Sunday, September 20, 2009



"BEACH - Early morning, the water temperature was already around 30º centigrade, while outside the sun wasn't yet burning; so the swimming was perfect!"

"POOL - For the lovers of pools, there were two; can't express my opinion,because I didn't use them. With such a lovely se just thirty metres away..."

"PARAGLIDING - Then you have the sports available; for the extreme, the paragliding..."



"DRINKING - At the bar..."


"CIRCUS - You may even improve your aptitudes at the Circus grounds"

"DESERTED BEACH - By the end of the day, the beach is almost only for you"

"DINNER TIME at the Topkapi Restaurant"

"09.09.2008 - SPECIAL DINNER: Moet and a Cake!"

"SHOW TIME - Chinese performance"




"CHAMPAGNE - Sometimes, there was a late night party, with champagne..."

"FULL MOON - You have to take the right week..."


Trotter said...

Hi Everybody! This one may seem a bit repetitive, but it was supposed to show many of the sport and entertainment chances one had around the Antalya Palmiye. Hope you enjoy, have a great Sunday and a marvellous week!

Galaxy6139 said...

WOW, very great place for taking a rest and also taking exercise ^-^

Have a nice weekend

Thérèse said...

Farniente all along! lol

Jen Laceda | Milk Guides said...

Great photos, Gil. I like the last one with the moon.

SusuPetal said...

Have a nice weekend too, Gil!

diane b said...

What a beautiful place for a rest.Looks very posh and expensive.Lucky you.... sun, sea, good food, wine and women.

My Unfinished Life said...

great pics!!!!!
and you luk quite flamboyant in those printed shirts!!!!!....
i dint know turkey had such gud beach front!!!

Ron said...

Wow, what a beautiful looking place. The pictures are amazing. I really like the family pic:)

JO said...

That pool and the beach look sooo inviting! I wish I could settle there right now. Love the pic of you at dinner - you look like you are havving a blissful time! I am always ready for some champange. Great pics!

april said...

that really looks like fun: good food, teh beach, a show, very relaxing ...

Ashira said...

The shows looked like were wonderful. I like the way the moon shines in the last picture too!

lyliane six said...

De superbes vacances avec une belle soirée d'anniversaire, mais là tu triches, tu étais plus jeune d'un an!!

Cergie said...

Ce devait être fun en effet, je n'ai pas du tout ces souvenirs de la Turquie... Il est vrai que j'y suis allée il y plus de trente ans et que nous avons rendu visite à un ami à Ankara qui ensuite tout de même nous a mené à leur petite maison au bord de la mer. Ce n'était pas le même luxe.
Tu y étais l'année dernière et tu n'as pas dû vieillir énormément depuis, passant simplement d'une décennie à l'autre ! Tu as devant toi tant de belles années avec la maturité en plus pour savoir profiter de tous ces beaux moments qui s'offriront encore à toi.

Cergie said...

PS : le petit voilier naviguant sur une mer à l'éclat de diamants bleus scintillants (dernière image, paisible, du message en dessous) offre une belle image de sérénité.
Hauts les coeurs, Gil !

Tinsie said...

Nice photos! Surely if the water temperature was 30C in the morning, it would be impossible to go in by midday??

Unknown said...

Glad you're having such a good time:)

Could you send me your email? We plan to visit Portugal in Dec and would like to ask for some advice. Thanks.

PeterParis said...

It seems that you were not there for buisness - at least not only!

Getting a bit thirsty of sun - and champagne, when I see this!

Mariposa said...

glad you had fun =)

bindu said...

Great pictures. "Sailing" is my favourite.

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Wow! Fantastic pictures as always! With you I travel to the many exquisite paradises that this wonderful Earth has in it! Thanks so much for the wonderful pictures!

Daniel Chérouvrier said...

Paradisiaque pour les sportifs aussi !

Light and Voices said...

