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Nahargarh Fort, located on the steep rocky edge of Aravali Hills and offering a spectacular view of Jaipur, is the first of the three forts built by Maharaja Jai Sawai Singh, in 1734 (it was extended later in 1868). The Fort was constructed to support the security of Amber and, as "Nahargarh" means "the Abode of Tigers", it is also known as the Tiger Fort. According to a legend, the Fort was named after Prince Nahar Singh, whose spirit haunted the construction site. After a tantrik ritual, the ghost agreed to leave the fort on the condition that it was named after him.





There are numerous buildings located inside the Fort and amongst them, the Madhavendra Bhawan (palace) is the most impressive. Built by Sawai Ram Singh II has uniquely a cluster of 9 identical suites for queens and a suite for the king himself.





"DECORATION - Needing some refurbishing..."






"JAIPUR - The view from the Fort is fantastic"

"SUNSET - The Padao Restaurant on the west side of the Fort provides an excellent viewpoint to enjoy the fabulous sunset"

"JAL MAHAL - Another major attraction of the Fort is view it provides the Man Sagar Lake and the Jal Mahal or Water Palace. Inspired by the Lake Palace in Udaipur, Jal Mahal was built in the 18th century and was mainly used for royal duck shooting parties"


Anonymous said...

Hi everybody! This is the last post on Jaipur 2008 and thus your last chance to comment on this beautiful capital city of Rajasthan. Those you missed the Amber Fort however, may always get back to it... It deserves and you won’t give your time away. Sure... ;))
And of course, we are coming closer to the climax of our first visit to India, but that will still take some four or five posts... Meanwhile, enjoy!!! ;))

Dsole said...

Great pictures of this misterious city!!
I really like the one called "window view" and "monkeys". "Sunset couple" is lovely too.
By the way, I published my first pic from your city... it could be some other place but I really like that moment. Take a look and you tell me what you think ok? There will be more pics of course! You live in a very photogenic city!
Have a nice sunday and week and month!

alicesg said...

Hey trotter, no problem in not visiting my blog. I enjoyed your photos in your blog. It is although I am travelling via your Lovely photos and love those amazing architectural buildings. The view from where you are is superb. So many houses in the city. Have a nice day.

Lakshmi said...

This is one of the longest series on india Ive ever seen - lovely pics, esplly the sunset couple.

Baron's Life said...

C'est absolument Formidable.
I love the Old Fort, the patio, the romantic Sunset Couple and the two monkeys..
Theses are great pictures... Why is it refering to FEB 2008 when we are in 2009? Were these photos taken last year?

eye in the sky said...

the monkey photos with the city at the foreground, the beautiful sunset (?), the jal mahal...every one a breath-taking piece of a country so historically rich... amazing photos as usual! i'd say WOW!

Anonymous said...

Phantastic views and a very nice photo of you and your wife.

Daniela Valdez said...

Woooow, I loved all of the pics, sp the ones with amazing architectural details!

You are so lucky :)

Anonymous said...

Well, as usual a delight to our eyes. We love all these forts, tell us what do you like in them ?

Ash said...

Absolutely marvellous! Thank you so much for sharing....Totally enjoyed this series!

Ron said...

Interesting looking place. The pictures are fabulous. The one view of the city, what is that grassy area in the middle?

Oman said...

Wow. Another visual treat from one of my favorite visual tour guide. I love the second photo the most. Have a great week ahead of you and always be safe my friend.

hpy said...

Je pense que les photos - aussi belles qu'elles soient - ne rendent pas la monumentalité de ce fort, et qu'il faudrait aller le voir sur place pour vraiment le voir.

lyliane six said...

Toujours aussi beau et coloré, et tes photos m'ont convaincues, comme le dit Hélène, à aller le voir sur place.

Z said...

Thank you for sharing all this with us! Lovely sights!

Cergie said...

