Saturday, August 30, 2008



In the summer of 2007 we returned to Greece and to the Greek Isles. This time we visited Kos, Crete (again) and Mykonos. It was a wonderful experience, and hopefully the next posts will show some of the beauties we came across there!



"DUST - The summer of 2007 was a disaster for most of the Peloponnese. Fires ravaged forests, fields and villages, and some important memories of the glorious old times were threatened. When we arrived at Athens airport, a cloud of dust and smoke from the nearby fires was covering most of the horizon!"

"CYCLADIC ART - Replica of a female figurine of the canonical type (Spedos variety) at the Sofitel Hotel, Athens airport"

"MARBLE BEAUTY - Another beautiful replica at the Sofitel"

"ALTO RELIEVO (High Relief) at the entrance of room 701"



"CLUB MED - The views from our first room were great"

"KEFALOS BAY - Early morning and at the windsurf rush hour"

"KASTRI ISLET - With the small chapel of Saint Nicholas built on its shores, the picturesque islet named Kastri was one of the highlights of the perfectly located beach and resort"

"MULTIPURPOSE LAWN - Sea watching or gym: you choose!"

"POOL - Why do you need a pool with such a wonderful sea just in front of you?"

"AGIOS STEFANOS (St. Stephen) RUINS - Some archaeological investigations to enrich your beach time..."

"SANDY HILL -Amazing colours"



"FULL MOON over the sandy hill"


"FIVE A.M. - Full moon over the Club, Kefalos and the Bay"


Anonymous said...

Hi everybody. Finally, I managed to post some pictures of the Greek Odyssey 2007, at a time when probably Peter was already despairing to see them… ;)). It would, however, be a great achievement if I could keep the delay in only twelve months as it is now… Don’t think I’ll manage, however, as I’ll be out for a (much deserved, lol) vacation from September 5th through 15th… Anyhow, enjoy, and don’t forget your comments!

Kate said...

You certainly found a beautiful paradise! Hard to pick a favorite, but the photo of Saint Stephen appeals to my archeological interest. You must have had a very relaxing time in this locale!

Louise said...

Whew! Those are some amazing photos. I thought I liked the ocean ones the best (because i LOVE the ocean), but the moon ones at the end were pretty spectacular (especially the one reflecting in the ocean.) I've always wanted to go to Greece. Maybe someday...

Thanks for sharing your travels!

alicesg said...

Wow they are all so beautiful. The scenery are fantastic. The night photos are amazing too. I wonder if that is the front door at Room 701 or is it just a decoration piece. Very lovely.

Ron said...

Wow, such beautiful pictures. Greece is on my list of places to visit. It always looks so beautiful there.

SusuPetal said...

I've only been to mainland Greece, Athens, for some decades ago.
The islands are worth visiting, hope to get there some day.
Your photos are a proof of paradise:)

Anonymous said...

Wow, KOS is so charming, the colors in your pictures are beautiful.

Unknown said...

Hello Gil
So happy you are back in action :D
wow...greece!! I love to go there one day, sounds and look so mysterious to me with lots of historical background. I'd love to sit on the hill and look at the ocean and beaches! Too beautiful. You have a fantatsic weekend :D

Pietro Brosio said...

Fabulous sequence of images! Wonderful the view from your room, the pool in front of the sea, very picturesque the small chapel of Saint Nicholas built on the shores of Kastri Islet, and then great the sunset and the night pictures with the moon.
I am waiting with interest for your next posts about Greece.
Have a nice week ahead!

Chuckeroon said...

Ach so, Herr Trotter! I hef noticed zat you ver able to take a snap of ze pool before my men got out zer to spread ze black, red and gold towels. For zat you will be punished!

S-V-H said...

Hi Gil,

thanks for this wonderful post about Kos, about this wonderful place on earth - and I never made it there, it's a shame! :-)

Thanks for your comment on my blog.

Emery Roth said...

I've read about it; I've taught about it; I've never gotten there. How relaxing it all looks. I look forward to seeing more.

Mariposa said...

It's gorgeous!! love the Sunset and the moonlight photos =)

Lynette said...

I must say this post looks like you two were in the lap of luxury. I think it's brilliant how you took us through an entire day and evening. And that piece outside Room 701 looks like a gigantic cameo.

Azer Mantessa said...

observing the landscape, i can understand the myths and the legendaries behind it.

such beautiful.

Nihal said...

Hi Gil,
First off, thanks a lot for your lovely comment, and also compliments. Very kind of you as usual.

Photos speak more than the words, how terrific! I'm drawn for moonlight and sunset. Great captures, great! Alto Relievo is amazing...

