Friday, September 05, 2008



"HOLD ON - Avoiding the sinking of Kastri Islet"




"MAHALO PARTY - Piña Colada"

"AGIOS STEFANOS - The ruins of the Basilica as seen from the beach"










Anonymous said...

Hi everybody. Finally, I’ll get some days off this year; not much, just from Friday night (September 5th) through Monday morning (September 15th). But I don’t leave you empty hands: as you see, a beautiful beach and lots of champagne are waiting for you here! Enjoy, and don’t forget your comments!

BTW, Blogtrotter 80s is in the English Riviera, and The 90s in Rome. Have a look…

Unknown said...

Hello Gil :D
wow..we have similar posts. You have actually been there, whereby I am dying to go to the place i posted. happy weekend to you the 1st photo

Voegtli said...

Me, being stuck in a desertic place, I am very envious of such pictures. I am sure you had a very good time. I like the "Eolien Sunset". The only thing I do not care about is the champagne. I never liked it. And when I drink it (which happens more or less only when 31st of February falls on a wednesday), it always hurts my stomach. So, to quench my thirst in a "hot" place like this, I would prefer a pastis.

Anonymous said...

wonderful place. you must had fantastic time. thanks for shared

PeterParis said...

Very short (but clear) comments this time! Nice!!! (What's your experience of ClubMed in general?)

Anonymous said...

Hi Gil, it seems your enjoying the Mahalo beach party with champagne in your hand. Love the photo with your wife. :)

Out of topic:
I wrote a new article about Chao Phraya River Day tour in Bangkok.
Have a good day!

Daniel Chérouvrier said...

I can't see where the Champagne comes from. Marne or Aube ?
In fact, lots of the Champagne bottles sold by producers of Reims and surroundings come from our departement Aube.
Bonnes vacances !

SusuPetal said...

Thanks for the champagne! Have a nice weekend everybody!

Jo's-D-Eyes said...

hey GIL!
Some free days...? hahah!:) Aren't you always free, because you're always on travelling? (I'm Kidding you!) wow this is really the place I would LOVE to be right NOW. in KOS iin the sun, on a beach, we've not been on that island, not yet and GREECE stole my heart.... bcause we have 'the dog' (sh'e old now) we are not travelling too much (just 6 times a year is 'not much' for us..) CHEEERS I like champagne too.

Thanks for your reaction, I posted (new) post about a concert I visited (alone yeh!) so watch and enjoy with me:)


JoAnn's D Eyes/Holland
(ps: weather sucks here in NL)

Joy said...

Hi Gil! As usual, more wonderful photos. But I think more than anything, they're beautiful memories. I could feel the love, the fun and the joy you and your wife had when visiting all these exotic places. You're a lucky man!

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your kind comments. Have a nice weekend!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos, especially of your and your wife. the first one is great, so full of joy. thanks for the champaign ;-))

alice said...

Quelque chose me dit que vous avez passé de très bonnes vacances dans cet endroit, le Club Med devrait vous inviter pour cette pub!

alice said...

Au fait, bonnes vacances à nouveau puisque vous repartez!

Gattina said...

Oh yes it must have been a long time I haven't been here ! Fortunately I am going to Egypt in November for 2 weeks otherwise I would be jalous, sitting in the rain and cold here and looking at these beautiful pictures !

Chuckeroon said...

So, Trotter: your Missus is trying to outdo my Atlas. However, I suppose a whole rock islet is heavier than a pub. She wins.

Marguerite-marie said...

ces photos font du bien alors que de retour en Bretagne nous trouvons le ciel gris le vent la pluie...des belle photos qui donnent le sourire. Merci

Unknown said...

Finalement tu pars!!! Mais tu es toujours en vadrouille il me semble :-)
Quoi qu'il en soit, je vous souhaite de tres bonnes vacances et profitez-en bien,
A bientot.

