Sunday, October 14, 2007



The roughly 8.5 km walk from Vallendar to Koblenz along the Rhine River is an amazing experience, in particular in a sunny, though cold, day!

"START WALKING - The riverside park in Vallendar is quite nice"

"RHINE MIRROR - It looked so intensively blue..."

"NIDERWERTH - Facing Vallendar, just across the bridge built in 1958, are the islands of Niederwerth and Graswerth. Niederwerth is inhabited, while Graswerth is a natural reserve"

"NORTH AND SOUTH - The Rhine River looked so gentle this Saturday"

"LUNCH BREAK - Another great advantage of this walk is the existence of some pretty nice restaurants by the River, where you may stop for lunch (and a hearty one, actually...). Gretchens at Urbar is one of them"

"AFTER LUNCH - Keep walking and get closer to Koblenz"

"DEUTSCHES ECK - Wilhelm I (dem Grossen) at the German Corner, as seen from the other side of the Rhine"


"EHRENBREITSTEIN FORTRESS - On the same-named mountain, it was built by Prussia between 1817 and 1832 and guarded the middle Rhine region. The fortress was never attacked"

"THE KURFÜRSTLICHE CASTLE was the residence of the last archbishop and Prince Elector of Trier, Clemens Wenzeslaus of Saxonia, that had it built by the end the 18th century. Later, the Prussian Crown Prince (who would become Emperor Wilhelm I) lived here as a military governor of North Rhine-Westphalia for some years"

"PREUSSISCHES REGIERUNGSGEBÄUBE – The old Prussian Government building was built from 1902 to 1906 under the advice of Paul Kieschke, from Berlin, and served the regional government of Koblenz. Today it hosts the Federal Office of Defence Technology and Procurement (BWB)"

"LÖHRSTRASSE is one of the liveliest places in Koblenz. Located in the heart of the pedestrian zone, it’s full of small shops and department stores, including the famous Löhr Centre, a great shopping mall with an outstanding selection of restaurants"


alice said...

Hello, GMG, and thank you very much for visiting and commenting so often on ArradonDP, I do appreciate.
Has your daughter enjoyed her stay in Germany?My own daughter who is studying in Nancy, will go for one year in Germany on her third year (next september.For the moment, she thinks of Heidelberg...

S-V-H said...

Hi Gil,

these are very nice series about North Germany! Reading your posts it's like traveling with you and your wife.
Thanks for sharing this with us!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos! I can feel the excitement, passion and joy with which you take them.

I crossed the Rhine via a footbridge from Strasbourg to Kehl and I thought that was the most amazing thing ever! Breakfast in France, lunch in Germany! :D

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo. May I invite you to visit my other blog Your Love Coach?

Have a great day!

Your Love Coach

Pijush said...

Awesome vibrant colorful and nicely captured shots. I like each and every one. Have a nice week ahead.

• Eliane • said...

Hi Gil, thank you for stopping by my humble little blog and taking the time to comment.
This seems like it was a great trip! The pictures are gorgeous: the river looks like a mirror at times. And that round fortress is so out of the ordinary. Very interesting.

Chica, Cienna, and Cali said...

I love the sun shining softly in winters which comes across so beautifully in your collection here...:)

Chris said...

As I mentioned in my blog today, I love to travel. I just wish I could spend a lot longer in the places I go. . . Your blog has helped add a number of places to my "wish list," too!

Aditi said...

the first few set of photographs were extremely beautiful.. cant wait for more

Ash said...

More wonderful images...I particulalry loved the first one :)

Nikon said...

This is one of the best series of photos I've seen yet - excellent!
I ,too, like the first photo the best.
If you don't mind my "plugging" another blog - Fabrizio of Torino DP has another blog that has a breathtaking photo of Lisbon: - I think you'll like it.

freefalling said...

Perfect walking weather!
You got some great shots and there is some very pretty light.
I like that roundy bit of the castle.
Did you have to walk all the way back again?

Shionge said...

Yes indeed was a beautiful day ~ clear sky and blue shades, wonderful!!!

Still a bit cold huh?

Sally said...

Hi G - fantastic journeys, as ever! Thanks for visiting me, and errr, for your efforts, well, I've tagged you - see here:
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Anonymous said...

WoW...some wonderfully captured & composed shots with lovely lighting & the colours as usual along with the descriptions...Excellent!

99 said...

I adore your first photo GMG! It´s mysterious and romantic...

(si voce tem saudades do Río de la Plata vem p´ra o meu blog hoje, eu postéi fotos dele pelo Blog Action Day)

WendyB said...

Wonderful photos.

Dsole said...

ok, now I know what you mean about your answer in my last comment. Those pics are really sunny and the city looks great!
Have a nice week!!

Tawnya Shields said...

