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The emperor’s apartments of Rajasthan lie inside the Amber fort complex. Some of the architectural marvels in the complex are the Sheesh Mahal and the Jai Mandir. The emperors’ apartments are positioned beyond "Ganesh Pol", a two tiered decorative gateway, covered with frescoes. The Jai Mandir (Hall of victory) has a glittering ceiling with mirror pieces on stucco and inlaid panels. The Sheesh Mahal, Hall of Mirrors, is the most spectacular of all. Thousands of mirror pieces embellish the walls and the ceiling in such a way that a flash of light makes them sparkle and illuminates the entire room. It’s said that a single candle would light up the room and would also give an illusion of twinkling stars on a clear night…










Anonymous said...

Hi everybody! Sorry I couldn’t visit you for the last two weeks, but I didn’t want to let you empty hands for such a long time! So here it is: this is basically a photo post! I was so impressed with the ornamentation of the rooms of the palace inside the Amber Fort that I think no words can match that beauty. So, I leave you with the pictures. Enjoy!!
And I’ll try to catch-up with you during the week...

Olivier said...

on a l'impression de se retrouver dans le pays des milles et une nuit.
c'est vraiment magnifique

Lakshmi said...

Great pics Gil , I can see that you are still overwhelmed by India :)

Lara said...

long time no see - but as always, upon return, a wonderful world unfolds...

Cutie said...

Wow.. I'm just amazed by the design on the wall. Really wonder how they do it.

alicesg said...

Very amazing trip you have there. The designs on the walls are very interesting and they do tell lots of stories. Even the stained glass tiles are of different colour even though the designs are the same. Lots of work goes into making such a beautiful building.

alok said...

Beautiful pictures and so do the experience of witnessing such a wonderful place. I guess you had a wonderful trip :).

So what’s next for us in the queue ?

Voegtli said...

I really love the way you show is "detail" pictures. Many people just put photos of the "ensemble". And yet, there are so many treasures to see in the details.

Rakesh Vanamali said...

The intricate works of art here are very well captured! I hope you enjoyed the visit minus the heat!

bindu said...

Beautiful pictures! The craftsmanship is mind-blowing.

Anonymous said...

Gil, no words can describe those beautiful ornamentations, indeed. The frescos, the ceilings, the walls, all the rooms are really astonishing. Fantastic post!

Ash said...

Beautiful! The artwork is exquisite. Thanks for sharing...I'm so totally LOVING this series!

Baron's Life said...

Your photography is so detailed it reminds me of the Tintin and Milou books I used to read as a child. Every picture in the books was so detailed that I used to make out my own stories just looking at a picture...if you know what I mean.
Thanks for sharing such great work.

Azer Mantessa said...

*am trying to say something*

one word:

fantastic interiors

no ... that's two words

really ... fantastic interiors


Tinsie said...

WOW! These photos aren't just amazing, they're unbelievable!! I like the last one with the courtyard seen through the star, very clever :-)

MedaM said...

I have just seen all the posts that I have missed so far and I can only say that I am out of words. Words cannot describe how much impressed I am with your photos that shows so many beautiful architecture and so many wonderful and interesting details, decorations..... Fantastic trip that you were lucky to enjoy! Just fantastic!

Daniel Chérouvrier said...

Féérique !

Anonymous said...

The last picture is just magnifique! ;)

I love how the Hindu rajas used the Muslim architecture and blended for their own use.

PeterParis said...

This is just incredible! Only this (only is not the right word) would easily make it worth the trip!

Ron said...

Awesome pictures yet again. The forts are impressive. My favorite picture from this set is, "Star."

Can't wait to see your next post.

Anonymous said...

crazy perfection

lyliane six said...

Bon retour, j'espère que tu as ramené de magnifiques photos comme celles ci pour me donner envie d'un prochain voyage.
Je suis entrain de me renseigner pour aller en Inde, vers la fin de l'année, c'est le bon moment je crois, Michel a bien envie de m'accompagner. Donnez moi de bons tuyaux pour ce voyage, j'ai déjà les photos mais c'est si beau que je veux voir ces merveilles de mes propres yeux.

P.N. Subramanian said...

Wonderfl. I did visit Amber Fort two years ago but the Sheesh Mahal was closed that day. Your photographs are stunning reflections. Simply superb.

Anonymous said...

I love all these incredible details. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos with us. I love them all especially the photo you took looking out the star-shaped window. Awesome composition.


Cergie said...

Toute cette beauté, ces surfaces couvertes d'éléments minuscules qui s'assemblent et se réhausent. Et ce couple (Monsieur et Madame Trotter), surtout sur l'image du dessus si bien cadré dans la porte noire, ces personnes qu'on aperçoit comme des fourmis, cela forme l'humanité toute entière et sa richesse, les merveilles de notre monde.

Anonymous said...

