Thursday, October 18, 2007



I’ll deal first with the Mosel, and then with the tag from Sally and Isabella!

On Sunday, we took the regional train to Trier, but stop in Cochem, The Pearl of the Mosel, well ahead of the end of the line. Cochem, the capital of the district Cochem-Sehl, is a very nice village with roughly 5000 inhabitants. Located in the most romantic part of the Mosel Valley, where the river curves between two hiking paradises - Eifel and Hunsrück, it is also a wonderful place to start your Mosel experience!

"MOSELBRÜCKE - Cochem is first mentioned in a document of the Abbey of Prüm dated December 20, 866. On the other side of the Mosel is the village of Cond, and the vineyards"

"MOSELPROMENADE - Ladies walking along the Promenade, though the other flowers were already gone"

"ALTSTADT - The remains of the old town wall are quite interesting, and this fortified tower looks still in good shape"

"REICHSBURG CASTLE - Cochem Castle, dating from 1051, represents a landmark of the city and of the region. Pictures at different hours and from different perspectives show the beauty of the building"



"MARKTPLATZ - The market-place is a wonderful place, with Martin's Fountain, the beautiful baroque town hall and the old houses"


After Cochem and the cruise, we took the train and went a bit further up the river to Bullay.

"BULLAY - It was late, and the ducks were coming back home..."


Now, OK, I've been tagged by Sally at Sydney Daily Photo, and Isabella at Naples, Florida Daily photo! And I’m supposed to pass the tag on...

Here are the rules:

1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.
2. List eight (8) random facts about yourself.
3. Tag eight people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them).
4. Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving them a comment on their blogs

Here are 8 Random Facts about me:

1.Hobby: Travelling!
2.Colour: Blue - F.C.Porto, Mourinho's Chelsea, Sea Watching...
3.Drink: Champagne!
4.Cities: New York! Stockholm (in summer) & Sydney.
5.Beaches: Algarve.
6.Holidays: Around the World!
7.Live: Lisbon, Portugal.
8.Speak: Portuguese, French, English, German and some Spanish and Italian!

I'd like to tag:

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And I'll add another one:

Niki-chan - Emotional Rescue 3!


Juhi said...

Looks like you had agreat time there. Beautiful pics too. I particularly liked the one with the castle in the background with the clouds.

Pl do visit my blog sometime

Shionge said...

You are so sweet and cheers to that with Champagne ;) I like to add orange juice to my champagne kekekek....

Love the castle picture Gil, very very nice and romantic ooooohhh...I can see a prince charming riding up to me soon LOLz....

Cuckoo said...

First thing I checked was my name in the list of persons you tagged. Thank God, it wasn't there but I also know I can't tag you on this. :)

My preference of cities would be Sydney, Geneva & Auckland.

Admin said...

Nice one :)

I want to be in that place... haha! Love it...

Lakshmi said...

very beautiful again ...I really liked the pictures of the clouds

lyliane six said...

C'est très beau et ça ressemble beaucoup à l'Alsace.Ah! le petit vin blanc de Moselle!!(bien moins cher qu'en France et aussi bon). Avez vous visité le Wein- museum de Senheim et le Skulpturerenpark? sûrement vous connaissez tant de choses!!

Aditi said...

beautiful shots of a beautiful place.. i am adding this one to my wishlist

Peter said...

Thanks GMG for haveing noted that I'm back. You pretend to be jealous... I'the one who should be, when I discover your world map! About the tagging... maybe later, not today - too busy!

Ash said...

Beautiful images, as always. I'll do my tag tommorow :)

Ash said...

Enjoyed reading your facts :)

leo said...

pls pardon my ignorance but where is this place? is it still in germany?(unfortunately geography had always been my poor subject since high school)

Anonymous said...

such a beautiful and interesting place - looks like it's out of a children's fairy tale book.

Nikon said...

Beautiful series ( as usual!).
Even without the greenery, the area looks like a great place to visit.
I wouldn't have guessed that NYC is your favorite city - I thought something more European or even asia.

Irina said...

Magnificent photographs!

And it's interesting to find out some fact about you.

Lori said...

What lovely photos, you have such nice adventures on your travels. Yes, we are having nice weather here too in NYC, but some storms are coming today. Have a nice weekend!

Dick said...

You have seen a lot of things on this world, I didn't but I like champagne too. Thank you for your visit and comment.

Neva said...

How nice to learn more about you from the tag game!!! Wow...all those language...ok..I want to go traveling with you so I always have a translator!!! I like your pictures....makes one feel like I've been there!

Chica, Cienna, and Cali said...

the facts made a great read......Blue's my absolute favorite too....and loved the castle's silhouette against the clouds filled sky :)

WendyB said...

Wonderful I want to go myself!

indicaspecies said...


It feels good to read about your Mosel River experience. Your pictures are lovely.

The silhouette of the Reichsburg castle is enchanting. Germany is host to some of the most magnificent castles in the world.

Have a great weekend. :)


CaBaCuRl said...

Oh no, Blogtrotter, I don't think you would like to hear my french horn playing now..been too long! Is that a Christmas tree in your photos? That is my first sighting for 2007!
ps...champagne is also my favourite drink!