De nombreux imeubles et constructions dans le fort dont ce palais pour le roi et les reines qui me fait penser au film "épouses et concubines" sauf que là on a l'impression que ce sont des appartement immenses et non de simples cellules.
Quel contraste avec les "buildings" construits pour lui par le menu peuple au bas de la falaise...

Jo's-D-Eyes said...

Hi Gil,

Great city that Jaipur and the couple are vrey nice too (haha)
Hehe My internet connection is back again, so now I can vist you again.

greetings JoAnn's-D-Eyes/Holland

PeterParis said...

Even if I'm guessing what the climax may be, I'm prepared to wait! It's a pure delight to see all these Indian pictures (and text) one week after the other!

(The Water Palace - a decent place for duck shooting!) :-)

Unknown said...

Great series of pictures!

Marguerite-marie said...

des photos toujours aussi dépaysantes et si belles . des sunset magnifiques (padao restaurant ) le couple toujours aussi beau et dont le sourire nous donne envie de les suivres dans leur périple.

Louise said...

Let's see... I love the outside color of the fort. I like the faded yellows and pinks. The monkey shot is terrific as are the sunset ones.

Joy said...

Jaipur is packed! I enjoyed the two cute monkeys and the photos of the door and window.

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come back tomorrow!

A Pinay In England
Your Love Coach
I, Woman

kuanyin333 said...

Do you receive special courtesies so you can photograph this without people around? Just curious.

As always, very well done and photographed...and this is a very handsome sunset couple!

Jen Laceda | Milk Guides said...

Hello Gil,
Great to have you posting once again! I'm in Israel now. A bit jet lagged, but excited for the new day.

-Jen at Folie a Deux

Voegtli said...

These days we see a lot a spot on CNN: "Incredible India". Your pictures prove that this statement is true.

raccoonlover1963/Lisa Myers said...

Hi Gil.
Great pics. The interior is very beautiful. I absolutely love the sunset shots, especially the second one, very breathtaking!
Have a great week.

Azer Mantessa said...

hello sunset couple :-)

a serene view on Jal Mahal. fantastic buildings, artistic architecture of nahargarh fort. very well preserved.

Mariposa said...

the sun is ridiculous!! love those shots :)

P.N. Subramanian said...

It was like a feast to my eyes. As some one has already said, how do you manage to photograph the structures without people being around? As usual I will steal some of your pics if I decide to write about Nahargarh in Hindi. Your photographs compel to revisit the same place to have a re-look and to locate the places as you have seen them. Splendid.

Lori said...

I love the ornate painting on those buildings. How spectacular! The shot with the two monkeys and the vista of the city in the background is my favorite though. That's a nice shot of you and your wife too! You've seen such sights.

Shionge said...

Gil, I was here last night but was not able to view the pictures so here I am again;)

Thanks for sharing these photos, it is amazing how this was built back in those days and indeed need some furnishing there.

Sunset is amazing and most importantly the smiles on the sunshine couple is more captivating to me :D

Thank you for visiting my blog too :)

Anonymous said...

Gil, the whole post is so enjoyable: from the image of the Patio to the Door, the Window, the Fresco. All the decorations are really splendid. The picture of you and your wife is very nice. I have enjoyed the amazing views from the Fort, too. Thanks for sharing with us all these beauties.
Have a good week!

indicaspecies said...

Oh, I reached Jaipur and this Fort unexpectedly during one of my trips to India and loved it all. Nice to catch up on your posts Gil, and as usual, you have some brilliant shots here. Well done!

Cutie said...

I totally love this post. you have so many beautiful shots. I can imagine how lovely it is to be at that place.

Marie said...

What a lucky couple. Our blogtrotter has become a maharadjah :-)

Ms.N said...

love the moneky photo against the backdrop of the city :). great shot.

whats next?

Anonymous said...

Best pic is the 'Lonely man on Top'. Second best is the 'Fresco'. Have been to Jaipur twice but always for rapid-fire work and never had the chance to see any fort. Poor me!

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Brilliant pictures, as always! Nahargarh Fort looks grand! I missed it during my visit to Jaipur!

