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"GOYNUK - On our way from the Palmiye to Antalya we passed Goynuk, famous to trekkers for its gorge. Never saw a city gate like this... And the Taurus behind!"

"TAURUS MOUNTAINS - As seen from a restaurant on the left side of Antalya's port"


"HIDIRLIK TOWER - Believed to be built in Hellenistic era, the tower is located at the site where the land walls of the city join the sea walls. The 14m high structure consists of a circular tower rising on a pedestal"

"WAY DOWN to the port"







"MURAT PASHA MOSQUE - It was commissioned by Grand Vizier Murad Pasha in 1570"

"ATATURK & THE MINARETS - The Yivli Minare Mosque is one of the first Islamic buildings in the city. Its fluted minaret is a symbol of the city"




Trotter said...

Hi Everybody! One counter reached seventy thousand visitors and the other is approaching the ninety thousand. But there are only very few who take the time to drop a comment here. So, thanks a lot to all who are kind enough to give this blog a reason to keep going!! Hope you enjoy Antalya and have a wonderful week!

Urmi said...

Your blog is one of my favourite. Wonderful post with marvellous photographs. I feel like visiting all the places. You are really a very good photographer.
Please accept your award from my blog-

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Amazing pictures, every single one of them! I loved the second one here! Its fabulous!

Many congratulations on the visitor tally!

eye in the sky said...

the city gate is quite an arresting site...

Olivier said...

on passe de superbes paysages de montagnes a des paysages de mer, beaux voyages en photos

SusuPetal said...

Lovely to see blue skies -it's raining heavily in Helsinki!

PeterParis said...

Must be wonderful to make a cruise on one of these boats! Don't tell me that you have done that also, happy blog and globe trotter!! :-)

diane b said...

It looks a bright clean city with interesting buildings and views. Nice shots.

Ash said...

Stunning! I particularly loved the fourth and fifth photos.

Hope you're doing well Gil!

Venksh said...

Hey Gil,

Wow all of them are amazing picture's i liked the blue beach chairs taken from top angle pic...

I was very busy with my work could get time to blog... Iam back again n will surely keep track on all ur updates...

thankx for ur weekend wishes...


Thérèse said...

The house on the wall seems really interesting. Hard to tell on which foundations she sits...
Un beau voyage de plus.

Ron said...

Very beautiful pictures. I am really enjoying Turkey through your lens. That is a must see country for me someday.

While you were there, did you eat the Doner?

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed my visit and all of your photos. I see you do have a few over 8000 profile views. Mine should be getting close to 47,000 but I gave up trying to keep track of people. It used to be a big deal with me but now it doesn't seem to matter. This is, I am thinking, not that much different from the hulu hoop, pet rocks and calligraphy. It too will pass. LOL

Anonymous said...

Hi Gil, don't worry about the counters. So, so many people enjoy your blog....I am sure more than you'll ever know. I have had over 100,000 visitors since I put a counter on but of course no where near that many commenters. Loved this post. And I was especially intrigued with the tower and tiny beach. :) Will blog about my New York trip this week. I was too busy eating in the wonderful little restaurant to take many photos. :)

alicesg said...

Lovely street scenes. Love the mountain in the background too. Look like a nice place to wander around and get the feel of the local lifestyle.

Nikon said...

Hello Gil, beutiful shots, as always!
I love the mountains with the deep blue sea in the forground.
I love that house on the hill, too!

Unknown said...

Congrats Gil on the visitors..and I think they should publish a book on your blog, it is so informative and you are truly a world traveller. Tks so much for sharing everything, I appreciate it a lot :P Tks for this tour too.

Pietro Brosio said...

Gil, thanks for sharing this wonderful tour of Antalya. All the pictures are so interesting and nice, I always enjoy so much coming to your blog! Goynuk's city gate is really amazing; the beach reminds me a bit of the beaches of the Golfo Tigullio, in particular of Santa Margherita Ligure and Rapallo; beautiful the mosque with those houses in the background, Taurus mountains, Antalya city with the waterfall.
Have a great week!

Regina said...

Hello. Gorgeous captures. Love the scenes here. My favorites are the views with the mountains and sea.
(Are all taken it the Mediterranean side?). The tower is awesome too.
Such an interesting place. Love to see it someday.
Thanks for visiting.
I think I join you here.