Annie said...

How lovely it is to come to your blog (yesterday) and see the Enrenbreitstein again. I was there only three years ago and remember the magnificence of the place and of the two rivers that meet nearby.

Kunterbunt said...

Oh, the most beautiful of River Rhine's daughters ;-) I love La Moselle. It's such a beautiful landscape. A good tip is - when you stay there - to take a hotel in Cond. then you can sit on the terrace in the evening (ins ummer) and watch the old city opposite and the castle. Have you visited Beilstein?? It's called 'das Dornröschen' der Mosel.
Herzlichen Gruß
und auch dir ein schönes Wochenende

isa said...

Visiting all those villages along the river (and, for that matter, most places in Germany), I was struck by how clean they were...Are they still?

C'mon, Gil, favorite color? That's a cop-out...We need something more personal ;-)
And only 6 languages? And you call yourself a Globetrotter...

Janet said...

I think this blog needs renaming. How about Globetrotter? What a wonderful trip you are having! Great photos.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your first comment at Blogtrotter. The castle with the clouds is also one of my favourites. I’ll surely visit your blog.

You’re destroying the orange juice and the champagne... ;)) OK, it’s acceptable for a champagne breakfast!
About the Prince: maybe you had already too much orange juice... ;)))

Sorry, I didn’t tag you! But don’t be shy; consider yourself tagged and go ahead with the answers... Sydney and Auckland OK! Geneva, it depends on the weather and the mood!

Richard Lionheart,
Thanks for your visit and first comment here.


Cette fois on ne s’est pas arrêté à Senheim: Il était déjà trop tard, on voyageait par train (que ne s’y arrête pas) et on voulait aller à Bullay... Mais je crois y avoir été en 1969 (il ne fallait pas le dire...) quand je suis allé de Bâle au Luxembourg...
C’est vrai que les vins allemands sont plus bon marché que les français, mais Liebfraumilch, Non Merci...

Your wish list is getting too large; start accomplishing your dreams... ;)

That map is a bit tricky; it shows countries visited, not regions or cities, so if you have ever been in Lima, it will colour the whole Peru (and, as I mentioned on your blog, that trip to Peru and Bolivia was jeopardized by Sendero... Anyhow, I shouldn’t complain, though I do!
Take the tag whenever you wish, if you wish...

Thanks! And thanks for taking the tag; enjoyed finding the similarities...

Yes, still in German, on the way from Koblenz to Luxemburg, through Trier, the oldest German city!

Thanks. You’re right, but the fairytale story remembers me the joke of the guy that got to Venice, Italy and said to his friend: "look what they’ve done to compete with Disneyland…" ;))

It would have been nicer with the grapes still there! About NYC, you just look at my last NY posts (label New York) to see how I miss it… Of course, Paris is also special, Rio is wonderful, Buenos Aires is incredible, but the answer was a mix of liveable and beautiful cities. Memories and friends also contribute to explain the choice of the Big Apple!

Thanks. Hope autumn is not too cold in Moscow...

Thanks. Hope those storms don’t hit too strongly…
Great Sunday to you also!

Cheers! Dom Perignon will do?

You’re welcome! But with 6809 languages in the World we’re still a bit limited... ;))

Agreed on the castle, and of course, blue!

Thanks for your visit and first comment here.
It won’t be difficult to go; just take the plane... ;)

Thanks. Your right about castles in Germany; just mention Neuschwanstein!
Great Sunday to you also!

French horn is always OK! And it goes with champagne... ;)
Yes, it’s a Christmas; photo was taken on Sunday, December 11, 2005!

Amazing you were there three years ago; the pictures were taken two years ago; that’s my delay on posting at Blogtrotter (I don’t mention the delay on the Revivals – only the 70s is already closed...)!

Vielen Dank. 2005 bin ich in Beilstein nicht gewesen; ich war jedoch da in 1969...
Have a great Sunday!

They’re quite clean...
Blue tells you a lot on a person! Now, look: F.C.Porto – I was the only guy in High School supporting the team (when it didn’t win anything relevant...); Mourinho’s Chelsea: it’s The Special One in action! Finally, Sea Watching as a favourite sport does tell you a lot! Do you need more info? ;)))
The languages, you’re right: Should have mentioned some more:
Здравствуйте!, как вы?

Konnichiwa. O-genki desu ka?
(I spared you the Japanese characters... ;)))

Rambling Round,
Thanks. You’re much nicer than Isabella... ;)))

Sigma said...

Lovely pictures once again. Though all of them are wonderful, the first one is specially enchanting. And amongst all the shots of natural beauty and imposing castles, the pic of street musicians stand out - it is a great capture! the colors, the ambience - everything!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Love your comments. Those street musicians were actually giving an interesting show...

Pijush said...

The shots are bright and vibrant. Wonderful as usual. Nice to know about you. Take care

Anonymous said...

Thanks. Consider yourself tagged, if you wish...

Jurgen Huibers said...

I was at the castle in Cochem so many years ago. I remember i liked it a lot. I hope to see it again some day. The castles in Germany are really great and so many of them have not been destroyed.

Anonymous said...

Glad that this brought back some good memories to you! You're right about the German castles: they're gorgeous!