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Hierapolis, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was an ancient city on top of the Pamukkale hot springs, located in the south western part of the Turkish Anatolian Peninsula, near Denizli.

"SUNRISE - Sometimes one needs to wake up early, and that means a chance to catch a great sunrise picture!"

"TAURUS - Early morning the Taurus Mountains seem to be on fire"

"KORKUTELI - A bus trip from Antalya's Palmiye to Hierapolis/Pammukale takes some four hours to cover the 260km, with a technical stop. On the way we crossed Korkuteli, a place where it seems that Antalya's middle-classes are building holiday homes to escape the summer heat on the coast. Not easy to find the beauty of such place..."

"ARID MOUNTAINS - Some noticed that my previous posts were either too green or too blue, compared to the arid zones they've seen in Turkey. This post will show that we've also seen the arid side of the country!"

"DENIZLI, a city of some 300,000 people, has a name that means «with the sea». However, that is exactly what you won't see here. Sometimes, however, there is some green around..."

"HIERAPOLIS was founded as a thermal spa early in the second century BC and given by the Romans to Eumenes II, King of Pergamon in 190 BC"


"RUINS - Hierapolis' main street, about 1500 m long, 13.5 m wide and bordered on both sides by an arcade, ran from north to south"

"BURNING - We visited Hierapolis around 1.30p.m. The temperature should be just below forty degrees centigrade, and the tourists were definitely burning in the sun..."

"DOMITIAN GATE - Close to the northern city gate, we may see a triumphal arch, flanked by circular towers, with three arches; the gate built by proconsul Frontinius"

"THEATRE - After an earthquake and during the reign of Emperor Vespasianus a new theatre was built, using the remains and the seats of an old one. The auditorium could seat 15,000 and is divided in two by a horizontal corridor. The lower part originally had twenty rows, and the upper part twenty five rows, but only thirty rows altogether have survived. The auditorium is segmented into nine aisles"

"STAGE - The proscenium consisted of two stories with ornately decorated niches off to the sides"



"ANTIQUE POOL - Hierapolis was known as a health centre, in particular during Roman times"

"WAY BACK, with cows"


"MOON - Started with sunrise, finished with the moon rising in the horizon"

Babli was so kind to pass me this lovely award. Thanks Babli!!


Trotter said...

Hi Everybody! Our week at the Turkish Riviera has produced already a green as well as a blue post. This time we’ll stay mainly on the yellow side, though some of you may doubt of the quality of this yellow... ;). You probably will have to enlarge the pictures to catch some of their details. Anyhow, hope you enjoy Hierapolis and have a wonderful Sunday and a subsequent marvellous week!!

diane b said...

Babli is right you have a fabulous blog. Your landscape shots are so well framed and crystal clear. What kind of camera do you have. The ancient ruins must have been very interesting. 40 degrees is a bit warm. The sunrise is lovely.

S-V-H said...

Hi Gil,

thanks for this excellent post again. You HAVE a fabulous blog, I agree too!

It's always big fun to see the part of the world where you are in.


Rhonda Hartis Smith said...

Another beautiful post--I like the yellow. Love the ruins, so much history.

Kcalpesh said...

Absolutely scenic and a MUST VISIT place! Marvelous photos!

Pixellicious Photos

alicesg said...

Very beautiful photo of the sunrise. I dont wake up that early to catch the The city is so huge and so much land. Lovely street scene.

Unknown said...

have to say I have not been to a place as arid as shown in the pics. A very different kind of scenery. great sunrise picture .

april said...

All kinds of everything: beautiful sunsets and landscapes, great ruins etc. Greetings from Cologne,

Thérèse said...

Hierapolis seems less congested than Denizli!...

Ron said...

This was an amazing post. The sunsrise is incredible and that is an amazing theatre.

Mandy said...

Ha! Now that reminds me of the Turkey I saw - more arid and less green!

Olivier said...

on se retrouve en plein dans l'histoire, c'est magnifique, surtout le lever de soleil, bravo

lv2scpbk said...

Wonderful photos as usual. I really like the blue shaped dome building. Love the way you captured the theatre. I bet that's just beautiful there.

Anonymous said...

