Friday, October 28, 2005



"The beach at Mondello was definitely not the main purpose of the visit"

"But the view from the restaurant was magnificent..."


"If around, enter the Cathedral. To use the Michelin notation, it's just interesting"

"Normanni Palace"

"Capela Palatina at the Normanni Palace - a must"

"Jazz/Segmented Porta Nuova"

"Drive up the hill to Monreale - It's worth the trip!"

"Monreale - Get inside the Duomo to see some fabulous mosaics"

"Monreale - Sunset was perfect"

"View of Palermo from Monreale"

"Not an easy landing spot"

"Teatro Massimo after the renovation. A precious jewel!"

"Even better inside"


Lalalalala said...

nice pics heh.. seeing all these pics cheers me up quite a bit.

I'm quite excited about touring Europe around May to June next year.
Any special occasions or events happening ard that time?

Besides the World Cup of cos. =)

Anonymous said...

Hi there!
Next June you'll have, of course, the Soccer World Cup in Germany, from June 9 thru July 9.
But there are many other things to do.
- late May/June, you have Midnight Sun in northern Scandinavia, not to be missed;
- May/June is perfect for visiting Provence, in France;
- You can always fly to Faro, Algarve, and go to some of the best sandy beaches in the world...
- Cannes Film Festival, France, May 11 thru 22. If you can't get into the cinemas, you'll be able to see the Starlettes at the Croisette...
There are lots of music festivals in may/june 2006... Check, for instance,
Towns: From Helsinki to Lisbon to Istanbul you have a lot to see. Consider an InterRail ticket... -
Well Europe, better take 2 years rather than 2 months to see it...

Diana said...

Next June we will also have a huge music festival in Lisbon (Rock in Rio). You shouldn´t miss this!!

Anonymous said...

Mas afinal aqui comenta-se este magnífico BLOG com estas lindas fotos e figurantes espectaculares ou andamos a fazer aconselhamento turístico sem alvará? Ai ai ai!!!

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Now this was one of my fave places that I have been... we spent 3 days in Rome... Vatican etc etc then took the train to Naples where we got picked up and went onto Sorrento... we never got to go in the Blue Grotto as it was to rough so we sat on the waters edge and relaxed and even took that walk up to see the view near the Monastary... I forget the name - I believe you called it 'Faraglioni'... what a place that was... the views amazing... went to Pompeii... never thought I would get there... then a 9 hour train ride to Sicily... my husband has cousins etc there... we stayed in Catania... Mt Etna was closed as there was to much fog... but what great family memories we have from there... Ciao

Anonymous said...

Fliss & Mike,
Sorrento and Capri are lovely, but it's a pity you didn't manage to get to the Blue Grotto! I've some pics here, including the Grotto and «I Faragloni»...
Train to Sicily must have been interesting... ;)) More of Sicily here

Stella Bella said...

I must check out Monreale!!! :D

GMG said...

You surely must!!