Sunday, November 15, 2009



Frank Gehry's Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao is an outstanding building and an excellent museum. So, there is always a good reason to get there again and again...

"PUPPY - Jeff Koons' West Highland White Terrier..."

"GUGGEN - From the green..."

"GUGGEN - From the Pedro Arrupe pedestrian bridge, with the Gran Domine Hotel at the far right"

"GUGGEN - From the other side of the River Nervion"

"MAMAN - The giant spider by Louise Bourgeois"



"INSIDE RICHARD SERRA - Not like «Being John Malkovich»..."

"TULIPS by Jeff Koons"




Trotter said...

Hi Everybody! Blogtrotter is back to the Guggenheim Bilbao!! I can understand some criticism on Gehry’s views, but it’s hard to escape the magic of the Guggen!! Enjoy, beware of the A-flu and have an excellent week!!

SusuPetal said...

I think this is a marvelous place, at least in photos. The spider is cool!

MedaM said...

This museum is really amazing and so attractive place worth to be seen in private. Its modern architectural style and the collection are really impressive. All your photos are fantastic and speak more than I can say. I like your reflection photo; great idea as well as the effect.

Olivier said...

c'est magnifique, cela fait rever. j'adore et cela me fait beaucoup penser a certain endroit de NYC

Tinsie said...

What an amazing museum! Thanks for the repeat visit.

Does the spider live there? We had it in London too for a while (or maybe it was one of its sisters) and I've seen it in Paris too.

Rhonda Hartis Smith said...

Very interesting looking building and the spider. . .

Oman said...

awesome. so much art in the place from the topiary to the metal pieces. thanks again for the wonderful ride.

diane b said...

Ah brings back memories. Lovely is hard to photo as its so big. I loved the steel structures inside.

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Brilliant!! Marvelous pictures! This place seems very interesting!
The spider made me feel the creeps though ;)

alicesg said...

Wow amazing and magnificient museum. Everything in here looked so huge and gigantic. I heard they going to have this musuem in Singapore at the Intergrated Resort in Marina. So looking forward to it. :)

Kcalpesh said...

A wonderful display of advanced technology!? Nice captures~

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Leena said...

Don`t ever think, that I have forgotten you and your marvelous posts :)
This building is unbelievable, thanks for those many phtos from different sites of building.
It could be wonderful to see it and inside too, of course, in person.
Now we have 6 lovely grandchildren, so, my time is very limited here in blogosphere, but so very enjoyable :)
Nice new journeys to you and your wife!

Thérèse said...

Great elements!
Looking at the spider I immediately thought about the ones at the Rockefeller building in NY City, I checked and it is the same Louise Bourgeois.

Ron said...

Great post, neat looking museum. Really like the "Reflections" pic.

Light and Voices said...


Daniel Chérouvrier said...

Oui toujours aussi remarquable.
La dernière photo de couple donne à réfléchir, bravo.

Anonymous said...

It is extremely interesting for me to read that article. Thank you for it. I like such topics and everything connected to them. I definitely want to read a bit more on that blog soon.

Shionge said...

So interesting, giant display of art piece everywhere - so amazing!!! Spidey is definitely cool and the tuplip wow, wish I can have one stalk of that to display at my house ehheeheh...

Have fun :D

Bhushavali said...

Loving that giant spider...

Poetry in Stones Part TWO at My Travelogue
My Travelogue, Savoir-Faire

Anonymous said...

Ya' know...I tried to grow just a little topiary like that dog once...very unsuccessfully. How does someone grow one that big? And I loved the tulips....the spider...not so much. :)

Nisha said...

I agree with you.
Unusual shape & amazing building. Liked that giant spider very much.

juka14 said...

The building is really beautiful shaped. Great spider also! A super places to visit.

april said...

Wow-wow-wow: the spider, the green dog, the tulips and best of all: the reflections of you and your wife.

Lori said...

The architecture is simply amazing. That's another place I've got to put on my "must-see" list! It's good we got to see you in one of the shots too!

yyam said...

Magnificent shots! Awesome the curves...:)
Thanks for sharing!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

What a fabulous building Gil! It is art in itself. The Guggen certainly looks like a wonderful museum to explore.

Pietro Brosio said...