Mariposa said...

whee gorgeous!looked like you had a really good time there!

Have you been to Patos? my friends went and they told me it was gorgeous. Hope you can post some pics on that.

Jurgen Huibers said...

It looks you had a great time and enjoyed the champagne. I wouldn't mind going to a party on the beach too...

alicesg said...

Wow a recent set of photos in August 2008. You really know where to enjoy and lead a stressless life. Everyone on the beach looked so happy celebrating and enjoying. Have a nice weekend.

Anonymous said...

Well .... it looks like a good time was had by all! Loved the first photos. ~

Chris said...

I wish I were there. . . .. LOVE it. My favorite bubbly wine is Cava, which you probably know is Catalan. What is that drink you have in the 5th photo? ;-)

Jealous that you have time off. . .School has started, so I'm working on writing and field study.

indicaspecies said...

Hi Gil,

Amazing pictures. I particularly liked the first one and those titled Beach Lights and Couple.;)
And a nice title to the post.

You have a lovely break and a great time.:)

Louise said...

You weren't kidding about a lovely beach and champagne! LOVELY beach! I love the pictures with you and your wife, or is it you and your husband? I'm not sure I know who the author of this blog is! I just know I get a very big travel bug every time I come here!

Happy trails in September!

S-V-H said...

Can we change my Hurrican Hanna into your champagne beach party???? :-)

I liked your pictures, they are full life and dynamic - I can see the fun you had there! Thanks for sharing, Gil and for your kind comment on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a good time has been had by all. Enjoy your holiday.


Beefybob7 said...

Hi Gil.

Ha yes, the three Sss and champagne.
What could be better?

Looks like party island to me.

Know you had fun.


Nihal said...

Hi Gil,
I think there's nothing better to have a life partner who's a 'very beautiful smile' like your wife! Very first photo so inviting, and lovely pinkee:)
Rest of your article proves once again you both had a great time in Greece. I'd pick my faves like Eolian, sunset beach, lights, Mahalo party, Sea and Sails just perfect!
The perfect-est is your ''Couple'' photo, loved it!
Right now I do check my current time, and you should be check-in at a/port to Turquie, wow!!!
Let me say, your timing for Istanbul that was done in a cold winter snowy day, February, was not appropriate. However now your timing for Antalya seems perfect:)
You fixed the most right time, Gil. Antalya would be very pleased to WELCOME you, and I will be thinking you both from the north, Istanbul during your stay long in the South:)
Hope you enjoy too much, and have a safe and pleasant stay. Looking fwd to hear more from you w/fantastic photos.
Oh, your hosting skills so kind, enjoyed my glass of champagne:)

All of my best,


Ron said...

The Mahalo Party looks like a good time. You have some very awesome pictures. My boy would love to see the windmills.

I really enjoy your blog.

Anonymous said...

greetings fro indonesia.

your EOLIAN SUNSET made me stop scrolling my mouse wheel and admire it for a while....

it is so beautiful...

Nikon said...

Great series, Gil, the island looks like a great place to visit.
The whole series from Kos makes it look like a very cool place :)

leo said...

i love the first pic of ur wife and the couple shot. both of u look younger each time ^_^, globe trotting and holidaying in such beautiful n exotic beaches must have help eh? hv fun with your break n much thanks for visiting me.

Dick said...

You have good times, I like the first shot very much.

My Unfinished Life said...

hey there!!nice pics!!! all of them....but i particularly like the one one in which you are holding a drink in one hand..sipping it and holding something to eat in another...looking quite flamboyant and different from your usual pics!!!.....

Nomadic Matt said...

looks like you two can still hang with the best of them! awesome!

hpy said...

I appreciate the efforts made to avoid the sinking of an island. They are really worth of the champagne.

Dawning One said...

what wonderful photos Gil. ahh, Greece, how terrific. Love the champagne mountain. Have one for me!

Anonymous said...

ah, sand, the beach and pretty men. Lovely pictures Gill!