I went to a Turkish Festival in Chicago, Illinois and saw for the very first time in my life the Dervish Dance. It was amazing! You and your wife are so lucky to experience Turkey. What glorious pictures, Gil.

Nikon said...

Great shots, Gil! I like the shot of you at the table (shot in natural light).
You surrounded by all of those women is a nice shot, too :-)

L. Neusiedler said...

funny enough, although Turkey is just "across the road" (the sea, to be more precise) from Romania, I've never been there. but looks great, so I guess it's worth a visit!

hpy said...

Cette photo de pleine lune est sublime, mais je me demandais, sur la première photo, si la mer n'allait pas submerger la plage. Bonne semaine, que je continue dans le plus bel archipel du monde.

Maria Verivaki said...

chinese performers in turkey? that was kind of unexpected!

Chuckeroon said...

Well, Trotter.....Mrs T is keeping her eye on you. Tks, as always, for dropping in. "Age shall not wither you". Unless you allow it to. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Gil, Great vacation shots! That first photo gives new meaning to the term "down on the boardwalk"!. :)

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

So many recreational activities there, Gil. Lovely resort! I would love to see a dervish danced live!

I'll be showing Yellowstone National Park for the next few days. Did you visit it?

Oman said...

the place is simply awesome. if that is fun, i don't know what can top that. the sea, the girls, the sand just wow. and i notice that you are somewhat red. is it because of the sun or u just had too much to drink lol. anyways, really enjoyed this post. it has FUN written all over it.

Kcalpesh said...

Awesome place. Super fun to be in place like this. Thanks for sharing these moments and your experiences on your various Tours. I'm sure enjoying your blog very much.

Also Thanks for your kind comments on - Pixellicious Photos

alicesg said...

Looks like a wonderful vaccation with nice wine and acrobatic performances. The place looked so peaceful and wonderful for a vaccation.

Mandy said...

Absolutely stunning! Out of all of your destinations so far, I am enjoying this one the most. Perhaps because I have been to Turkey and enjoyed it but your photos makes this place seem different enough to make me want to visit again! It is certainly greener where you were.

Pietro Brosio said...

Gil, what a beautiful place for a holiday: the beach, all kind of sports, a good restaurant, variety shows etc. Very nice sequence of pictures, I've really enjoyed them!
Have a great weekend!

yyam said...

Great pics! It sure looks nice and relaxing! You look happy!!!!:)

Urmi said...

Turkey is really a very beautiful place. After seeing all the wonderful photos I feel like visiting the place. You have taken lovely shots. Great post.

Anonymous said...

excellent set. Turkey looks fantastic. i think you had a great time there

Unseen India Tours said...

Some beauty lovely and fantastic shots !! Thanks for sharing..Unseen Rajasthan

Ted said...

It looks lovely, but where are all the people? Except for the shot at the bar it looks eerily empty.

Paz said...

I'd love to visit Turkey one day. Wonderful photos.


lv2scpbk said...

I bet the dancing show was wonderful. The beaches look so clean and well kept. Wonderful clear water.

Sorry I haven't been around awhile. I added another blog and now can't keep up. I am rethinking this as I like to visit other blogs and have too many things going on at once. Along with everyday things of course. My grandson started 1st grade and now he starts to have more homework. We raise him. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Trotter said...

Hi Everybody! This Sunday we had elections here in Portugal, so the time to blog was short and I had no chance to answer your comments. I’ll try to do it now, while waiting that my new Internet server provider installs the new system. Hopefully there will be no bugs around to make things more difficult than they previously were. Anyhow, thanks a lot for your comments. I feel that most of the regular visitors to this blog seem to be experiencing the same difficulties finding time to comment that I’m facing. But hopefully, even if slowing down a little, we’ll probably manage to be able to enjoy each other’s blogs! Take care and have a glorious week!