Hello Gil! There are no words to express my interest for this amazing post! Your fine images have great perspectives, the art works are beautiful, the building is thrilling. I'd like to spend some hours or even a full weekend at the Guggen. Moreover, in all modesty I think my "improvisations" would be all right there! :-)
Thanks for sharing, have an excellent week!

hpy said...

The white terrier has just turned green. Are you sure it wasn't black in another life?

Neelima Vallangi said...

What an interesting architecture!
And totally loved the tulips and the spider.

S-V-H said...

I liked the Tulips the best and the last one with both of you in the reflections, very creative!

Thanks for your comments on my blog, Gil!

Sue's Daily Photography

Marja said...

A truly remarkable building I so love the tulips

Lara said...

not anymore, here I am :), with a piece of virtual Apfelkuchen for you too, as thank you for the wonderful trip I took on your blog today!

Anonymous said...

so beautiful photos. wonderful colors too

Lakshmi said...

Good to see some contemporary architecture as well on yr blog

Anonymous said...

Wonderful reflections. ;-) I'd love to visit this museum one day. I love Puppy. ;-)


Anonymous said...

oh WoW....wonderful architecture from the place...lovely!

rochambeau said...

Wow the Guggen! How fantastic and wonderful ~ unbelievable!! Thank you and Mrs Trotter for the tour and for giving me windows on the world!


[G@ttoGiallo] said...

Good pics GMG, as usual.
The Guggen spider seems to grow higher with the Atlantic breeze than in Paris...

Chuckeroon said...

Hey, hey, Trotter.....I'm back again. (You missed me??? How cld I be so cruel?)

Now, Mrs T looks a little bit worried inside that "work of art" and you've obviously "lost" eachother around the glass reflections. What fun!!

leo said...

Hi Gil, sorry for the long disappearance (wasnt intentional) BUT i did back track to make sure I didnt miss anything. I enjoyed ur Santa's Homeland esp on the
hiStory that come with it. The water colors of the seas in sea symphony was totally awesome! And this museum .. the building is so cool! Lucky you. Me envy. ^_^ Dont think u would miss me ;) bcos unlike me u have so many ppl dropping by. But that was sweet of u. TQuu. Hv a great week.

Nikon said...

Sorry to have been a stranger, Gil.
This is a very artistic series of shots - very nice job!

Venksh said...

Hello Gil,
Everything is giant in this post those giant tulips are superb...
But the reflection pic seriously rocks the way ur wife seated n ur reflection with the splendid pose awesome...


Bindhu Unny said...

Unusual designs! both inside and outside. :)

Mark H said...

Aaaahhhh, the famous puppy. It does look spectacular.

Urmi said...

Extremely beautiful and mind-blowing photos. I feel like going on seeing the photo again and again. Your blog is superb.

PeterParis said...

Wonderful modern art!
We had a Spider by Louise Bourgeois also in the Tuileries Gardens; it's gone! :-(
Richard Serra's work is perfect for Guggenheim, but many of us thought (and so did I) that it was cery unlucky to put his "Clara Clara" in the entrance of the Tuileries Gardens, it obstructed the famous axe Louvre, Arch of Triumph etc... It's now gone, to where I don't know.

Trotter said...

Hi Folks! People have been reluctant to comment here lately. It may be the fact that we are back to Bilbao, which has already been object of some posts in March/April 2008... But I believe it’s unfair, as the city deserves a great deal of attention, taking into consideration the revitalization it has undergone in the last twenty years!! Anyhow, great thanks to the customary visitors as well as to the new ones landing here...

It’s not only in the photos; it’s marvellous over there and there is no doubt about it... ;)). Louise Bourgeois’ spider is a success anywhere it shows. But this one is permanent at the Guggen!

I would say that the building is perhaps, at least for the time being, more impressive than the permanent collection of the museum; Richard Serra’s works included... ;)). That reflection came out surprisingly well and wasn’t at all prepared... ;).

Dis donc: il n’y a rien que ne te fais pas penser à un certain endroit à New York? Laisse; ce n’est que la jalousie qui parle… ;)). C’est vrai que j’aimerais bien faire comme toi-même et partir toute les années pour passer l’Halloween à New York… ;-(

It’s great that you loved the repetition… ;)). It seems that Maman (that’s the name that Louise Bourgeois gave to her creation) has several versions, including the one that has been at the Tate Modern and which is the highest of them all (11 metres). The Spiderwoman (that’s the nickname), now almost 98 years old (Louise was born on December 25, 1911), studied under Léger, before moving to New York in 1938.

