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In August 2002, we were on cruise in Alaska from Seward (close to Anchorage) to Vancouver. We visited College Fiord, Glacier Bay National Park, Sitka, Juneau, and Ketchikan: It was a fantastic trip!

"BOARDING, as seen by the ship's photographer..."

"COLLEGE FIORD - Early morning, we woke up in scenic Prince William Sound, to see the astonishing view of beautiful College Fjord, home to several glaciers and named for the East Coast universities that funded its 1899 discovery and exploration.

"GLACIER BAY - Next morning we were at Glacier Bay, which contains 16 glaciers, 12 of which calve (shed broken pieces of ice) to produce icebergs. In 1794, as George Vancouver, captain of H.M.S. Discovery, laid anchor nearby, the Bay was almost entirely covered with ice, and left a mere five mile long portion of water. In 1879 John Muir found that the ice had retreated almost all the way up the bay. By 1916 the Grand Pacific Glacier (a 25-mile long dark glacier - photos) was at the head of Tarr Inlet about 100 km (65 miles) from Glacier Bay's mouth. This is the fastest documented glacial retreat ever"

"MARJORIE GLACIER, at the end of Glacier Bay, is a fantastic spot. The Glacier is constantly calving, with a very loud noise. While we were there, a huge tower of ice, more than twenty meters high, slid into the bay, provoking a wave that made our big cruise ship balance...
Fortunately, barbecues are not allowed in the region!"

"MENDENHALL GLACIER - 13 miles from downtown Juneau, capital city of Alaska, the Mendenhall Glacier is probably one of the best prepared to make you learn about Glaciers. Furthermore, its scenic Visitor Center is a nice protection when the weather is like shown in the pictures!"

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