It actually has it all: rest, exercise, good food, discoveries, whatever... But the more interesting of it is that you may do whatever you wish or just keep quiet and do absolutely nothing... ;)

There you are quite right: dolce farniente! And after a terrible year, that’s probably the most adequate for just a week off... ;))

Thanks for your kindness! Hope everything is running well with baby nr. two... That full moon picture came out quite nicely, I believe. It’s not always easy to make the holidays coincide with the week of the full moon, in particular when there is only one week off and in a very limited period of time; however, with the help of the saints (whichever), we managed to catch some interesting pictures in the last two years… ;))

It seems you have been a bit down… I don’t think a nice weekend will be enough; you’ll need a magnificent, superb, breathtaking, fantastic, astonishing week, month, year… ;))

You can get as tired as you wish in a place like that… But you can also do nothing but eat… ;)). However, it’s far from being posh. And not particularly expensive (the champagne wasn’t neither Dom Pérignon, nor La Vieille Dame, nor even a regular Krug… ;)). Next year, when I’ll get to the September 2009 week off, you will have a chance to see how posh an expensive spot might be… But that will have to wait, due to my traditional delay in posting!! ;))

Shooting Star,
Good beach front is something you won’t lack in Turkey; no wonder with such an immense coast in the Aegean Sea… The shirts are special: the first one is a hand-painted one by a Tahitian artist; the second is a traditional Balinese batik, bought on the factory where a lovely old lady made a wonderful design on my short while I was seeing the patterns!!

There is no family picture here; the family was only the couple… The two lovely young girls are not relatives; just lovely young girls… ;))

Wow! Welcome back!! It has been a long time since you commented here last time… Glad to see that William is growing healthy!! Cheers with some Dom Pérignon!!

It was certainly a good time, though quite short for a one year work vacation… ;). Relaxing or not depends on your mood: there is everything for everybody; but it surely is fun!!

These shows were some of the best I’ve experienced at the Club. It probably depends of the entertainment Manager… Some times they’re boring, which was not at all the case on this resort! The full moon is the cherry on the top of the cake… ;))

C’est vrai que à ce temps là je n’appartenais pas encore au terrible club, même si j’ai connu beaucoup de soixantards… Mais ça a été le mois de mai… ;)). Tu as vu qu’il y avait du Moët? On va garder un petit peu pour notre prochain rencontre; malheureusement pas en Inde car je ne crois pas avoir de la chance pour y aller pendant votre voyage… À Paris, pour les huîtres!!

Trotter said...

Part Two!!

Ankara ne sera peut-être si charmante que la Riviera Turque, mais je dois encore y aller du moins une fois pour la Cappadoce ; et aussi pour Istanbul sans la tempête de neige… Peut-être les photos ne le montreront pas, mais la tournée de la décennie est très décevante… ;)). Bon, mais je vais faire semblant que je crois à tous ces avenirs qui chantent et je vais attendre que la belle chanson de Paul McCartney «When I’m sixty four» va devenir réalité!!
J’aime bien la dernière photo aussi !! ça commence «haut les mains», ça va finir haut les cœurs…» !

Fortunately it kept around thirty during the whole day and also at night. In August, however, I was told that it reached 36º centigrade, which for sea water is definitely a soap… ;))

I was having a good time last year, when the pictures were taken… ;))
My pleasure to send you the email, and look forward to seeing and meeting you and your family here in Portugal!!

No, this is my week off definitely; no laptops, no files, nothing… Even the cell phone doesn’t reply to messages, except truly urgent and certainly with a small delay… ;))
As for the champagne, we’ll have to make it in Paris. Maybe one of these days… But I see no window for it now… ;-(

It’s only one week off; everything has to be made to have some fun... ;). But it’s true that the place has conditions for a great holiday, provided you have time to enjoy it!!

