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In 2008 we decided to spend my yearly vacation week in the Turkish Riviera. It was a nice choice and the posts will show why. This first one shows the environment where we lodge at the Antalya Palmiye!

"PALMIYE - There are lots of Palm trees around, but these are fancy ones..."

"THE BEACH is quite close to the lawn..."






"TAURUS MOUNTAINS and palm trees. The Taurus mountain complex in southern Turkey gives birth to the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers!"

"TAURUS and orange trees - It also divides the Mediterranean coastal region of southern Turkey from the central Anatolian Plateau».

"TAURUS MOUNTAINS - In this area, the peaks reach around two thousand four hundred metres and more"

"TAURUS and pine trees"




Trotter said...

Hi Everybody! After another busy year, I had my official week off! As always, the week before was terrible and the return awful, so I had no chance either to reply to your comments or to visit your blogs! Hope to be able to do it starting from the next weekend! Anyhow, today is a special day for me and I didn’t want to pass it without starting a new post, this one on the Turkish Riviera. Enjoy, have a great week and thanks for your comments!!

Di said...

Congrats for the great pictures, too!
Have a nice special day ;)

mhel said...

Oh, green! I love the vividness plus it has that calming effect. Gorgeous place! I want to go there. :)

Venksh said...

Hey Gil,
Nice picx, all r really awesome specially the TAURUS MOUNTAINS and palm trees were too good...
wat happen took really longtime to give us next post, i was wondering what made u delay abt posting more picx..


alicesg said...

Every photo in here looked so lovely and peaceful. Looked like the kind of place I would like to relax and be pampered in. So beautiful and the mountain in the background is a bonus. What a nice place to spend the vaccation.

S-V-H said...

Turkey is a beautiful country! I liked all your palm trees and I'm sure the coming next photos will be enjoyable too!

Looking forward to see them. ;)

Sue's Daily Photography

Rajesh said...

Beautiful shots. The green garden is very beautiful and is nice place to relax.

eye in the sky said...

everything looks so green!!!

Olivier said...

un endroit féérique et magnifique.

Bhushavali said...

Greenery, Serene, Peaceful, Tranquil... Wow...
Btw, why so late..?? Missed ur posts.. :(
My Travelogue

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Rich, green and very soothing to the eye! Thanks for sharing such wonderful pictures!

Your posts are getting occassional of late and are being missed - greatly!

Baron's Life said...

Your pictures are again great..I'm envious and wish I was there to savor the Turkish beauty and FOOD
Well done

Cergie said...

Tous ces arbustes taillés "en topiaire", ces palmiers, ces troncs érigés, comme autant de bougies sur un ENORME gateau !
Il y en a plus que... Un chiffre rond pourtant, non ? Heureuse journée en neuf à toi, Gil !

SusuPetal said...

Those mountains are awesome!

Have a nice special day, Gil!

Lucie said...

C'est de nouveau moi, Gil.
Sur mon autre blog, "Passerelle", j'ai fait un message sur le triple neuf...
Tu pourras y jeter un coup d'oeil lorsque cette journée particulière sera terminée et que tu en auras le temps.

diane b said...

Thanks for showing me this part of Turkey. It is far greener than I expected. What a beautiful place for a holiday. Have missed you in blogland. Fabulous photos as usual.

Mariposa said...

breathtakingly green! Everything looks so fresh. 090909 important date!

bindu said...

Looks very beautiful!

Thérèse said...

A huge and beautiful amount of green! Looks healthy...

Unknown said...

Very nice green favorite surrounding actually. Happy weekend.

Shionge said...

Oh Wow!! I'm 'green' with envy already :D

Pietro Brosio said...

Gil, what fine pictures of this green and relaxing place! Really beautiful!
Have a great weekend!

Mandy said...

It is so green! It doesn't look at all like the arid Turkey I saw last year! Lovely!

leo said...

Your wife made a striking pose amidst the greenery :)
Turkey... its in my list of to visit. Looking forward to more!

Anonymous said...

Splendid photos...fabulous!

Anonymous said...

that first shot with the stickers on the window is excellent! Great idea.

Tinsie said...

WOW! Looks like a beautiful place :-)

Stella Bella said...

happy birthday! :)

Kcalpesh said...

Stunning green and beautiful! I'm so inspired by your traveling although I can't get too many days off from work, I can at least shortlist the places I need to visit in the future... thanks for sharing!

april said...

A wonderful park and a great surrounding with so much green. I think they have to use a lot of water to keep it like that.
Hae a nice weekend, gil, and thanks for your visit.

Galaxy6139 said...

You have so wonderful blog with many beautiful pictures ^^

Hope you enjoy a lot in Turkey, really nice place for resting ^.^

Irina said...

Hi Gil,
your photos are awesome as always. Looks like you never err in choosing a beautiful place :)

And Happy belated Birthday to you! Entering 60's club is not such a bad thing when one is so active and full of strength as you are :) So I wish you many and many of new trips and probably a little longer vacations :)
Happy Birthday!

Gattina said...

Beautiful photos,! I have such good souvenirs of Turkey, what a beautiful country. I went there twice, once for a tour through the south and once the towns and history.