Anonymous said...

Oh!! I envy you.. I've forever planned a holiday to Jaipur... that has never materialised for some reason... I'll be reading all your posts and will surely be inspired to visit this year!! Thanks for sharing!! The pictures are just out of this world!!

bindu said...

What a beautiful fort! So much history here. Places like these fill me with melancholy. Love the picture with the monkeys.

Unknown said...

Hello Gil, aweseom, awesome inspire me to go to India soon! I love the sunset couple photo and the actual sunset photos are just amazing...Hope you'll have a great weekend.

b.c. said...

what a beautiful place and a lovely sunset couple too, looks like you had a great time :)

Indrani said...

I missed this fort in my last trip, obviously I missed a lot. Well taken shots! Motivates me to plan another trip.;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Folks! Another week has gone and here I am trying to reply to your comments. Thanks again for your kindness to drop by and let your mark here! Have a great weekend!

That picture is amazing; typical Alfama... ;)

Alice SG,
Great problem not visiting your blog: miss a lot...
You’re right; the view of Jaipur from the Fort is absolutely superb!

At the end of the series, you’ll have twenty posts. For such a short visit, we can’t say it’s a bad record... ;))

Thanks! Actually the pictures were taken during our February 2008 trip to India; the best I managed on this blog is a year delay in posting... ;))

I’ve several of those monkeys; it’s incredible where they spend their time... ;))

Thanks. You flatter us...

Why do you say it is luck? ;))

There are lots of things to love in the forts; but, of course, the most valuable of them all is just the simple fact that you’re there... ;)

It’s just a question of fairness: I had to return the pleasures I have while visiting your blog!!

It’s the Chaugan Stadium where every year the Elephant Festival takes place! I think it could also be used to play that game only Brits and fans understand: cricket… ;))

Happy to read that you enjoyed. Hopefully as much as I enjoy your wonderful Philippines’ tours!!

Ça c’est indubitablement vrai; alors il faut commencer à faire le plan du voyage ; on peut trouver un petit groupe pour aller là bas… ;))

Voilà la première, qui sera aussi l’organisatrice… ;))

Great to read you here! Thanks!

Les salons pour le Maharajah seraient certainement superbes ; les chambres des femmes servaient vraiment à peut (du point de vue du Rajah) ; juste une petite alcôve pour une visite rapide, en transit pour une autre… ;)

So great to read that your connection is back; what a miracle… ;))
You’re right; that couple is a wonderful pair… ;))

Yeah, the climax is absolutely predictable… But I tell you that, even after having seen hundreds (if not thousands) of pictures (and movies ) with it, the moment you actually see it is a very special one!!!
Duck shooting! Imagine…

Thanks! Great to see you commenting here for the first time!

Nous en sommes honorés d’être suivis… ;))

Great! I take those apart for a future album… ;) Seriously, aren’t those monkeys a festival? Just see where they are running their lives… ;))

That’s a fabulous view from the top of the Fort with the city at your feet… ;)

That charming sunset couple is being requested to enter the movie industry… ;))
As far as the bareness is concerned, of course they open the sites specially for us and, in case, they put everybody out of sight before we wander through the marvels… ;))). Special exception for you, in any case, should you be around… ;))

Israel? But don’t you ever stop? ;)) Enjoy!!

You can trust them; it’s even much more Incredible than what they portrayed… ;))
I’m looking forward to get back and see so many other places still waiting to be visited!

Sunsets are my treat; leave the sunrises to you… ;))
The interiors of this one aren’t as magic as the Amber Fort, but still…

Jal Mahal is definitely an attractive place; one day I’ll stay at the Palace on the lake at Udaipur; even better than this one… and open as a hotel!!!