Unknown said...

You've shown us so many interesting places of Antalya in these pics. They are all wonderful.

Kcalpesh said...

I'm touring all the beautiful places in the world without a passport and a visa! All credits to you! Lovely place and superb photographs! You seem to be having FUN!

- Pixellicious Photos

My Unfinished Life said...

nice place...i liked the beach very much!!...

Mariposa said...

awesome! I love the sea!!

Cergie said...

Gil, il vaut mieux avoir beaucoup de visiteurs et peu de commentaires, c'est la preuve que ton blog est bien documenté et que tu publies des informations que les gens recherchent ponctuellement.
Tu te rends compte, toi qui es si amical, qui rends visite à tes amis fidèlement et qui de surcroit te plains sans cesse du manque de temps (alors que tu es toujours en vacances, tu pourrais publier des photos de ton travail harassant)...
Donc tu auaris été obligé d'écrire au moins 90 000 commentaires ce qui veut dire faire autant de visites...

Cergie said...

Si je regarde le nombre de tes photos et tes propres commentaires cette fois.. Tu as laissé la parole à l'image et c'est vrai que cette porte et cette montagne qui a une hauteur aussi vertigineuse / la mer laisse sans voix...
Alors je reste moi aussi (presque) sans voix....

indicaspecies said...

Hi Gil,

I'm back now, and settled (until I decide to travel again). Thank you for your visit and the kind words you left behind on my blog.

It looks like Goynuk would be a good place for me to go trekking, and those mountains in the background do look inviting. Thank you for sharing these delightful images of Antalya.

- celine

Tinsie said...

Nice shots - I love the combination of sea and mountains!

Anonymous said...

incredible views. thanks for shared

hpy said...

Impressive mountains.

Chuckeroon said...

The overwhelming blue cast in the first pics turns me to our continuing GREY up here!!! What's your game Trotter? Are you psyching me up?

Stella Bella said...

love the mountains! :D

Ashira said...

House on the wall and Mosque are my favorites from this set! Nomad will be getting an update later today, so stop by when you get a chance.

april said...

Wonderful 'blue' mountains. And the coast looks great to make holidays there.

MedaM said...

I really enjoy every time I visit your blog. There is always something interesting to see and to read. Many of times I didn’t know how to express my admiration about your odysseys’.
This is another post I enjoyed a lot. A city gate, mountains, palm trees, old tower, house on the wall, Antalya’s port and waterfall, lovely small beach, beautiful mosques, wonderful Ataturk sculpture with the minaret behind...mix of old and new..I can only say thanks for sharing all these wonderful photos with us.

S-V-H said...

I always have enjoyed ALL of your travels, Gil! Turkey is fascinating in old history!


thank you also for your comments to my blog :)

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Gil you are now a good friend and I always enjoy seeing where you are and learning more about that place from your blog!

This post was interesting as it ahowed a blend of both old and new. Ancient buildings and modern apartment buildings.

The mountains are beautful!

Jurgen Huibers said...

The Mosque looks beautiful, I never saw one of the inside...

P.N. Subramanian said...

I could only say superb. Had I been with you I could have probed a little about everything you have shown. My hugs!

JO said...

looks like a wonderful trip! I love the blue blue waters and the colorful boats... I'd liek to hand out on the clever little beach with those great lounge chairs...

The waterfalls are a pretty shot too.

L. Neusiedler said...

quite an achievement! well done! have a great weekend!

Kcalpesh said...

Wow, a perfect vacation :-)

Pixellicious Photos

lv2scpbk said...

Wow! that's alot of visitors. I bet that would be interesting to live in that house in the wall. Not sure I'd want to live there with children. Afraid they fall out the window. Love the boat scenes. The photo of you in the park looks like a sunny day. It seems to be sunny wherever you go. Is that why I have no good weather lately? lol.

Trotter said...

Hi Everybody! Things seem to get even tougher after one week vacation, and my late September and early October days have been appalling... Just to think that there is a year ahead till the next vacation’s week… ;)). Anyhow, though a bit tired in anticipation, it is always a great pleasure to read you here and to have the benefit of your remarks! Thanks all, and enjoy a marvellous weekend!