As always Gil, just love your commentary and photos but the first and last one captured my heart. Have a super great week and congratulations on the award. You certainly do deserve it. ~ Lynn

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Striking colours depicting rich culture of both the old and the new! Awesome pictures as always!

Many congratulations on the award! A fabulous blog indeed it is!

lyliane six said...

Chers amis,
Je ne vous oublie pas, mais je suis débordée en ce moment, mon ordinateur débloque et je n'ai pas le temps de m'en occuper.
L'auxiliaire de vie de maman vient de perdre son mari (50 ans) une remplaçante se fait opérer, une autre est en vacances, je n'ai que 3/4 d'heures d'aide par jour pour sa toilette, ne sachant plus se déplacer seule, je suis obligée de rester constamment à côté d'elle. Quand elle dort je viens vous visiter des fois, mais ne peux laisser de message.
En plus j'ai mon petit chat Tirou qui est très malade et j'essaie de le sauver en le soignant aussi à domicile.
Je pense à vous et à bientôt j'espère.

eye in the sky said...

some of these vistas look so barren, yet beautiful....

Tinsie said...

Great photos - the sunrise colours are amazing!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Gil, your first photo was spectacular! What amazing colors from the sun!

I enjoyed seeing all these ancient Roman ruins. So fascinating!

Bhushavali said...

Great place. Loving that step-well construction.. :)
My Travelogue, Savoir-Faire

hpy said...

Chaque jour qui va nous pouvons nous lever plus tard, même si nous voulons voir le lever du soleil. Au moins jusque la fin de l'année.

Venksh said...

hey Gil,

Nice start with a Sunrise n end with Moon rising up...

The heater was amazing and the architecture is simply superb...


Seda said...

You have been to Turkey again? You and four family are inspritation to me, wandering around the world...
with lots of love,

Mariposa said...

Turkey looks like a wonderful place to visit

Ms.N said...

hey GMG - great photos! For some reason i love the photo of the cars with the green mountain backdrop. hopefully, i'll get to see it firsthand soon enough!

99 said...

Hi Gil, yellow is great too!
Do you like ostriches? Check my Blog Action Day 2009 post and see for yourself what´s happening with them in Buenos Aires...

Regina said...

Hello. Such an awesome ancient place! Gorgeous scenes and skies!
Impressive capures. Thank you for sharing.]
Happy weekend.

Urmi said...

Thanks for your lovely comment. Air show was amazing and I have taken more than 100 pictures. I enjoyed a lot seeing the various flights.
I heard about Turkey that it is one of the wonderful place to visit and after seeing the beautiful and gorgeous photos taken by you it has become must to visit. I liked all the pictures specially the first one. You are a very good photographer. I like each and every post of yours as they are amazing and I feel like visiting all the places.

Gattina said...

I loved this part of Turkey very much when I did a roundtrip through the south 2 years ago ! It's nice to see it again !

raccoonlover1963/Lisa Myers said...

What breathtaking scenery! Sorry I've been away so long. Been spending most of my online time on Facebook.
Take care

magiceye said...

thank you for the fabulous tour of HIERAPOLIS

RuneE said...

Literally momentous, and more in a way more Greek and Roman than Turkish.

Anonymous said...

I want to visit here and see the sunrise here.


[G@ttoGiallo] said...

For once you don't find me in my Paris/Griset fief !
I'm spending a forthnight in Nice and Sanremo where I've experienced my best "bavette alle vongole", hey, I mean homemade. I'm still under shock (and you still turn me crazy with your trips.

yyam said...

Wow! Some awesome pictures! I love the sunrise and the picture of those grazing cows! Have a great weekend!

Pietro Brosio said...

Hello Gil!
Another very interesting trip in this post. The sunrise picture is really amazing, I enjoy all the wonderful images, the views of Hierapolis are splendid.
As you have seen, I've created an award for all the friends who follow of my blog: if you like, you can take it, I'll be very glad, your site is so beautiful!
Have a great Sunday!

Galaxy6139 said...

I like the sun rising picture and the mountains look so awesome ^^

Nice sharing...

PS. Thanks for your nice words in my blog

Chuckeroon said...

Hmmm, lots of rather old shopping streets and ancient urbs here. So...the world hasn't changed in 2,000 yrs. Even the quality of this batch of photos looks like "old" technology ;-).

