Thursday, October 11, 2007



Saturday was dedicated to a visit to Vallendar and a stroll along the Rhine River. This post shows our perambulations in Vallendar, a nice village in Rhineland!

"NR.8 - This is the bus that links Vallendar to Koblenz, seen here crossing the Pfaffendorfer Bridge. The photo was taken from the nearby Mercure Hotel"

"HOME - Di was living at the apartment of a German friend, student at WHU, who was on an Exchange Programme in Uruguay"

"KOROVA was students' bar, just next door"

"WHU - The University's door was 50m from the appartment, and every student had a key to enter the premises when the school was closed!"

"THE CLASSROOM(s) at WHU were pretty impressive"

"WHU is most probably the best Management school in Germany. The premises are absolutely striking"

"PLAZA - The apartments at the WHU plaza look quite nice!

"BURGSTRASSE, where Di was living, is the main pedestrian street in Vallendar"

"DIE TRAUBE is the best restaurant in Vallendar"

"CHURCHES - Vallendar has several churches, and some are quite interesting!"

"APARTMENT BUILDINGS - Many are needed to lodge the 533 students at the WHU..."

"REST HOUSE - In 1976 we made a big West European tour (see post here). In Germany, near Koblenz, we stayed in Vallendar. The Hotel was the big building we can see on this picture. Today it works as a rest house for elderly people... Premonition!"


Shionge said...

Wooo...looks cold & chilly and what a nice surrounding environment? The university sure looks modern, how long were you there?

Tawnya Shields said...

I have to make plans to visit Germany. It is so beautiful. I have family over there I would love to meet. :o)

S-V-H said...

I like the architecture of this Restaurant Traube, so called "Fachwerkbau", if I'm right...wonderful pictures!

Pijush said...

Waoww.. Again some magnificent shots of Germany, I liked the Church one most. Amazing.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a very nice university and community.

Lakshmi said...

Looks like a great place to study and chill ! lovely pictures

lv2scpbk said...

Those photos of the girls look likes you all had a fun time taking them.

The first photo with the bus, looks like their the only ones up at the moment. The road all to theirselves.

Adamantine said...

Thanks for your visits...It's so great! I'm cured today!! see you soon!!

Irina said...

Great facilities! I wouldn't mind leaving and studing in such places. Unfortunately, my schools and campus were rather shameful (at least from the architectural point of view).

And thanks a lot for your visits and comments to my blog! It's a great pleasure to get them.

isa said...

WHU looks very impressive, indeed! Did Di speak German before attending classes there?

(Sorry, did not mean to neglect you in the compliment department;-). I'm sure one of us must have commented on your sexy legs, whenever you wear shorts ;-)))

Chica, Cienna, and Cali said...

love the crispness of shots in this must be the crisp air in those nice to see family together.....and i love the variety of shots on your blog ..its always a pleasure to travel with you :)

Cergie said...

Tout d'abord on peut ne pas aimer le brouillard, dire que c'est pas bon pour les rhumatismes, mais on eput dire qu'il permet de très jolies photos d'extérieur et les nimbe de mystère

De magnifique tranches de vie. Je dis "tranches" parce que tu montres bien des aspects différents. Le monde des étudiants (j'ai deux enfants, qui ont étudié en allemagne, l'un à Constance l'autre à Berlin, et visiter les universités et les cités universitaires est très instructif)

La vie à l'hotel ou celle chez l'habitant. Quelle chance de pouvoir partager la vie de l'habitant.
Les églises il y en a tant. C'est pratique, elles ervent de repère. Quant à la façade à colombage, elle me rappelle cesv maisons lumineuses en porcelaine que l'on trouve sur les marchés de noël.

GMG, je ne m'absente pas longtemps. Je préviens car j'ai des amis qui savent que je publie régulièrement (trois fois par semaine) et qui s'inquiéteraient de ne pas me lire lundi. Je pars quelques jours... A Epinal !

Andrea said...

Nice pictures.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Ming the Merciless said...

Very nice photos!

Di was very lucky to have a chance to study abroad in Vallendar. And you and your wife were very lucky to have visited when Di was there.

I always tell my students to travel more, see the world, learn other cultures, etc.

P/S: Your new photos are very clear. Are these taken with a digital camera?

Sigma said...

It sure looks a wonderful place to study at. And given the chance to stay as an exchange progran student, it must be a wonderful experience for Di.

inspired said...

gutten tag .. ;]

Anonymous said...

