Saturday, January 28, 2006

HAPPY NEW YEAR 4074 - 恭喜發財



"NEW YEAR 4699 - Welcome to the year of the Horse.
The first day of the first month of the Chinese calendar (February 12, 2002) is the day of the second new moon after the day on which the winter solstice occurs"

"ABERDEEN - a fishing village, which some 200 years ago was a haven for pirates. Though some commercial towers have been built in recent years, Aberdeen still keeps the nature of a traditional fishing village"

"ABERDEEN - Home to the Tanka boat people, there are boat-dwellers and sampan along the Aberdeen Bay"

"FERRY BOAT - Enjoy a free-of-charge travel to Jumbo"

"JUMBO - The largest floating restaurant in the world: seafood lunch"

"REPULSE BAY, whose Chinese name means «Shallow Water Bay», owes its English name to the fact that the British army had chased off some pirates here in the past. It's now the most famous beach in Hong Kong"

"REPULSE BAY - At one end of the beach there is a colorful Temple with Buddhist statues protecting Hong Kong"

"STANLEY is a small coastal village on the southern side of Hong Kong Island. It used to be a fishing village but in recent years, a series of restaurants and pubs have been established here"

"STANLEY PLAZA - Stanley open-air bazar, just up the road from the harbour, is the highlight of Stanley, known for its bargains. However, recent times have seen some new additions for the pleasure of the shopping addicts"

"STANLEY, with its European atmosphere, is unquestionably a must-go place for visitors to Hong Kong"

"HONG-KONG CONVENTION CENTRE and KOWLOON - The Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre doubled its size in 1997 for the handover of Hong Kong to China, and one of the world's most impressive exhibition venues was created. The aluminium roof on the right hand side of the photo captures the rhythm of a seabird's wing. The world's tallest glass wall opens onto Hong Kong's famous harbour. The Kowloon Cultural Centre is a minimalist structure with a concave roof. Its design caused a controversy in 1984, as there were no windows"

"CENTRAL - Hong-Kong business' centre skyline with Pei's Bank of China Tower"

"CAUSEWAY BAY offers a diversity of shopping facilities: from the up-market The Lee Gardens Mall, offering luxury brands, to the stalls of Jardines Bazaar, where you can buy cheap clothing"

"KOWLOON Meeting Point before dinner"

"PEKING GARDEN, located in the Star House right in front of the Star Ferry, specializes in Pekingese and northern Chinese dishes, including braised prawns in red wine sauce. We had an incredible seafood dinner"

"LAN KWAI FONG - A small square of streets in Central, is a well known area for a night out. With numerous restaurants and bars, it is the most popular haunt in Hong Kong for dining and drinking, specially for expats, tourists, and well off local people. English is the overwhelmingly predominant language"


Lalalalala said...

Hei! Mitä kuuluu?
(Hey! How are you?) -> in Finnish

Hiakz. Sorry for not visiting your blog for some time now. Been busy exploring parts of Finland here and there and as you know also going to Estonia and stuff.

You are absolutely correct in that writing of the Chinese New Year greeting! I have no idea how you know it, or whether you can pronounce it correctly or not. Haha, but one thing, that you know the greeting is already very good!

Year of the DOG! WOOT!

Happy new year to you too! =)

GMG said...


Thanks for the comment and for the information on the greeting.
I've many friends who spend some time in Macau (some still live there) during the Portuguese administration, and that's how I got to know the greeting!
Actually there are other Chinese connections: my in-law parents spent three years in Macau in the beginning of the fifties; my wife was born there, though she remained only 10 months in the Territory; our daughter wants to go to China to learn the Chinese language (difficult, but Finnish also is not a piece of cake) and Business management; I'll travel again to see the other parts of the country I've never been to...

Have a Great Year of the Dog!!!

Stella Bella said...

You got the greeting right! :)
Sad to say I still haven't been to Jumbo! :P Actually I do want to try it once though.

Stanley is definitely a must see for anyone!!! hehe :) One of my sisters live near there. I got some of my wedding photos taken in Stanley. It's a beautiful place. hehe

"CENTRAL - Hong-Kong business' centre skyline with Pei's Bank of China Tower"
This pic ( I cannot see that the IFC is not there yet) :)
It was still being built.

You even know about the Jardines Bazaar! haha I am impressed!

Peking Garden !!! :) I have been there with my ex-workmates. From what I remember the food was great.

GMG said...

Stella Bella,
glad to have the right greeting.
I knew you had good taste; having some wedding photos in Stanley shows...IFC two (with the new Four Seasons Hotel) was being built by the time I took the photos... Anyhow, I'm not sure if I prefer its view or the fantastic view of the top floor suite of the former Regent, now Intercontinental Hotel in Kowloon...
Jardines Bazaar, I'm an expert... ;)
Peking Garden, we had a great meal!
Thanks for your comments!