Sunday, September 13, 2009




"THE BEACH - At the Antalya Palmiye"


"KEMER at the distance"



"WAY TO THE SEA - The «sand» can't be compared to the Algarve..."


"THE EASY WAY... into the water!"



"KEMER CAPE - This one and the next five pictures are to be seen as a travelling from west to east, which means from the cape near Kemer to the east of the Palmiye Beach"

"BEACH - West side"


"BEACH - East side"



Trotter said...

Hi Everybody! We had the Greens to commemorate my 60s on 09.09.09! It should actually have been the Blues... But better late than never! Enjoy this new post of the Turkish Riviera and have an awesome week!!

A Lady's Life said...

These are very nice Love the Melissa 4
This is a good boat to have.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful beautiful Blues! Is that beach rocky? :)

Tinsie said...

This looks like my kind of place :-)

Baron's Life said...


Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Happy belated birthday Gil! My husband joined the same club as you did this year :-)

Turkish Riviera is beautiful!

alicesg said...

Is it your birthday? Happy Birthday to you. You have a nice vacation and photos are so beautiful. The water looked so inviting.

S-V-H said...

Blue is my favorite color and you captured all the scales of blue in your post today, Gil!Beautiful!

...and... HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY Gil!! Welcome to the club of the 60's... do you know the song from Curd Juergens, the German singer and actor? He sang once in German "60 Jahre und kein bisschen weise" can go over to my Swiss blog to listen to it, if you like: ALL ABOUT SWITZERLAND

For more many good years to come, and a toast to the next 60 years!!! :) is good!

Sue's Daily Photography

Thérèse said...

Happy birthday to you!
A lot of blue, the sea, mountains and a flag which tells us where you were.

diane b said...

Beautiful blues. The water looks inviting but a pity about the sand.Great shots as usual.Thanks for your comments.

Anonymous said...

summer is still here. excellent post again

Olivier said...

superbe, tu nous offres encore un peu de vacances, merci

hpy said...

Il vaut mieux avoir l'eau dans la mer - et dans la piscine - que dans les rues!

L. Neusiedler said...

I am still very much caught with the real life :), but again, a visit by friends is good, especially when such wonderful sights are to be enjoyed...

Neelima Vallangi said...

wow! the beach looks so inviting!
I have been seeing too many mountains and forests of late. time for a nice dip in the ocean i guess. :)

Unknown said...

Sea and sun, just perfect! The riveira looks soooo inviting.
Happy belated birthday!

Chuckeroon said...

The track to the sea and that last "Sailing" picks from this batch. Blue is the word for this series. Startling. (Is that a pink Mrs T. I notice rising like a mermaid?).

bindu said...

Lovely pictures of the ocean. Wish I were there!

Beefybob7 said...

Am saying nothing about your sailing photos Gil.

Lovely turkish riviera. Understand Turkey and Turkish people are wounderful. Strange to think Aussies were at war with them. Oh the folly of people who think they are important. The warriors used to have a chat and share food during breaks from fighting to gather the dead.

In the end it's the people who count, not the bullo.

Will blog again soon hopefully. Can't believe we loved southern California. Heading back, and Las Vegas, next month.

Trust you and family are well.


Jurgen Huibers said...

It's looking very inviting to take a swim there. Great shots!

Ron said...

Very lovely pictures. I never imagined so many mountains in Turkey.

Light and Voices said...

I have never been on a sail boat; but that azure water makes me wish I could just zap myself there right now. Excellent job on the photos.

Urmi said...

Wish you a very Happy Birthday. many many happy returns of the day.
I enjoyed your post seeing the beautiful and mind-blowing pictures. I will definitely plan for visiting Turkey.

Ted said...

Happy birthday. Just looking at these shots makes me feel relaxed and twenty years younger. I left you a birthday reply on my own blog, but when I came here and saw how you've been spending your time, I suspect your bearings are still turning smoothly.

yyam said...

Happy belated birthday greetings from Singapore!

Love the beach photos...:)

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Wow! Rich in blue! Very warm! Wishing you a very happy birthday (belated though)! May the coming year bring to you the very best!

Thanks very much for your wishes! Truly appreciate it!

lyliane six said...

Bien venue au club des 60, avec un peu de retard, mais le cœur y est.
Beau pays que la Turquie, superbe jardin et mer bleue, sais tu qu'un de mes prénoms est Palmyre?

Nisha said...

Wish you a very hapy birthday albeit a bit late.

And the water is so blue.

Bhushavali said...

First of all. Happy B'day... This birthday seems lot more special with the cute way of writing the date too... Wishing u to hit a century... :)
Now about your post... Turkey thru ur lens.. Its great... :)
My Travelogue

Oman said...

the hues of blue are very soothing to the eye.

Kcalpesh said...

Perfect Blue To Enjoy! The last time I saw such blue clear sea was during my visit to Andaman Nicobar Islands. That one also was like heaven on earth! Awesome pics specially the last one. Thanks for your comments on Pixellicious Photos

Nikon said...