I really need to visit Germany. You have captured the enchanting beauty of Germany. Cheers!

Nikon said...

Thanks for the favor :)

inspired said...

Gutten Tag ;]

Lori said...

Such beautiful photos! I especially like the first one with the mist over the river. Lovely! You must have really enjoyed that walk.

leo said...

awesome pictures!! combination of blue sky + plenty of light!! im back fr my long leave. TQ for ur visit n comment.

isa said...

Thanks for taking me on this enchanting walk along the Rhine! Brings back many sweet memories...

I have tagged you! If you are up for the challenge, please visit my Wednesday's post for details.

JaamZIN said...

wow...the first picture is very special to me! wonderful! I like that mood a lot!

Andrea Gerák said...

Hi Gil, oh, so many faces of one river!

Thanks for your messages, I am back now from a trip, with new pics :-)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful scenes!

indicaspecies said...


Another fabulous posting with adorable pictures. The serenity of the first three pictures is sheer magic.

How I'd love to go on a cruise on the Rhine! Your pictures makes me long for it all the more.

PS: Do I see rainbow in pic 071?

Sigma said...

Wonderful post! and looking at the pictures, I do believe that it must have been a fantastic day spent walking along the river, taking in beautiful sights all along. The colors of the sky look amazing in many of the pics, and the photos in the setting sun look really great.

And the night shot has come out extremely well in this one :-)

lyliane six said...

Les promenades au bord du Rhin, sont très belles, et j'en ai fait beaucoup à pieds ou à vélo, quand ma souer habitait Cologne.Les biergarten sont très agréables aussi l'été, même les trains s'arrêtent devant!! comme l'a osé dire mon beau frère, un soir qu'il était rentré plus tard de son travail, comme excuse.....

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you back here.
Di enjoyed very much her stay in Germany; the school was the best for management, and she had great fun there. Of course, having studied in the Deutsche Schule Lissabon, she was fluent in German, though many classes were held in English!
Heidelberg is a nice town and a great University; depending on the subjects your daughter is studying.
Have a great time!

Thanks. I wouldn’t say that Koblenz is northern Germany...

I can imagine the excitement, but must confess that, compared with Strasbourg, Kehl is far from being exciting... ;)


It’s always a great pleasure o see your pictures of one of my favourite cities.
It was a quite nice trip and the castle/palace is actually an amazing building!

And I share your feelings!

So we are two already loving to travel... Glad to show you some places you love to see!

Thanks. Mosel River comes next.

Thanks for the comment and for the hint; the Lisbon photo from Fabrizio is absolutely stunning!

Bus in, walk out: 8.5 km all the way back, with lunch at halfway…

It’s always a bit cold for your climate standards. ;)

Great to see you back here. Ok, I’ll take that tag… Thanks!


Obrigado. A história contada no seu post é magnífica!

That was a great walk!

It’s time to pack and get there!

Vielen Dank!

Glad to see you back!

Glad to bring sweet memories back to you. And I’ll take care of that tag. Thanks.

I must confess that the first is also one of my favourites.

Great to see you back. I’ll check your new pictures!


Thanks. This was a perfect day for a stroll with a camera in your hand. And you’re right to see a rainbow around the German Corner!

Like I just wrote, it was a perfect day, and the blue sky helped a lot, even if crossed by dozens of airplanes... The night picture for once came out well!

C’est vrai que les trains s’arrêtent devant les biergarten; ça se voit à Urbar, juste à coté de Gretchens.

CaBaCuRl said...

Trotter, what a magnificently calm day you had for your walk along the river, but judging from your clothing, it must have been very cold! In 1979, that fortress above the confluence of the 2 rivers was a youth hostel, or something similar...I stayed there for a few days that summer, during my first European adventure.

Anonymous said...

Hi Caba, so glad to see you back here. You're right, temperatures were somewhere between 3º and 6º centigrade...
The Jugendherberge Festung Ehrenbreitstein is still there. And it seems to be always crowded and fully booked during summer time, at least!

Cuckoo said...

Oh I also have been to this place, yet to post pictures. To me river Rhine looks so violent at times, specially near the falls.

Fall is very wide. Isn't it?

Lakshmi said...

The pictures have a dreamy feel to it...I like the first one - the best thing i liked about the germany trip is how each village looks so identical with a river, church and those petite houses can just keep walking and lose yourself...

Anonymous said...

this is quite far from the falls; so it runs quietly... Actually, the falls are in Switzerland, at the upper course of the river, near the German borders!

It's amazing how you caught the spirit of the German villages...

Kunterbunt said...

Great photos, some of them in wonderful blue-icy colors. I must say, you give a wonderful picture of that region and of Germany. :-)))

Anonymous said...

Thanks. It must be acknowledged that the region is already wonderful; I just showed the pictures... ;))