The building – The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao - is an icon of modern architecture; loved or hated… ;)

Puppy is a metal structure by Jeff Koon covered with plants and flowers; lately it has been basically greens... My pleasure to take you along to visit the renewed city of Bilbao!!

Glad to bring your memories of Bilbao back!! And you’re certainly right: being immense, it’s hard to catch the whole Guggenheim building without a wide angle... ;)

The place is more than interesting, I can assure you!! And the Maman wasn’t supposed to make anyone feel creeps... ;)

Alice SG;
Everything is immense in Frank Gehry’s Guggenheim; even the works by Richard Serra inside the building... ;)). It’s interesting to hear that the Guggenheim Museum is going to open in Singapore. They have one in New York (the initial one by Frank Lloyd Wright... The Guggenheim Soho closed some years ago...), another museum in Venice and the Guggen in Bilbao. As to the building however, it will depend of the chosen architect...

Display of technology? I’m sure that Frank Gehry used the computer a lot, but inside I’ve only seen the computers to issue the tickets... ;))

I’m so glad to see you commenting here again!! I understand that life of a grandmother isn’t surely a piece of cake, in particular when she has to handle six grandchildren... ;)). I’m just sorry that it didn’t allow you to take time to watch the Sea Symphony post; I’m sure you would love the colours of that sea, considering the fabulous colours you manage to get from the lakes in Finland!!

Definitely, the Spiderwoman created several copies of the Maman!! I think there are still two spiders at the Rockefeller Centre in New York, but I do have to return there to check it... ;))

The museum is great; the post, not so much... ;)) But the reflections picture came out surprisingly well!! ;)

That’s what I think it’s a true expression of happiness; I wouldn’t find anything better... ;))

Ce n’est pas facile de identifier comment la réflexion a été prise, n’est-ce pas ? Réfléchissons donc sur la réflexion… ;))

Cergie said...

Merveilleux musée, une véritable sculpture qui allie les courbes et les droites. Le cadre ne semble pas mal non plus. J'aime bien le revêtement des façades qui me rappelle cette autre oeuvre de Frank Gehry que je surnomme "les immeubles sardines" sur le port à Düsseldorf.

Trotter said...

Replies: Part Two!

Your comment here sounded quite acceptable. However, after this one some other comments from anonymous sources were much nastier and made me think that I probably will have to return to the word verification procedure or to the non-acceptance of anonymous comments... Actually, one of the most annoying things (if not the most annoying) in blogosphere is spam!!

So nice to read you back here!! I see that Louise Bourgeois and Jeff Koons have another fan in Singapore... Glad that you liked the pictures and enjoyed the post! It was made for you to take pleasure in it!!

It seems that the Spiderwoman has a lot of followers all over the world!! Great job did Louise Bourgeois! I’ll check that Poetry in Stones as soon as possible! Hopefully!!

It’s surely not an easy task... But Jeff Koons’ Puppy is a fake topiary; actually there is a metal structure below the plants’ cover, which seems to be regularly renewed with season vegetation and flowers... ;)). At least there are pictures with complete different colours (have a look at Wikipedia) and I’ve seen people working on Puppy both Mondays I spent in Bilbao in the last years. That’s the day when the Guggenheim Museum is closed... ;)).
So, definitely you’re pro Jeff and not so much for Louise... ;))

Loved to read you here and agreeing with me!! ;)). Gehry’s building doesn’t let anyone indifferent: either love or hate!!

Bilbao isn’t Barcelona! But the Guggenheim made a huge difference and contributed by itself for the renovation of a gloomy town. An amazing case study on how architecture – actually just one building – made a huge change to a town whose main industry was going definitely down...

Thanks! That inclusion of our reflection among the great works of art on display in Bilbao is quite touching... ;). Truly, you’re too nice!!

I see that your must-see list is growing!! Unfortunately mine is already so big that I don’t know how to manage it... The same happens with all the books I’ve at home and don’t know if I’ll manage to read... And the movies I would love to see... and... and... Time is definitely short!! ;)

«Love the curves»! I had the image that the Guggenheim was basically in a straight line building, but now that you mentioned I also opened my eyes to the curves... Amazing!!

