Wednesday, May 24, 2006



"KONGENS NYTORV - The King's New Square was constructed in 1670 on the side of the former ramparts of the city, and is dominated by the mounted statue of Christian V, sculpted by Lamouroux in 1688. The garden is called Krinsen, and sees, every summer, the dance of the year's graduates"

"HOTEL D'ANGLETERRE - A magnificent building (and Hotel) in the heart of Copenhagen. Being there for more than 250 years, it's one of the older hotels in the world"

"ROYAL DANISH THEATER - Many beautiful buildings are situated around Kongens Nytorv. This one is also there for more than 250 years"

"DOWNTOWN - 1 - Streets and churches"

"CHRISTIANBORG once again"

"GLYPTOTEK - Thanks to Ny Carlsberg, the founding father of the Brewery, Copenhagen has one of the best collections of ancient art, and the largest in Northern Europe"

STROGET - The main shopping area in Copenhagen, is located on Strøget, Europe's longest pedestrian shopping street, and (may be Danes exagerate) in the «world's longest pedestrian street»"

"CITY HALL - It took from 1892 through 1905 to build the present Radhus, inspired by the city hall of Siena! On its front, one can see the golden statue of Bishop Absalon. The clock tower, at 105m, is one of the tallest buildings in the city"

"RADHUSPLADSEN -City Hall Square, with old Palace Hotel"

"DOWNTOWN - 2 - interesting building near the Tivoli"

"TIVOLI GARDENS - The top amusement park, founded in 1843, it is a beautiful park with a Chinese Pagoda, lanterns in the trees, thirty two restaurants, stages for concerts and shows, etc. A must!"

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