It's unbelievable how richly decorated all this is. What I like best is the 'star' fresco in blue and old. It's magnificent.

Anonymous said...

Ah the Amer fort! So many stories and legends. Its beauty is stunning. I am delighted to look at the pictures, thanks Gill !

Joy said...

Love the Ganesh Pol and the star shot. Creative.

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come back tomorrow!

A Pinay In England
Your Love Coach
I, Woman

Mariposa said...

Fort Amber is beautiful =)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful images. These bring back a lot of memories. I visited India last summer and the place definitely stays with you.

Gattina said...

What an arwork ! amazing !

Nikon said...

The ceilings are amazing - everything is, really - but the ceilings are very impressive!

angela said...

I'll put the Sheesh Mahal on my list of must-sees. Did you get to see it lit up? That must really be something..
The ceilings were amazing too, the detail incredible. It's astonishing what beauties exist from times when labour was cheap..
Thanks, as always, for sharing.

Venksh said...

Hello Gil,
Took long time to give us a post, sorry that i took long time reply it bcos was little busy my project work which is almost running behind schedule lol.. so kinda doing overtime work..

I liked the couple Photo's n the one clicked through that small star window.

A good news is i hav decided to visit Delhi n Agra this summer with 1 of my frnd, hav jus started talking abt the plan lets c how many joins it.

Gil iam still waiting for that Taj Mahal post lol..


eye in the sky said...

these grandiose Indian places are sooo beautiful they just make me sigh and make me wanna go back to India and see more of these amazing places...

Kate said...

It's almost too much to take in with one visit, isn't it?

RuneE said...

Amber was the word all right - a fantastic effort must have gone into making all those decorations. I hope they take good care of it!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

More incrediable photos of the Amber Fort. My favorite was the very last photo -- what a magical view!

Unknown said...

I got here on Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti's recommendation, and I am not disappointed. Your photographs are excellent, and really do justice to the beautiful ornamentation. Thank you for sharing them :)

- Sharon

Thérèse said...

Des fresques sublimes et un dernier encadré qui situe bien le tout. Magique!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely spendid pictures all!

Anonymous said...

Gil, I think this is one of the most beautiful post you have done so far. Wow...would I ever like to see that mirrored piece with a candle lit. ~ L

Ming the Merciless said...

The tile works are fantastic but I love the last photo best.

Great job!

Anonymous said...

Hi everybody! Don’t you think it was a great loss for all those who haven’t seen the Amber Fort? And also for the «delurkers» who missed the chance to make a comment on this post? I’m sure you feel that... ;))
Well, to all of you who took the time and the patience to comment, thanks a lot. You’re the reason to keep this blog running!!

Vraiment, le pays des mille et une nuits ne devrait pas être très loin d’Amber, ces temps-là… ;)

No wonder, with so many wonders around… The only regret I have is that I don’t have so much free time I would need to keep travelling around your beautiful country…

So great to see you back here! And so glad to see that you keep enjoying the posts! Actually Amber deserved it… ;)

You mean the frescos? It’s easy; they simply paint it… ;)

Alice SG,
It’s true that there was a great deal of art work involved, but at that time labour force was cheap and artists and artisans available for all kings and emperors… ;)

The trip was wonderful and the experience was awe-inspiring! However, there was much left to be seen the next times I manage to travel to India... ;) Anyhow, next you’ll have the last post on Jaipur from this series; but the great moment is still to come... ;)

I agree that the excellence is on the details; like evil also... ;) But it’s true that the creators of the beauty of the Amber Fort deserved that some attention is paid on the details of their art!

I was there in early February 2008 so the temperature was quite comfortable – 23º/25º Celsius maximum and even a bit cold early morning and in the evening. Everything was perfect, it seems! ;)

You’re right. I was so impressed that I thought I needed to make a post just with the interior decoration of this Fort/Palace!!

Fully agree with you! I was also overwhelmed with all that I was seeing at the Amber Fort. Now I’m looking forward to seeing some other Forts/Palaces in Rajasthan; one day, hopefully... ;)

I’m happy for you! Glad you are enjoying!!

The stories of Tintin and Milou were a great youth companions. And you’re right about the details Hergé used to put on his books... Amazing adventures; much more interesting than the ones portrayed here... ;))

No comments! Speechless... ;))

Thanks for the compliment; I’m flattered... ;). But it’s true that the place is absolutely stunning!!

I’m so glad to see you back here! It’s always a great pleasure to read your fine and touching comments on this blog; great sensitivity; at least as much as the one showed by the artists that created the wonders shown on this post. Thanks!

Merci! Et tout est déjà dit... ;)

The mix of all styles that build the Mughal typical architecture produced an amazing result; that’s the least that can be said… ;))

That’s true! And should I have enough time and… time, I would plan an unforgettable trip to Rajasthan; under the circumstances I took what I could… And that was already a great trip, no doubt! ;))

Those Forts are absolutely stunning; now imagine how are the hotels that are using the former palaces of the Rajas… Irresistible!!