My Unfinished Life said...

very green n refreshing place!!!

Chuckeroon said...'s certainly not London. Do I detect a slight note of panic about your "Day"? Don't worry, it can actually be good for you. Take it from me.

Nikon said...

Beautiful shots of a beautiful place, Gil!
I'd love to go there!
I love how green it is in contrast to the mountains.
Have fun :-)

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous place to vacation in Gil and looks like you and Mrs.Globetrotter had a great time. Don't fret over turning 60. I will fret enough for both of us, since I did too. ugh! I was telling my neighbors all about your Iceland post. They have always wanted to visit there and guess who has booked a trip there in March? They sure did and all because of me talking about your blog post. See how you influence others? :) ~ Lynn

yyam said...

Lucky lucky you! This looks like a spectacular place for a vacation! Fabulous pictures...thanks for sharing...:)

Baron's Life said...

Tell us about the people...the food...the music...the life

Jurgen Huibers said...

Hi Gil, congratulations with the Club 60! Nice view from the Taurus Mountains. Looks like the perfect place to relax.

adelynne said...

You are so lucky to be able to go to so many places, Gil. I wish I could go to Turkey myself! *jealous* ;)

rochambeau said...

Hello Mr. and MRs. Trotter!
THANK you ever so for sharing your luscious photos of the Turkish Riviera. I NEVER imagined in a million years, that THIS is how it would look! Just splendid!
Keep trotting. Since trotting is a good pace to be going.

Daniel Chérouvrier said...

Avec ces photos on se demande comment nous pourrions refuser l'entrée de la Turquie dans l'Europe !

Jo's-D-Eyes said...

Hi Gil, Wow this is really a "tree"post, in all styles all variations, and on the beach in a (kind of ) forest, or a lawn, a curled tree, just been at the "Hair" (Neh! I mean a Tree cutter)dresser? really a goood photographers-look ( or travellers?) just look from you Gil....

Hmmmmm I'm glad you liked the cows, My cows in front of our door-house are gone I don't know where they were this weekend, maybe just 'back to bed' like me? I still have the flu for 2 weeks now ( damn M-flu), but maybe who knows...I'll get better.

GOOD luck with your new job and I understand if you have a break now and than..:)

JoAnn ?Holland

A Lady's Life said...

Thats what we all should do..move into a hotel and forget about it lol

Ron said...

Wonderful pictures. I can't believe all the green Turkey has to offer. I can see myself visiting there one day.

Trotter said...

Hi everybody! Thanks for your comments! It seems that many of you didn’t notice the reason why 09.09.09 was special, but that’s a good idea, because this way the 60s go incognito… ;))

You knew, but you’re an insider… ;))

Asian Traveller,
The calming effect of the green is a bit surprising; but you may very well be right!! As for your wish, start packing… ;))

You know, after one year work, I got my official week off and, as always, the week before was terrible and the return awful... That’s a good reason for being late in posting. Anyhow, I’m always at least twelve months late… ;). The Taurus Mountains are awesome. Of course, nothing compared to the Himalayans… ;))

Alice SG,
To be pampered, that’s the correct way to put it!! ;)). The Taurus Mountains are actually an impressive bonus to all these pictures!!

There are many different aspects in Turkey and, provided I’ve space at Blogger, there will be a lot to see in the next posts! Hope you keep enjoying them and having fun with this blog!!

Must confess that never thought green would be relaxing, but it seems everyone has a different idea!! ;)

This is the green post; the next will be blue and I could also make the arid one but most probably I won’t!!

Féerique, c’est peut-être un peu excessif, mais magnifique, cela sans doute tu as raison!! ;)

OK, I surrender: green is tranquil, peaceful and serene...
There is a full and explanation for the delay on my first comment to this post: too much work, one week vacation and a peculiar anniversary... ;)).

Thanks for your interest on this blog and for the comments here! There is an obvious reason for my delay: too much work and a week off... ;)). But I’ll try to make it more frequent, though I’m concerned it the lack of remaining space on Blogger; and truly, I’m not in the mood to pay to keep a blog, so I’ve to start finding an alternative!! ;))

The food is OK, but I’ve a good mouth and usually try (and like) the food of the places I visit... As for the beauty, you’ll find everything: excellence and not so excellent... ;)). Not an easy task to talk about the people when you don’t speak the language and have been there for only one short week… But there were some interesting talks about the accession of Turkey to the European Union and the heritage of a secular State with a religious party in government…

Taillées “en topiaire” ! Regarde ce que j’ai trouvé sur «L'art topiaire (du latin ars topiaria, « art du paysage ») consiste à tailler les arbres et arbustes de jardin dans un but décoratif pour former des haies, des massifs ou des sujets de formes très variées, géométriques, personnages, animaux, etc. Cet art, qui est né à l'époque de la Rome antique, s'apparente à la sculpture sur des végétaux vivants et s'aide parfois de formes métalliques destinées à guider la croissance des plantes et les cisailles du jardinier». Magnifique la Wikipedia! C’est vrai que c’est un travail intéressant celui du jardinier qui prépare tout ça pour le bonheur des yeux des hôtes… ;).
Rond chiffre en effet, mais pas très stimulant… La moitié serait beaucoup plus charmante !! ;)). J’ai vu l’histoire du triple neuf ; on m’a toujours dit que pour les chinois c’est le huit qui porte le bonheur ; mais si ça va aussi avec le neuf, ok !!

