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"MEZQUITA - The Caliph of Córdoba ruled the south of the Iberian peninsula (Al-Andalus) and North Africa from the city of Córdoba, from 929 to 1031. The mosque, known as the Mezquita in Spanish, is one of the finest examples of Islamic architecture pioneered by the Umayyad dynasty of Spain.

"CATHEDRAL - Many churches around the world have been converted into mosques, when Muslims defeated Christians. In Córdoba, the Great Mosque was converted into a Christian cathedral"



"THE GENERALIFE - Going to Granada, situated at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains, in Spain, during the Easter period without booking in advance the visit to the Alhambra was a big mistake. The Alhambra (in the background of the picture) is the most perfect example of Moorish art in its final European development and a fabulous palace to be visited. Fortunately, we had been there in 1977...
This time the only chance we got was to visit the gardens of the Generalife"

"THE GENERALIFE was built during the reign of Muhammad III (1302-1309) and was the summer palace of the Nasrid sultans of Granada. The complex consists of the Water-Garden Courtyard, with its long pool, fountains, colonnades and pavilions, and the Courtyard of the Cypress"

"VIEW TO THE GENERALIFE, from the Parador, next to the Alhambra"

"ALCAZABA - An alcazaba (from the Arabic for citadel al-qasbah) is a Moorish fortification in Spain. The alcazaba in Granada is the oldest portion of Alhambra"

"CATHEDRAL, seen from the Alcazaba"

"GARDEN OF THE PARTAL - The Garden of the Partal covers the area between the exit of the Rauda and the esplanade where the Ladies Tower stands. During the Arab period there were many buildings here, which belonged to the magnates who lived around the Royal Palace"

"THE LADIES TOWER is the most important building of those around the Royal Palace and its decoration is the oldest of the Alhambra. At the beginning the building was called "Partal" because of the portico formed by the five arches that reflect on the rectangular pond, but since the late 18th century it was called the Ladies Tower"

"ALBAYCIN - The residential district of the Albaycín is a rich repository of Moorish architecture"

"GRANADA seen from the Albaycin district"

"ALHAMBRA at sunset! Fabulous view from a bar at the Albaycin district"

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