Beautiful shots of a beautiful place, Gil!
I hope that you had fun on your 60th!

Unknown said...

Hi Gil, so beautiful..I felt like diving in. stopping bye to say bye for now, we off for a short Ramadhan break.

P.N. Subramanian said...

The Sea Scenes are splendid. Hoping to see more of Turkey in your coming posts.

Mariposa said...

the sea is very calming

Unseen India Tours said...

Some really fascinating shots !! I loved them and i would like to be there some day !! Great post..Unseen Rajasthan

PeterParis said...

Both the green and the blue "version" of Antalya seem very attractive!

... and welcome to the "over 60 club"!

Anonymous said...

simply beautifully captured shots....lovely blues...have a fantastic weekend!

Ashira said...

The color of the water is gorgeous! I won't be seeing any of that anytime soon, the Moscow river isn't quite the same shade of blue :)

Stop by Nomad to read about my adventure of moving to Moscow. And of course, there's still Reasons I Love Europe!

Have a great weekend!

Lakshmi said...

blue is one of my fav colours..ive just come back fm two back to back fantastic trips to the Himalayas and am raring to go again..catching up with your earlier posts..have a great weekend

eye in the sky said...

i like the wooden planks that lead to the sea. very exotic

Pietro Brosio said...

Happy Birthday, Gil!
These are fabulous blue images, I like so much the first one, "sun & sea", the sails, the swimming, and all the others. Very enjoyable sequence indeed!
Have a good Sunday! :-)

Trotter said...

Hi Folks! Great to read you here as always; missing some «regulars», enjoying the return of some «exceptionals»... ;)). Hope you enjoyed the first posts on the Turkish Riviera. As my space is getting limited on Blogger and I don’t think it makes sense to pay to get some more space, I’ve to make an even more difficult choice of the pictures to post. That means that the travelogues will become more elliptical and that many photos will be set aside... It might be a benefit for the visitors, however... ;))
And thanks to all of you who wished the belated happy birthday greetings!!

I wouldn’t care to have the Melissa 4– people say there are only two happy days in the life of a yacht owner: the day he buys it and the day he sells it -, but it’s definitely a nice boat to use... ;)

Not exactly rocky, pebbly... But, as there was a wooden walkway down to the water, swimming was a piece of cake... ;)

I’m sure you would enjoy; actually Rhodes isn’t that far away, and the beaches aren’t that different also...


It’s seems this Club is growing everyday; let’s hope the 70’s will grow ten years from now; and counting... ;))

Alice SG,
The water was fabulous and warm... ;)). As for the birthday it took place on 09.09.09; an evidence of repetition. But don’t worry; I keep accepting the champagne... ;))

I’m with you on the Blues!! I’ve noticed that some direct pictures to the water caught some different tones; maybe I’ll post some of those!
Curd Jurgens I remember well, but not the song; I’ve seen it on your blog. Amazing! Prost auf unsere nächsten sechzig... ;))

The flags were everywhere; it’s interesting because we saw it the same way in the US, somehow in Switzerland, but very seldom in Portugal, except on Sundays and public holidays in public buildings... ;)

Well, as there were those walkways right to the water and we had some sort of swimming shoes to wear, the «sand» was not an issue... ;)

That was last year; this year it seems summer is ending on September 22, at 09h17’59’’ GMT... That’s today... ;))

Je t’en prie; c’est un été vraiment gratuit et on peut en profiter pendant toute l’année… ;))

Tout à fait d’accord avec toi; il semble que dans certains coins d’Europe on a eu de l’eau partout, même hors les lacs et les fleuves… :-(

Real life is sometimes an awful affair! ;) But it’s lovely when we’re able to make some breaks and enjoy the delights of virtual life... ;)) Hope you have a better week, the first in autumn...

Wandering Soul,
Bring the swimming suit and jump into the water!!! Nice to counter the mountain/forest experiences... ;))

The Riviera is almost always inviting, including the Turkish one... Sea, sun and (preferably) sand... ;)

I also like the last one; I think I got a nice combination of colour and light; it doesn’t happen always!! Yeah, Mrs. Trotter is running the risk of becoming a Pink Mermaid; always in water... ;))

Interesting that you mention the «ocean», because it actually it isn’t... It’s the Mediterranean Sea, and as I learned from some Bulgarians– impressed when they visited Portugal and first saw an Ocean, the Atlantic - «there is a huge difference between a Sea and an Ocean»!!

Great to read you back here! OK! You sail, I take the pictures... ;)
Well during many centuries many different nations were at war with many others; better try not to forget to value the price of peace..!!
Why shouldn’t you love Southern California? You mean Baja California? ;)) Look forward to seeing your pictures!! As for Vegas, you should go to Macau... ;))

The greatest pleasure was entering the water without feeling it cold; fortunately we were not there when the outside temperature was 46º Celsius and the water was at 36º centigrade; it would look like bathing in the soup... ;))

Trotter said...

Part Two of the replies, due to Blogger's restrictions on the size of each comment. Sorry!

