Saturday, February 18, 2006




THE WALLS - The most representative monument of Ávila

"Before entering - Avila within the walls, seen from 4 Postes"

"Enjoying the afternoon winter sun outside the walls"

"One of the palaces in the walled town"

"The other side of the walls"


PALACES - Many centuries on these stones

"City Hall - The parking lot doesn't make any sense..."

"Museum, a very nice building"

"The gardens of the Parador"

"Velada Palace - now a hotel, and the place to stay in Ávila. The building comprises several houses dating from the 16th century"

"The Cathedral seen from inside the Velada Palace Hotel"

"Velada, the Renaissance patio"


CHURCHES - St. Theresa heads the mystics

"St. Peter - A late Romanesque building; however, because it took so much time to build, the proto-Gothic style began to appear. They were renovating the area..."

"Saint Theresa - Visions and Ecstasies"

"The Cathedral - Just before sunset. The construction of this cathedral-castle began in 1091"

"Saint Vincent "12th century) at sunset. the Basilica of the Saints Vincent, Sabina and Cristeta was built outside the walls of Ávila. Tradition has it that the bodies of the Saints were thrown to this area after their martyrdom"


DOORS - to enter the Walls

"With storks"

St. Vincent"


EASTER and the Processions

"Farricocos at night - it's not Halloween"


Lalalalala said...

Medieval architecture is truly amazing, and more so when one considers they didn't have the machines we had. I often wondered how they built up so high. Wonderful!
Too bad Singapore doesn't have history leading back all the way to the medieval period.

magda said...

Apart from Brazil, it is the Iberian Peninsula where I feel the most at home. It always surprises me how fantastically inspirating it is.

GMG said...

Hi Magda, or should I say Magdolna? Obrigado pelo comentário.
It's true that Brazil is also a second home for the Portuguese. Unfortunately, in the last years, I've not had the chance to visit it so often as I used to. But in some time, I'll post some pictures from Brazil at Blogtrotter Revival - The 90's ( starting in 1993... And I've introduced a post with some pictures from S. Paulo in 2001 on this blog, just before the post named "Tango!". Look for "Brasil, bonito por natureza...". É a minha pequena homenagem ao Brasil. Preste atenção! E no caso de ser Magdolna, também há umas fotos curiosas no Blogtrotter Revival - the 70's.