Saturday, March 03, 2007



"THE NIGHT IS YOURS - Every night on a cruise there is usually a live theatre production. When in Raiatea, local artists came on board and we had a Polynesian show, first at the ship's theatre, and then outside..."

"CARVING - There are always some artists on board the ship; at the Tahitian, we had a Philippine cook who was a carving specialist. The ice Horse-head is not easy to see, but it was perfect!"

"DANCERS - Preparing to enter the informal stage..."



"GLASS PYRAMID - Though we were in French Polynesia, the Champagne was far from being acceptable. Some Portuguese sparkling wine is much better than what we were offered..."

"AS TIME GOES BY - It's definitely not the best photo to illustrate the theme, and the singers were not playing this tune. But there was «moonlight and love songs - never out of date)». Anyhow, a recent post from Cris (on a quite different subject, but using the same motto - actually on old houses, which in Portuguese are named «casas», like «Casa» is the short name for Casablanca, the city, not necessarily the movie...) just gave me the idea to return to Bogey and Bacall, as «the world will always welcome lovers, as time goes by...». Unfortunately, as there was no Sam (Arthur «Dooley» Wilson) to sing it, the only option available was Frank Sinatra «The (so-called) Voice»!"

"SUPPER - After the shows, there was always some food available"

"BANANAS were always available, just to be picked up..."



"WATERMELON -Fruit compositions"

"FOR DISPLAY ONLY - Bread and almond ship..."


Anonymous said...

Wonderful collection of shots!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kalyan!

Ash said...

Great the colors!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ash, 2007 pics, if any, will be better after seeing yours!

Ming the Merciless said...

Amazing fruit carving!! I would have loved to see more of the food items. :-) Who doesn't love food??

Anonymous said...

One of the «problems» of the cruises is that food is always available...