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The Paseo de la Memoria (Memorial Walkway) - a new park (whose construction started in 2002, as part of the urban remodelling of the Abandoibarra area - is a tribute to the industrial past of the city, with lots os sculptures by modern artists. Just imagine this wonderful site with decadent docks, old ships and dirty cranes; that's how we saw it in 1976...

"EUSKALDUNA - The Euskalduna Conference Centre and Concert Hall, opened in February 1999, was built in part of the area that was formerly occupied by the Euskalduna shipyards. It has an auditorium with 2,164 seats"

"EL VIGIA - The Watchman by Eduardo Chillida"

"JUDITH (and the cranes) - A neo-expressionist view of the heroine of Bethulia"

"MAIA by William Tucker - Woman and Earth"

"SITES AND PLACES by Angel Garraza"

"BALLERINA by Dali - See the lion on the top of the white building..."





"AT THE WHEEL - Awaken..."

"OLD STATUE - This 5 metres tall statue was created by Angel Calahorra, and was erected by popular subscription in the mid 1920s"

"DOÑA CASILDA DE ITURRIZA PARK - Constructed between 1912 and 1920, inspired by French parks, it has a magnificent pond. In the 1920s, a roofed gallery was raised surrounding the allegorical monument dedicated to Doña Casilda, sculpted by Agustín Querol. The monument has been moved away, and today the central square is occupied by a Fountain"


"TONETTI, the clown"



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Trotter said...

Hi Folks! Paseo de la Memoria has an astounding display of works of art by contemporary artists! Together with Gehry’s Guggen, Calatrava’s bridge, Foster’s Metro and much more, it is part of the incredible revitalization Bilbao has undergone in the last two decades!! Enjoy and have an excellent week!!

Alexander said...

Beautiful place and the surroundings is so nice and buzzing with activities. Wonderful coverage of the place.

Alex's World! -

eye in the sky said...

they love phallic what a glorios fountain...

Lakshmi said...

so much of change..but I always like old ports..there is so much of life there

Indrani said...

Great shots shared.
Thanks for these Gil!

Bindhu Unny said...

The transformation of the area from 1976 to now is amazing! And of course, beautiful pictures! :)

Dina said...

So much art and newness. But I am most surprised by the street basketball! My first time to see such a thing.

Sahildeki Ev said...

It should be such a big change who knows the past times of this place. It's a lovely place for many to enjoy..

My Unfinished Life said...

a beautiful example of urban redevelopment.....!!

Jo's-D-Eyes said...

hé Gil,
Fantastic to see the glass (refelctions too!) buildings and the sculptures are a kind of "robust" very "male" like & I mean that positive, I also like the clown (the person) and all you are showing here, including yourself , dressed warm. Thanks I enjoyed it.

I am not able to travel , too busy but you blog is making me feel happy , as if I am travelling, through your eyes.Sorry for being absent 4 a while, I was (and still am) having busy times eeh?

Great weekend wishes and Thanks 4 your visit at my blog.:)

JoAnn Holland

Daniel Chérouvrier said...

Belle reconversion de friches industrielles.
Y a t il plus triste qu'une usine désaffectée ?

Oman said...

wow. another great place with interesting arts and structures. thanks for sharing these gmg.

RuneE said...

Bilbao - now for its art and artists. Not a dull moment here.

Rhonda Hartis Smith said...

Loved the sculptures and the street basketball--interesting. . .

Anonymous said...

Hmmm....I just can't get into modern sculpture maybe because I see it as something I could do maybe not. Why is that "antique" sign driving you crazy? Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend.

SusuPetal said...

I just love those pieces of art!

Emery Roth said...

A beautiful post. I'd love to have seen the site before gentrification. Then again, I always love poking my lens around in old industrial neighborhoods. the first to photos are especially impressive. Thanks.

As to my comments on Gehry in a previous post, you caught me on my soap box, but I'll bet you would react similarly had you been there at a time when the reflected sun assaulted you. To my mind Ghry is the most arrogant of modern architects. His shapes are wonderful abstract art, but he cares little for how his monuments fit with the world. To me, that is the first duty of an architect.

End of soap box.

S-V-H said...

The smilebox is great! Can you put more pictures into it?

I loved this post, Gil!

I remember the clown Tonetti, I loved S.Dali's "Ballerina", the sculpture djungle and Judith and the cranes... very nice post!

Ron said...

Very interesting post and works of art. I really like the Old Statue, that is awesome.

Where is this at? Your blog is so amazing.

Thérèse said...

Bilbao has really Art for every taste...

Rakesh Vanamali said...

