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Santorini, the last of the Cyclades islands to the South - actually a complex of five islands -, is unique! It seems that early in the Late Bronze Age, the volcano at the centre of the island erupted on a huge scale. The caldera created by this eruption of the Theran volcano is said to have measured as much as 83 square km in area. It presently extends down as much as 480 meters below sea level inside of the wall of cliffs which ring it and which themselves rise up as much as 300 meters above sea level. The tsunami originated by the eruption is said to have been one of the strongest on Earth history. All the devastation that occurred, however, left this beautiful pearl we can see today.

"BY SEA - Approaching Santorini by ship is a fantastic experience, not to be missed at any rate"

"OIA - (pronounced E-ah), facing south, is famous for its sunset and its small pedestrian streets, always crowded in the evenings. The view to the sea and to Thira, the capital of th island, is also impressive"

"VIEW OF THIRA AND OIA, from the other end of the island. Cruise ship and ferry can also be seen, but the blue of the sky and the dark blue of the sea have no comparison"

"THIRA or FIRA - Ice cream and drinks with a fantastic view"

"SUNSET - Always beautiful"

"BYE - Preparing to get down from Imerovigli - an extension of Thira but situated on a higher cliff - with the funicular, leaving the donkeys in peace..."



Rhodes is the largest island in the Dodecanese, and the easternmost of the major islands of Greece in the Aegean Sea. It is situated at the crossroads of the routes of the Mediterranean Sea to the coast of the Middle East, Cyprus and Egypt, lying approximately 18 km west of Turkey. Its strategic position made the city of Rhodes one of the leading cities of the ancient Greek world, and the Knights of St. John made it famous during the medieval times. The Medieval Town was included in the Unesco World Heritage List in 1988.

"ARRIVAL - The marina and the old town"

"LINDOS is one of the most beautiful villages of Rhodes, and is located south of the capital, on the eastern coast of the island. It is dominated by a magnificent and imposing acropolis, overlooking a picturesque bay"

"GATE TO THE PALACE OF THE GRAND MASTER - In 1309 the Byzantine era came to an end, and the island came under the rule of the Knights of Rhodes. Many of the city's famous monuments, including the Palace of the Grand Master, were built during this period"

"THE STREET OF THE KNIGHTS was the main street in the medieval city and is perhaps the best preserved medieval street one will find in Europe, the only one that has retained its authentic character. The street has a length of about 200 m. and a width of 6 m. and goes uphill toward the Palace of the Grand Masters"

"HIPPOCRATES SQUARE - The old town continues today to be divided into the two parts as in the time of the Knights: the Castello, which contained the official buildings; and the larger southern part, called the Chora, home of the Greeks and Europeans who were not member of the Order. Today, that's where one can eat and have a drink while watching the pedestrians..."


blueboat said...

These are lovely photos - they bring back great memories of Santorini and Rhodes. (Shameful admission - I spent a whole week in Lindos and didn't make it up to the acropolis even once....)

Anonymous said...

Well, at least once up there; don't think it deserves two get back...

Anonymous said...

these are two islands, which I have not seen - yet !

But a year ago , we were in Corfu and from there we went to Albanian for one day.
Our guide told so odd things about her country, that it was really worth going.
Have you been there or can I say from one place in the world, that I have been there, when are you going ?? :))

Anonymous said...

And now I was looking at your visited places again and of course, you have been in Albania much before me :))
Now i will go and see, when have you been in Petra , I was there in February 2002 .
That was the most interesting place,
where I have been or i can not be quite sure, it depends , what you are thinking.

Anonymous said...

Hi Leena,
yes, Albania was a quite interesting discovery...
Now I give you one advantage: Petra! Always thinking of going there, and never managed... That's why this blog has the subtitle: "It's not such a small world!"
Today I was looking for an old comment and came through your Oulu remarks on my Finland posts! Loved to re-read it...