Amazing sun… ;))

You may see my answer to Kuanyin, but I was kidding… ;) Actually, though India is a very populated country, there are some places people do not frequent so often and some others where people simple get together at one point and leave the others free… But., it must be said that sometimes you need to wait a little bit… ;))
Please feel free to use the pictures at your Hindi blog; it’s flattering to be known in several different languages… ;)

Views of a city from a top of a hill are usually superb: Lisbon from the castle, San Francisco from the top of the Mark Hopkins Intercontinental Hotel at Nob Hill, Paris from Montmartre, Rome from Pinzio, Athens from Lycabetus… But this one was much more impressive: falling straight down on the houses…

Thanks for coming back; Blogger seems to have some idiosyncrasies some times… ;). Thanks for the smiles… ;)

The decorations aren’t as magic as the Amber, but the frescos are superb… Unfortunately, most of them are in need of some refurbishing… but anyhow, it’s always a treat to enjoy the views!!

Now, tell me: how is it possible to reach Jaipur unexpectedly? I flew there from Lisbon, on purpose… ;)
Lovely might be a bit short to describe the city, but it shows a warm feeling towards it…

As I post, at the utmost, only twice a week, I’ve to let you with some pictures you may enjoy; that’s why you get so many beautiful shots… ;))

Ah Ah Ah, that would be great: to be treated as a maharajah (without having to pay for it… ;). Unfortunately, it’s just the impression of being… ;))

Those monkeys are a great success!! Akbar’s capital comes next, before you get to «the place»!!

If by «lonely man on the top» you mean the kid on the donjon, it’s also one of my favourites… ;)), Thanks for your comment; first time here, I think…

Like Jorge Amado said in a book about Salvador da Bahia, Brazil, «you can’t have them all, but you should try»… ;)). There will be another time for you to see the Nahargarh…

Your name sounds so familiar! Great to have you commenting here for the first time! Jaipur surely deserves a visit, and I suspect you won’t be as far as I am to get there… ;))

No reason for melancholy… it’s an exciting city… ;))

Wow, welcome back! I was missing your comments here!! Glad that it inspired you. But be careful: choose the season to avoid the heat and the monsoon… ;))

Great to see you back also! The sunset couple is flattered… ;))

Start packing… ;))

Anonymous said...

Nice shots. The monkeys made it in quite a few of my Jaipur photos too. Looks like you got there early in the morning as everything looks serene in the shots.

Anonymous said...

Got there late in the afternoon... Sunset, not sunrise, is my treat... ;))
The monkeys are amazing!!

magiceye said...


Anonymous said...


Daniela Valdez said...

Hey! You're in my new blogroll now!
Thanks for visiting Deco Love!

Have a nice trip :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Hope this blog won't suffer the accidents that «disformed» the previous one... ;))

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

What unbievable views Gil! There is so much beauty everywhere. I found the monkeys amusing --great shots!


Anonymous said...

Going up there wasn't an easy task, but the views were entirely worth while...

Anonymous said...

Its really nice to watch my Jaipur from your eyes.. great presentation.. thanks

Anonymous said...

thanks! I'm delighted you loved to see it my way...

indicaspecies said...

In July 2007, I had reached Delhi with the intention to go to Himachal Pradesh and J&K with a few friends. As their arrival to Delhi was delayed, I had made an unexpected, rather unplanned, solo trip to Jaipur.

That's how I meant, and I must add the 2-3 days trip to Jaipur was well worth it. And oh, eventually I ended up travelling to HP and Leh Ladakh too.:)

Trotter said...

Ah, OK! Perfectly understandable now... ;)

A Lady's Life said...

Very nice
The view of the city is great as are the monkeys just sitting there.
Do they belong to anyone? Who takes care of them. The
Carni Mata Temple?? feeds the rats so they come in droves.

Trotter said...

I'm not sure whether someone feeds the monkeys or whether they have to do for a living themselves, like some of the cows on the streets... ;)

Ming the Merciless said...

Am searching your archives to look for pictures of northeast India so I can familiarized myself to the sites and anticipate what I will see when I go there in December.

Trotter said...

I have 21 posts on Delhi, Agra and Jaipur! You'll have a lot to see and some fabulous spots, including the Taj Mahal...