Now. Let me give you some feedback about Antalya (Ancient Atteleia) as you req'ed:

One of my favorite places in the country. Both a large and very fashionable, attractive city and a resort town on the central Mediterranean coast, which is also called the Turkish Riviera of Turkey. Has wonderful climate with full sunshine for 300 days a year, and lovely natural beaches -most frequently visited beaches are Konyaalti and Lara-, golf clubs and citrus fruit orchards everywhere found in Antalya. You can find a wide range of hotels and holiday villages, even 7-Stars as world class. Do you remember Adam & Eve, the most romantic Hotel that I've also mentioned on my blog?

Besides being an absolute paradise for swimmers, it's of a historical significance. During the 2nd century B.C. the King of Pergamum, Attelai the 2nd, founded the area. The Romans, Byzantines, and Seljuks' in turn occupied the city before it came under Ottoman rule. As you know St Nicholas Church still stands just outside in Demre.

One more important thing, do not forget to bring a sun protection oil factor of 40+ because it's very hot even in September!

Perfect choice, Gil. Wish you restful holidays, and I'm sure you'll love the capital of the Turquoise coast, Antalya:) Hope this helps you. If you need any further info, do not hesitate to ask me, as I'm at your disposal.

Impatiently waiting to read your memories on your blog.


RuneE said...

That looks like an island worth visiting - a place where one can make good use of a camera - full moon and all. We went to Crete last autumn and made what we could out of Knossos, but that was just a nibble really. In some weeks we will be visiting Rhodes - who know, maybe Kos next year?

Solitaire said...

Its breathtakingly beautiful!! You are not only a blogtrotter but a globetrotter!

Anonymous said...

Now we can be with you on islands of Greece! Thank you!
They are special.
I am curious about photos of Mykonos and Crete, can I see places, where I have been. Somehow I know, that hotels will not be same , where I was ;)

Nikon said...

Great shots, Gil - I love the island - picture perfect!
That must have been a great spot to relax :)

Tawnya Shields said...

Absolutely lovely photos. I noticed your wife and the figurine are posing in the same fashion. Was this an accident or intentional? :o)

Rhonda Hartis Smith said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving your nice comment. Your pictures are so beautiful, Greece is on my list of places I would like to visit!

Anonymous said...

Love the photos, especially the nighttime ones.

Have a wonderful vacation. Looking forward to seeing those photos.


Anonymous said...

KOS is so charming, the pictures are beautiful and charming.
I envy you, once again.

Ash said...

What a paradise. Beautiful images.

PeterParis said...

I could see that you are referring to my impatience! It was worth waiting!
So far I have a feeling that you were lucky to take all your photos from the hotel room! (?) The landscape looks so nice, so I’m sure you moved out of the room somehow! Next “episode”?

freefalling said...

The pool is so the sharks don't get you!

hpy said...

La Grèce me parait valoir une visite. (Tout comme beaucoup d'autres pays.)

My Unfinished Life said...

greece is one place i really want to go.....especially santorini and mykanos.....lovely pics there gmg!!!

Joy said...

Breath-taking photos - especially the beaches and the full moon. A slice of paradise!

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your kind comments. Have a great start to your week!

Your Love Coach
A Pinay In England
I, Woman

di.di said...

The view from your room was indeed a million dollar view. Absolutely breathtaking!

Anonymous said...

*lol* You are travelling too much. But I understand that well; it's hard to keep up with all that, photos and texts. - A wonderful landscape there (though too many photos in one post for me). . funny: Your wife has taken the same arm-position as the statue, you not *lol*. Have a nice week, Gil. (We've just returned from Bavaria).

 gmirage said...

Nothing like Greek art! My dad sent me lots of photos from Greek when I was a young kid and I was of course impressed about it that back then I had hopes of one day visiting....too bad that chance isnt too soon yet so thank you for sharing these....indeed wonderful!

Dsole said...

What a nice report, muy tentador!
Thank you for coming by all the time.. how were/are your holidays? I'm back to work in a such a hot Madrid... but I'm happy I had a great time! I'll post some pics when I have the time!

Kala said...

Gosh, you have everything on here! Wonderful shots of the art and the city and nature scapes! I wish I could see in person what you post - such an awesome collection of varieties of this beautiful place! Traveling is such a fun thing to do - now, I just gotta save some money for those crazy air fares!

Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos!

Shionge said...

Sure know where to look for treasures Gil, beautiful sharing indeed and thank you so much :D

Tinsie said...

Looks beautiful - I've never been to Kos. I love the tiny island off the coast. Very pretty :-)

Cergie said...

Pardon de tarder à passer te voir ; la rentrée est dure pour moi, alors qu'au contraire de voir revenir les "collègues" te soulage d'un gros poids
Des aéroports, tu en as fréquentés n'est ce pas ? Passages obligés. Pas toujours, je suis allée à Athène par la route via la Yougoslavie. Cependant, comme nous nous rendions en Turquie, nous ne nous sommes pas arrêtés, il faut bien faire un choix.
J'aimerais m'y arrêter un jour vraiment et tes photos m'en donnent l'envie.
La lune date ces moments, elle est au firmament ; pleine, là comme ailleurs dans le monde, et sa lueur confère une ambiance magique à tes photos.