Azer Mantessa said...


blue sea, the beach, the ladies, the sails, the mountains, shiny blue sky, the ladies, night party, the ladies, i bet nice music too, the ladies, the ladies ...

nice :-)

Ash said...

Wow Do I see some goodlooking men there? ;-)
Thanks for the champagne.
This is one scrumptious post :-)

Lori said...

Love the photo of your wife in the first shot! How cute!! It looks like it was a wonderful and memorable trip. Hope you are having fun on your vacation now!

Lakshmi said...

love the pictures..the party looks great and some of the nature shots..i feel like hitting the beach soon..Ive just finished my 100th post and it would be great if you could drop in when you are free ..have a great week

Pietro Brosio said...

Another amazing sequence of pictures, Gil!
Splendid the "Beach lights", "eolian sunset", Kefalos Town" and all the others.
I am always waiting with interest for your next post!
Have a great week!

Cergie said...

Alors bonnes vacances, Gil, d'ailleurs je repars moi aussi, pour dix jours au moins.
Ta photo du dessus tu aurais pu trouver un mot commençant par un "S" aussi que l'on associe souvent à "Sun" et "Sea" !
Et comme d'hab on termine tout cela autour d'une coupe.
N'abuse pas tout de même sinon tu vas tomber dans la piscine (ou dans la sea) !
Enjoy les prochains jours
A plus tard

kyh said...

beautiful greece! the seas, sand, and sky! lovely!!!!! love to travel there someday....

Tinsie said...

Once again, lovely photos. Looks like you had a lot of fun!

Check out my pics (well, they're my friend's but she let me publish them) from the Greek island of Folegandros. I think you will like them :-)

virtualjourney said...

Terrific shots - really get the glee of the holiday. Look forward to browsing again with a bit more time on my hands!

Tawnya Shields said...

Now this looks like a fun place to be! :O)

Lara said...

the summer... in here it's already smelling like autumn. but I enjoyed this post a lot!

Anonymous said...

Ohh. .. I can see, I am not only one, who loves Greece and your posts there!
I feel almost sick myself, when see those photos and I miss so much being there!
I think, that I have to organize one week holiday soon :)

Thank you about this post , have a happy weekend !

Anonymous said...

Oh, Gil! Can you tell me how you can always be travelling? What's the secret?

Never been to Kos, but one day I will. Kos gives Santorini a run for her money! Love the Greek isles!

Dan said...

Hey, three of my favorite things, not to mention the pretty girls!

Solitaire said...

You are making so much out of your life. Loving it!

b.c. said...

what a spectacular set of photos! thanks for sharing with us!

(p.s. as always thanks for the visits to my blog, i was on a little blog vacation but i began posting again at the end of august, please do come by for a visit anytime...)

Emery Roth said...

It looks like you had a great time, and I love the shot of the windmills at sunset. There are so many places I've never been.

lv2scpbk said...

Wonderful photos and it looks like everyone was having a good time.

Indrani said...

Geat shots once more! Great pose, your wife trying to hold up the islet, great photo idea infact. The party shot reminded me of Holi festival here. :)

lyliane six said...

Je vois que vous avez eu de beaux jours, tout comme nous avec vous et pour la suite de notre séjour.
Vous êtes amoureux de la Gréce, moi du Portugal! donc ne vous étonnez pas de me revoir assez souvent, mais maintenant c'est à vous de venir découvrir la Normandie.

Dalicia said...

some free days :) i hope to have that from work...thank you for writing the history :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you all! Back to business, almost as normal… ;)
Didn’t leave you empty hands, but see that you only cared for the champagne! No visitors to the English Riviera or to Rome… ;))

«Les beaux esprits…» Also love that first picture!

OK, you take the «pastis» and Sudan, I get Greece and champagne… Fair enough! ;))

It’s a great place, actually!

