Sunday, April 16, 2006



"DA BALAIA HOTEL - One of the best hotels in the Algarve of the late sixties, was sold to Club Med to become one of its most prestigious locations. The views from the rooms are magnificent"

"HOTEL AND TOWER - The tower was added, but the swimming pool was already there. No need, anyhow; just go downstairs, and the beach is much better than any swimming pool..."

"MARIA LUISA BEACH - Beautiful as ever, though a bit crowded now in August"

"SEA WATCHING - My favourite sport"

"BORIS VIAN - Manuel de St. Germain des Prés!"



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GMG said...

Olá Clarence!

Thks for the comment. There was an accident and instead of deleting a first version of my comment I deleted yours. I'm SORRY!!
As you mentioned in your blog, the exchange programmes are a true eye-opener, and a must!
So it happens with travelling. Curiosity is a basic tool for an open minded spirit, which is on the other hand one of the driving forces of progress and peace. Travelling helps to satisfy that basic feeling. That’s how you get the energy to travel, though sometimes you need a rest afterwards!
Just to keep the mood, I’ve made a break during the Easter week to return to Budapest (after 28 years), and to London (beware of the prices – it’s the same amount or more than in euro with the difference that you’re paying pounds – 1*1.5!!).
Reading your comments before coming to Europe, it could be seen that you were a bit concerned with the experience, but I was sure that it would be a success, not only professionally but in particular on your personal life experience (the only problem being the cold weather, nothing that good winter gear wouldn’t solve!). Glad that everything ran smoothly and that you’re happy with all the friends you made and the new and different things you’ve seen. Even if you didn’t like the «cubist» Picasso, it showed that there are other ways of «looking» at things, and that’s what makes life so interesting…
Of course there is still a lot more to see, and Portugal (the country with the oldest unchanging borders in Europe), and Spain are worth visiting, one next time. If you come around, let us know!
Meanwhile, by late May, if you keep still up there, you’ll be enjoying midnight sun, another stimulating experience! And then Italy, … Great! Enjoy, and keep in touch!