Olivier said...

les photos de nuit sont superbes et j'adore cette île avec cette maison bleue, on a l'impression de se retrouver en bretagne

alice said...

I choose sea watching ;-)

Unknown said...

Quel régal cette série de photos qui font rêver. Cela me rappelle aussi mon voyage en Grèce il y a 30ans !
SANDY HILL me fait penser à des paysages que nous avons vus ici dans l’Arizona.
Sympa aussi la photo des sportifs ("matinaux" je suppose!)
Merci de ton gentil commentaire laissé sur mon blog

Neva said...

Your photos make me wish that I vacationed a lot more! Nice.

Oman said...

your photos really transport me to a different place. so awesome specially the sunset shot. great job again sir.

Ming the Merciless said...

The smoke and dust from forest fire created a beautiful red sky in your photo. I would never have guess there was destruction so nearby.

The view of Kos from your hotel is spectacular. Love all the photos of the islands around the resort.

The female figurine in the hotel looked more African than Greek.

I have to go to Greece one day, after I visited Rome (again), swim with the snow monkey in northern Japan, and dancing the tango in Buenos Aires. :-)

I have a long list!!!

Jurgen Huibers said...

That Kastri Islet looks beautiful. Nice photos!

Anonymous said...

I have Club Med twice now and was never disappointed. Love your Greek island photos Gil especially the little chapel. Was 701 your room? Have a wonderful day. ~ Lynn

Indrani said...

Beautiful place, the pictures say it all!

Anonymous said...

Thank you all for your comments and your patience to see them replied. After an incredible year, I finally managed to take some days off, so the delay increased… Loved to read them, anyhow!

We had a good time; Greece has a wonderful light and the blues are amazing. If you’re keen on archaeology, that will be your paradise!

We’re two already loving the Oceans… I love those moon pictures also; tried to catch similar this year, but didn’t work. Don’t know why… ;(

Alice SG,
Just a decoration piece; the door 701 is on the other side…

Bring it upwards on your list!

Time to get there; the Isles are gorgeous!


Start reading Homer, a nice introduction to your visit… ;)

Thanks. That Kastri islet is absolutely superb!

Sie haben ein unheimlich Akzent… ;)

So many years living in Switzerland and never in Kos… ;(

It’s amazing the knowledge we may have about places we’ve never been to… It happens to me a lot…

Good taste; thanks!

Well spotted!

Thanks a lot for your tips on Antalya. It was a great experience, but with my delay on posting, I’ll talk about it maybe only next summer… ;))

Kos is great. Crete will come next again in 2007. Rhodes was nice in 2003, but I would love to get back!


Crete and Mykonos will be posted soon…

Greek isles are a perfect spot!

Intentional: the Cycladic figurine had a nice pose!

Start packing… ;) It’s a great place to go!!

Those night pictures were one of my achievements; never managed to get similar… ;))

Don’t be mean… ;))

Absolutely right, as always…

Delay reduced to one year isn’t that bad… ;) Some more pictures on land will come forward!

There are sharks anywhere, mainly in pools… ;)


Shooting Star,
Santorini and Mykonos are beautiful! With all the pictures I’ve from the Greek islands is difficult to make a choice…


Absolutely stunning, indeed

So, you’re returning from Bavaria and I’m the one who is travelling too much? ;))
I can’t post daily and take so long to post again that I think it’s better to tell a story on each post rather than make a story about just a picture… ;)

From Vienna to Greece is much shorter than from Lisbon… ;)

Great to see you around; hope the three months of «infierno» are almost by to get to the nine of «invierno»… ;))

Your pictures are absolutely stunning, no comparison! Now with the low-cost, fares aren’t that high… ;)

Treasury hunter could be a nice retiment hobby… ;))

A foreigner is always needed to show us our country… ;))

Merci. En route de France à Turquie, quel exploit… Je préfère l’avion; plus rapide; ça te donne beaucoup plus de temps pour te promener à la destination…

La petite chapelle est magnifique!

Mon sport favori…;)

Arizona aussi est très beau! Les sportifs sont là à la fin de l’après-midi; le matin ils dorment… ;)

Start packing!


It’s incredible what happened in Peloponnese in 2007!
Kos was a great discovery, and the Cycladic figure is truly Greek!
The snow monkey, I give up; but the tango and Rome are great choices… ;)

Kastri islet is incredible!

Which Clubs were you in? Columbus Isle? Everybody talks to me about that one… ;)

You’re right: pictures say it much better!