What a wonderful fusion of the old and the new! Very fresh and truly appealing! Thanks for this treat!

Olivier said...

magnifique toutes cette collection d'art moderne. Et puis le reflet dans L'EUSKALDUNA c'est une vraie oeuvre d'art

Rajesh said...

Lovely snaps of beautiful structures.

juka14 said...

A few weird sculptures... that "Women and Earth" is really strange. Nice idea with the smilebox.

hpy said...

Ca m'a tout l'air d'une réussite.

Urmi said...

Amazing pictures. All the pictures are spectacular and I liked the Conference centre and Dry dock picture the most. Whenever I visit your blog I feel like travelling those beautiful places. Excellent post.

Lori said...

The city must be an art lover's paradise! How cool that you captured the rainbow like that. You were there just at the perfect time. Your photos are just lovely!

rochambeau said...

Hi Trotter and Mrs. T.
Like the sclpture at The Paseo de la Memoria especially!!!
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!


PeterParis said...

In a certain way, it's of course a pity to see the industry disappear, but when the space can be recovered like this...!

Bhavesh Chhatbar said...

I imagined, and was just amazed by the change! How did that do it? I hope my city too receives such remake, very highly needed here. But I believe, the citizens need to be creative and decent enough to support the better change. It's highly lacking here in my city :(

Garden Lizard

bindu said...

Interesting sculptures! Thanks for checking on me while I was away from blogging. Needed a break, but now I hope I'm back. :)

Anonymous said...

wonderful sights, here!

btw, you look like a real captain at the wheel. ;-)


diane b said...

It is amazing what they have done to this old industrial city. It is a model for the rest of the world. Great shots as usual and interesting sculptures. The Woman and Earth looks like my attempt at sculpturing and all fell in a heap.

Light and Voices said...

Your blog is fabulous! Keep on shooting and posting.
Joyce M

Anonymous said...

so unique status. and also a great series

lyliane six said...

Qu'elle drôle de ville! je préfère nettement mieux Lisbonne.
Mon blog me joue des tours tout se mélange.
Maman va surement rentrer à la maison début décembre.
Bises à vous 2.

alicesg said...

Very beautiful sculptures and interesting place to visit. Love the reflection on the panels of the building.

Cergie said...

A la différence de Lyliane, je ne connais pas Lisbonne alors je trouve cette ville, de ce que j'en vois, riante, vallonnée et verdoyante. J'aime le contraste entre les arbres en automne et les cocotiers. Je souris en voyant cette modernité, ces sculptures dans la ville comme d'ordinaire on rencontre les temples de l'antiquité...

[Nous sommes passés au dessus de St Jean de Comostelle à l'aller vers la Guyane et plus haut dans le golfe de Gascogne en en revenant. J'ai pensé à toi à chaque fois...]

Regina said...

Great scenes and shots. Wonderful post. Thank you for sharing GMG.
Just visited, I'm still out of the country.


rochambeau said...

Hope you and Mrs. Trotter had a very nice Thanksgiving!!

Venksh said...

Hello Gil,
MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS is awesome, so u tried ur hands on the wheels also lol... hope u had great Thanksgiving...


Tinsie said...

Nice selection of shots. The red leaf trees look very striking, and I like the railway station building. Good work!

Pietro Brosio said...

Gil, thanks for sharing these wonderful images! I've enjoyed so much this post, as all your very fine and interesting posts.
Have a beautiful day!

Tawnya Shields said...

Hello my friend! Long time no see. It has almost been a year since I have blogged. Stopping by to say hello and get my feet wet again with blogging. Sure missed my visits with you.
Take care,

Trotter said...

Hi Everybody! These last posts have been unenthusiastically visited and, as I’ve already mentioned on my last replies, even more reluctantly commented! So, your comments are truly much appreciated! I would certainly love to show you something new and exquisite, but with the difficulties to get some free time and to stay away for long it’s not an easy task... I can’t even enjoy the December holidays here in Portugal... ;-(

I was wondering why you mentioned that the site was «buzzing with activities»? Then I realized you were probably referring to the incredible street basketball games... It was a bit surprising to see all those guys on the street in a rather sunny weekend morning... ;))

Talking about phallic symbols, you should see João Cutileiro’s monument to the April 25th revolution in Lisbon. Then, you would realize that Bilbao still has a lot to learn... ;))

In old ports, it depends whether they are old and dead or old and alive… In Bilbao, the port was slowly dying in the seventies… ;)). Anyhow, the renovation is stupendous!!

I’ve seen some great shots on your blog; not so many here... But ok, that’s your kindness at work!!

