Saturday, June 24, 2006



"LINCOLN CENTER - The fountain and the Metropolitan Opera House. Home to some interesting operas and to the biggest discordant sound (fífia) I've ever heard in my life in an opera house: it was the first appearance on the Met of an American soprano from somewhere in the Midwest and poor Lucia de Lammermoor was slaughtered..."

"CENTRAL PARK SOUTH - The views from the Park to 59th Street are always rewarding"

"BASEBALL at the Heckscher playground"

"THE PLAZA, when it was still a hotel. Everything was overpriced, that's true, but it was nice anyhow..."

"THE PIERRE - On the contrary, the Pierre seems to be still there, now as part of the Taj hotels chain..."

"THE POND at Central Park: always a nice place to enjoy"

"THE METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART - A fabulous permanent collection and fantastic special exhibitions"

"CENTRAL PARK WEST - The Beresford, one of the world's greatest residential buildings"

"JAPANESE BRIDE AND GROOM - Central Park has always something interesting to be photographed..."

"THE LAKE AT CENTRAL PARK: East, South and gondolas"

"TIMES SQUARE - It seems that the density of illuminated signs in Times Square rivals Las Vegas!?"

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