Lots of mountains and some quite high: more than four thousand metres high! But you don’t need to escalate them... ;))

I tried to sail some years ago and that was nice, but I must confess that I prefer to be at the deck rather than at the wheel/helm... ;) and even better cruising, rather than sailing...

Time to start packing, probably! I still have to go back at least once to see Cappadocia; can’t miss it...

Thanks for the wishes on the sixties... After some days it doesn’t feel so different from the fifties, but the figure is always a bit depressive... ;))

Thanks! Great to see you around here. Must confess that sometimes, when hot and humid, the climate there could compare with Singapore; but that’s not exactly a compliment because though I like Singapore very much, I feel it has one of the worst climates I’ve ever experienced... ;))

Hopefully the next year will be better than the previous; not always true, but a firm belief!!

Merci! C’est l’arrivée au club 60 qui devrait être en retard; tu ne l’es jamais… ;)
Palmyre c’est très joli comme nom aussi ; et ça renvoi aux tropiques qui, sauf pour les ouragans, sont toujours superbes… ;))

Great to read you here and also great to know that you’re taking care of Cuckoo’s Cosmos!! I’ll try to post some different kind of blues on the water one of these days!

A century, that would be interesting, provided that you keep healthy and sane!!
Glad that you like my Turkey’s posts!!

Great that it has that soothing effect! But I prefer when the Blues win and that usually has a noisy outcome... ;))

The Andaman Islands are part of my mythical destinations. Maybe one day I’ll make it there, but meanwhile would love to see your pictures from the wonderful spot!!

Great to read your first time comment here! And glad to know that you are on the way to sell the house, get married and depart...

Fun at sixty? Only with the Beatles at sixty four!! ;) The place was extra and we actually had a wonderful time there!

M. Kate,
Thanks for caring to say bye before the break! Diving it’s ok: But be careful; there might be rocks at the bottom!! ;)

P.N. Subramanian,
There is a lot of pictures to post, but as I mentioned in the introduction to the replies, I’m restraining myself...

It’s a Sea, not an Ocean... ;)

I’m sure you’ll be there one day; but only after showing us all the beauties of Unseen Rajasthan!! And for me there are so many unseen wonders there!! I’ll have to get back!

Thanks for welcoming me to the Club!! We’ll have to commemorate it one of these days!! Antalya and the so-called Turkish Riviera were a true surprise to us... Surely deserves considering a trip!!

Glad that you enjoyed the captures!

Great to see that you’re back at the blogosphere and commenting here! It’s a shame that the Moscow River doesn’t show these blues; but will it show the white in the middle of the winter? I’ve been there in late November, but it wasn’t frozen...

One trip to the Himalayas must be a fabulous event; but two trips is more than we could imagine; I can’t wait to see your fabulous travelogues of the last adventures in the big mountains!!

That was a great idea, since the pebbles weren’t probably the most comfortable approach to make your way to the water!! ;))

Thanks! It was on 09.09.09, so it’s already a bit forgotten; except that the sixties are always present!!
I also liked the first and the last ones; it seems that they came out quite nicely and the combination of colour and light worked out well!!

Ashira said...

I'm sure it will be plenty frozen by mid to late December... I'll just have to wait and see :) I promise to post pictures when it's fully frozen!

Trotter said...

Look forward to seeing the frozen Moscow River, but at home, by the fire... ;))

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I love all the pretty blues! It looks like a wonderful place to relax during your week off!

Trotter said...

There was a fabulous collection of blues on the Turkish Riviera. But this was my 2008 week off. The results of 2009 will be seen next year, with my terrible delay in posting... ;)

Ted said...

I love the idea of color theming the images.

Trotter said...

Yeah, but unfortunately it isn't easy to get out of the blues and greens... I'll try some yellow one of these days... ;))

lv2scpbk said...

Love the last picture with the blue reflecting off the water.

Trotter said...

Great to read you back here!

MedaM said...

Hi Gill! I haven’t visited your wonderful blog for a long time, and I am sorry for that. Tonight I decided to see what I’ve missed here. So I started from Green Iceland. That post is great with picturesque valley and a wonderful rainbow that you managed to catch. Then I found very impressive and interesting your post on Land of Ice and Fire. Water in Iceland took my breath away. Waterfalls are amazing and your photos just spectacular. Thanks for strolling in Reykjavik. It looks like a charming city with so much to see. “Icelandic colours” post really is colourful and interesting. Rural Iceland looks very interesting with a part of history. I literally enjoyed the London tour. You posted fantastic photos of the city I’ve never visited but I’d love to. Turkish Riviera photos are fantastic. Everything looks so green...wonderful photos of ocean...what a beautiful place for holiday!
Happy belated birthday Gill!

Trotter said...

It's always a great pleasure reading your comments here. I'm truly grateful!! And thanks for the greetings, though maybe I should start counting backwards... ;))
Hope everything is running smoothly with you and family! Have a great week!!

indicaspecies said...

Fabulous shades of blue. And the last is my fav!

Trotter said...

Also like that one!!