It was a huge transformation since 1976, but most of my memories of that time have no connection with pictures. Actually, I’m still wondering today why in the sixties and seventies we (at least I...) didn’t take pictures. Was it that memories were for the elder? Or was it just the idea that we would get back to the sites anyway, anytime? Anyhow, Heraclitus of Ephesus had already spoken twenty five centuries ago... ;))

It’s true that such a basketball show isn’t common, but I’ve seen once something similar near Wall Street in New York... However, it seems that in Bilbao it happens much more often at weekends...

The past times of Bilbao seem to have been quite successful, at least in financial terms. At least they were rich enough to create an important financial institution: the Bilbao Vizcaya Bank nowadays renamed Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria, after the takeover of the Argentaria...

You’re quite right; Bilbao is an excellent example of urban redevelopment; and everything started with a new building... but what a building: Frank Gehry’s Guggenheim!! ;))

Thanks for your torrent of words, including the nice compliment to myself... I’m always impressed with the strength of your comments my dear!! But I don’t think that the choice of art works for the Memorial Walkway in Bilbao is «male» uneven... ;)). I’m sorry to see that you’re too busy now to surf the Net, but better days will come for us to enjoy your company! Take your time and keep commenting for our delight!!

C’est une belle idée, même si le contenu nous renvoie à une démoralisation: usine désaffectée, on doit tout de suite la changer!! Par exemple, la nouvelle vie qu’on a donnée aux magasins du Port de Lisbonne désaffectés a été vraiment surprenante et le résultat magnifique: bars, restaurants… ;))

The place is the same of the last posts… unfortunately! This means that my horizons are getting a bit limited as far as travelling is concerned... ;)). But it is true the arts are quite interesting. At least I like most of them, though there were not many comments on the details of each one...

Truly not dull!! Furthermore my pocket sun worked in a city that is known for its grey skies... ;))

Great that you loved the sculptures, but I was counting on your eye to make a comment on the temporary exhibitions at the Fine Arts Museum: Goya, Gauguin, Sorolla and Peter Blake - the author of the famous cover design for the Beatles album «Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band» in 1967 – isn’t something to let drop without reference… ;))

Trotter said...

Replies, Part Two, Blogger oblige...

Imagine me doing Juan Miró!! So easy isn’t it? But nobody acknowledges the merits and I don’t get rewarded… ;)). That’s what happens with the idea that anybody would be able to do «modern art», be it paintings or sculptures… ;))
Antique drives me crazy because it remembers me that people on this age can’t get hit by a car without being named sexagenarian in the press… Terrible destiny!! ;))

I knew you would be on my side!! Lovely to share those sculptures with sensitive personalities!!

I tell you that the memories of my impressions of the site some thirty years ago aren’t specially interesting, except for something that stroke me: the huge amount of young mothers strolling with their babies in the Doña Casilda de Iturriza Park with a terrible view to old corroded ships... ;)
Loved to read your soap box! Now that you tell me, I’m thinking that most architects are probably arrogant, but that’s what makes the difference; you’re only stricken if it hits you... ;)) «End of contradictory»!!

Great to see someone who read my subtitles!! I was always wondering how Ming managed to get read when he was always asking questions on his blog; that was perhaps because he was posting only one picture at the time... But here you managed to check the question on smile box and you answered it... Amazing!!
There are lots of possibilities on Smile Box and you may include much more pictures on some of the features!!
Loved to see that you remembered Jose Villa del Rio, aka Tonetti of the Tonetti Brothers...

That’s in Bilbao, Basque Country, North-eastern Spain! The Old statue is the only old in the collection... ;)

And truly just around the corner for you to enjoy, which is the most surprising feature of the city!!

My pleasure! Sometimes it’s much easier to find beauty than we would anticipate: just need to open the eyes and «see»! The problem is that most of the time eyes are wide open but don’t «see»!! Anyhow, Bilbao also helps a lot in finding exquisiteness around!!

Merci d’avoir mentionné le reflet dans les vitres du Centre Eskalduna! Il me semble que ça a sorti vraiment bien!! Et la collection d’art dans le Paseo est magnifique!!

The beauty of the structures, at least some (see Ted’s comment), is questionable, but the loveliness of the shots is guaranteed... ;))

I agree that some of the sculptures are quite odd; in particular that Maia by William Tucker...
Thanks for answering the query on Smilebox; I thought it would be boring having to play it, furthermore having to deal with the fact that it doesn’t show the pictures in its entirety...

Beaucoup plus réussi que la plupart des renouvellements traditionnelles de quelques villes européennes!!