It’s fabulous outside; interesting inside. But, for the time being, the building itself is, from my point of view, more interesting than the permanent collection, including Richard Serra!!

Thanks for your meticulous comment! A full weekend at the Guggenheim Bilbao is probably a bit excessive, but the city, as we’ll see in the next posts, has some more interesting spots to see (and I’m not mentioning the food you may eat there... ;)). So, a long weekend, saving Monday (when the Museums are closed) to see other places is certainly a good idea!!

It has had several colours!! Here you may see it in another incarnation… And there is also the Gran Domine Hotel on the far right… ;))

Glad that you liked the architecture, the tulips and spider! The spider is permanent; the tulips were there temporarily...

Thanks for including both of us within the works of art... ;) Actually that one came out much better than we could ever anticipate!! ;))
It’s always a great pleasure for me to land on your blog and see your wonderful artistic pictures!!

It seems your taste goes main stream... According to an article I’ve seen, Jeff Koon is the most expensive living artist at auction... ;))

It was a long time out of here; we were definitely missing you and you’re always welcome... Of course, the Apfelkuchen also made a tremendous difference, though virtual... ;)).

Trotter said...

Part Three: Thanks!!

The main colour of the Guggen and of this post is basic grey platinum; nothing exceptional, I would say... but if you refer to the tulips, then all the credits go to Jeff Koon!!

Great to read you back here finally!! It seems you have been too busy travelling in India!! I would love to get back there, but time is at a premium now here in Lisbon... Anyhow, one day I’ll surely return to Rajasthan. At least to Rajasthan!! ;)). Now, to your comment: I feel that contemporary architecture isn’t that absent from my blog... ;))

Reflections are on the top! ;) But you’re much luckier: Jeff Koons lives in New York and some of his works were on display at the roof of the Metropolitan Museum in 2008!! Not Puppy, however... We have to keep something closer to us... ;))

Wonderful it is!!

My pleasure dear!! Glad that you enjoyed seeing the Guggen through my lens!! It’s an awesome building!!
Happy Thanksgiving!!

Probably the Spiderwoman made this one higher than the one in Paris... As far as I know, the highest (11 metres) was one in display once in London. Don’t know where it is nowadays!!

You’re educating yourself in the Divine Marquis practices? ;)) Cruelty is bad, bad... like Mr. Jackson... ;))
Now confess, the reflections came out quite well!! And you should read the apprehensions written on the guides with regard to entering Serra’s works... Amazing, to say the least... ;))

Lovely to see you back and also happy to see in your blog that you’ve have been travelling a lot... That Santa’s Homeland seems to have been posted ages ago; time flies... ;). I was sure you would love that Sea Symphony colours: absolutely fantastic, I think!! And to finish in glory, let me say that I truly missed you here: quality matters!!!

Great to have you back! I’ve also been a bit irregular on the blogosphere; time is at a premium here... ;))

Jeff Koons seems to have a trend towards giant sculptures... ;) But they’re absolutely charming I think! Thanks for the compliment on the reflections; it came out much better than anticipated... ;)

Quite bizarre outside and amazingly unusual inside, in particular the works by Richard Serra!!

More than famous!! ;)). I would love to see Puppy when it is covered with different flower colours...

Thank you my dedicated visitor!! It’s reciprocal, even if I don’t find so lovely words to comment on your wonderful posts!!

It seems that the Spiderwoman (Louise Bourgeois, now almost 98...) made several copies of «Maman». I wonder where is the one at the Tuilleries gone... But I fully agree with you on the wall by Serra; it doesn’t make any sense to block the excellent axe Louvre-Concorde-Etoile...

À mon avis, pour être vraiment merveilleux, il faut améliorer la collection permanente du musée; le bâtiment est fantastique, mais, pour le moment, l’extérieur surpasse l’intérieur… Gehry à Düsseldorf est aussi divertissant, je le trouve!!

Jen Laceda | Milk Guides said...

Jeff Koons in Bilbao? LOL.

Trotter said...

I wasn't at the vernissage, but as far as I know he was there, and invited. Not like the Salahi... ;)

More people has seen Koons' works in Bilbao than in New York... ;))