The Taurus Mountains are awesome; incredible, just by the sea and more than two thousand metres high!!

Thanks for showing your interest on my blogosphere adventure; and sorry for the absence, but things are becoming a bit difficult around here... Hope to have some more time to circle around!! ;)

Green, green, green seems to be a great achievement!!! 09.09.09 looks funny, except for the round 60 that comes with it… ,))

And it actually is, but you must find the right spot; it happens that sometimes the corner next door is truly ugly… ;))

Trotter said...

Part Two:

Ah, healthy, ok! It goes much better with green than peaceful, it seems! But, anyhow, I’m not yet converted to the vegetarian camp… ;))

As far as favourite surroundings are concerned, I prefer blues… sky and sea, rather than forest… ;) But this spot in the southern Anatolian peninsula is an excellent discovery!!

I’m so happy to see you back here!! Hope everything is running well in Singapore, notwithstanding that famous weather you have there… ;)). Next post, you’ll turn blue, but happy… hopefully!! ;))

Green it is; relaxing, it depends of what you want to do. You may be busy around the clock… ;))

I could make a post on the arid side, and maybe I’ll post some pictures of it next; but it wouldn’t be so nice… ;))

That picture was the cherry on the top of the cake. I think I captured an extraordinary setting… Glad that you enjoyed!!

Great to see you back commenting here at Blogtrotter! And glad to see you posting again!!

Wow! Long time no see… ;)). Thanks for the comment; I thought that picture would locate the spot easily… ;))

It is!! But you have to be careful choosing the spot, because just nearby things might be not so idyllic as this one is… ;))

Thanks!! You’re too kind! It’s not so interesting when you get to the sixties, unless people will «still be sending me a valentine/ Birthday greetings bottle of wine»… ;))

Glad that these posts maybe useful for your future travelogue plans!! It seems that days off are at premium nowadays… ;))

It’s a resort, not exactly a park; and I’m sure they must use lots of water to keep it green... Actually, the temperatures in August 2008, just before we got there in September, were 46º centigrade outside and 36º centigrade in the sea… ;)))
Fortunately it had cooled down when we arrived…

Great to read you here for the first time! Thanks for coming and enjoying the blog!! This Turkey was visited in 2008; actually there is a small delay in posting on this blog… ;))

It would be great if one never errs, in particular if playing Euromillions… ;))
Thanks for your kind words regarding my sixties; hopefully people will «still need me, will […] still feed me,/ When I'm sixty-four…» ;))

Great choice for your travels, indeed! Have you been to Cappadocia? It’s on my wish list for the next time in Turkey!

Shooting Star,
Refreshing it had to be because the temperature outside in August 2008, reached well above 40º centigrade!! Well, nothing unfamiliar in India, but anyhow… ;))

The green could be found in London, but then there is the sun and that is much more difficult to locate there… ;)
I wouldn’t say panic, but is certainly a cause of concern, though some of my more experienced friends in the field say that «it doesn’t hurt…». ;))

Must confess that found those mountains just close to the sea were quite impressive; but they’re also responsible for the heat one gets there…

We had a terrific time, the problem is that it’s always looks so short; and it actually is so short… ;))
OK, if you take my pains, I manage to get through the sixties…
Iceland in March might probably be a bit early in the season, but anyhow, people don’t go to Iceland for the nice weather… ;)) Hope they enjoy and have lots of fun there!!

Lucky? But I just turned sixty… ;)). Ok, let’s assume you’re talking holidays; but it’s only one week off every year… ;))

Thanks! It’s not that excited to cross the sixty line; much more interesting would be the thirties; but probably all ages have their charm… Hopefully!! ;)

Trotter said...

Part Three!

You making some concessions; I thought everything around you was directed to Spain… ;))

It’s true that when we landed at the Antalya airport at night and made the trip to the resort some thirty km south of it, it was a great surprise crossing the city and joining the coast road. Amazing… The only problem, but that seems to be the same overall Turkey, was the way people drive their cars… ;))

Ah, mais ça a un air trop français, en fait. Effets de la Med sur le climat… ;)). On a eu des bavardages intéressantes à propos du thème avec notre guide, un type bien cultivée et avec des idées fermes sur la question… ;))

Oh dear, there is a lot to learn on those trees: «Topiary Art».
Hope you get rid of that awful flu; it seems to be there for much longer than it should… ;))
No new job at all; some confusion must have been made… Just one week off, and that’s all my vacation time… The rest is only the accession to Club 60! ;))

That depends of the hotel; I know some where you could forget it all, even the money you need to stay there… lol

It’s not that green all over the place, but I’m sure you’ll find the nice spots to visit!! But I couldn’t find a Hard Rock Café there… ;))