I truly adore seeing the way visitors to this blog react to the stimulus given by the photos! For instance, the Eskalduna Centre seemed to be an obvious motif for comment, as it was the first photo and the reflection on the windows would draw the attention; but the dry dock? I just included it as an informative tool on how the Maritime Museum was like, never expected the dry dock to be named spectacular any way!!! ;))

It’s becoming an open air art centre as well and that gives support to the city budget with more and more tourists having good reasons to come to Bilbao; something that wouldn’t be even thinkable before Gehry created the Guggenheim building!!

The Memorial Walkway was a great idea for the re-birth of Bilbao; and the works of art on display there are (depending of course on each one’s tastes...) truly interesting!
Thanksgiving Day isn’t celebrated neither in Portugal nor in most of the European countries; so the turkey will have to wait till Christmas; lucky animal... ;))

Trotter said...

Part Three and final, for the time being!!

They moved the port closer to the sea, which was a great idea and it seems that the industry also recovered... The Memorial Walkway is, with the help of the Guggenheim Museum, an excellent example of outstanding urban redevelopment!!

Thanks for your visit and first time comment here! Hope to read you often in the future here and at your blog!!
Hope that your city – Pune - gets its remake, and hopefully before I can make a trip there... ;)). But you’re right: «citizens need to be creative and decent enough to support the better change»!!

My pleasure to check your blog and truly happy to see you back posting and commenting!! Hope your break was rejuvenating and I look forward to seeing some excellent posts in the near future!

And I was Awaken at the Wheel... Not «Asleep at the Wheel» like the «Nine-Time Grammy Winning Kings of Texas Swing»... A private joke for Texas Swing insiders... ;))

I can imagine that you also enjoyed it a lot visiting Bilbao; it’s a remarkable renewal success!! As for Tucker’s Maia, I’m not sure that your attempts in sculpture wouldn’t come out with something more recognizable as an object of art... ;))

I will (or at least I’ll try to...), as long as I find some time available to travel around... ;))


J’aime bien que tu préfères Lisbonne, mais un peut d’art dans les rues ça nous donne envie de nous promener et ça nous rempli le cœur… ;)
C’est vrai qu’il y a quelque chose qui se mélange dans ton blog; mais les photos et le texte sont toujours excellents! Et le condor que tu as attrapé est vraiment fascinant!! J’espère que ça ira mieux avec ta maman!!

Alice SG,
Definitely start packing!! The Eskalduna Centre windows make a fabulous angle for taking pictures!! But no one mentioned the poor lion on the top of the Art Deco building!! ;-(

Lisbonne est belle, magnifique et les gens sont imbattables!! ;) Mais tu as raison en ce qui concerne Bilbao: «riante, vallonnée et verdoyante»!! En plus tu m’attires toujours l’attention pour des détails insoupçonnés: le contraste entre les palmiers et les arbres (c’est vrai qu’un palmier n’est pas un arbre; c’est un monocotylédone…)!!
J’aimerais bien aller à La Guyane, même si je ne passerais pas par St. Jacques de Compostelle dans la route de l’avion… ;) Dis donc, tu as aimé la Guyane? Vaut le voyage?

What a long trip you’re making!! Look forward to seeing you back posting and commenting!!

Great eye to check the Museum of Fine Arts!! And of course one had to put the hands on the wheel... ;)). No Thanksgiving here; turkey will have to wait for Christmas time... ;))

That riverfront with the red leaves was superb!! It made me think that I should make Fall in New England one of these days... The station is truly amazing, isn’t it?

Thanks! You’re too kind, as always!!

WOW!! So great to see you back posting and commenting after almost one here; like the saying here in Portugal: «who is alive always end up showing...»!! Hope to see you more often now!!

esperance said...

very happy to discover this blog as I am President of a worldwide traveller association
So much countries discovered very nice

I will come back

have a nice evening

Trotter said...

Thanks for your visit and first time comment here. President of a worldwide traveller association; I'm honoured!! Look forward to seeing you commenting back at Blogtrotter asap!!

Mariposa said...

oh my what a treat to the eyes! I love the pictures. thank you for sharing! i seriously got to start saving to visit Bilbao!

Trotter said...

Start packing!! ;)

indicaspecies said...

Thank you for sharing these works of art. Your photos are a treat to the eyes.

Trotter said...

My pleasure! I'm very glad to see that you enjoyed it!!

A Lady's Life said...

so much life from the past and the present. I guess just walking in a place like that keeps you in awe.

Trotter said...

So glad to read you back! A great present, indeed...

MaletasyViajes said...
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GMG said...

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