In general, I like. You do or don’t do whatever you want: sports, excursions, eat, drink, sea watching, nothing at all… Enjoy the fun and the spirit! Of course, the mood depends a lot on the quality of the «Chef du village», and some are better than others! The problem may be that you get some weight with all that food and drinks… ;)
Another problem maybe the Russian invasion; they don’t have any idea of what the Med spirit is, don’t mix with no-Russians (not even among themselves), and it’s quite hard to get into touch with them…

The Asian Traveller,
Piña Colada at the Mahalo Party, no champagne… ;))

Il semble que la D.O.C. n’est pas très contrôlée… ;))

You’re always welcome!

Not travelling too much, just 6 times a year… You’re teasing me… ;)))
And you may not believe, but I’m a very busy man… ;))

You got it! Lovely memories to remember when you’re deeply busy with papers all around you… ;))

You’re welcome! Also love that first one!

C’est vrai qu’ils devraient être gentils et nous inviter gratuitement dans un village; pour la bonne pub qu’ils reçoivent ici…;))

Lovely to see you back! Would love to go to Egypt, but don’t think I’ve any chance to get off in the next months… ;))

Hard work, to lift that islet… ;)

Septembre à Lisbonne n’est plus comme auparavant ; il y a même quelques pluies… ;))

Merci. Mais ce n’est pas vrai que je sois toujours en vadrouille… ;))

If you mean Akra Patos, no!

You’re welcome to the party!

Alice Sg,
Sorry: mistake corrected: August 2007!!

That first is my favourite for many years… ;))

OK, Cava; bubbles, but not champagne… ;)
Wish you another great year!

Thanks! Loved to see you here!

My wife and me!

Hope you managed to get through Hanna. Terrible weather this year!

Great time, ever!

Great place to be!

Thanks for your lovely comment. Actually I was on my way to London, from where I flew (two days later) to Antalya! The weather there was still a bit hot (30º to 35º), but the water was great (28º to 30º)…
One day we’ll travel back to Istanbul; it’s a must!


Kos is Kool… ;))

Younger? Come on, have a look at the 80s or 90s… ;))

That’s a lovely shot, modesty aside… ;)

Shooting star,
Piña Colada and smoked salmon sandwich… ;)

Nomadic Matt,
We do our best… ;)

All the efforts just for the champagne… ;)

Dawning One,
You’re welcome!

Pretty women also…

Good choice! Great inspiration for one of your new songs!

You’ll whatever you wish… ;))

Thanks! It was an amazing vacation!

Great to read that you’re on post 100!! I’ll check asap!

Thanks! You’re always welcome!

C’est quoi le «S» pour la photo du dessus?
Bon, c’était toujours la fête (avec «F») pendant ces jours-là… ;)

Start packing!

Folegrandos? I’ll check it asap…

Please, anytime you wish!

Absolutely right!

Weather is changing, even in Lisbon… ;)

You’re in a rather better position than me to organize holidays… ;))

It’s a long story that traveller’s tale, but now I travel much less than I used to… ;))

Don’t you like the bubbles? ;)

We try…

Thanks! I’ll check your blog asap. Difficult to catch up after the absence and with the busy schedule around…;))

This blog is under the motto: «It’s not such a small world»… ;)

Glad to read you here!

Great party, indeed. But not so interesting as the Holi festival, I believe… ;)

Nous sommes très heureux de te revoir au Portugal, même si un de ces jours il nous faut faire une visite en France… ;)

Just get some days off…;))

Dina said...

Woohoo, party on!
I'm reading your blog backwards, so now I understand the blog, not you, is on the way to Crete? Yes?
Wherever you are, enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

That's true! There is a code here: Blogtrotter is the blog, Trotter is the author... ;))

Stella Bella said...

Looks like a great place to visit! :)
Very nice photos! especially the one of you and your wife! :D
So sweet! ^^

Anonymous said...

Thanks. A great place, indeed...