Thanks for your comment; you’re a much kinder person than I’m a good photographer… But that’s a great delight and a huge contribution to hoist my self-esteem… ;)). Thanks so much for your award! I’m truly thrilled, and I’m just unhappy I don’t have enough time to take pleasure in surfing your blog as often as I wished to…

Great that you enjoyed the Taurus under the rising sun; it’s an experience I seldom enjoy, I mean seeing anything under the rising sun… ;)). The counter counts, but only a few of the visitors are actually looking at the posts; at least that’s what I feel…

That’s a surprising gate for a small village… I had never seen something similar in my life, except perhaps the Elkhorn Arch of Afton, Wyoming… ;))

Je te dis que, vraiment, la vue du Taurus du coté du port d’Antalya est indubitablement superbe; et, en plus, le bleu est majestueux!

Hope the weather has improved in Helsinki; we had a full week over 30 degrees centigrade here in Lisbon, but it seems that rain is going to arrive on the next Monday… ;-(

They are available to rent, with a crew, to make what they name «Turkish Odyssey». It would be interesting if we manage to get a group – some take only 8 passengers, other seem to be able to accommodate some 12 to 14 people – and make an itinerary in the Aegean Coast. My problem is that with the need to be in touch with my parents, it’s a great risk to take eight days cruising small islands with no airports… This time I just took a short day trip!

Bright, it definitely is; no wonder with all that sun burning our heads… As for the neatness, it looked quite acceptable, at least on the touristy parts of town we visited!

I knew you would prefer the framed pictures!! That blue sea they manage to have and the fabulous Taurus Mountains seen at more than two thousand metres high just by the Mediterranean are absolutely stunning, indeed!!
I’m fine, a bit tired, dreaming with the days in the future when I’ll be able to take some decent three weeks’ vacations (at least) and say, like Chatwin, «Gone to Patagonia»!! ;))

That beach, at the end of a long staircase linked to a bar and a restaurant, was an amazing surprise; I suspect that in the afternoon it would be quite hot down there... ;)
Hope you managed to control all that work to do; hard times these ones... ;)

They probably fixed the foundations of the house straight on the wall; old stuff, public property, no costs... ;))
Beau, mais toujours très court, car on doit toujours revenir, au plus tard, au huitième jour… ;))

You surely will make it one day, as it’s a charming place to visit; at least for the time being... As for the Doner (Kebab, Gyros, Shawarma, etc.), I must confess that I saw more of them in Brussels, Belgium, than in the places I was strolling around in Antalya... ;))

That’s most likely true that it will pass, I mean the concern with the rate visitors/comments... But I hope it won’t be for indifference, as it could perhaps raise the issue of taking the view that people don’t matter... And that’s the only thing that actually matters!! Anyhow, forty seven thousand visits to your Blogger profile it’s a huge number from all points of view... ;))

Alice SG,
Here we have another of my «fidèles»! The view of the Taurus from the port is awesome!! The Mountains ascend to some two thousand and more metres from the sea on this region and the result is magnificent!!

Trotter said...

Part Two for Blogger!

You are probably right, but this Kantian way of dealing with things, trying to have a rule of conduct that could be followed by anyone else as a standard is a big issue... ;). The truth is that I usually drop a line in most of the blogs I visit (actually don’t have time to visit much...), unless they are absolutely null; so I wonder whether this pattern is the rule followed by all that drop by and leave without letting a mark... ;)).
I was green of envy when I learned you were in New York, taking pleasure in all those great restaurants... ;)). Enjoy your weekend!

Those are my favourites also: first, because there is a lot of blue on them; second, because one sees the mountains from the sea, which remembers me of the most extraordinary of such visions, I’ve ever had: the Pico Island in the Azores archipelago, seen from the Faial island...

Not such a success; as they don’t comment, one never knows what they came here for and what they feel about it... ;)). As for the book, there would be too much work to create something acceptable here; much easier with Peter!!

Thanks for your stable support to this blog; you’re one of the permanent reviewers of this blog and the admiration is reciprocal!! The Goynuk gate is an amazing display... ;). Santa Margherita Ligure and Rapallo are two wonderful spots, probably more beautiful than what I’m showing; but what is certainly more beautiful is the fabulous group of the «Cinque Terre»!! I wondered somewhere around when I stayed at Portofino, and can’t ever forget!!!