I'm struggling to put together a second photo-book. Lots of flesh and some bones but no constructed skeleton yet. Hence my temporary withdrawal from the "daily". Greetings to you and Mrs T as usual.

Nikon said...

Amazing photos, Gil - the colors are really outstanding!
You'll be working for National Geographic soon :-)

Jen Laceda | Milk Guides said...

That sunset photo got me, although everything else is amazing!

Light and Voices said...

Oh my goodness, what a sunrise/sunset shot! Like always I so enjoy seeing your travel images like the theatre, the cows, the portal plus misc.

Cergie said...

Se lever tôt permet aussi de ne pas perdre une miette d'une belle journée de vacances où comme chacun sait il est intérressant d'être plus actif que lors des journées de travail car les vacances ne durent pas

Cergie said...

(Sauf pour toi qui est, comme le montre ce blog, toujours en vacances et en dehors de chez toi)

JO said...


Trotter said...

Hi Folks! Visitors are the main reason for this blog to keep running, sometimes in very hard conditions. It is, however, in particular your comments that give the needed feedback to improve it. Unfortunately my technical capabilities as far as Blogger tools are concerned are limited and I don’t manage to make this blog as attractive as I would love to. Furthermore, time is at a premium, so for the time being no chance to make improvements here... You’ll have to take it as plain as it is. Maybe it will get better one day, when I retire... ;)). Anyhow, thanks a lot for being dedicated blogger friends!!

Most of the landscape pictures were taken from inside a running bus, so it’s more luck than expertise if they come out well! ;). It was almost unbearable warm; I had the same feeling I experienced when walking at noon in Las Vegas many years ago... As for the camera, I’m using a Canon G9 Powershot since it was released in late summer 2007! Probably time to start thinking on the Canon G11 or on some new Lumix... ;))

You’re a dear!! I’m happy that you like to see where I was... Actually these posts are always at least one year late and I see no way to make substantial improvements on the delay... ;)

Yellow is not my favourite; actually I think there is some value on the Portuguese saying «what would be of the yellow if there was no bad taste? »... ;) But I’m glad you enjoyed the post...

Must see I wouldn’t say for this one, but as you’ll see in the next post, it’s so close to another spot that it’s truly a must see; so you may combine both and take the pleasure of visiting also the ruins... ;)

Alice SG,
You’re not the only one who usually doesn’t see the sun rising; but this time we had to be out early as the journey was long... ;)). And lucky enough, the early morning shot came out nicely...
There is plenty of land around, but that particular city is far from being huge... ;))

One thing that is absolutely true is that there is no comparison possible between the incredible arid mountains of the Anatolian Peninsula and the hot and humid parks of the Singaporean Islands... ;))

You know, there is a little bit of everything, except something you have quite close at home: a decent Kölsch... ;))

Nowadays, I’m sure it looks so; but imagine how it was in the third century AD when the town grew to 100,000 inhabitants and became wealthy, with everybody going to enjoy the spa... ;)

The Romans left incredible theatres in most of the places where they have been; this one is in a particular good condition!! The sunrise picture came out fortunately well... ;))

It seems you only saw a part of it... Where have you been? ;)). But it’s true that if you leave the coast, the panorama changes and looks much like the one shown here than what we have seen in previous posts...

C’est le grand avantage des ruines grecques et romaines : on est toujours au vrai cœur de l’histoire… ;) Le lever du soleil a été pris malgré lui et est sorti mieux que je ne l’attendais… ;))

The dome shaped building is a mosque I saw while travelling through Korkuteli; the theatre is stunning, but being there under the sun at 01:00 p.m. was far from being beautiful... ;)

Glad that you enjoyed the post and the pictures; that rising sun is always a show on itself... ;)). As for the award it’s much greater the generosity of the one who gives than the expertise of the one who receives; at least in this particular case - «in casu» as the Romans would say... ;))

Much richer the old culture than the new, I would say about this particular situation... As for the pictures, there are better ones, but these show a place worth to be seen... That’s the big difference as I see it between a photographer and myself: the photographer shows pictures worth to be seen; my posts show pictures of places worth to see... ;)

Trotter said...

Replies: Part Two!