Hello, Gil,
so we are in Vallendar now (which I don't know). How nice to learn about German places through your blog :-))
So the two pretty women are your wife and your daughter??
Have a nice weekend. The sun is shining today and we are going to spend a day outside.

Diana said...


Thanks for publishing some pictures of my small little and cozy village - Vallendar.

I already miss the time I spent there studying.. :)

Keep on going with the nice and increasingly multicultural blog!

99 said...

Muito obrigado GMG pela sua passagem no meu blog!
Thanks! I like your blogs too... you make me feel like traveling...

Marie said...

Your photos are very beautiful. It seems to be cold in Germany!

Lynette said...

I enjoyed seeing the variety of architecture in Vallendar. Thanks!

Kerry-Anne said...

Great photos and commentary, as always - now I feel like I've been to Vallendar and Koblenz too!
Thanks for visiting Cape Town Daily Photo; it's always great to have you stop by. :)

lyliane six said...

Merci pour tous les mots de réconfort,ainsi va la vie...
Votre fille ressemble beaucoup à sa maman, mais quand elle est avec son papa, elle lui ressemble beaucoup aussi!!. Elle a beaucoup de chance de faire des études dans un environnement si moderne, les villes allemandes sont très strictes comme leurs momuments, mais tout est fait pour faciliter la vie estudiantine, de plus elle aura la chance de pouvoir parler comme vous beaucoup de langues étrangères.

Dsole said...

hahahaha premonition you said! funny Gil, I've been busy this week, I'm attending a master and my work and english classes, but I'm here around as I have a free minute to do some blogging ;)
I didn't hear about that exhibition at Reina Sofia, thank you for the information!
muito obrigado!! :)

This city you've showed seems cold and grey! I heard that happens a lot in Germany but when the sun appears everything has an special light, and looks amazing! But I guess there is a lot of young people and they know how to enjoy theirselves a lot! Have a nice week!boa semana!

Anonymous said...

It was quite cold in accordance with Singapore standards; but for a winter day in Germany, it must be said it was pretty nice...
I spent two hours at the WHU, but Di was there for a full semester!

Titania starlight,
Don't know what you're waiting for: pack and go!

"Fachwerkhaus or Fachwerkbau" also known as half-timbered construction or more recently, timber framing: you're right!

Churches in Germany usually provide us with great shot opportunities.

And it actually is!

That was the 7:00 a.m. bus on a Saturday; no wonder no one around...

Great to see you healed and back!

Sorry for your campus; mine was not so interesting also!
You're welcome: I love to see your Moscow pictures!

WHU is purportedly the best management school in Germany, and Di did the secondary/high school at the German school in Lisbon, where she made the Abitur exam. So she was quite fluent in German before going to Vallendar...
[Neglecting excuses accepted! ;)) ]

Thanks. It was a quite special day for pictures, but probably not so healthy for the cameras.

Le brouillard, c'est vrai que ce n'est pas bon ni pour les rhumatismes, ni pour les cameras, mais ça permet des photos mystiques. Façade à colombage: ça me rappelle toujours la petite Venise et la Lauch à Colmar...
Bon séjour à Epinal!


Thanks. You�re right to tell your students "to travel more, see the world, learn other cultures"; it's much more useful than staying at home even if with piles of encyclopaedias.
The camera has been the same since the beginning of the digital era in this blog - November 2000. But now I've a new compact digital camera - Canon Powershot G9! Hope to improve quality, though the zoom is still only 6X...

Actually it was quite an experience for Di!

Vielen Dank!

Vallendar is not that from Cologne: One hour train to Koblenz and 15m bus, you're there! And if the sun is shining just see the pictures of the walk from Vallendar back to Koblenz included in my next post.

Welcome back here! Of course, this post should be read in conjunction with your Bloguendar, but one has either to be able to read Portuguese or need to get the AltaVista Babel fish translation system...


Thanks. It was cold, though sunny in December 2005!


Great to see you back, and with a nice-looking new profile picture!

C'est vrai que Di parle portugais, espagnol, français, anglais et allemand...

Cuidado, que te matas de trabajo ;)
Well, if you want to see it getting out of the mist, just have a look at my next post - Walk along the Rhine!

Unknown said...

Hi! I'm heading there this summer and im real excited. Di, How's school there like? Could you tell me more about the lifestyle there generally?

Trotter said...

No available profile, no reply!!