Sunday, November 20, 2005



"WELCOME to Leisure Land"

"WAKE -UP with a very nice view"

"PUTTING - Practice your putting in the nearby green"

"JARDIN DES PAMPLEMOUSSES - See the giant Amazon water lily"

"JARDIN DES PAMPLEMOUSSES - Second version, with the terrific blue of the Gant shirt..."

"PRE-DINNER PARTY - Aperitifs still to come... Could someone try to find where the Swiss people are?"



"With lots of CHAMPAGNE"

"And an After Dinner SHOW"

"ILOT MANGENIE - Enjoy the private island of the Touessrock"

"ST. GERAN - Pamper yourself at the beach; use the flag for service!"

"ST. GERAN - Dinner, remember the site..."

"ST. GERAN - The entrance looks like a cathedral, with a superb view direct into the sea. At night, you have to use your imaginination!"

"THE ONE & ONLY TOUESSROK - After dinner"


Anonymous said...

The beauty of Mauritius is here! The fun and good life, even luxury are also very well pictured! Only the heavy rain is missing... I still remember... But the very best was the view from our room in Club Med! Extra!

Anonymous said...

Really nice pictures you got here! Stumbled upon your blog from a fellow singaporean's blog. Travelling is something I like a lot too! That's why I'm now in stockholm on exchange and hope to take the trans siberian from moscow into China! Have u tried that and any advice if so? - Han

Anonymous said...

Hi Han, thanks for the comment.
It seems that there is a large group of Singaporean students on exchange in Scandinavia. Probably winter is not the best season there, though there might be also some attractions. Anyhow, I think you are lucky to be in Stockholm, a beautiful town, anytime…
As far as Trans Siberian is concerned, I’ve never tried it. Actually the world is not that small... The first time I thought about taking the train, almost thirty years ago when I travelled in USSR – I’ll post some photos from that trip on the Blogtrotter Revival, 70’s in the near future - it was not an easy task to make it as an independent traveller. Later, I’ve heard that it was in bad shape, and I gave up the idea. Now it seems to be an acceptable risk, and is back on my agenda. I found some tips on
Take care and enjoy your time in Stockholm, as well as your travelling!

ÅnGe|e said...

Hi there,

So you've been to Mauritius. Hahaha. No wonder the pictures on my blog seemed so familiar to you ;) I've been browsing through your various posts and it seems that you've been traveling to so many many places. Lucky you!

Trotter said...

Had some great time in Mauritius, even if there was some rain on the East side (St. Geran/Touessrock). But the hotels are fabulous!!
Take your time and enjoy the posts. And comment, if you feel in the mood... ;)