Tuesday, November 08, 2005



"Mandarin Oriental - Treat yourself"

"Stroll in the park, with water"

"Still Life, with buildings"

"Still Life - TV Tower"

"Petronas Towers"

"That was high, before Shanghai"

"Tomorrow never dies"

"Bond? Did you say Bond? No, Quijote... de la Mancha!"


Diana said...

Ok, não percebi essa de teres tentado ordenar alguma coisa, mas enfim... Estas fotos de Kuala Lumpur são sempre giras de ver :)

Lalalalala said...

nice pics.. I like the Twin Towers!
It's a shame that I haven't gotten to visit them even when they are in a neighbouring country.

Maybe you should visit Pulau Tioman, the beaches there are very cool and the waters are very clear. (you can do a bit of snorkelling or diving there). Or Redang, where the beaches are supposedly still in pristine condition. (both of these islands are in Malaysia).

I went Tioman this June and it was so fun. Star gazing is also a highlight. Milky Way was extremely clear to view from the jetty. and oh, there were so many shooting stars!

Kaiz said...

Hi gmg,
You have amazing pictures too!
Yeah, Stockholm sure is beautiful. You're even luckier. Travelling to so many countries. I wish I can travel as much as you. :)
Anyway, I see that you've also uploaded many pics. Have you hit the storage limit @ blogger yet? Cos I'm kinda worried I'll be hitting mine soon.... Haha. Oh well, shall start another account then.

Kaiz said...

Anyway, may i voice my humble opinion
-setting your pic big will be good for the viewers.
Or better, do sth like this: http://okloh.blogspot.com/2005/05/day-1-part-1-copenhagen-s-tog-metro-in.html
ie. if u have time. haha

Anonymous said...

Hi Kaiz,
Thks for the comments.
For the time being I haven't noticed being close to the Blogger limit, though sometimes it's becoming harder and harder to upload...
Don't know whether they limit by subscriber (which sounds possible) or by blog (which allows you to multiply blogs; I've done it for the Revival!)... Anyhow, we'll probably have to create new accounts!
As for the pics, you can click on the image and you get a larger one; then, you click on the spot on the low right hand corner and you get a BIG, really BIG picture!!! Try, for instance the Mandarin at Kuala Lumpur and compare with the pics from Copenhagen...

Anonymous said...

Hi Clarence,
Thks for the tips. I've heard about the beaches in Malaysia, but unfortunately had no chance to visit. I'll try a next time, though now, unfortunately, I'm leading a much more sedentary life than I wish...

Ming the Merciless said...

GMG, the skyline views of KL looks the same as the photos you took. I haven't done much outside of the KLCC area except a trip to Bukit Bintang area (the shopping district) to have dinner with some old friends.

Where have you NOT visited?? :-)

Anonymous said...

It was not that long ago, so no wonder there was not much change! I strolled around KL and also went to Malaca, but have no pics, only video...
It's not a small world, so there are still lots of places I've never been to... :((
Enjoy your trip!

Baron's Life said...

Beautiful people, beautiful country, great food and Beaches...Desaru in Johor Bahru is a great place to relax

Anonymous said...

Didn't try the beaches, but thanks for the hint!!