involved with Law, but in a much quieter pace...
Are you still thinking of a job change? ;)
Thanks for the effort on the labels!

Sigma said...

Come on! A day is not "late" :-)

I am sorry I somehow missed that in your profile. Well, no offense meant, but I'm happier fixing bugs (and introducing some new ones in the process). Wouldn't do to solve a client's case, and getting him entangled in some new ones, wot say? ;-)

GMG said...

I believe you're happier fixing bugs. Fortunately, though still solving cases, I'm now a bit far from having clients... ;))