So long without reading you! Great to see you back! Perfect post for you to land at… ;))

Les mois de novembre et février sont les meilleurs pour Delhi et le Rajasthan, car au mois de décembre et janvier tu peux avoir du froid et du brouillard et ne rien voir… ;)
Pour Delhi et le Rajasthan tu as besoin du moins de 15 jours ; si tu as tout le temps du monde et veux voir tout d’une seule fois (Bombay, Goa, le Ganges, Madras, Calcutta…, tu auras besoin de beaucoup plus de temps… ;)) Si tu le confirmes, je te donnerais des tuyaux!

What a shame that the Sheesh Mahal was closed; they were probably recovering it for the incredible show I had when I visited. It seemed quite restored… ;))

It seems that the star picture is a hit on this post! I also like it, but the ones that show the beauties of the palace seem more attractive to me… ;))

C’est vrai que j’aime bien cette photo du Ganesh Pol avec nous deux; un petit peu difficile de trouver une occasion où tout le monument n’était que pour nous deux… ;))

You mean the ceiling in blue and gold? Awesome!!

It’s amazing how the Amber Fort is mythical… And there are obvious reasons for that, taking into account the beauty of its interiors… No wonder they used it for shooting movies and for other show purposes… ;)

The Ganesh Po is gorgeous, isn’t it?

Full agreement!!

I wonder how would it be in summer; don’t invite me for that season… ;))
Actually, I think there is a safe limited period of time when the weather isn’t at all uncomfortable: November through February, but to avoid the fogs, it’s better either November or February… ;))

Can imagine you enjoying yourself with all the details of the artwork the Amber Fort has to show its visitors… ;))

Ok, the ceilings… but I tell you that the walls aren’t anything to lose… ;) Actually they’re stunning!!

And that is a right decision, as the Sheesh Mahal of the Amber Fort is definitely worth the trip!!! And labour was surely cheap in those times; no wonder the powerful could have whatever they wished… ;))

I was also out of the blogosphere, that’s why it took so long for part two to see daylight... ;) Anyhow, thanks for the visit and the comment and I wish things are running smoothly on your project!!
Ah, the Taj Mahal post... I’ll think it over on your case; don’t give up... ;))

You know how beautiful those places are, so no wonder you would love to get back; I share the same feeling... ;)

Great to read you back here!!!
It’s true that it isn’t possible to do India, like Brazil or the US in just one trip; but if you select the right itinerary (and have the available time and funds... ;)), it’s doable with great pleasure and entertainment!!

I think they may be taking good care of it, because at least what I saw had the look of a recently restored work... ;))

The whole Fort is magical, indeed!

Glad to see that Pat was promoting this blog and it’s great to read you here; welcome to the group of interested travellers... No design, but some tips on good restaurants... ;)
Thanks for the visit and the comment! I was trying to make justice to those wonders, which is far from being an easy task...

Les fresques sont superbes, mais je te dis que le reste des mûrs sont extra… ;)

The site is splendid, the pictures just ok… ;)

Thanks! It’s also one of the posts I loved more to create. When I saw the bunch of pictures I had from inside the Fort and the quality of the stuff there I decided I had to make one just with the decorations… ;))

This last picture is a huge success, but the best of the Fort was definitely the Sheesh Mahal...

adelynne said...

I just wonder HOW MUCH money was spent on the entire building. Looks SO fancy! :) And I love the last shot, Gil! Very pretty.

Anonymous said...

Never asked that question; sounds too American to me... ;)))
But at that time cost and labour force wasn't an issue... ;))

Neva said...

It appears that this is a lovely building....My daughter is currently in India and absolutely loves it. My thought is either you love it or hate in between here. You have some lovely photos...but I really like the one of you and your lovely bride overlooking the city....very very nice.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure your daughter is loving India (she and her 88 year old in-law... ;)). As you can see from here, Amber is stunning! Fascinating!!

Light and Voices said...

I enjoyed the frescos and more frescos because their shapes and colors are so mystical. My absolute favorite shot was the STAR. Gil, you may want to enter your sky shots on Thursday/Friday here is the site:

Anonymous said...

Those frescos are amazing, though some need a decent refurbishing...
As for the sky shots, the problem is that I never know when I have some time left to post, so it's hard to take an engagement for a specific day...

indicaspecies said...

The adornments of the palace inside the Amber Fort is marvellous!

Anonymous said...

It's surely the most magnificent of the forts I've seen in India!!

Indrani said...

Classic shots, Gil!
Memories revived,Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

My pleasure!!

magiceye said...


GMG said...


A Lady's Life said...

The ceilings are spectacular.
Wish I could do mine like

Trotter said...

There might be a problem with the lines in front of your house to visit it... ;))