J’espère que ça va mieux maintenant, mais il semble que ta vie est encore plus compliquée que la mienne… Garde ton espoir, c’est la dernière chose à perdre… ;))

I’m not so sure that the plains are that barren; but the mountains certainly look quite arid and unproductive...

I suspect you aren’t also a sunrise viewer... ;)) Well sometimes we have to wake up early, and then it’s better to profit from the opportunity to make something different from the daily routine... ;))

It seems the sunrise shot got full agreement here; but it was taken just because that day we were forced to be out so early... ;))
Romans left an incredible array of ruins everywhere they’ve been, but in Turkey you may find some of the best preserved...

If you mean the theatre, it’s truly a stunning construction; but we may say that all Roman cities, at least the more important ones, had a theatre for people to enjoy the old plays... ;)

Interesting that you always have an eye for the way the architecture is shown... ;)
From sunrise to sunset in ruin land, that’s what this travelogue shows... ;)

Wow! You can’t imagine how happy I am to see you back in the blogosphere; we were definitely missing your posts and your comments!!
We had been to Turkey last year and also this year and there are plans for another journey there, at least to see Cappadocia... ;)

If you believe in my pictures, you’ll probably find that all places I’ve been to are worth visiting... ;))

You look like an urban girl, no wonder your attention was drawn to the cars running in the main road of Denizli... ;)). Hope you manage to see this and much more lovely places firsthand rather sooner than later... ;)

I’m not so fond of yellow, but once in a while it passes... ;))
I’ve seen the ostriches; amazing!!

That’s very kind of you! Better the comment than the commented, I believe... ;)). Truly thanks!

I must confess that I always fear a little bit the air shows, as sometimes there is a tragedy waiting to happen; but your pictures were truly stunning!!
I’m happy that you like the pictures, but as for being a good photographer, that’s your kind eyes seeing it better than it actually is... ;))

So, here we have a true wanderer who has already been in most places where I’m going to... Great to read that my post brought back good memories to you; Turkey is definitely an amazing country to visit!!

Glad to see you back! You could spare sometime from Facebook to pay some attention to your Blogger friends... ;)). Take care too!!

You’re welcome! My pleasure to show...

You know, Turkey has nowadays some of the best preserved Greek and Roman ruins sites in Europe and it’s a truly amazing experience to visit them... Sometimes even better in Greece or in Rome... ;)

Quite easy, just start packing... ;)). OK, I know it isn’t that easy; I’m always looking forward to travelling to New York and all in all I’m still around here and not there... ;))

Lucky guy!! Actually you’re always lucky: either in Paris or at the Côte d’Azur... ;)). Beware however; don’t have too much spaghetti... ;)). What’s the address for that «bavette»?

The sunrise makes the unanimity, but the pictures of the cows, taken from inside a fast running bus, is an amazing shot, I think. But you were the first (and only up to now...) to mention it...

Glad to welcome you to the sunrise lovers’ club!! Hierapolis is quite well preserved; the only problem was the heat: not recommended to be visited in summer by 1:00 p.m. ;)
Thanks for your award; it’s a wonderful one and I’m honoured you allow me to use it on my blog!! Thanks a lot!!

Those Taurus Mountains were likely on fire in the early morning...
It’s my pleasure to visit and comment on your blog. And amazingly, I’m always learning when I land there...

Trotter said...

Part Three and Final (for the time being...)!

Antiques in everything on this post, including the technology... ;))
Look forward to seeing your second book; but we miss you at the daily, though I can’t «surf» every day... ;))

That’s too kind of you, but at this point in life I would prefer to work only for myself... ;)). That yellow colour is far from being my favourite... ;)

Sunset or sunrise? This time I was awaken in the early morning... ;))

Sunrise! Glad to read you back here! And happy that you keep enjoying the trips shown!

Cette idée de se lever tôt les vacances dénote une certaine tendance pour ne rien faire quand on n’est pas en vacances… ;)).
Ce n’est pas vrai que je sois toujours en vacances; le secret est de prendre plus de mille photos la semaine qu’on est dehors… ;))

So, we are already two loving that picture!!

Emery Roth said...

The hills, green, orange, and otherwise all look temptingly delicious. Lovely photographs.

Trotter said...

Some would say they look rather arid, but for photography purposes, it worked quite well!