Sailing is one of my favourites also. It came out quite well and the light showed much more interesting in the computer than at the camera itself when I first saw it... ;)

I’m glad that you enjoy this kind of travelling and I’m happy to be able to provide this free service. It gives me pleasure, costs nothing (except some free time that is not much...) and furthermore is a source of joy for some visitors. What else? No, not Nespresso. I don’t take coffee... ;)))

Il y a de tout pour tout le monde ; le grand avantage du Club!! Même si quelquefois les gens croient que c’est limité à un certain type de fidèles… Mais c’est un stéréotype… ;))

This was last year, but we renewed the experience afterwards. I had already seen one Dervish Dance in Istanbul some years ago, but every time it happens it’s a new experience. Amazing, actually!

At the table it came out just like that... I was wondering whether we would see something interesting... The other one I was sure that something interesting would be seen... ;)

It’s true that it isn’t that far from Romania; it seems that one can even drive to Istanbul from Bucharest through Bulgaria, but maybe the roads aren’t that interesting... ;)). The Turkish Riviera is a nice place to plan a vacation. And an odyssey in one of the small boats prepared to accommodate 8 to 12 passengers looks even more exciting!

Tu es où? La lune était superbe, même si on ne voit pas tellement le reflet à la mer... C’est vrai que, maintenant qui tu attires l’attention pour la première photo, il semble que la mer est penchée… ;))

There are lots of surprises whenever I’m around… lol!! Actually I wasn’t expecting to see a Chinese troupe performing in a summer resort in the Turkish Riviera…

That’s life; always someone with an eye on you… ;)). For my part, I’ll try not to let it wither me, but one never knows… ;)

Down the boardwalk, straight to the sea, but up to the boat... ;) That first picture is truly amazing, I can see now... ;))

I was at the Yellowstone in 1982. That was an interesting trip... I’ll check your posts as soon as I get some time to enjoy them!!

Not exactly red, just with the perfect sun tanned colour... ;)). The only problem with the spot was that the stay was terribly short; but that’s my problem not theirs... ;). Just one correction; that wasn’t sand, just pebbles; for nice sand, better come to Algarve...

Trotter said...

Part Three:

My pleasure, I’m glad you like the posts. Actually, more than the memories, this blog is also to share some views of this not such a small world we live in. If they please the visitors, that’s a great achievement!!

Alice Sg,
The place is superb, but it can be quite energetic if you want to... Anyhow, we took it on the quiet side!! ;))

Well, being such a big country, for European standards I mean, it has many different views. And there are also some different approaches... I’ll also post some yellow themed pictures: ruins and arid places... But all in all, they also have their own beauty...

From my point of view, Club Med has some of the most stunning locations around the world; the secret is, perhaps, because they started quite early – in the 1950s – choosing the locations to create the then new concept of holidays for everybody... By that time wonderful spots were available at a decent price; not any more... ;)

Don’t you think I had all the reasons to look happy on those pictures… I wonder who wouldn’t be… ;))

You have better start packing… ;))

It’s just across the Aegean Sea… Actually, it so close to some of the Greek Isles that it seems you’ll be able to swim there… ;))

Great that you enjoyed! That’s a compliment coming from someone posting such interesting beauties as you do in your blog!

Early morning on the beach you have a better light for the pictures, but people are still asleep or having breakfast; and furthermore, I was a bit concerned with their privacy, so I didn’t want to show them around… ;)

Time to start packing!!

You’re absolutely right! The Dervish dance was a stunning performance!!
That seems to be a too busy life. I’m also finding difficulties to bring together blogging and commenting on my blog friends’ posts and working. Of course, blogging stays behind, but I try not to leave it too much behind… ;))

A Lady's Life said...

These are great shots especiall the full moon.
I find in the middle east the sky to be so close to you that you feel all you have to do is reach up and catch a star.

GMG said...

I'm a full moon lover, planning my vacations preferably on the right week; and the shot came out nicely!!

Romantic bed and breakfasts said...
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Trotter said...

Bed & Breakfasts,
No spam please; I'm too far from Virginia... ;))