Welcome here; look forward to seeing you often commenting on Blogtrotter!
The Mediterranean Sea has many other seas inside, but all these pictures are from Antalya and that’s on the south side of the Anatolian Peninsula, thus facing the Mediterranean with no disguise... ;))

To pierce the veil to discover the beauty is the most interesting responsibility of this blog... ;)

That’s great to travel without a visa and a passport... But I tell you, it’s always better to see it live rather than second hand... ;)). Actually, it’s paramount to have some fun on these trips: they’re the only days off in the whole year... ;))

Shooting Star,
That beach was an amazing spot; still mostly in the shade in the morning, I think it would be burning hot in the afternoon... Well, probably not so hot (or at least not so humid...) as some spots in summer in India... ;)

So, we are already two of us loving the sea... ;))

Vu d’une perspective pragmatique, c’est vrai que ça va beaucoup mieux avec des visiteurs à satiété mais sans commentaires à répondre… Même si on trouverait toujours une solution: un mois pour répondre au lieu de dix jours et deux ans de retard dans la publication au lieu d’un seul… ;)). Les photos du travail c’est dur, car il n’y a pas du temps pour les prendre… ;)
Tu sais, je suis né dans une île, alors c’est peut-être à cause de cela que je consacre toujours une attention très importante aux montagnes au bord de la mer… Mais le paysage plus impressionnant dans cette catégorie est, sans doute, la vue de l’île du Pico (Azores) prise de l’île du Faial, juste en face…

Great to see you settled until the next trip… I wonder who is the Trotter here... ;)
Goynuk might be a good trekking spot for you to discover, but maybe you would be better served at the Samaria Gorge in Crete!!! My pleasure to contribute to make distant (media wise speaking...) spots better known for all visitors to this blog!!

How could someone coming from Greece not like the combination of Mountains and Sea? I knew you would love those particular pictures of the Taurus Mountains and the Sea!!

You’re welcome. My pleasure!!

Up to two thousand metres and more in a straight line from the sea, no doubt it would make an impression!!

You love the mountains, I love the sea: fair enough, everybody will be happy at the end of the day... ;)

Trotter said...

Part Three and final, for the time being...

I’m always trying to psyche you up with my pocket sun weather... ;))
It seems however that the grey will also land here in Portugal starting next Monday... :-(. It seems we’ll be sleeping one night at Heathrow airport by the end of the month, but don’t think I’ll have a chance to pay you a beer... ;)). Maybe next time!! ;))

This is what I like: there is always something for all tastes... ;)
I’ll check your blog asap! I’m looking forward to seeing how it develops in Moscow!!!

That’s a top destination for many German tourists Antalya and the Turkish Riviera... ;)

Thanks! It’s reciprocal and always a great pleasure either to read your comments here or to see your fabulous «coloured garden»! I’m impressed with the sensibility you put on everything you write or picture! Thanks also from my turn...

I’m happy to read that you enjoy them all; sometimes I’m not so enthusiastic about my own posts, though all take some time to prepare... ;)

Thanks for the friendship also! Blend of old and new might be the secret for the success of most antique villages and towns...

It depends on the countries you’re visiting; usually you’re not allowed inside unless you’re a Muslim; that’s not the case in Turkey where you’re always allowed inside except during prayer time (and sometimes they even let you stay inside during prayer time)...

Great to read you back here! And thanks for the comment and kindness!

The beach looked wonderful in the morning, but I’m afraid it would be too hot in the afternoon!!

Great to see you back!! Where are you now: Romania or Austria? Anyhow, quite a short flight either way... ;)

But it could be even better... ;)

That’s the concern of a grand-mother... ;)). But I’m sure there would be a protection to prevent children’s accidents... Did you see what happened yesterday in Australia with the baby that felt under the train and survived? Absolutely miraculous!!

Light and Voices said...

I enjoyed your cyber tour of Antalya very much.

Trotter said...

You're welcome! That was also made for you!!

Emery Roth said...

That's just about as grand as mountains come. Magnificent!

Trotter said...

Taurus are absolutely impressive!!